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Love from Sam 1 Sept 2014

Monday, September 1, 2014

Septembeard - Sept 1st, 2014

I wrote that as the subject because I forgot to shave today, and over the course of my mission this beard thing is getting serious! 

Well, I'll start off by saying I had a truly wonderful birthday! In China they have this tradition of eating noodles on birthday's, wishing you a long life, (long noodles= long life) so, for BREAKFAST, I had some dang good spicy noodles with pork and tofu shrimp. soooo good! that was the first great meal. Elder Pogue had to do his driving theory test in Derby, which was the city that we went to every p-day while we were together in Eastwood, it was so interesting to go back to the same place with the same person! we ate at the same kebab shop and it was still dang good! Later on during the day, Jill, one of our amazing recent converts, took us to the driving range, and we hit a bucket of balls! I'm a bit rusty but I'll hopefully be able to keep up with spence when I get back :)

After that, we were able to have a great lesson with Anthea on faith. I learned so much about faith that I had no idea about before teaching her. The spirit taught me that the biggest strides we can take in increasing our faith, come when we act on the unknown, when we act on the things we hope our true, but aren't positive that they are indeed true. I have a lot I can change as a result of this knowledge and I'm exited to apply it throughout the rest of my life.  After our lesson with Anthea we went and played basketball with loads of chinese people. With the University being off limits now- it's been extremely difficult to find new people, and basketball is the most effective thing we are doing as of late. 

As for the rest of the week- Ariel was all set for her baptism on saturday, when thursday night she texted us asking if the gift of the holy ghost had to be on sunday.  She found out that an emergency came up and she had to now go to London on Sunday, so now her baptism will be this week. Something amazing about this is that Ariel is part of the communist party in China, and she is leaving this part of her life to join the church, she's making a step up faith that will bless her life forever.  Hopefully Anthea as well will be able to join the church this saturday, she is about 50/50, but we know that whatever happens is the best for her!  

On Sunday, church was brilliant as always. We got to help our recent converts prepare for their patriarchal blessings, which is so interesting, Grandad Broadhurst emailed me this week asking about if they've had the oppurtunity to receive their blessings, and they will be receiving them tonight! we are buzzin' for them! and they are so exited as well. Barry was quite emotional yesterday as it was his last sunday in Loughborough, one of the members bought him a Quad scripture set, and he cannot stop talking about how much it means to him. I thought the best part of missionary work was seeing people baptized and confirmed. Don't get me wrong, it's excellent. The most rewarding part of missionary work is seeing your recent converts continue to feast after knowledge, when they truly do treat their baptism as the beginning of an eternal journey, and strive to improve each day! that's what the gospel is about, change.

I love you all so much! I'm sure loads of other awesome things happened this week as well but this is what I feel like writing this week! I love you all so much! 

Elder Sam Harris. 

Monday, September 1, 2014


My NATALIEHARRIS44@gmail account got hacked, and I have recieved ANY emails for a week now. I've had Steve Nickle look at it and Preston...so throwing in the towel...PLEASE SEND your emails to me at :  Natalie.loves@gmail.com.  Sorry for the pain of it all.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Bammer...looks who is home.....

It's SOOOO gonna be a party when you get back!!!!!!

I'mmmm BACK!!!

 So...this post is way out of order....but by now you are well familiar with my tech skills. Last weekend while Josh was home we headed up to Deer Valley (GORGEOUS as ALWAYS) and heard the cast of the TV series in concert outside....YES WE ARE WEARING LAYERS and COATS and BLANKIES...it was freezing...such an odd non summer. Josh and Spencer endured...Mike Hardman is the one taking the pics. Yes, he is still as beautiful as always. The boys played that crazy poker game where you put the card on your head and have to eat however many Swedish fish are in the pot if you lose. I was sure one of them was going to throw up. Up above you can see that they got their pic with our favorite sister duo...Lennon and Maisy...and they thrilled us with singing A LIFE THAT'S GOOD...think that should be our new family song!
 Man...look at these beautiferous childrens I MADE:)  Michael and Sam and Raquel...you were MISSED!!! And you know how Laura is ALWAYS PERFECT? Well...for the record...she got in a card flinging fight and actually threw cards that landed on neighbors on the blankets next to us!!! I love it when she is naughty!

