Monday, September 30, 2013

Letter from Sam 30 September 2013

 Sometimes I just want to LOOK at him.... xxooxxooxxooxx...OKAY, truth...I want to TOUCH HIM, BE with him. 18 months people. 18 months.
hey op my duck (an actual greeting in England)
This week was fantastic!
Monday we went to Derby, and bought some companionship onesies (pajamas with the union jack on it) they are legit, and Elder Pogue and I wear them basically every night before we go to bed, I would send you some pics, but I'm not sure where my camera chord is at the moment! We taught Rachael a lesson on monday that went really well, she's so amazing!
Tuesday we did loads of service! we first helped out an elderly couple called the Leach's, and then we went and helped Rachael's mom sort out their front garden. They own a cafe in Eastwood, so we were treated to free breakfast the next morning for the service that we did! later Tuesday night we taught a lesson to a guy called Gary. Gary suffers from severe depression, and he needs the gospel! we went back to teach him again on wednesday, and he left a note at the door saying that he needed to be alone. Please pray for Gary to find some happiness in his life!
Wednesday I went on exchange with Elder Patten who is our new district leader, and he is such a boss! we basically just gq'd and found like crazy, and had a really successful day! we taught Louise (Sean's daughter) and the lesson went really well. She is the most adorable 9 year old girl, and she loves coming to church and she is honestly reading the childrens book of mormon every night because it makes her happy. 
Thursday we had district meeting in Derby, and we all brought our onesies (The Derby Elders bought some as well). In the middle of District meeting Elder Patten says "I need to use the toilet" Instantly all 4 of us elders leave the room to go put our onesies on, and the sisters were laughing pretty hard when we all came in wearing our onesies. It was brilliant! We watched the restoration video with Sean, Claire, and Louise on Thursday as well and they all loved it. It's so fun working with them!
Friday we got a call from Claire (Rachels best friend) saying that Rachel's sister now wants to investigate the church! Her name is Amy, and she is sooo rad! Claire, Rachel, and Amy all work at the cafe in Eastwood, so we go and visit them every so often and get a breakfast sandwich. It's such a typical English cafe and it's so fun to be able to see them besides when we teach lessons. 
Saturday we got a media referral from a girl called Kitty who went onto  We went to her house immediately after receiving the refferal via text message, and she commited to coming to church the next day. Another miracle!
Sunday was the most nuts day of my life! -Sean didn't come to church because he feels like ever since he's been baptized life has been tougher.. So this week we need to focus on explaining to him that the advesary is working hard on him! Please pray for Sean! However, we had 4 Investigators at church! Louise, Rachael, Amy, and Kitty all came to church, and they loved it! we are so blessed to be teaching these people, and to have so many people who have real intent in changing their lives towards the savior. We also taught gospel principles, and we had to teach primary, with NO LEADERS. it was hectic. a bunch of little kids and then 4 missionaries. mom I don't understand how you always kept us under control when we were in primary, it's like every few seconds someone just gets up out of their chair to go do whatever they want haha and they don't understand when what they want to do isn't conveniant for everyone else haha now that I look back on it it was hilarious and those kids are brilliant. 
The work is moving! continue to pray for Elder Pogue and I to see Miracles.
So yeah.. 6 months eh? can you believe it? kind of unreal. still doesn't feel real that I'm actually on my mission in ENGLAND. 
I miss y'all. Spencer the most. I kind of don't want Spencer to get married so that we can chill all the time when we get back, but if he does get married, his wife is going to have to understand when he doesn' see him for at least a week haha.  I'm stoked for Mike to be able to go to Seattle. I'm sure he knows that the seahawks are 4-0. I predict that they will win the superbowl, but it's not like I'll be able to watch it anyways. I sent Josh a present for his birthday, so I hope that he receives it by the 9th, but if not, it'll be alright!
Spiritual thought for this week: "Preach the gospel at all times, and if possible, use words!" Our example is such an amazing way of sharing the gospel. It's so true that we can be examples of the believers! I know that people really do recognize our good works, which will glorify our father in heaven! I'm so grateful for the 5 best examples in my life. My savior, my parents, Joseph smith, and Gordon B. Hinkley.  Mom, Dad, I am so grateful for the way I was raised. I've basically lived a stress free life. and thanks to you guys, I'm here on a mission, influencing as many people as I can in a positive way, helping them live their lives in such a way that they can inherit the kingdom of god.  I was thinking, Wren Johnson is so cool. He baptized dad, dad baptized loads in argentina, and those people he baptized probably went on to raise families in the gospel, not to mention our family has now had 5 total missionaries who have all baptized and influenced hundreds of people through the atonement of Jesus Christ. It's amazing how it all just started with Wren Johnson. That guy deserves a gold medal or something!! I love you all, and have an amazing week. I know the church is true.
Mom- kick some serious butt at your convention is salt lake, and know that every single one of you will be in my prayers! Cheers until next week.
Elder Samuel Joseph Harris (named after one of the best, courages, and spiritual missionaries ever! I'll try my best to live up to the name)

Sunday, September 29, 2013

He's OFF to create a life in Seattle

 I LOVE this man! So now Sam...I will be writing to you AND Michael. This baby is only ONE DAY was Michael's boss's son. His boss is helping him sell his motorcycle since he knows so much about them and we don't know anything. I love Michaels JOY in life. I LOVE how he knows what he wants and creates it. I LOVE how much courage he has to embrace the unknown. I LOVE how he loves everyone everywhere and Seattle is just another new million or so people to LOVE!
Josh, Andy and Spencer did the all night drive thing again and drove with Michael out to Seattle. When I get more pics of his apartment and stuff I will send them on. No doubt there will be MANY MORE TRIPS TO SEATTLE NOW!!!! I am grateful Thanksgiving is so near. And then Christmas. That will make it easier on me. I am excited for you Michael. Beginnings are so filled with POSSIBILITIES. One of the reasons I LOVE that we get a NEW DAY every 24 hours. So Universe....Now I NEED to get to SEATTLE please send me an AMAZING Do TERRA builder from there SOON.

