Monday, July 29, 2013

Letter from Sam

Pretty sick week! On monday we visited an awesome less active lady named enkyta (en-hu-ya) from Mongolia, and she straight away told us that she has a strong testimony, but the reason she doesn't come to church is the lack of fellowship she's received. In her very terrible english she said something so simple and so profound 'More than a reminder about religion, I need to have friendship in the church' At the end of the day it's a covenant between yourself and god when it comes to going to church, but fellowship makes such a huge difference in people's attitudes towards the church. 
Tuesday I was in the hardest rain of my life! I'm not kidding when I say that the rain drops were almost as big as golf balls, and coming down so hard! It was a blast though and we were playing in the rain for a bit.  We're now working with 5 less actives, and we had appointments with 3 of them on Tuesday.  I love assiting the lord in rekindling the fire in people's testimonies.
Thursday at 12 Elder Pauly and I decided that we were not going to go back inside the flat until we found someone and taught them a lesson, with a return appointment.  It came to about 6:30, and we were both starving and exhausted, talked to every person we saw, and absolutely nothing came out of it.  We had no idea where to go.  I remembered a scripture in 1 Nephi, when Nephi goes down into Jerusalem, not knowing before hand what he should do.  So we just decided to be like Nephi and just start walking.  We entered on a street after about 15 minutes of walking, and this street had probably 50 doors.  Elder Pauly looks at me and says "Are we going to knock on all of these" I kind of jokingly, but mainly serious said "It only takes one" so we walked down the street and lo and behold an awesome lady named Dawna, single, 25 years old, let us in her back yard, and we taught her the restoration.  The spirit was definitely there, and she felt it.  We have a return appointment for tuesday, and our goal was acheived! It truly was a miracle.  A testament that when we are about to give up, and decide to keep going anyways, that's when a miracle happens.  I am so grateful for the lord directing us to Dawna.
Jay Clay came to church again, we spoke with Jean about the gospel, being really bold and she doesn't seem to bothered, but we're still trying! so as of right now we are teaching Jay, and Dawna, and less-actives.  I'm extremely grateful that the past week and a half we have been busy and working really hard.  Not much else to report. My bike actually works extremely well, I took it into the shop, explaining to the guy what happened, and he only charged me £5 for the whole job to be fixed. Sweet guy.  my last full week in Eastwood is very sad, but I'm not going to dwell on it much. I have loved my time here, but I am needed somewhere else as well! I love you guys! thanks for the e-mails! Have a good week, keep me in your prayers as I keep you in mine!
Elder Harris.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Boy/MAN I LOVE!!! Miss you! 28 July 2013

 Crazy pic of dad's family when he was a boy...thought it might bring a smile. One of his cousins posted it this week.
 The fam met for Sushi lunch this week but I was working....
And..of course these people might bring a smile!!!!
Jeremy and kids here for the weekend...that Paper he is holding says WE LOVE YOU SAM!!! Elle lost a tooth while here and the tooth fairy brought her $5!!!

SO...another week of summer gone...I wish we could add 10 more! Running down the canyon this morning we saw a few trees getting yellow and that is just plain weird and WRONG since it is STILL JULY!!! It was only 50 degrees when we started. We saw a momma raccoon and her 5 babies...they were adorable...but grateful they were far away from MY chicken coop.

Wednesday was Pioneer Day Celebration...most of us worked...Spencer golfed :) and golfed some more. He is all signed up for his classes. We saw Michael a few times. He is ok, but not great since the break up. Friday night he and Josh went to Salt Lake with friends and he seemed ok happy when they got home. Love is a tricky business and lots of work.  I'm sad I didn't get pics of Cece AGAIN! She and her mom, Kris came Wednesday night (her bday is Pioneer Day :) ) So they celebrated at Lagoon and then came here for dinner....we took them to Sundance and Bridal Veil. The neighborhood fireworks show by the Roberts was awesome...we caught the finale!

