Monday, October 31, 2011

Letter from Spencer 31 Oct 2011

hey family this week was really hard and really rewarding, we baptized marco antonio saturday and confirmed him sunday it was awesome after his baptism he bore his testimony and it had everyone there crying, way awesome he goes back to mexico in a month so we really need to prepare him before he leaves but he is awesome, he was truly converted by the spirit.
i got the package from mom, the back scratcher was my favorite part, holy crap my back has been depreived. for holloween we are going to proselyte from three to 6 and then were locked down all night, ugh and the zls wont let us go down to west ashley, i want to scream at some missionaries, they take the rules and exagerate them, you got to serve hard but have fun just as hard, if your not having fun your just not doing it right. oh well i just wont get to chill with elder holyoak and green during lock down.
well really dont have alot to say, sorry but i love you guys so much i miss you and have dreams about you almost everynight, which i dont really like to be honest. thanks for everything you have done to help if i need something i will let you know, and just so you guys dont forget, i love love love love our family, its the best family on earth , there is not even a debate seriously ask any of my friends haha ....... i shouldnt be prideful anyways love and miss you mom, wish you could scratch my back this holloween.


 Thought you might want to see SAM in his cow outfit...this costume has gotten MORE use...I think Michael bought it when he was a Senior??? The hat is long gone :(


These are the pumpkins Megan and Sam carved....tonight we will have our Pumpkin Guts dinner...I am feeling SO MUCH BETTER...but still not so keen on eating:) Love you Spencer! Hope its a FUN DAY!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Last week of OCTOBER 2011

 Megan at her annual Masquerade Ball...they raised over $1500 for United Way.
 Yep...she's still hanging with Ryan...he forgot his mask, so just used sunglasses instead of a mask:)
A pic of JUST the guys from Sam's Sadies dates...sorry I don't have any of your friends to post!!! Notice how much Mitch Houston has grown!!
Costume Party for Jesse Dupre's birthday...Sam went as a Mexican
Sam's Sadies Date last night with Annie Madsen (the whole group were POWER RANGERS).
The pics of Michael's hair you wanted to see. He gets to start serving at PF CHANGS this week...fastest move up ever!

Lovey Lovey Lovey!!! Won't be saying much...I have a NASTY throw up flu...that or the tuna last night was bad....anyway...Dad and Sam are catching you up! Loved the details from last week's message. You were SO HERE with us durning the World Series....the last 2 games were mind blowing...especially the 6th!!!I'll keep it on the DVR for you. Work has been busy but NO CONTRACTS...I'll let you pray over that! What will you do for Halloweem? Did you get your package? Do you do something crazy like Michael did for hitting the 6 month mark?? I will SO BE THINKING OF YOU ---AS ALWAYS on Friday. You are SO LOVED. SO ADORED. SO MISSED. Hope you get candy at EVERY door!!!!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Letter from Spencer 24 Oct 2011

hey fam, weve had a good week, we are having a suprise miracle baptism this friday , his name is marco, hes visiting and living with the espinosa family that are from mexico, he is here to learn english, and his family invited us over to help "teach him english" haha we have just been reading the book of mormon out loud he was never showing interest, we taught him the restoration and still he had no objections but not rally any interest , and then we had the impression to just read 3rd nefi 11 with him, and then everything clicked, he realized why the authority was important and asked if he could get baptized this friday! it was awesome hes a really cool kid, hes only 23.
besides that we have had kinda a slow week we have saw alot of people but noones really progressing, the church is just not in a good location for the poor black and hispanics it would take them an hour by bus to get there, all the churchs are in safe areas so usually not where we proselite.
mom you wanted to know more about my comp, his name is elder parsons, he is like 6 foot 3, really uncordinated, big computer gamer, hes shy, and he has dislexia which had made spanish really hard for him, which has actually helped mine, because i have had to talk alot more. hes nice though just not very social which is hard as a junior companion, but its ok i just have to act like the senior haha, hes not as fun as radmall but he will work and thats all i need to stay sane, well atleast so far haha.
mom i dont need anything and dont worry if i do i will ask and let you know.
dad, we didnt have zone conference every other tranfer we have interviews and then the next one is zone conference, it was good i learned alot and i think we will start seeing alot more success, it really is the last days. the first presidancy sent presidant an email that said basically you need to double your baptisms, cuz were not meeting the dead line haha, im not saying its 2012 but were gonna start seeing some crazy stuff probably even some new scripture, and we have to be humble and in tune enough with the spirit to accept it. anyways enough with that tangent.
everything is good here, i love it, but i still miss home, theres just nothing like it, ive never felt more love in a place then when you walk in the front doors of our house, thanks to the christ like love and sacrifice of our parents, mostly mom haha she just love everyone and everyting. love you mom , thanks for being the best.