SO...Gas for the truck was super expensive and Spencer hated asking for help with paying for it, so he and Dad decided to sell the truck and just yesterday Dad found a SUBARU Forrester for Spencer. It's blue. I know you are going to be a bit sad....I'll take pics of the truck for you before it actually sells. I am sad. Its just so nice to have a truck. But we don't use it quite like we use to now that the pool is in and I don't have any space left to radically make more yard changes. Its crazy the way I get attached to vehicles.  I never had this sleepover in its crazy cold.

SO...Josh, Andy and Spencer are driving home right now ---through the night. Josh will head back to school...his birthday is the 9th...he wants a CHESS SET...I am on the look out for something COOL...! We leave on his birthday to take Spencer to visit his mission in South Carolina. I wished we'd wait to YOU get home to do it so YOU could see and golf with him. Spencer just couldn't be much happier with school, the girlies, and WORK...he has decided to take only block classes next semester so he will be able to GOLF more all spring. Love a man who knows what he wants and LOVES IT!!! Andy is just as dear as ever....da other brotha :)

Megs Laura and Kylie are playing hard, dating hard and just so fun for me to have around.

This next week is the Do TERRA Convention in Salt Lake at the Salt Palace. I will have my Texas and Florida builders here at the house.  I will be recognized as GOLD rank. I personally will have 59 people there from my legs. I am so thrilled. The week is JAMMED full. I still have much to do today to get ready. I am responsible for a FUN, educational booth at Allyse's party Thursday night and just today I'll start pulling it together.

My book this week is Joseph Campbell's THE POWER OF MYTH. So MANY great minds have come to this earth. And so many great hearts.  And teachers. I really really really am drawn to how well read he is,-- how he shares what he has learned through study of the greats in everything--whish he ultimately looks at all of them as  story tellers about the history of our entire world.  I love the way he looks at EACH of us as the HERO in our own story with a specific journey. But that the hero's JOURNEY is not the courageous act...but the life lived in SELF DISCOVERY IS!
And I quote "Luke Skywalker was never more rational than when he found within himself the resources of character to meet his destiny." I am seeking RATIONAL.  Talking about THE JOURNEY he says "The ultimate aim of the quest must be neither release nor ecstacy for oneself, but the wisdom and the power to serve others." One of the many distinctions between the celebrity and the hero (he says) is that one lives only for self while the other acts to redeem society.
YOU LOVEY-- ARE MY HERO. You are LIVING to redeem society.  So so so many more things to share from him. I wish our lives could be more filled with just reading and sharing. Actually. I decide. It IS. And hey...I AM! With you! EAGER for the day when your journey provides more time to share in my readings.

I am heading up the canyon for a long run with Kim. The colors are already mostly gone. Such a strange fall. It is will be 29 degrees at the start of the trail...its 39 here. When I run I ALWAYS think of ALL of you children. I am so in LOVE with the Gods whose plan it was to allow ME motherhood of YOU. Each of you are about such incredible JOURNEY's . I am so much older and yet feel so far behind you, like I'll never be able to "catch up". The good news...the 50 years in me-- shakes that thought off and chooses instead to revel in what already IS and be excited for what is to come for us! TO THE JOURNEY!!! HOORAH for the JOURNEY!! Can't wait to hear about the details of yours in the morning :) LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!!! Need anything? I am sending you a Halloween package tomorrow last chance to have me throw something in...

Monday, September 23, 2013

Letter from SAMMER xxooxx

hey friends and family!
woot woot, still in Eastwood with Elder Pogue! pretty sure I'm not going to leave my whole mission, we'll see! We found out this week that we will be replacing the other 2 elders in Eastwood, for sister missionaries! It's a huge blessing because the members have been wanting sisters for a long time and there are a lot of sisters that want to contribute to the missionary work! because the elders left the flat as a dump, Elder Pogue and I spent basically all of the Tuesday and Wednesday cleaning their flat and making it not smell like a sweaty gym haha, we did a pretty good job though! Honestly it was a really slow week for the work. However, we have a new investigator called Rachel!
Rachel is best friends with a member named Claire Sanderson, and she is elect! she came to church yesterday by herself without Claire, and she had to have her boyfriends mom drive her 45 minutes to get there! she's the best! tonight is our first lesson with her, because the other elders were teaching her before they had to go.  Later tonight we will also be having family home evening with claire and Shean's families. Playing Uno and watching the restoration and explaining the book of mormon. Shean's daughter Louise is sooo adorable and loves church! she's came the last 3 weeks and she really wants to get baptized, however, she's only 9, so we need to make sure she understands exactly the covenant she will be making! so yesterday we had 2 investigators at church, which is good! Elder Pogue and I are so blessed. I feel so insignificant, and like heavenly father is doing 100% of the work, I'm just walking and getting blessings. it's amazing. I'm so blessed to be a missionary.
Mom I'm so happy you loved Florida! I would love to go there with you sometime when we get back. just a mom and sam trip?? we'll see. sorry rest of the fam! hahaha mom It's kind of unreal how much you would enjoy serving a mission. something you said in one of your emails snapped out at me. something like "getting to know everyone's take on belief" talking about your baptist friend. It's amazing the number of different beliefs people have, and as missionaries, we get to hear how others worship, and what they believe in, and the different ideas they throw into the universe. 
I would like to share a spiritual thought every week if that is alright with you guys! in Preach my gospel Chapter 3: The restoration, there is a section called. "god is our loving heavenly father." if you read it and personalize all of the words it reads
"God is my Heavenly Father. I am His child. He has a body of flesh and bone that is glorified and perfected. He loves me. He weeps with me when I suffer and rejoices when I do what is right. He wants to communicate with me, and I can communicate with Him through sincere prayer. He has given me this experience on the earth so I can learn and grow. I can show my love for Him through my choices and my obedience to His commandments.
Heavenly Father has provided me, His child, with a way to be successful in this life and to return to live in His presence. However, I must be pure and clean through obedience in order to do so. Disobedience moves us away from Him. Central to my Father’s plan is Jesus Christ’s Atonement. The Atonement included His suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane as well as His suffering and death on the cross. Through the Atonement I can be freed from the burden of my sins and develop faith and strength to face our trials."