Spencer Hulsey had his farewell today. Each morning on our way home from our run we pass Diana Otterstrom and her sister are NOT going to recognize her when you see her! She always has been an inspiration for me...but her weight loss and her attitude about it is so motivating! I will try to sneak a picture of her so you can see.  Johnny is in the MTC. We got to see Perk for a few minutes the other night. I'll be with his mom tonight...I can't wait!

My book for this week is RESOLVED 13 Resolutions for LIFE. It studies George Washington--his resolve to develop character, Ben Franklin--his resolve to develop wisdom, and Jonathon Edwards---his resolve to serve with humility. Its an incredible book on leadership. I wanna be a better leader, person, human. I am so ridiculously human. I started my own resolution for this week after reading a bit of the book with SPEAK NO ILL OF ANYONE.  I never knew I was so free with my dislikes. OR how hard it is sometimes NOT to say what you know. 50 years old and still so , so HUMAN. I will go another week on the SPEAK NO ILL. Maybe it will be my YEAR resolve. Its so silly when we speak ill anyway...WE can NEVER really know what or why or the how of other people's actions and words. I know I don't want others to judge me without being in my head and having lived my life. GREAT would it be to BE that person who only speaks the best of everyone. It humbles me to think of how good you are at this Sam and only 18. YOU ARE AMAZING SAUCE!!! And Hey!...IT COULD HAPPEN for me!! It started happening THIS WEEK!!!

I love you. EVERYDAY I wrap you in light and send my favoritest angels to be with you. I see you in my mind and hug you tight and smother you in kisses while I am in the hot tub. My love just drips off you :)  Can't wait to hear from you....

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Guest Post from Megan

 Zac riding the new pool toy the Whale. It got a hole in it later this week and died. It was fun while it lasted
 Spencer let me take a pic of him only because it is coming to you
 everyone in the pool but me - didn't want to shower again.
Sammy! I just want you to know that I take all the pics and then send them to Mom so even though I'm not great at writing I'm always thinking of you and making sure I snap a pics for you.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Forgot this pic of Michael in his BIRTHDAY SHOES :)

AND...Here's SEFA!!!!
Hey Guys!!
First off I just want to say.. I miss my brother Spencer.. Second off I want to say thank you so much for all of the post I was able to receive this week! I received the package finally, and a few letters from dad and then a few other friends! It was so nice to know that I am loved! 
This week was way busy! We did service every single day because the weather is so nice! One of the ladies we are working with is named Gene.  Her husband just died in April, and so we shared with her the plan of salvation, and we are going back to visit her tomorrow again.  Pray for her please!! Also, a cool member in the ward who is 19, her boss is wanting to get to know us better, and her name is Elaine, so please pray for everything to go well with her!  Jay came to church again, however, he is not ready to commit to really anything right now further than going to church. It's frustrating because of how much he loves church, and how much he feels safe and included and I know that he knows the church is true.  We will continue to work with him and expect a miracle to happen!
I finally got my bike fixed, only for my chain to completely snap a day later haha it was ridiculous. But It's totally fine, and I will be fixing it again later today. 
On Friday I got over my biggest fear! I don't know if you guys remember but I can't stand snakes.. everything about them used to drive me crazy. Well there is a member in our ward that owns, and breeds over 200 snakes!! They will have over 500 next year! pretty crazy.  Some of them are massive.  Before we ate the meal for dinner, they said that I could only eat if I held one of the snakes.  I was pretty hungry so I had to hold one! I actually loved it! Snakes are so rad and so misunderstood! (sorry that's the cheesiest thing I've ever said ever.) But I love snakes now! I held like 3 or 4, one of them being over 20 pounds. 
Elder Pauly got a call from president this week, president asking him if he wanted to stay or leave for his last transfer.  He said he wants to stay in Eastwood, which means that I'm leaving on August 7th.  I'm way sad about it but I know that I will love anywhere that I serve if I'm truly serving.  It's amazing how much you grow to love the people that you serve.  Serving your enemies is truly one of the wisest peices of advice I've ever heard for someone. 
Family I love you so much. All is well. Enjoy the pics of the snakes!!
Take Care,
Elder Harris!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Just for YOU!!!