love elder harris

send me pictures of everyone! all of bams friends and mine if you see them, michael too i have not seen a picture of his long hair.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

He makes me laugh...

 Had to add these for you Spencer... you KNOW he posed them JUST for you!

Sam and Kelsy at Lake Powell

 Yes, this would be Sam's HEAVEN!

 Pretty darn ADORABLE together! We love you Kels!!!!

 Sorry Spence...this is the only pic of Ali's true love that was you could see more of him on her facebook....

 Cool DUDE :)

Hey's Fall ( UEA) Break this weekend.
Sam went to Lake Powell with Kelsey. He called last night to say how HOT and sunburned he is....sounds NICE. He'll be home tonight in time for school tomorrow. Michael is in San Diego with Becky doing all the touristy things...Disney, San Diego Zoo, Sea World. Josh is in Logan being diligent. Meg stayed home and went to the BYU football game. Dad just  hung around here while I played with Catherine all weekend. The weather is GLORIOUS.

I got your packages sent Tuesday morning so you should get them soon I hope.
We went to this GREAT baseball movie that was about a LOT more than baseball for family night (MONEYBALL with Brad Pitt). On the way home Sam was telling me how much he loved EARTH WIND AND FIRE...and wanted to know WHY I didn't listen to it more...and really, I LOVE THEM TOO, but just hadn't even thought to put them on my IPOD. I love that boy. Sam said "It's just FEEL GOOD music, Ya know?"   YES...I KNOW!!! So I immediately went to ITUNES and hooked myself up...and Tuesday morning had one of the best runs of my life. The moon had just enough light to cast shadows, but not so dark that the falling stars were masked. I was out early enough to know I wasn't going to run into ANYBODY so I danced most of the 8 miles and just wanted to BURST from how much FEELIN'GOOD I felt. I wished that experience for you, and everyone I love.

We started with the Baseball Banquet planning meetings. This will be our last year. The Banquet will be one thing I am happy to leave fun it will be to come back the next year and JUST ATTEND!!! Sam is loving his Senior year, and having a hard time with all the "lasts". The last football game was a toughie. Their girls just won State soccer. Sadies is this next weekend. You should see Johnny Peterson...that boy has done some SERIOUS bulking'd think he's LIVING in the weight room.

All the corn mazes and haunted houses are in full swing. Pumpkins everywhere. Time for the Halloween Dinner. Wish I could send you some pumpkin guts :) I think of you ALWAYS. When I was at the airport picking up Catherine, first a family picked up their missionary...yep...I was bawling like a baby....THEN another whole family came to pick up their daughter they hadn't seen in 18 months --she was in the Air Force...more bawling. A pretty site for Catherine to come to! And somehow 78 more freaking weeks felt like 78 life times...Catherine totally understood. I LOVE YOU BUDDY!!!! You may not physically BE HERE, but you are SO WITH US, ALL OF THE TIME!!!!! Not a day goes by that someone doesn't say something about how we have to put the movies MONEYBALL and WARRIOR on the list as MUST SEE for you when you get home.

A sweet thing for me is to KNOW know that you will make the best of whatever you are involved in, that you are SMART and WISE and HAPPY......just share all that and I'll keep getting through.
Less than 24 hours and I'll have your message!!! Tell me a little more about your companion will you? And how often do you have dinner appointments? Need anything? Is it chilly there yet?
Your Momma!!!!