It's amazing that heavenly father loves someone as insignificant and imperfect and me, and because he loves me, he will bless me so much when I'm obedient! I am a child of god!
I love y'all (Elder pogue got me into saying y'all. curse the south) Have an amazing week, and no matter what happens remember that heavenly father loves you! and if you know that, well then no matter what happens, it can't be more important.
Elder Sam Harris.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ironic Title? BEACH READING...

This was my "fluff" reading for the beach. So NOT FLUFF...I devoured it. I didn't get to it till the flight home. Yes...sobbed openly in a few places as she found  some of my hurts and mirrored it in a way that made me grateful.  This woman can tell a story. I waited 3 years for her to get this out after SAVING CEE CEE HONEYCUTT. Nothing like her first novel...but maybe even more brilliant. As I said. This woman can tell a story. Hope you can spend some time with her.


 I went to Florida last Sunday to build Do TERRA. Going home awakens a longing in me for some of my childhood knowing's and beings. I can't help but feel JOY from head to toe as the toads came out at night, as the lizards were racing across the sidewalks, to SMELL the night and HEAR the sounds of Florida dark. To pass MY Krispy Kreme, my high school with the sign out front thanking Dan Boyd (my principle) for 44 years of service. To go to Yoga Kathleen- with a favorite new friend at an all women's gym where my soul screamed YOU BELONG HERE...YOU ARE ONE OF THEM! To be with Karyn Austin as she taught her spin class where she put on MOAB UT on the screen in honor of my visiting. Sweating and pushing with friends is bonding. To sit amongst retirees exercising at 930 in the morning and wonder if a time will come that my days will ever start that late (and realizing that on THAT DAY MINE WAS :) ....and what will retirement look like for me? And WHEN?  It was HOT ....and HUMID. But fall has come on here in Utah--so it was delicious to me to just stand outside in my FLORIDA and let it envelope me.

 I was SO BLESSED to find the MOST phenomenal builder! I will have to take a picture of her for you. She is 48. Her name is Christine Hawkins OLIVER. Even her name is beautiful. She is the kind of beautiful in a person that you can't help but stare at her to watch the way her eyes sparkle and the way her smile changes. Her kindness is just everywhere in her being. The GODS gave her to ME!!!!!! Christine has been SO WORTH the wait! I am excited for our years to come together and the love, friendship and success that awaits us. I am still in AWE at the power of the Universe and how continually generous it is to me---and ALL OF US....I thought that especially as I sat and watched the waves come in and come in and come in ....never stopping...continually running towards me again and again. I have not been sufficiently aware nor grateful. Here I am 50 and STILL waking up to the beauty and wonder of my world.

Thanks to other dear friends I was able to have 3 AMAZING Medicine cabinet makeovers. More beautiful people to love and connect with and share Do Terra.  I stopped into MANY businesses and met earnest, thoughtful, interesting people. I LOVE PEOPLE!!!  It was a lovely busy week. I would leave the hotel early and not get back till after 10 and just fall into the hotel bed. Even with the air conditioning on it felt humid. The pages to my books warped. I smiled. I was home. I like being by myself. I like only having me to tend to. I like having pulp free Florida orange juice each morning to start my in Florida days!

Thursday was one of the sweetest days ever. I just felt LOVED. I had my builder, my MCM's were over...I started my ME TIME. That evening after leaving Christine, I headed out to Alachua to the TEMPLE OF THE UNIVERSE where my serendipitous connection with Michael Singer continued.

 I saw Michael in a little blurp on Oprah's SUPER SOUL SUNDAY and ordered his book. I've already mentioned it to you, but it is a MUST READ CHILDREN...pretty please? I got to the end of the book and read that he had graduated from the University of Florida. I googled his TEMPLE OF THE UNIVERSE...and low and was in ALACHUA FLORIDA (15 mins outside of Gainesville). You know it. My heart raced.  They listed a schedule and he speaks there on Thursday nights.  I KNEW the Gods had led me yet again. SO...I went to his temple and sat at his feet and chanted and sang with him and LISTENED.

