Sunday, September 28, 2014

Love for the AP Sammer

 I LOVE your new philosophy on NO MORE GOODBYES,...and I totally agree that its just SEE YOU LATER. These are 2 of Sam's favorite converts. He was made an Assistant to the President this the mission world that's pretty heavy stuff...means you are a trusted servant. I am most pleased about it for the struggling missionaries that Sam will get to comfort and inspire...he's not so sure how he will do with all the IN THE OFFICE TIME. He will be fine. I will post his letter out of order once he gets to read this. Now his Pdays will be Saturdays. :) LOVE YOU BUDDY...and love that others know the responsibility you are capable of holding. England is so blessed to have YOU!!!

 Just a place marker for one of my favorite memories at the Do Terra Convention...this 90 year old woman walked the stage as a SILVER!!!!!
 A peak into Michael's incredulous drive home from ALASKA...we are SO HAPPY TO HAVE THIS BOY...ok, MAN, HOME xxooxxooxx

 His new haircut and beard trim...knew you'd love this Sammer.

 Is this MICHAEL or what? It reads.....I LOVE THIS WORLD...I think it represents our WHOLE FAMILY!!
 A day after Michael got home, Dad flew he and Spencer to Oakland for a Man Trip...they ALL LOVED it!!! Spencer says Oakland has incredible fans!
 The front of my new home...yes...OINK IS SO HAPPY out front :) Already the neighbor kids love him, and another neighbor identifies her address as the one "3 doors down from the pig" :)

 Crazy, and truthfully, kind of nice how CLEAN it stays...although you ALL KNOW i'd trade clean for YOUR MESSES anytime xxooxx
 My Do Terra and Aroma Touch room...
And this...this is where the MAGIC happens! I call it AND land. I love the idea that things don't have to be THIS   OR   THAT...but things can be THIS     AND    THAT!!! The brothas missing you....Megs was here earlier but left on a date...I think she might really like this one...finger crossies!!!!

Survivor started this week and I missed it! I missed all the new shows...think I will have to wait for a sick day to get caught up...but I don't plan on being sick so maybe it will be when you get home Sam!!  Picked up another business opportunity...I'v decided I just LIKE CREATING things SO MUCH!!! I will tell you more about it later.

Josh has decided to join me in Do Terra....I am so excited I can hardly breathe when I think about out to get him "started" later this month. I will just miss being there for his birthday!

I am hoping that you still get to check in and see this tomorrow since I didn't get to see your message until late last night. The other night I got so excited about your coming home and I was on the net checking out a weeks trip to Lake Powell.,.the next thing I knew it was 2:30!!!!! I love making plans for US!!!

I love ALL of you! SO happy that we are ALL so HAPPY....share it this week...

I loved what Alanis Morrissette said in her interview with Oprah on SUPER SOUL SUNDAY this morning....she said..."we are out there loving our hearts out...but we forget to ask the other person if THAT is the way that THEY feel loved!!!!"   Something to think on my chickadees...made me wonder if I my loving my heart out to you is in a way that YOU feel loved?? Let's talk. Let's snug.

Love yer GUTZ!!!!

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