Catherine Coleman Kane

 Catherine is my High School girlfriend who I reconnected with at the Reunion in July...and we remembered how much we love each other...and she LOVED ME so much that when she found this great airline ticket deal, she planned a visit to ME!!! Currently she lives in Fort Collins, not so very far anyway. Catherine is all sunshine and goodness and sheer delight to be around. She flew in Friday morning and the PARTY began. We went straight from the airport to Gardner's Village for the Witch would be hard pressed not to have a LOVELY time there roaming the shops and seeing all the kiddies in their Halloween Costumes. They are SO clever...I am sad the pic above didn't turn out better...but it is a witch in an out house with the outside plaque reading "Witchy POO" :) We ate at the Gardner's Mill at wife #9's table...Mary Ann Bradford...who herself was a polygamist's daughter when she married Gardner in 1849? A little Mormon history culture for Catherine :) Our weekend was a food crawl!  I introduced her to the Chewy pralines and caramel fudge. So yummy!!!
We came home and she biked "MY" Provo Canyon trail with gorgeous and the weather could NOT have been more PERFECT. It was SO AMAZING to be with someone who really likes doing the same kinds of outdoors things as me. It was a whole weekend of eye and heart and soul candy! We got home in time to pick up Megan and Don and went to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner and then to see FOOTLOOSE :) Dang I love to dance...just made me want to dance! ( oh least I had EARTH WIND AND FIRE on my IPOD for my runs this week!)

 Catherine the BEAUTIFUL...
 this is my FAVORITE water fountain in the WORLD.....the water is SO COLD and SO SWEET, it tastes JUST RIGHT... I hit  it about a mile into my run and at about mile 12 coming down from my run/bike....sounds silly, but glad to have a picture of it....
 Saturday morning we slept in, then left to Hike up the Sundance Canyon  to Stewart Falls...its only 4 miles..but BREATHTAKING!!! you will see....alot of the color has already gone....
 We had to laugh as we passed some dog owner group (9 dogs) out being taken on a walk by their dogs...this hike was truly FOR their dogs and not so much themselves...never had that kind of dog love.
 This is some of the eye candy I was referring to....hard not to just feel near to bursting with JOY surrounded by all of this and then BEING THERE with Catherine.

 The falls don't look so impressive from my shots...will have to nab some of Catherine's to add later from the bottom..... We headed down the Canyon to Robert Redford's Ski Resort, SUNDANCE...where just breathing the air feels like a privilege and eating in the Grill Room makes you convinced you are now in HEAVEN. We both had the fish tacos. Let me tell you...JUST DO IT!!! We went through the store, and walked all over and just enjoyed BEING. Together.
On the way home we stopped at  Costco for the Talapia fillets so I could share my new favorite recipe of the year. We also stopped in a boutique and got matching "friend" pics entitled SIDE BY SIDE...which I have hung in my guest room on my FAVORITE art wall. You can't see..but I am wearing my LIFE IS GOOD T-shirt...and boy howdy...LIFE IS GOOD!!!! We closed the night with the movie WARRIOR. This movie is a heart wrencher, and I don't care WHAT your family like is, was, has been, its going to trigger the soft places inside. It triggered and then leaked out all over my face and shirt and sleeves...
And in between all this decadent BEING was all the talking and sharing and forecasting and  hoping.....and LOVE.  I thought it was going to be hard to take her to the airport this morning. But I must be growing up...instead of sad, all I could feel was a heart full of excitement and anticipation  for the NEXT TIME...and deep appreciation that my life is MY LIFE. LOVE YOU BIG CATHERINE COLEMAN KANE. THANK YOU FOR BEING MY FRIEND!!!! And in the words of BEETHOVEN  "Never shall I forget the days I spent with you, ...continue to be my friend, as you will ALWAYS find ME to be YOURS..."

Monday, October 17, 2011

Letter from Spencer

no i dont need a suit, that is so cool terrence is in agusta, i think i forgot to tell you guys they joined that mission with ours, in agusta theres a crap load of baptisms, they ghetto stomp , its a english missionary thing and its awesome and fun, im glad for him. it is so cool to here about everyone, tell cade wisconsin is my fovorite place in the world, and that he better cheer for the packers, i dont need another suit yet when i do i will let you know, its cuz i get to drive most of the time, oh how i  want to see terrence, ugh!! when you see my friends let them know i love them and im proud of them, kiss both michaels for me, and hunt down michael king for me too, that buger better write me soon after all weve been through together. anyways i love you and ill write more.