 He talked to us about how most everything we do is in attempt to help ourselves FEEL OKAY. (until we reach that heightened plane were we KNOW we are OKAY) Once we realized that we are ALREADY OKAY...we find peace and happiness. My heart burned as I was witnessed to in my soul the truths that this slightly odd, totally appealing, wrap me in his love and laughter and gentleness man shared. His words were MUCH more soul piercing than that. But the simpleness was profound to me. As I left a bit early, before they disbanded,  since it was getting so late and I felt off kilter having driven there in the dark....I walked out in the Florida DARK DARK. At first my heart panicked that the car was down this path that was so dark I couldn't see. Then the noises of so many bugs and live things around me shook my head. But then I stopped. Literally. I breathed it in.  I AM OKAY. There are many people out there who aren't afraid of this dark and this night. I CHOOSE to experience it as they would. I kid you not. My very skin vibrated with the LIFE that was in that dark for ME. The fear disappeared. Reverence filled those spaces. I hope to live my whole life from this new place.  Thank you Michael Singer. I AM OKAY!!! And when I THINK I'm not I am noticing quicker and more frequently and taking myself back to my TRUE self. I am so happy that I'll be able to visit and learn more from him. Chapter 9 and 10 cover the ideas he shared.

This is Jane West ONeal. High School friend. FAVORITE friend now. And NOT just cuz she loaned me her condo.  :)   She,Connie Johnson  and I had lunch on Tuesday at the BLUE GILL...the zuchinni casserole reminded me of mom, the fried Shrimp was heaven...but the FRIEND talk was PRICELESS. I love to laugh and share like we are still 18! Only now its BETTER with the years of life having life "ed" and our expectations almost nill. The ease of our togetherness is the gift. The plainness of who we are and what we are up to. So simple. We just LOVE LOVE. And that means each other. Jane...I can never repay you for the last 2 GLORIOUS DAYS!
Friday morning I was so EXCITED to get to the beach I woke up at 430! (that's 230 Utah time). I threw all my stuff in the suitcases. Loaded the car...and drove as morning came. I drove by my old home in Melrose and wondered who had the lights on? I was sitting on the beach by 930. Pretty much just me for a few hours before the retirees starting putzing up and down.
 This is the famous chair  of Jane's that I borrowed for 2 days. Jane takes the MOST adorable selfies (like above) in this chair. I can't get the hang of the whole selfie thing...well...I guess really I just want her face. She looks 22 and I look 50. Why am I saying this? I really do love me at 50. I sit in wonderment that that face is MINE...when did I take on those years? But there is not one year  I'd trade.
 Can you feel the HEAVEN???? Kite surfing was so thrilling to watch!!!! Day one I spent the ENTIRE DAY on the beach and only left twice to go potty. I think my trial size of sunblock that I pulled from our cupboard was out of date. Fried fried fried. By the second potty trip I was back to covering myself from head to toe. Had to do so day two also. But never you worry...I DID NOT CARE. The breeze was PERFECT. Know what I LOVE about the wind at the beach? NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU SINGING at the top of  your lungs to your IPOD!!!!
 Rereading LIFE CODES and taking notes...did I tell you about this book last week? Think so...add to the list kiddos :)

 Mostly I didn't read. Mostly I just SAT. And BREATHED. Breathing. Breathing. Seeing. Breathing. Resting and healing the tired places. Basking in my fortune. Counting the loves. FEELING the JOY!
 Stayed on beach till dark. Practiced NO FEAR. THE MOON WAS HUGE!!  I couldn't believe I was alone. I did stay near the boardwalk in case my fear decided to rise :) The stars were my audience as I twirled and danced and sang to Uncle Kracker's YOU MAKE ME SMILE. I don't remember ever feeling that kind of FREEDOM. Is freedom the right word? Just me, the ocean, my IPOD, my JOY OOZING, the stars, and the dance of my most authentic self with NO WORRIES of anyone watching....cuz it was just me and my world and MY HAPPINESS!  I hope the Gods got it on tape. It was so exhilarating that I would post it here if I could. I only left because of hunger. I hadn't eaten all day. Hadn't even wanted to.  I took my exhilarated self to the Seafood Kitchen and had MORE fried shrimp and hushpuppies and cole slaw.....
 This is Jane's condo where I lived my fantasy for 2 days. I pretended it was mine. I so could live there. Alone. I wonder how many days it would take for me to say, OKAY...send in my people now....I NEED my people. I know its more than 2 days :) Sam, I kept thinking...YOU were on the other side of that ocean...YOU. Just over there.  xxooxx  See outside this sliding glass door? over that green brush are dunes and then the that green brush are rabbits and turtles and snakes and rats...yep.
 I did make the bed..I tried NOT to...but I just wanted it to look perfect more than I wanted to think I could just crawl back in...I mean WHO would crawl back in and waste a minute of day light HERE when there is an ocean out there.
 Here is the chair I studied in and only KIND OF worked in until it was light enough to take my run. HEAVEN I TELL YOU!!.  Yes. ALL OF IT! That chair KNOW how I love me a good rocker!
 Night number two...last sundown...I wish you could FEEL my moment here.
 I felt panicked as it was ending. And then I remembered. I am OKAY. There are so MANY other days to come where I will end it here. Breathing is easier here.
 These feet. These feet will visit here many more times before their life journey is through.
I love you Buddy. Excited to hear about your week. Spent much of my beach time sending you love and memories of our love. YOU MAKE ME SMILE!!! When we are here together next...WE WILL DANCE with the STARS TOGETHER!!! Be looking for the PERFECT SONG!!!
From a Momma renewed.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Letter from the Sammer 16 Sept 2013

