Monday, August 27, 2012

Email from Spencer 27 August 2012

hey fam !

this week was good me and elder billings are both getting new comps but were staying her e in greenville so were still excited and pimped, we had a miracle at church yesterday, to start thew meeting we didnt have any investigators there but by the end we had five! and a family, los mora, that we had dropped because they wouldnt come to church came! so exciting they will probably get baptized really soon.
our zone also hit our baptismal goal so we are going to the temple tomorrow! were doing baptisms for the dead, im a little disapointed because i really wanted to do an endowment, but i got out voted by the zone, so what can i do, but im still pumped cuz elder cardon ( terrance) is gonna slam me in the water about 5 times haha, im so glad were going tomorrow cuz he will get transfered out of the zone wednesday, it will be the perfect goodbye untill we meet again, i pray we will be companions but chances are low considering he doesnt speak spanish and we would have to be zls or aps to be companions and lets be honest im just not zl or ap material, tdog is though, hes the highest baptizing missionary so far this year and just keeps going, such a stud.
we were able to teach alot this week which was fun, it was cool to see the pics of the backyard bash, i bet that was way cool and fun, did any of my friends show? prob not but thats ok. i miss mike and jake and joshs vrew so fun and funny tell the sup from elder harris, and tell jake thanks for everything i still remember his advice given before i left, is he jake yet? i hope so. sad to see sam gone to college, i feel like hes older then me now, he just looks like a man, and is the man to be honest, i bet mom balled her eyes out, dont worry mom your gonna be fine once were all gone especially once we get gkid rolling out the hospital doors. anyways this week was great and im still happy and safe mom acuminatata, how come you never maid me a ten grand sugar bet?
anyways g2g times up
love elder harris

Just a few pics of Sam's first week....

 Sam and Sheridan Ice Skating.....
 More Ice Skating...
 At some magician show...
 With the Magician...
 JOSH IS HOME!!!!!!!!!
Sam and crew hiked to the WIND CAVES....
Thought you'd want to see these Spencer...pulled them off Facebook...

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The 10K SUGAR PLUS agreement

Ok....So this is my friend Robyn Openshaw. THE GREEN SMOOTHIE GIRL! You can Google her on the net and SEE for yourself WHY she is so A M A Z I N G:) Even though she is my friend and I am dang proud to say so....she scares the CRUD out of me. She agreed to be my COACH for my Power 90 help me reach my weight goals. She is a SERIOUS SUZIE when it come to this stuff. And to prove it....she asked me to enter a weight loss wager with her where we BOTH go off sugar for a year and if either of us break it we have to pay the other $10K!!!! SERIOUSLY!!! I made the wager...added the following, and am now 6 days in with only 358 days left :)

I am starting  TODAY 21 AUGUST 2012!
1 whole year with NO SUGAR  with 4 exceptions:
*Thanksgiving Day 2012-but only if I weigh 145Lbs or LESS
*Christmas Eve and Day-but only if I weigh 140 lbs or LESS
* My Birthday weekend in Florida Feb 22-25 2013  (my actual birthday is the 27th but I will be celebrating it by running the Disney Half Princess Race with my daughter and a few friends. BUT I CAN ONLY BREAK IT THAT WEEKEND IF I weigh 140 lbs or Less.
*Our Family Vacation to South Carolina to pick up Spencer sometime next May or June....I would like to have the whole week---I Promise NOT to go crazy and will limit it to 2 southern desserts! And again...I can only take this exception if I am UNDER 140 lbs.
I am going to go off Pop for the whole year with NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
I am also going off any and all white bread. That could be worse than sugar for me!

She promised me that it would be such an effective head tool and BOY HAS IT BEEN...when I was at the WP Party last night I didn't even CONSIDER the possibility of the dessert. I love you Robyn...and here's to a healthier, skinner, more sexy me in the year to come!

week of August 20-26th

 Dad took pics at the Backyard Bash and when I was downloading them found these and thought I'd share....this is with the Galan's the last time he was in Chile and below is Jeremy and the girlies ..time for Drew and Lakes to head this way!!!!
I went to the foot doc again and he is having me do an MRI on Tuesday before we set a surgery date. He thinks I should wait until I'm home from Hawaii.
Dad and I went to see Hope Springs just in the middle of the week and THAT was spontaneous and FUN and a great mid life/empty nester show.
Last night we went to the 18 year Word Perfect Reunion and it was INTERESTING to see the old friends and catch up on what they are doing with their lives....some of them looked just OLD and made me take a second look in the nirror  when I got home...easier NOT see so much change when you live with  it every day.
Sam didn't come home like I said before...TOO MUCH FUN and FRIENDS...and JUST how I'd have it be!!! He says he doesn't want us to come up for his birthday Wed...he wants to wait till he's home next weekend.
JOSH COMES HOME TONIGHT!!!!!! Michael in just over a week!!!!!!
We miss you Spencer! I'll givev Zach an extra big hug at the wedding on Thursday!
Happy Happy End of Summer!

Backyard BASH with Ryan by MEGAN

 These pics are out of order but snapshots of the night. I am sad we don't have pics of EVERYONE jumping in the pool with their clothes on and dancing IN and OUT of the pool!! Yes, the police came when it was OVER and we were almost packed perfect timing. Next time have to remember to invite the PG backyard neighbors...they are the ones who called. Ryan is AMAZING!!! His little sister opened for him and she was a joy to listen to as well! LOVING living my life and letting the Number #1 take over for a party! Crazy that NONE of my boys were there!Sam is having such a GREAT time at Utah State that he didn't come home for the party!