well this week was good guadalupe was confirmed, we found six new investigators this week, and we have interviews with the presidant this friday which i am excited about, i want size small garments i promise i have xsmall right now and there just barely tight from tall the shrinking thats happened in the washes, im losing weight again , i just decided i wont eat unless we get fed which is still about three times a day haha, the work is really hard right now, the wwards here just dont support the hispanics and so its almost like we have to baby sit every recent convert and try to find new ones in between, i hope the stake presidant will change his attitude and help , but all i can do is my best and hope god will make up everything else................................. well really not alot to say now haha sorry my life is basically the same as it was last week, i would like six sets of garments and a set of thermals i gues for the cold, i guess the humidity makes it worse then the temp just like with the heat, so ya, tell everyone i love them and miss them and pray for them always, oh oh oh, christmas music please, the polar express sound track and what ever is cool, not churchy cool but cool christmas music please dad, i like the instrumental stuff too. just let michael sam or josh or mom help haha, i love you dad but our music tastes just are not the same, ask meg to send me some classical music, like the clair de lune or stuff como asi, soy agredecido para todos, tengo los mejores padres en todo la tierra.
te amo
elder pencey

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Missing MY BOY!!!!

 hey LOVE xxooxx...Dad went and got your plaque and changed the picture in this is the new one.
 BIG NEIGHBORHOOD NEWS!!!! Marta is engaged to Randy, to be married in January...he is as nice as they come...and so cool for WenDi that he is Chinese. he works at the church office building as an architect and will move in with Marta so they will get to stay here. I have been having big posting problems so that is why Mauri's pic is first...but that is her with her boyfriend.

I already wrote a long post that disappeared...I am so sad.So I'm starting over.... update....Megs loves her new job, but was a mess her last day of teaching. She was able to help Karie Cooper get hired to replace her so it helps a little bit. She went with Ryan up to Rexburg last night while he played on campus. She saw Lauren Greenwood there and posted a pic on her facebook. Michael is heading to San Diego to visit Becky and do all the touristy stuff on Wednesday...he and Andy were here for dinner tonight. He is happy as always. Josh is mr. study. When I called he was at Stephanie Hale's apartment for dinner...I laughed and asked if that was wierd with it being Tania'a little sister and he said NO. I guess as he comes out of a biology class, she goes in and she invited for dinner tonight the last class. Poor boy....never has any women like him! Sam wrote so check for his message. He's been hanging with the college girls this week and still loving them...Shaylie still as beautiful as always. He got to play in the last fall ball game of the season and it was so great to be at a baseball game again.
Dad and I spoke at the 7th ward's RS date night last Friday on Marriage...SO GLAD that is over. It was great to see Collette...I forgot to ask about Brady, but I will and update you. I spent Friday with Jamie and we hit 7 quilt shops and Olive Garden and the Sweet tooth fairy...LOVE THAT WOMAN. Ray is great and loving his mission. Spent most of yesterday---(it was GORGEOUS!!) Out in the yard putting it to bed for the winter. I LOVE picking  the pumpkins and bringing them up front. It will turn cold again this week.

Mike Cooper just got back from Turkey. Ali waited on us for dinner at Los Hermanos and is totally smitten...I expect her to be engaged by Christmas.

I LOVE YOU BUDDY!!! Missing you BIG! Brother Hatch was in Charleston last week for business and I am so jealous!!! He didn't realize that you were IN Charleston. Jamie will be in Hilton Head the weekend after Christmas...want to jump in her bag and tag along...

Can't wait for your message!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Loving the laugh

Sarah, Karie, Jamie, Sarah, Kim and Kim, my siblings, the Julie's, children, Catherine, Tosi, Jane....and to all my BESTIES.....LOVE YOU!!! This just makes me LAUGH!!!!! And remember....the bat is under my desk when you need me :) NO, I am NOT co-dependent, or rather, YES, obviously I have been co-dependent.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