 Pic of Mike this week somewhere in Alaska...we are on the count down!!! He will be home the 21st!!!!
 I spent this week training for Do TERRA at their Elite Retreat in Altamonte UT. Everytime I fuss about the drive...and this time I was bugged to have to leave after only 2 nights at home from Europe...but UM...as you can see..it was GORGEOUS!!! And as usual...I fell in love with another 100 new leaders...and of course wish they were ALL MINE! So many incredible people sharing the Do Terra love!

 Not hard to get up to exercise when this is the view on the road!!!
 I escaped the paint ball wars by helping in the kitchen!
 They didn't heat the water. I am so NOT a Utahn when it comes to pool water...I need my FLORIDA warm water!
 A look inside. I think we should rent this one Christmas when you are all married and we have grandbabies and we can all be together and snow mobile and just play with no outside interuptions. The blessing or curse of this place is NO PHONE RECEPTION. I 'm sad that this was our last time to train here. Now we will be in the new building just a block away from my new condo. Much better drive....but it will lose some magic not to be locked up all together.
 Soooo...this is the catherdral in Milan...It was raining like crazy and I got to sit through 2 Mass. It was a sacred experience that was unexpected and soul stirring. I have no idea how many people died in the building and creation of this place...it is SPECTACULAR. I have found that I LOVE being in places where there is a group consciousness around loving God. SO MUCH LOVE in this place. SO MUCH LOVE. I sat in it and wrote and felt wrapped in new knowings. I lit 2 candles. I said prayers. I prayed for each of you.
 These 2 pictures are frustrating because they just don't do it justice...it is MUCH larger than this on the inside. The nuns were quietly moving in and out. I was in complete awe at the sacrifice their lives represented. I knew for sure that my life this time around was not meant to be a life of renunciation. As compelling as it would be to have the whole world as your children, I would be non-functioning overwhelmed. And believe me...I would NEVER trade any of you!!!!!! So much to examine in the differences in the lives we choose for ourselves. Yet, bonding to know that most of us come together in a love for the heavens...no matter our path.
 This is a pic from up above the Parceleus al Ronc Retreat....the Swiss are quite the engineers with the way they build into the sides of mountains. We were up higher than the lightening and thunder...THAT was a sight and experience to feel! This pic is from a village of 25 homes, 2 restaurants, and ONE OFF THE CHARTS Chapel up above...it took us about 20 minutes to hike up there. Switzerland may be the most beautiful place I'v ever been. But for every day...I like a bit more flat and bigger cars and roads that have 2 lanes, especially when winding up and down a STEEP mountain.

 My 2 latest and SO FAVORITE BESTIES...you will meet them when they come to spend the week with me. This is Mariza (fellow Diamond, only in Robyn's leg) and her mom (yes...TRUE) Jody. I think Jody and I have been waiting our lives to find each other. We had SO MUCH...maybe TOO MUCH fun! We will definitely be travel buddies in the years to come. Guess what she does? She sells human parts for transplants...yep...another truth. Mariza gets married next weekend. After that Jody can come play and I get to be with them at convention. xxooxx In the pic above we are at a castle in the Italian section of Switzerland...SO MANY CASTLES!
 This is a quick SMALL shot of the chapel 20 minutes up from our retreat. only 25 homes with this indescribable chapel....we went to a string quartet concert here one night that would have blown your socks off...I was sure my life was a movie.
 Just a shot while driving as we were leaving Italy.
 Okay...McKenna the BRAVE HEARTED!!! Jumping off the Golden Eye Movie Bridge that I told you about. She was such a delight to have with us...she is a HAPPY, OH SO FUN TO BE WITH, girl/woman.