Hello everyone!
First of all, if you guys want to fall off of your seats laughing, you need to read Elder London Lazerson's letters home. They are brilliant and his humor is still unbelievable.
So happy to hear that USU put the beat down on Weber State! gotta love those aggies :)  I'm actually really struggling about whether I want to go to USU or BYU when I go back.. I've decided that I'm not going to think about it until I absolutely have to, because that is not the most important thing right now!
This week was BRILLIANT. We spend loads and loads of time trying to figure out how to make the boiler work for the baptismal font, but after 4 different members looking at it... ice cold water. so Shawn's baptism was freezing. Nevertheless, the baptism was amazing! the spirit was so strong during the entire service, and he loved it! it's been so amazing to see the transformation that he has made in a few short weeks. it's absolutely unreal how powerful the atonement can be when we turn our hearts towards the savior.  Since the day we committed him to quit smoking, drinking alcohol, tea, or coffee, he hasn't touched it! Definitely a Miracle.  I had the priviledge of giving a talk on baptism, and then after a talk on the holy ghost by sister Rigby, Elder Pogue played the piano ( He taught himself how to for the baptism) and I sang  the primary song "When I am baptized." I think it was my first time singing in front of people, but I really enjoyed it, and the spirit was really strong! After the baptism, all of the hispanics in our ward from Columbia/Ecuador/Peru/Spain were in charge of a "latino night" that was really great! It was so fun to see some of the members let lose and dance and have a good time with each other. the ward is growing closer together each week and it's really cool to see. There is still much more for their Unity to increase, but progress is progress.  I had the oppurtunity to give the holy ghost for the first time and it was an incredible experience. I'm so exited for Shawn's life from here on out. Seeing him progress as a member, getting the priesthood, and then making sacred covenants in the temple! this gospel is amazing.
On Thursday, we were walking down the street and we saw a 22 year old guy called Lloyd. Lloyd is absolutely nuts, so we dropped him as an investigator, but some guys came down the street while we were talking to him and they said "Lloyd, don't let the Jehovas Witnesses talk to you!" We then explained that we were members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and that we just want to give people service.  Lloyd's friend said "My best friend passed away last week, and I could really use someone to talk to." so... 30 minutes later we taught Lloyd's friend Steve in a Church of England Cemetary.Even if nothing else happens with Steve, (we're teaching him later today as well) it was so amazing to be able to comfort him a little bit from all of the heart break and sorrow he had felt because of his friend passing.  Steve invited his friend John to listen to our message tonight, so we will see what goes forth with John and Steve. Please keep them in your prayers! Shawn has 2 kids that need to start investigating the gospel, because it would help them so much in their lives! their names are Chloe and Katie. Louise, Shawn's youngest daughter living with him, has started coming to church and she loves it!
I don't know if you remember hearing about Jay, but I feel like we are so close to being able to teach him again, so keep him in your prayers as well. 
It was a fantastic week. I love being a missionary! Tonight we find out if I get transferred or not, but because I'm training Elder Pogue, the chances of me getting transferred are slim to none.
Mom, please ROCK do terra! I know you can do it, because you're way rad. 
"sometimes when i'm sad, I tell myself to quit being sad and start being awesome"- Elder Pogue uses this quote all the time from the T.V. show "How I Met Your Mother," and I hope it will be able to help you guys out this week and in the future. it's actually a way intelligent quote. yolo.
Love from the motherland,
Elder Harris

Saturday, September 14, 2013


 LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE RUBY for getting us these pics of you!!! Make sure to hug her for me...I am so going to bring her  NICE SURPRISE when we visit!!!!
 While training Theresa in Texas this week...she took me to her Progressive Baptist Church for Bible Study on Revelations 1:9-20...this woman below, BETH MOORE Taught the class via video. I guess her platform is NO GIMMICKS just JESUS. For a Preacher, she sure is a looker. Her energy level made me breath deep some times because she is so intense. But over all just sitting in this HUGE CHURCH's gym with 43 Plus other believing women made my heart pause to think how many people really are believers.  This is their church's FISHER's month...MISSIONARY MONTH...where have I heard that before? Just made me think of YOU and what you might be doing or have done that day......what a comfort to see ALL the HUGE churches EVERYWHERE in Texas and know that mostly, there are ALOT of great people wanting GOODNESS and HAPPINESS is our world....and DOING the work to prove it.
This is a crepe mrytle tree...they were ALL over Texas...and they were all over Florida when I grew up. Made me think of sweet younger days.

 Ranger's stadium was about 2 miles from the home I stayed in!!!! Pretty sure as my DoTerra leg keeps growing we will have a reason to drop in for a game! It was SO HOT and SO HUMID! I would come back from my morning runs totally WET. Yuck....but the trail near their house was pretty and I got to see a beaver and this scissor tail bird that flew pretty funkily.
I was home for Saturday and left this morning again and I just got to Florida. Its HOT and HUMID and raining on and off. I just want a Do Terra  builder here...gonna get one this trip...please pray. I'm excited I have 3 Medicine cabinet Makeovers...educating helps bring builders.

Michael broke the news at lunch yesterday that he is REALLY moving to Seattle. Yep. I cried. I haven't been able to quit thinking about it. He'll move Oct 1st which is SO SOON. I am sad.ALL OF US ARE SAD to have him that far away.  But I am also HAPPY that he is creating HIS DREAMS. We all know he's always wanted to live there. So I am sitting in a strange place between sad for me/us and HAPPY AND PROUD for him. Mother love is complex. The world is waiting for him there.Think of all the people who are going to be SO THRILLED to have him in their lives! I'm going to find a Do Terra builder in Seattle now---going to have to have a reason to write off all those flights :) The Universe was so WISE to let me fall in love with Seattle on vacation---To take me there to SEE it before my boy takes up permanent residence.

