Sunday, August 26, 2012

week of August 20-26th

 Dad took pics at the Backyard Bash and when I was downloading them found these and thought I'd share....this is with the Galan's the last time he was in Chile and below is Jeremy and the girlies ..time for Drew and Lakes to head this way!!!!
I went to the foot doc again and he is having me do an MRI on Tuesday before we set a surgery date. He thinks I should wait until I'm home from Hawaii.
Dad and I went to see Hope Springs just in the middle of the week and THAT was spontaneous and FUN and a great mid life/empty nester show.
Last night we went to the 18 year Word Perfect Reunion and it was INTERESTING to see the old friends and catch up on what they are doing with their lives....some of them looked just OLD and made me take a second look in the nirror  when I got home...easier NOT see so much change when you live with  it every day.
Sam didn't come home like I said before...TOO MUCH FUN and FRIENDS...and JUST how I'd have it be!!! He says he doesn't want us to come up for his birthday Wed...he wants to wait till he's home next weekend.
JOSH COMES HOME TONIGHT!!!!!! Michael in just over a week!!!!!!
We miss you Spencer! I'll givev Zach an extra big hug at the wedding on Thursday!
Happy Happy End of Summer!

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