Phil Mickelson wins British Open with superb final round!

Phil Mickelson has won the British Open with a spectacular finish.
Mickelson shot a 5-under 66 Sunday to match the best round of the tournament and win his first claret jug. The celebration began while there were still four groups on the course. Lefty birdied four of the last six holes, capped by a 10-footer at the tough 18th to claim his fifth major title.

21 July 2013

 Da Boyz you LOVE...all together saying GOOD BYE to Ty Day as he is about to head out. Got a message on my voice mail from Johnny Dupre...his farewell is this afternoon at 1. Now they will ALL be gone.

 Scott posted this...London got to go meet up with one of Scott's bands in Chile....
 The girl got married. Madeline is officially off the market.
 This was SUCH a good perversely FUNNY! A must see when you get home. Makes me feel like there is still some adventure and zing left to be had after 50 :)
I really need to see pics of you AFTER the BIKE crash...and I'd still love to see pics of your apartment! I LOVED GETTING MY LETTER THIS WEEK!!!! Made me realize that I NEED to get you written delivered letters as well. Did your package come? So EAGER to hear about your week.

My book this week has been to get deeper into the COURSE OF MIRACLES....they have a workbook that accompanies it. I've been doing a daily study for 26 days now, am on lesson 24, and am so ....can not think of the right word....I feel so settled, so peaceful, so HAPPY to be studying HOW to open my mind and keep it open. So many crazy misconceptions and fears in my head and heart that I want to rewrite. Where are you studying?

 Aunt Jeremi turned me on to another Spiritualist named Panache Desai from London ...this is a net write up about him:

Panache Desai is an inspirational visionary and contemporary spiritual master in the field of consciousness and vibration. His energetic gift of vibrational transformation—a set of infinitely expansive energetic tools and technologies designed to unlock infinite potential—has inspired and shifted the lives of thousands around the world. He acts as a direct line between divine consciousness and helps people of all nationalities, religious beliefs, and faiths to transform their lives. As he travels the world providing experiential programs and inspired living workshops, he empowers people to free themselves of pain, suffering, sadness, and self-limiting beliefs.
You know how much I LOVE ME SOME AMAZING ENERGY!!!! I've enjoyed reading his ideas this week. They mesh perfectly with the COURSE IN MIRACLES. I wish you had access to some of his to aid in your Elder Pauly situation....but YOU my sweet son came here with the perfect energy of happiness and kindness and patience. POUR YOUR LOVE ALL OVER EVERYTHING.

My new favorite quote for becoming a Presidential Diamond in Do TERRA came from Zig Ziglar this week:
I GO AFTER MOBY DICK IN A ROW BOAT AND TAKE TARTAR SAUCE WITH ME. :) That is a Sam Harris attitude if ever I read one. I'm posting it on the wall above my white board to keep me smiling. And we all know our behavior follows our attitudes....  I had an amazing DO TERRA week. And I'm working on a few real estate investment deals for the big boys that are so exciting. I love to get up in the morning.

Joseph Hatch is staying with us while his folks are in NY with the rest of the family. It was his birthday this week...I made him Aunt Kori's French toast recipe with the wickedly yummy cream syrup....make me miss you and wish I was going to be making YOU your birthday breakfast. I fattened up your you MAKE SURE you go treat yourself!

Thursday Night Dad and I and the Nickel's went to the Kenny Chesney concert...that boy could sing for days and not be done with his number one hits...he totally crushed Tim McGraw's concert. You could sing to every song. Then we went to see the movie RED 2 on Friday night so its been a fun weekend. Especially when I declared it an official WHOLE DAY off for me yesterday and stayed out by the pool and then had Costa Vida for dinner!!

Sefa came by last night and his Homecoming is today. He seems even more HUGE! And HE SAID..."I can't stay...I have to go prepare my talk" THAT is a changed boy! Made me smile.