This TENDER DATING PHONE APP has Megan and Laura and Kylie dating all the time! Its a GREAT thing! But again, I don't love that they are never home:(  Josh is still kicking it at school. Spencer's Golf Store flooded with 6 inches of water everywhere with the flash floods and now it STINKS, but Spencer still loves it. School is good and the WOMEN are good. Yesterday was the last day for the pool being open. Sad day. It's cool enough that its not comfortable to be out of the water. GOOD NEWS: ONE MORE SUMMER AND YOU WILL BE HOME!!!!

I read a FANTASTIC BOOK on the flight here by Patty Harpenau  entitled THE LIFE CODES.This will be added to the MOM WANTS YOU TO READ THIS list. Its by a  dutch woman who went to Jerusalem to study the Kabbalah at an orthodox yeshiva where normally it is forbidden for women to study. She shares the life codes she was taught...7 codes, 7 teachers, 7 levels mirroring 7 days of soul creation. It is FASCINATING. The teachers are GOD, Jesus, Adam, Eve,Miriam,Moses and Abraham. I LOVE peaking into the love philosophies of others.I LOVE spiritual teachers who teach about the art of being human. You are one of those teachers Sam. You have come to the earth to change things that need to be changed. I love being human. I love being here. I LOVE THAT YOU CAME HERE WITH ME!

I LOVE hearing from you. I am so happy to hear YOU so HAPPY!!! I love reading Elder Pogue's blog to hear MORE ABOUT YOU!!! So did you hurt your foot  in the train door when you got left at the train station? Do you need or want anything? Do you get to see Facebook?

I LOVE YOU!!! HAPPY WEEK. Pour that LOVE OUT all over the place. We miss you!!!! Saw Johnny Dupre's mom at CPK and Johnny heads out Monday and all he wanted her to get him was a pic of you and him PRINTED up. You are an awesome, LOVING,  inspiring man. Your efforts are noted in heaven and on earth. I so hope you are enveloped in LOVE by the people who surround you surely are in my heart.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Letter from Sam 9 Sept 2013

Another good week for Elder Pogue and I!
Sean's baptism is confirmed for saturday at 4:30 and Elder Pogue will be getting in his whites!! WOOOO HOOOO! He has quit smoking, and today we are taking him and Claire out for chinese food to celebrate.  We were extremely worried about teaching them the law of tithing, and not even a minute into the lesson, Sean was like, "yeah I know I need to pay it." so that was spectacular. Other than Sean, no one else is really progressing. Rachel is extremely.. well I don't know how to put it.. but she has some psychological issues she needs to sort out, and hopefully we will be able to help her out. she is afraid of going out in public because of all the people, but she won't let us go in her house because she has 13 cats. sooo yeah hahah I hope things will work out with her. 
We had a dinnner appointment on Saturday at 7, and we got there at 6:50, so we just decided we would tract for 10 minutes until we went inside.  We met a really sweet guy called Gary. He's depressed and needs the gospel. Our first appointment with him is tonight so please hope that everything works out and that he will read what we have given him! This week we are really going to focus on getting Sean's entire family involved, because sometimes it seems like he doesn't necissarily want them to join in during the lessons, so please pray for Sean to have the desire to have his friends share his joy in the gospel. 
Teaching English class to the hispanic in the ward is going really well. We are both learning loads from each other and having a fun time doing it. Now we just need some non-members who want to learn English to show up. #
In a week I will find out what happens with transfers.  If everything happens normally, I will stay in Eastwood another transfer and finish training Elder Pogue. (Even though Elder Pogue came to the mission pre-trained) However, when I was exchange with one of the Zone Leaders, he basically told me I was leaving. so who knows. transfer dodge is nuts!
I hope with all of my heart that we can continue to see miracles and help people come closer to christ.  Thank you all so much for all of your love and support, I could not be here, loving my mission and the people of England, without all of the things you guys have done for me! I love my family and friends so much!
Have an awesome week, sorry this week I didn't 'write much. but be good, and read the book of mormon :)
Elder Samuel Harris

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Week of Sept 8 2013

 Tanner is putting his man on!
 Look who is HOME!!!!!!

Este leaves tomorrow morning! The house was rocking this weekend with the WELCOME HOME for Terrence and GOOD BYE to ESTE!!! Spencer bought a but load of steaks and they had a NO GIRLS ALLOWED BBQ and swim. Spencer the chef delighted everyone as usual. The only thing missing was YOU!

This is Carol Dweck...a new favorite lady right up there with Brene Brown, Deepak, Wayne Dyer, Shawn Anchor, Byron Katie, Anne Lamott, ....and so many others..!!! Karl Bowman came over while I was gone this week and handed Carol's book to Megan and said "YOUR MOM IS GOING TO LOVE THIS!!! Tell her I just read it the second time through in ONE week". I  bet its been over a year since I've even seen Karl Bowman so I was so surprised....and especially that HE would know my LOVE all of things enlightening? With that recommendation, I of course left off reading my Joseph Campbell Pathways to BLISS (also AMAZING) and dove right in. I LOVE THAT THE GODS give us these prophets and prophetesses. I LOVE that they follow their light in sharing with us happy progressive truths of our souls. I wanna be one in the next life. I want to have my head and heart so aware, so giving, so focused that I can not only BE this kind of light, but that I can SHARE it with others. I do smile thinking that while they are so focused on there one area, I get to harvest from ALL of these GREATS!!! I will tell you more about my new find in Joseph Campbell next week.