 Looking down on a morning hike....
 The Americans at the retreat...
 Yea,...lets not talk about my weight...this was our "treat night" after the cleanse :)...all fresh with no sugar....
 Here we all are at the castle!
 This is Laura jacobs...a Presidential Diamond with Do Terra (McKenna's mom)...I pretty much tried to pull out every bit of knowing I could get while I was with her...one SMART, SAVVY, Oil LOVING Lady!
 And then there was SAMMER'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Dad posted the best pics on Facebook Sam! Made me cry. I'm so sad about the Tesco's delivery not working!!! Becky or Sam will be bringing you the Digestzen. Becky comes to me the 10th and is staying for 2 weeks for Convention. She really is one of my favorite friends now...England is actually the home to MANY new favorite friends...it was so exciting to finally get to them after Switzerland. So many people to love....xxxooxxx. Did you know that Sam Bowles is going for it in Do Terra? And our Joshy just decided to join as well. LOVE YOU SAM HARRIS!!! So thrilled you got to gold on your bday!
 That's what I'm talking about!!!!!!.......TIMBERWOLVES!!!!!
 Just letting everyone know Sam is BACK with Elder Pogue again and they are happy as clams!
 This is Robyn...one of my most interesting, driven, smart, FUN, tending BESTIES...she is the one who invited me to Switzerland....she is the world famous (literally) GREEN SMOOTHIE GIRL...if you aren't familiar...go google her...she invented the Green Smoothie and took it across the nation. She is the one I had the $10,0000k bet with for the year. Isn't if bizarre how all of my friends are true BEAUTY QUEENS?? No...I'm not insecure.....
 This is Miss Emma Peay bungee jumping....WAY for the AMERICANS to REPRESENT!!!! This is Robyn's daughter...and yep...equally amazing.
Soooo my lovies...I learned ALOT on my travels. I learned I want each of YOU to have time and opportunity to travel and be with other cultures. I want you to eat at a street cafe in Italy. I want you to hear Mass at the Duaomo. I want you to have 5 to 8 Italians gather round you the second you pull out a tourist map to help. You KNOW why they are considered the Lovers. I want you to hike the mountainsides of Switzerland and sing THE HILLS ARE ALIVE with a bunch of friends who just GET the moment you are living...and actually can harmonize...soul stirring. I want you to cleanse your livers. You would have laughed and would still be mocking...they take pictures of your output....seeings as Sam and Spence are already private pros at this :)...anyway....I knew you'd smile. SO MANY SMART, LOVING, CHANGE THE WORLD people to be with....as crazy as it sounds...I want us to be with them ALL!!!!

My room mate at the Parceleus al Ronc was the dearest Indian woman, Rita Bassi. She has lived with Leukemia for 9 years with no medical treatments...she believes in this book called the CURE FOR ALL DISEASES....its all about doing liver cleanses. I could listen to her for hours as she told me about her life as an Indian woman, with 2 arranged marriages...arranged by  using star charts to help the parents decide...oh my...oh my...SO MANY LIVES and WAYS OF LIVING!!! I feel like the Gods love me best. I am constantly in utter AWE at all that comes to me. Thank you. THANK YOU. T H A N K   Y O U!!!!

Write me lovies...tell me all about the magic your lives are bringing you...and most importantly, that YOU are creating. Harrises love us some MAGIC!!! Excited for morning to hear from you Sam!

This is a PS...Saw this pic of Joshy's adorable girlfriend, Therese (on left) and thought you'd like to see her Sam...LOVE YOU ALL SO BIG!!!!!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Love from the Love Bug!!!!

Another weeek goone... whaaaaa

well, hey again! another solid week! I have basically no time to email this week, so I'm sorry about that ahead of time! this week we were able to see our progressing investigators quite a bit, and it's possible that we could have anywhere from 0 to 4 baptisms this saturday! please pray for michael, anthea, alex, and ariel! We spent a lot of time doing service, which is great, but sometimes it takes too much time out of proselyting. I ate loads of chinese food, like 4 nights this week, Elder Pogue is doing great, my foot is healed, we found some new people, church was brilliant, I still love Loughborough! 

that's about all I've got time for. haha I'm sorry! but please know that I'm happy. It's starting to hit me that there's an end to this mission thing, and I hate that! I can't imagine doing anything else. I feel like I've been doing this my whole life and whatever happened before my mission was just a dream! I know without a doubt that the book of mormon is true, and because of this knowledge, the hundreds of re promised blessings contained inside are also true. My favorite part of the gospel is the hope it brings. Incredible hope that is impossible to describe. I have felt it, and I hope you are feeling it! love you so much! 

P.S. my chinese name is 谢顶龙 

Monday, July 28, 2014