I get through the MISSING you by knowing that there is a whole other world --army --of angels, guardian, guides, ascended masters and my GODS that  LOVE YOU  like I do and that every thing ...and I mean everything that comes to you is perfectly for you and your good. You ALREADY are pure GOOD. England is so lucky, blessed, fortunate, have you on her soil. I AM SO lucky, blessed, fortunate to have been gifted as YOUR MOTHER. When you wrote in your letter that we will always be best friends...I just knew that this is NOT the only life we have been best friends in. And how ironic that even though I am your mother, YOU are my teacher.  I miss having you here to talk to. I miss having your HAPPINESS OOZING around our  house. I miss your hugs, I miss your smile, I miss your excitement sharing over all you love. I MISS YOU.

Make it a SAM HARRIS WEEK!!! Can't wait for tomorrow morning!
Mom xxxoooxxxoooxxxoooxxxoooxxxoooxxx

Friday, July 19, 2013


PERFECT TIMING SAM!!!!!   I LOVE YOU!!!!!And yep...for FOREVER you are MY BEST FRIEND!!!!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Email from Sam 15 July 2013

Hey Guys!
Quite an interesting week!  I was at this place, and as we waiting, the receptionist came up to us and said "People are recognizing the badges on you guys, and we just have to mention that if you preach to anyone you're going to have to be escorted out."  After she had left the room, everyone else waiting was telling us how rude she was, and it got everyone asking questions about the gospel, and we couldn't resist so we shared A TON about the gospel haha.  One lady was like "everytime you want to say Jesus just say 'cheese it' and everytime you want to say mormon church say 'chicken' " It made for great fun, and a few potentials, one who is now an investigator on a baptismal date in Derby.  So because that lady was so rude, we got to share the gospel :)
Wednesday we had a really good zone meeting where I learned a lot.  Later that day we were biking home from a dinner appointment.  I was biking on the side walk, and when I went off the curb, onto the main road, my front tire fell off of the bike, ramming my body, head first into the road.  I got up and had blood all over my body, including holes through my shirt, trousers, underwear.  Thank goodness I was wearing my helmet, because that was the first thing that hit the ground.  I thought i was concussed, because I had a hard time obtaining my balance.  I was so blessed that we were right next to the Rigby's house, a family that is probably the sweetest in the entire ward.  The mom saw me all bloody and torn apart and just instantly took care of me. It was such a miracle that I crashed right next to their house!  Even though I crashed, it was still a miracle that nothing serious came out of it.  Sister Rasmussen has been calling me every day since to make sure that I am alright.  She is the best! and yes I promise I am alright! (mom)
Thursday we visited a less active part member family called the clarks, who came to church on sunday, and now Jay, the dad, is an investigator!! He loves the church so far and tomorrow night we will be putting him on a baptismal date.  Please pray for Jay and his family! Also, we visited 2 other less actives who came to church.  So in total this week we brought 6 people to church!
This next week should be a really good one for us, we have a lot of plans, and a few follow up appointments with potential investigators that could turn into investigators.  If everything goes right, we will 4 new investigators this week. So please pray for us!
There is a family in the ward called the Ellis'. They are 24 and 26.  The wife's mom and dad died within 3 days of each other, last year.  His mom died last year, and his best friend/brother passed away on friday.  He is really struggling with his testimony because of all of these deaths, and could use all of the prayers he can get! Their names are Matt and shiboan Ellis, and they are so important to me, I love them so much! please please pray! 
It was a good week.  Thanks for everyone writing me! love you guys
Elder Harris.   

Sunday, July 14, 2013

LOVE YOU SO BIG!!!! 14 July 2013

 Megs rescued a baby falcon at work this week.
This is a picture of our future grandkids adorable is this???
Sunday night hanger tacos brought to you by Megs and Laura.... awards for picture taking this week! And we even went to the zoo and to 2 movies and Trafalga with Amber and Ian and Jake....and meg had a ward party here and Spencer had the general friend fare here....BUT I WORKED A TON and the camera just never got out. The zoo is under construction and one of the sea lions died...but all will be back to BETTER than when you left when you come home.