So...I'm an addict to this new site...and THRILLED that I can get rid of filing cabinets! This just made me laugh out loud....SO HOW I FEEL ABOUT IRONING...make sure to visit the HUMOR page....I can barely wait to be a grand ma to GO FISH for the magnectic letters...and pretty sure a GLOW STICK Bath is going to be happening pretty soon :)   And the Rice krispy pumpkins.....TOMORROW. Go my friend...and share YOUR bestest stuff won't you?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Letter FROM Spencer 10 Oct 2011

hey mom and pop hows it going. guadalupe did get baptised! and im so happy as well thats theres more hispanics here. mom if you could get sefas email that would be cool too, and i would also like to know how esteban is doing home. i still havnt seen terrance !!!! stupid people ! oh well ill see him at some point, this week really was not that exciting except i had to teach a 30 year old woman about birth control haha and we baptized her the next day. it was a good week we had dinner at a famalies house called the artyls they are awesome, as much as i love my mission i still miss you guys alot dont worry mom, im not michael i cant just forget. im glad josh had a good birth day. mom i would like some new garment please, both size small, i want the dry lux bottoms and a few mesh tops and a few dry lux tops, with the round neck. thanks. you really are awesome mom, you are the perfect example of christ like love, im sad that another pair of kittens are gone haha sorry, im sad about the pool too, dont worry mom the hot tub will get you through the winter haha. well its raining basically everyday her now that it is fall, but when it doesnt its back up to humidty and 80 degrees so personaly i like the rain, we also have this stupid rule the we have to wear our suits everday now that its fall, bogus its still never below 70 and the jackets are a pain, its a rule thats u.s. wide but i dont think they remember that not every state is the same. itsa funny how rules are always made by people who dont have to follow them. but sacrifice brings blessings so ya. well i dont know what else to say i love p90x and ive lost three of the fifteen pounds ive gained this week without dieting, i would diet but as a missionary you dont really have a choice, southern or hispanic people always trying to shove unhealthy but delicious food down your throat, and if you even try to say no to a gift from a hispanic they get offended, so you just eat it and cry when you get home and then pray that god will take the food out of your body haha. anyways i love you guys the gospel is true and keep being cool. mom a green bay packers blanket would be cool for holloween haha, but if its expensive forget about it, just the garmees will be amazing.
love your son
elder harris

Letter to Spencer October 10 2011

Lovey Lovey...
I have tried to post these quickly before I am off to run with Karie. I was excited to hear about your expanded area and new companion. Pretty much ANY news from you is slurped up. This morning I am going to Kathy Rockhill's...she has invited several of the missionary mom's to gather and we are going to share you have everyone's emails? Anyone's you AREN'T getting that you'd like me to get you hooked up with?

As you can see...a busy week...all is well. Pool is closed :( .   Declaring the Kittens officially gone. Not at Becky's either. Gone when I came back from Canada. Golf over. Ping Pong over. Sam just waiting for baseball. He had a lovely time with all the guys here this weekend while we were gone.

Let me know if you need ANYTHING...sending a package soon. LOVE YER GUTS!!!!
The MOMMA who misses her BOY!!!!

 We stayed at the Johnson's and had such a sweet Welcome and visit!!! Paul is absolutely AMAZING at the load he is carrying. The kids are so doing their part. Ali is in bed most of the time and has a scooter and wheel chair to get her around.
 The Birthday Boy!
 AND OUR Birthday Boy!!! Josh was 22 yesterday so on our way home we went through Logan and took him to dinner...well, I should say..PRESTON took us to dinner....I LOVE MY BROTHER!!! Of course I didn't want him to...but he did, and it was such a sweet sweet love gesture!
 I LOVE the looks on their faces while they watched Josh on the saddle!

22 years ago...I swear I am just 22!!! What a beautiful ALL WAYS...


 At the Alzhiemer's walk in Boise on Saturday....I loved these flowers they gave carried purple if you had been diagnoised, yellow if you have someone in your family and the other color was for if you had already lost someone to Alzhiemer's...pretty sobering.
 Leonard's 90th bday the twins of course!
Look how stinking cute Addison is!!!!!!
We watched GrandDad Harris Saturday at noon till 9:30 that night. He doesn't like to be gone from home. We tried to take him for a drive and he kept saying "It's been so so long since I've seen MY home, can you take me there?" After the 3rd and 4th time we just took him home and stayed with him there. He loves Murphy his cat. He will be super relieved to have Ellen back home, and I am sure she needed that break greatly!!!! She's been on vacation with her sister for a week.


Just could NOT let his passing go without a cry of gratitude....he gave me one of my best friends...MY IPOD....THANK YOU Steve Jobs for a life of such consequence...for changing MY world....