So, after reading the book....I am nervous that I and the world around you might have partially instilled a FIXED mind set in each of you children. I know that there are BIG parts in each of us that are GROWTH MINDSET...but this book helps us to see where we are and even at 50 completely switch over to the GROWTH MINDSET. I pulled the following off of WIKIPEDIA to give you a short synopsis. I always want you guys to read what I'm reading and then to talk to me about it. :)
This is a book you will SO WANT TO READ before you parent! And really you will want to read it before you go much further in your own lives.

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success which was published in 2006. According to Dweck, individuals can be placed on a continuum according to their implicit views of where ability comes from. Some believe their success is based on innate ability; these are said to have a "fixed" theory of intelligence (fixed mindset). Others, who believe their success is based on hard work, learning, training and doggedness are said to have a "growth" or an "incremental" theory of intelligence (growth mindset). Individuals may not necessarily be aware of their own mindset, but their mindset can still be discerned based on their behavior. It is especially evident in their reaction to failure. Fixed-mindset individuals dread failure because it is a negative statement on their basic abilities, while growth mindset individuals don't mind or fear failure as much because they realize their performance can be improved and learning comes from failure. These two mindsets play an important role in all aspects of a person's life. Dweck argues that the growth mindset will allow a person to live a less stressful and more successful life. Dweck's definition of fixed and growth mindsets from a 2012 interview:
"In a fixed mindset students believe their basic abilities, their intelligence, their talents, are just fixed traits. They have a certain amount and that's that, and then their goal becomes to look smart all the time and never look dumb. In a growth mindset students understand that their talents and abilities can be developed through effort, good teaching and persistence. They don't necessarily think everyone's the same or anyone can be Einstein, but they believe everyone can get smarter if they work at it."[8]
This is important because (1) individuals with a "growth" theory are more likely to continue working hard despite setbacks and (2) individuals' theories of intelligence can be affected by subtle environmental cues. For example, children given praise such as "good job, you're very smart" are much more likely to develop a fixed mindset, whereas if given compliments like "good job, you worked very hard" they are likely to develop a growth mindset. In other words, it is possible to encourage students, for example, to persist despite failure by encouraging them to think about learning in a certain way.

I'm sure Dad caught you up on BYU'S big win. Michael came and watched it with us. Gators lost yesterday :(  The peaches have come on and I am in HEAVEN! This war with Syria thing has my heart broken. I keep thinking if only we can convert more people to LOVE. And there you are Sam...spending 2 years out converting.  GET IT ALL OVER THEM!  Megan is planning another cruise. Michael is making life plans. Josh is the happy student camper. Spencer feels the same about school but is doing great and still loving work and all things GOLF. Dad just got back from Honduras and Guatemala. I am heading to Texas this week to build Do TERRA and then to Florida the next week. I have a SPECTACULAR builder in Texas. Her name is Theresa. I LOVE WHO SHE IS SO MUCH. She is a progressive southern Baptist and she likes to talk philosophy and religion with me. She is one of the brightest lights on this planet. I'm thrilled to be able to spend some days with her getting her team off the ground.

I wanted to put a big THANK YOU out to Megan. So... my days have been slammed and by later night when I am "done" I haven't really wanted to mow the lawn in the dark or clean the garage or tend to many things that need tending to. I had a full day yesterday but was going to mow the lawn after a strategy session and before a training.....when I came home from my run, MEGAN was mowing the lawn!!! And then when I emerged from my training she had totally cleaned out the whole garage and was hosing it out. There are days I long for my old "free labor" set up with you kids....but this was way more than an assigned was a gift of LOVE. THANK YOU MEGSALINA!

Rachel Bean gets married next weekend. They've been  going to town inside and outside of their house. Jason and Brittany get married the week after that.

I LOVE SUNDAYS!!! I love that I get to write to you! I love that Oprah has Super Soul Sunday (she introduces me to a lot of A M A Z I N G people who are true lights in the world.  I love that its understood around here that you don't WORK on Sunday. Most clients and team members don't call me. I love that its a whole day to just brighten my light and FEEL the love. I know Sundays are a busy day for you. I'm sad your P-days are from sun up to sun the scriptures say :).

I LOVE YOU!!!! So glad you liked your package! Not surprised one bit that you picked up juggling so fast! Your skill capacity is endless. When you get home you can see if you can do it while on your unicycle :) Lindon Days parade would be so happy to see! We will hit 6 months this month. Do you have any traditions in the mission? You gonna be burning a tie? I am going to dance my whole run on the will be an "I CAN DO THIS ONE LAST TIME" dance.  And then I will think of you while I am in IDAHO teaching classes!!!!

YOU are the light of the world Love Bug. Each of us are. I believe each of us were sent here to bring salvation to each other. I love the dictionary's definition of Salvation: the act of saving or protecting from harm, risk, loss, destruction, etc. There is much to do in spreading this LOVE. You will put on your white shirt and tie and name tag and go to....and I will keep learning and reading and incorporating and wrapping my arms around those who will let me. YOU are my SPARKLES and SUNSHINE. YOU ARE MY LIGHT and LOVE in this world.  Enjoy every minute of this week!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Love from Sam 3 Sept 2013