Dad and I just got back from taking them back to their parentals. Pam and Rich are adding on to the back of their house so they were just done tearing off the deck. Mac and Kris had us for an INCREDIBLE dinner...I felt like I was "living" in a magazine...we ate out by their pool with misters misting us and pnadora playing the best jazz...I'm so gonna copy her! Cece even made it home in time for us to see her...You/WE are so going to love having her so close come fall. We came back early this morning and stopped in Logan and took Josh and Dave to late lunch. Josh's final in the nasty calculus class in Wednesday and then he's free till fall semester starts.  I got to meet our tenant in the condo (NICE GUY). Took cookies to Jeremy's and Preston came up and we had a quick hug and visit. I LOVE LOGAN even if just for all MY PEOPLE that live and love there.  Right now Megs is having a crowd for those freaking amazing hanger tacos they serve at tortilla bar in the kitchen. She and Laura have that recipe down pat. SO YUM!!! Ryan is here...his little sister and her bestie is staying here thru Thursday. If  the good fairy steps in and lets Cece off work she and Kris will come this weekend...I have my fingers crossed :) Spencer taught his first golf lesson this week and is golfing with his chiropractor tomorrow. He is so kicking it in sales. Hard for him to want to go to school.

I just read Dad's letter to you and I smiled that he LIKED the book we listened to on the way home. We know he rolls his eyes when I come home with more books..but at least I READ THEM!!! :) And I got to smile again when in part of this book he talked about how "intellectually minded" people feel starved for more and more knowing and they have stacks of books around all the time!! So that's how you can label me... "intellectually minded" :) I so LOVE ME A BOOK!!! I've read 2 others of Matthew Kelly's --the 7 LEVELS OF INTIMACY and PERFECTLY YOURSELF. I hope you will read his stuff when you can. My book this week was his  THE RYTHMN OF LIFE. It was a beautiful thing to read it first, LOVE IT, then to just sit and listen to him for the 6 hours as we drove, repeating all the peace and new doctrine I wanted to capture in my heart...sinking it even further into my soul. If only I LIVED everything I KNOW.  I love everything this man writes. I am going to include the quote Dad shared with you HERE so everyone else can get a taste and  go read him:

“Life comes down to two simple realities.  People were made to be loved, and things were made to be used.  Your problems, my problems, and indeed all the world’s problems come from our misunderstanding of these two simple principles.  You see…..we love things and we use people.  It would not be too much to dedicate one’s whole life to the reversal of these simple realities. ….The answer is never to love less.  The answer is always to love more.” 

Michael LOVED his package you angel brother!!!! The shoes are great! We will celebrate his birthday Monday night.  Grandad (72) and Graham (5) had their birthdays this last week...and Laikyn had hers at the first of the month....soon it will be YOURS!!!!!

VERY ANXIOUS to hear from you in the morning....hope to be UP when you post!!!
Hey... I LOVE YOU...and if I could...I would SO HOLD YOU TIGHT!!!! Actually, I do each night before sleep. It gets me through. I hear you say to me "Come here...come on, get in here" With your arms open for a hug...and then you squeeze the fat out of me and I squeeze you back. THAT makes for super sweet dreams.

Monday, July 8, 2013

One SAD Mom

 Meg and I waiting for the others to meet us at the mouth of the canyon for our bike ride...we rode from the house and they had to go rent theirs at BYU rentals. My Mom would have posed just like me...I keep looking at this picture and expecting to see HER face...I never knew I did this...right down to the shoulder hunch.
 All of us at Stadium of Fire.  It was incredible! I LOVE feeling that kind of patriotic!!! The show itself was the best I've ever seen there...I wasn't even that excited to go...I LOVE to be surprised!
 We missed you. BAD. REAL BIG BAD we missed you. We missed Michael and Brittany too...but not like "we haven't freakin' seen you in 4 months BAD"...cuz yea...that's how long its been.

 The rest of the bikers....
 Ronnie at the top...Vivian Park..half way....