 Wendy and Maren came and helped make the cotton candy and the popcorn.
 Even Matt came and liked it!

 Jeremy and girlies and Graham came...wish I had a pic of Elle dancing her body into nothingness....the girl didn't miss a move or a note played all night! It was JOY just watching her!!

 Meanwhile, Michael was SOMEWHERE having a blast in ALaska!!!

Took this off facebook...not sure WHO took it but thought it a funky pic of the backyard!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

NASTY Motorcycle wreck at our corner

The day after Morgan died I pulled up to our Walmart corner to this...if you click on the picture you will be able to tell that the motorcyle is completely crushed under the truck's front wheels. So grateful I got there AFTER the ambulance had left. See my dear amazing Michael....THIS is why I NEED you to get RID of that THING in the garage. Please?

Letter from Spencer sent 20 Aug 2012

Sorry I am posting's that darn flu....see post below.

que onda?

whats up fam, this week was great we got a new family to church , antonio and his wife rebecca, rebecca is head over heals for the gospel but antonio wants to take things slow, but were way excited for them and we have an apointment to go visit them wednesday with our branch presidant, and then we have a dinner apointment with them on friday to eat posole, which is delicious. rebecca really wants her family in the gospel its awesome to see her hunger for the spirit.

besides that we had a bunch of apointments with the family tranquilino who got baptized 7 years ago before there was a branch her and were the only hispanics , then went less active cuz there was noone to fellowship them and started going to a catholic church everynow and then, lets just say they had alot of questions and were really confused but there coming back !! and we will be baptizing her unbaptized son aswell, we helped them change there tires on there car yesterday night which was way fun to get my hands dirty and to work with a car again, i love cars.

its crazy about lake powell and awesome, i told you mom its my favorite place in the world and now you understand.

we started working alot more then normal with the branch this week and its going alot better , alot more people come to church and stay active that way and im glad were finally getting the branch presidancy on board , although our second councelor is going less active, so sad, but we will strengthen him and help him along, hes just a new overwhelmed member.

and yes dad i only get x amount of tim eto email cuz we go to a library and people are waiting. sorry. plus the whitehandbook says 45 minutes to read and write.

i love you guys so much im having the time of my life being a missionary and teaching the restoration of christs church once again on the earth, hope your all doing good,

love elder harris

Taking Sam to Utah State

LOTS of kids ----especially the girlies, showed up to say goodbye..... Let me just say...I AM SO EXCITED FOR HIM!!!! And SO SO SO SO SO SO SO sad for me! The parties for him have been pretty non stop since dropping him off. I came home, got this nasty throw up flu with ridiculously crazy joint pain that I am still experincing this morning...I smiled as I looked up Louise Hay's emotional mental patterns that correlate with stomach problems: Dread. Fear of the new. Inability to assimilate the new. And then Joints:Represents changes in direction in life and the ease of these movements. This morning I am determined to END the joint pain and today begins a new and glorious adventure of being TRUE TO MYSELF, releasing the added pounds, and paying off the house...and after that??? Let the WILD RUMPUS BEGIN!!!!!!!! Max is putting her wolf suit on :)

Here we are grocery shopping for the first time for their apartment!

Ian...the new roomate from Ohio is in black between Sam and Bryson...both twins are in his ward...having a GOOD BYE dinner at Texas Road house before   "leaving" them :(
This is Sam's first load in....I cannot believe I didnt' get a pic ot the actual hall or of HIS so busy getting it together I forgot to take a pic!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lake Powell with Bartlett's

 Here are the pics!!! I loved that at ANYTIME you could just jump out of the boat and swim in gorgeous, perfectly temperatured water!!!

 I felt like I was on Star Trek the whole time.
 We slept on top of the A M A Z I N G!!!!
 Sam and Brooklyn had a GREAT time with the pellet guns and even brought home carp! Ick!
 Brooklyn brought her darling friend Brinley who FREAKIN LOVES OCEAN POTION :)

 The pictures tell it all!
 This yellow jet ski was my personal favorite!!!
 Just Chillin'!
 This is called Annie's can hike up into a fisure in the rock and it will take you down the whole length of the crack---they said it was beautiful and so interesting in there....I wasn't sad at all that I missed that climb...first time I was greatful for my neuroma's!

 More Chillin". THIS. IS. THE. LIFE.

 Sam just being his extraordinary self!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Miss Audry

 This made my day....I came home to this email from MISS AUDRY who just got braces...I LOVE that she is excited about it....she can't get old enough fast enough:)
 LOVED this picture of my bestie and running partner with her daughter....and wanted it in my BOOK at the end of the year. When the Gods got tired of making the normal women they sat down and went for it with Marcii...she didn't come with EVERYTHING....but she sure makes sure to MAKE EVERYTHING for all who are in her world....I want to meet up with her in ALL my lives!
 THinking you kids haven't seen Andy and Matthew Bergmann in a while....crazy how much Andy looks like Gene and Matt looks like Holly! Great to see them around when I'm showing the house. Andy is heading back to Hawaii after his GrandDad's funeral.
These were on Pinterest as balloons with glow sticks...but we can't make it work...anyone tried and got any ideas? We wanted to fill the pool for Meg's Back Yard Bash:)