I had a great birthday! thank you guys so much for that way rad package. I can already juggle haha. I loved the dragon!! I told Elder Pogue about the "fight like a dragon" saying and so now we take it with us everywhere, and everytime something awesome happens, we thank the dragon. I think that might be worshipping false idols, but yolo................jk we obviously know that it's from our heavenly father! we had a birthday party/district meeting where after d.m. we just ate cake and they sang happy birthday! some of my favorite members got me presents. The stinsons gave me a map! haha every time I go to their house for a D.A, I always look at their maps beause I love them, so they gave me one for my b-day. they also baked me a cake, and got me peanut butter m&m's.  Ruby got me a tie, and kelsey sent me an awesome package as well! It really was such a sweet day!
Our investigator Sean is doing so well! He loved church on sunday and is ready for his baptism on the 14th. He just needs help to quit smoking. PLEASE keep him in your prayers so that he can fight off the addiction. His good mate Claire Beastall is also trying to quit with him, so please pray for her as well.  This next week should be amazing for Elder Pogue and I. Today we are going to be teaching 3 people for the first time, so please also keep Kayleigh, Rachel, and Margaret in your prayers! I know they are all female... flirt to convert right?? ok once again i'm totally kidding!! During my exchange with Elder Akebrand, who is one of our Zone Leaders, Rachel was one of the people we found. She stopped us on the street saying "hey Elders, I haven't seen you guys forever!" apparentely some elders came over to her house more than 5 years ago, but she was never bothered with the gospel. She is now very interested, and asked if she could be forgiven for all of her sins. We then bore testimony of the atonement, and it was very powerful. She definitely felt the spirit and started asking so many questions! we are teaching her in about an hour so hopefully that miracle will continue!
Yesterday we had zone p-day in Nottingham, and it was so fun. I love missionaries! we're just all doing the exact same thing so it's really easy to make friends, and there are no clicks and that sort of thing that we see back home.  We had a really spiritual testimony meeting at the end.  This work for the salvation of souls is sooo amazing! Did I ever tell you guys how lucky I am to be a missionary at this day and age? sometimes days seem really hard, and like they are never going to end. However, the moments when I feel the spirit and realize my purpose, those are the days when I am most effective, and love my calling! and how great a calling it is! While I was on exchange Elder Akebrand scared me telling me that I might not finish training Elder Pogue, and I might leave Eastwood, because President has other plans for me. I'm not worried though, because for the last 3 months people have been telling me I'm leaving Eastwood, and well.. I'm still here :) 
I love you guys so much! so stoked to hear that everyone is doing their own thing and enjoying it. It was so amazing to see Kenzie and Zach getting sealed! what a blessing!
Loads of love
you're brother, son, and mate,
Elder Harris.
p.s. (inserting my cheesy new punch line)-->  "I will always fight like a dragon" ;) I hope you can appreciate that one mommy

Sunday, September 1, 2013

This is Jeremy and Kids BLog....thought you'd like a gander sometimes :)

Labor Day Weekend 2013

 This one might make you cry.....look at all the brothas their with him....xxooxx
Thought you'd love to see this as well.
Getting to be some of the final weeks before we have to close the pool. Already the leaves are changing in the mountains and the weather is cooler at night. ARGH! Need me at least another WHOLE FULL MONTH of Summer.  Jeremy brought the kiddos...except Haven was off with her bestie at their family cabin so  we missed her.

Mostly we've spent the week catching up from being gone to Seattle. Spencer and Josh started school. Michael is back at work. Meg got into a little fender bender that has a crazy story...the kid tried to flee the scene and a girlfriend shows up and says she did it before the police got there. All is well. She wasn't hurt and her car just needs a new bumper. There is a good life analogy in there about the importance of bumpers...I'll let you chew on that before bed tonight. Spencer is officially at his apartment in Provo. Yep that SUCKS...but only for me. He loves it. Terrance comes home this week so you can imagine how stoked he is. Dad left last night for a week long trip. Another month ended and I am GOLD again in Do Terra. My next rank goal is Platinum. Real estate is good.

Last week I read the UNTETHERED SOUL by Michael Singer...and so serendipitous, he has a yoga "temple" about 15 minutes away from Melrose...I hope to go there when I go to build Do Terra this month. I really want to learn the practice. This week I've read a book all about ENERGY and how we prove to ourselves that WE CREATE through our thoughts...It's called E2 E (Squared). I THINK YOU WOULD LOVE IT. She divides these personal proofs into 2 day segments and you just do what she says and then SEE the results. IT HAS BEEN AWESOME. What loving GODS that we are allowed to create here. Sam...YOU are one of my MOST FAVORITE CREATIONS EVER....along with the other sibs of course :) But you reign supreme this week especially with it being your birthday. I called on the heavens to make sure it was a GLORIOUS DAY...wish I could have figured out HOW to get you breakfast in bed. Needless to were on my mind ALL DAY...and at 3 when I was sure you were in bed I tried to "get into" your dreams to go flying with you :)

I'v just started reading the works of a man named Joseph Campbell...quite the favorite thought of his, which he says sums up ALL of his works is : FOLLOW YOUR BLISS!
I LOVE THAT!!! Follow your Bliss Sam. Today I saw one of my favorite spiritualists interviewed on Oprah--Gabrielle Bernstein, and she said the most interesting thing about spreading the Gospel of LOVE, and when asked about all the other people doing it and how she felt about the "competition".
Gabrielle said that if they were truly doing "THE WORK", their is NO COMPETITION, only  co-opetition. Sweet huh? I thought you'd like that.

It sounds as though things are going super well. I love Elder Pogue just for the HAPPINESS I can feel from you while you are with him. Friends make our journey. SO GRATEFUL YOU ARE MY FRIEND LOVEY.
Make it an amazing week. Remember that just being YOU is plenty. YOU ARE AWESOME SAUCE. You have always had the magic of creating such happy spaces. Wave that wand Lovey...wave that wand. The world is filled with people waiting to bask in your HAPPY.
I miss you. I LOVE YOU!!! Love to Elder Pogue and all who share your space. Even the kid who messed with your tire. That one especially.
Your Momma