So...I so DESERVE to be in trouble. FORGIVE ME??? I AM SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SORRY!!!!! Yesterday morning when I went to blog our power was out for a few hours. THEN that messed up the internet connection. I fell asleep while Spencer was fixing it last night and never got back up till this morning. I think you can guess how I'm feeling. Think maybe I should fly to England to make up for it...REALLY. You were SO MISSED this week. every day...still working on getting over the whole separation anxiety thing. Enough said. I LOVE YOU!!! xxooxxooxx. There are parts of being human I really HATE.

Ellen, Tina and Boys arrived on Tuesday and the rest of the gang got here on the 4th. We pretty much ate ourselves silly and just relaxed by the addition to what is posted in pictures above. It was the twins birthday so we went to Carrabas for dinner and they went to a movie and did some shopping. Amber, Jacob and Ian are here for this week so we will go to the zoo and some movies and just hang at the pool. Listening to them laugh while they play APPLES to APPLES is sweet. I took them to Despicable ME 2 and they loved it...Spencer came too.

I went 3 days without my thyroid meds and it has really messed me up. I didn't do it on purpose...just got so busy and each day forgot to go pick it up at the pharmacy  and then would want to spit in the mornings when I went to go take it and didn't have any. I feel mad that my body is so effected by this stuff that I am taking to HELP MY BODY  that I never took before... BEFORE I was NEVER tired...always hours and hours of energy. I'v been back on 2 days now...but something is funky. I feel a little depressed. So much going on, so much to do...but usually I THRIVE on that. Ever since Florida I just want to STOP and go back to Florida all by myself and lay on the beach, run on the beach, and eat and read and sleep on the beach. Weird for me. I was so effected by how RELAXED everyone there seemed to be. And their worlds are plotting along just FINE. What happened to the Florida girl in ME?? I don't think its that I'm depressed....its more just I WANT TO STOP AND HAVE A VACATION FROM EVERYTHING!!!

Today is a new day. YOU are great, and I know you forgive me even though I don't forgive myself so much yet for you missing a letter from me this morning. .I am going to cross my fingers that you can recheck sometime this week KNOWING that I will have posted for you.  Sheri called yesterday and she and some of the kids are coming in August so that is FREAKING AWESOME! It's the beginning of the month for DoTERRA... I have a humongo goal to hit, but have a great plan for 2 of the legs and working on another for the third! And when I hit it I will have kept my word to Allyse and that will be relieving.  I have great real estate clients. I have some AWESOME investment deals in the works for the BIG BOYS.  The kids are here and we will go to the zoo and you know that makes me happy. It's HOW to fit everyone and EVERYTHING IN.

Spencer is LOVING his work...just wishes he could play golf MORE...OF COURSE! He bought some fancy smancy golf clothes and looks  A M A Z I N G each morning as he heads to work.  Michael and Brittany had a blast in Seattle...they are so stinkin' cute!Michael discovered he DOES like seafood...I guess he just hadn't had GOOD seafood before.  Still not sure what we are doing to celebrate Michaels birthday. Megan has been dating people off of this TENDER site and its been fun to see her "work through" some options. Relationships can be so funky. Laura is still our angel...she made these enchiladas for dinner yesterday that rocked our world. Seriously...ONE OF YOU MUST MARRY HER!!!!! Josh came for the fourth and has let his hair grow and is even MORE beautiful if that is even possible. He had to hurry back ...his term ends the 17th of July so he'll be able to come down more after that. Dad is doing Dad work stuff. Been signing some big deals for the church. Broke his little toe on Saturday and it is bugging him a lot.

I love you so much. I love that you are so tough. I love that you love what you are doing. I love all the amazing choices you have made that you are who you are. I LOVE that you are kind and thoughtful and smart and wise and happy and affectionate and funny and love sports and so athletic. I love you for all the JOY you've brought me. I LOVE YOU MOST FOR CHOOSING TO COME TO ME!!!!!!!! You are missed Baby Boy. You are SOOOOOOOO Missed. 

The Momma


Soooo.... Mom didn't write me this week.. sooooooooo I guess that means that I don't have to write.. fair?? just kidding the mission president says I have to no matter what. but mom don't let it happen again :) I love the blog posts!!!
This week we did so much finding, and absolutely nothing came out of it, which was pretty discouraging. However, yesterday at church, a less active member, and her entire family (all non members) decided to come to church, and they want the missionaries to come by their house! such a miracle! The lord blesses us for our hard work and obedience, even when we can't see it right away.  So exiting!
My 4th of July was so weird. It obviously just didn't feel like a normal 4th of July, and we didn't do anything patriotic whatsoever because my companion is a german and hates america hahaha funny but totally true.  I was definitely missing family and friends! I'm glad you guys had a good day! (or did you.. I don't know..MOM) haha just kidding dad sent me an email and told me how great it was!
I had a dream this week that Mike and I were in the NBA.. soo I don't know what that means but it was pretty awesome. 
I just can't say enough of how much my testimony increases everytime I read the book of mormon.  Every day the spirit testifies to me the truthfulness fo what I'm reading. and it's amazing! We are soo blessed to have the knowledge we have of a modern day prophet, of a plan of hapiness, of an infinite atonement, of a loving heavenly father, and a loving family.  I love the gospel.  I wish I could go back a few years, with knowledge i've gained in only 3 months.  It's so weird how much England has become home to me.  The first month I looked outside and everything was so new and bizarre, and now everything is so normal! the huge churches, 200 year old houses/buildings, the accent, the food. That's why i'm not taking pictures anymore, and I'm sorry! I really should be!
You guys have an amazing week.  I love my family so much, and I pray for each of you by name every day! Please let me know if there is anything else you need me to pray for.  Mom, August is going to be an amazing month for Doterra! I don't know why, but I just have a feeling it is! so just kill it!!
Love you,
Elder Harris
p.s. Mom, for birthday package, just get the family to each write a little note or something ok??

Thursday, July 4, 2013

4 the of JULY

Just missing you Sam. That's all. Just missing you.

Monday, July 1, 2013

THE BAMMER 1 july 2013

I'm still in Eastwood! and I'm still with Elder Pauly! which is extremely bittersweet.  I'm so happy i'm still in Eastwood, however, Elder Pauly goes home in September, and so his attitude towards missionary work isn't extremely positive, he's looking more towards going home than anything else, and it's really frustrating trying to get him exited and motivated again.  Please pray for us to still be able to work hard and be motivated! I was so shocked to hear that nothing had changed at transfers. At first I didn't think it was inspired from president to keep us together.  Then I said a prayer, and received a confirmation from the spirit that we are still together for a really important reason, so I am still exited to see what this transfer has to offer!
We have been finding like crazy because our investigator pool is empty once again.  This following week we should have a few new investigators though, because we found a ton of potentials this past week.  I went out on splits with a guy in the ward called Edgar, and he speaks absolutely no English, so I was speaking in spanish with him the whole time. I really have learned so much, and am still confused on why I wasn't called to serve somewhere spanish speaking! haha just kidding I know I'm in England for the right reasons, I just love spanish! and I'm going to be so jealous when I get back and Spencer and dad are speaking in Spanish the whole time. 
We played baseball as a ward on saturday after a service project which was such a blast.  No one in England knows how to swing a bat properly so they were amazed to see a few americans who knew how.  Susan is still doing great, she came to the service project and brought a ton of food to the munch and mingle yesterday.  Mom and her would get along really really great.  I am going to share with her some of the doterra oils next time wer go and visit her. 
I don't really need anything. Birthay package... mom just surprise me! you'll do great, you always do! How is Perk and J.P?? please send me their addresses! I saw my friend Andrew Kenney on the missionary broadcast done by the brethren. That was an outstanding meeting, I felt the spirit the entire way through.  I wish I would have taken general conference more seriously growing up. These men are so inspired and when they talk the spirit is just incredible. Just keep praying for the work to go forth for us! I pray for each of you by name everyday! and think about you multiple times every day. I love you guys so much! you are the best family eva! take care :)
Elder Harris.