Friday, August 28, 2015

28 August 2015

Happiness is the highest level of health.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Paulo Coelho

Life always waits for some crisis to occur before revealing itself at its most brilliant.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Are you HUNGRY????????

In my dream I am alone,  sitting in a nothingness walls, no my current weight w my legs crossed. I am NOT disgusted with my tummy roll under my breasts. I am poking at the softness of it. Baffled that I actually LOVE it. I begin thinking of all the yummy things I had eaten.

Suddenly I am fisting BOOKS into my mouth, kind of the way cookie monster in sesame street did with cookies when I was little. Book pieces are dropping out both sides of my mouth and crumbling all around me...I am scooping them up and forcing them in.  I am literally just pounding books in my mouth as fast as I can. :)

I hear the sweetest laugh. I can't see her. I am looking wildly around. She laughs again. I become ultra aware of the nothingness I am in. I want to see her. Instead,  I FEEL her hold me. I didn't realize I had been longing to be held. We rock back and forth. No words are spoken. Yet, she teaches me. I understand in a new way. In my physical world I had knowing, but I didn't SEE.

I have hungrily taken in more food than my body can process and digest through, so it will stay with me until I do. I purposely put it there. I chose it. It will stay...until its processed through.

I have hungrily devoured masses of books,  the ideas and principles will literally hang all around me until they are processed through. As my body has limits of processing, so does my heart and soul.

Now the  ALIVE HAPPY BUDHA is sitting across from me laughing with his arms raised. He never releases eye contact or lowers his arms as his HAPPY wraps around me. I want to swim in his laughter. He is PLEASED with EVERYTHING. The Epitome of ALL IS WELL and BEYOND!

She tells me to really look at Him.....she asks me if I'm hungry? I quickly throw out...I am ALWAYS hungry! Again she asks...Are you Hungry? I am nervous to answer, I KNOW there is a lesson here for me to get. Once more...ARE YOU HUNGRY????

No words to respond, now, I AM THE HAPPY BUDHA and there is no hunger here.

I love me a dream of the night. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE.
PS Still woke up wanting my coffee and another chapter in my book. Grace. Gratitude.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Sculptures by FANTASY WIRE

  I came across this artist on Facebook. I am ENCHANTED!!!! I now have a FUN plan for my next England Trip!!1 I will go to Trentham Estate and visit these in person!!! In the meantime...he has these starter kits where we can make our own!!! I have purchased 10...they will be here sometime mid October...if you'd like to join me for a Fairy making day....let me know....

There are moments I am sure I am suppose to be an artist...and a Gardner...and a DANCER...and a poet.....with vast landscapes. .....And Fairies to applaud my doings.
 This one!!! With the KNOW how much I LOVE A WISH!!! The MOVEMENT! The JOY and HAPPY in their poses. I am dedicated to holding myself differently...I wanna blast my happy without having to put WORDS on it...ohhhhhhh....just LOOKEY LOOKEY HERE :)

Thursday, August 6, 2015


After finishing Michael Singer's book on the Surrender Experiment I have been particularly aware of EVERYTHING that is delivered up to me. Tuesday as I was preparing to travel to Grand Junction it seemed as if everything was taking longer than I expected and I was worried I would be late. I had this odd much so I wondered if going was wise. I did a kid check. I had the car checked. After prayer and quiet I felt peace. Even with the peace, I decided to ask Alice to drive...I can have a heavy foot on some of those long ugly stretches. My delays had us leaving a full hour late...we still had time to make the class on time.

Just as we were entering Colorado we drove up to stopped traffic. People were out of their cars. We couldn't see what the issue was. But I knew. I knew someone had passed and that I was there on purpose to witness and "hold" the reverence and love of all who were there, stopped. I knew that THIS was the catalyst of the events and feelings of my morning. I knew I was on sacred ground at a sacred TIME. I knew I was suppose to be there. 

Noah Graham, THANK YOU. I WILL LOVE HARDER for at least a little while. I send you my GRATITUDE for the pause and re-dedication of living my best life.

I am in wonder that I would FEEL that so much BEFORE it happened. I am intrigued at the details of my morning that synchronized to ensure my being there. I am overwhelmed at the KNOWING that coursed through me that I was MEANT to be there.  I could not help but take note of the beauty of the events and people that gathered to me afterwards. I LIVE. 

I am.   I am.   I am.   I am.

Noah IS.   Still.

Centennial man was victim of rollover crash; two others in car injured

A Centennial man was killed in a single-vehicle rollover crash Tuesday on Interstate 70, west of the Loma port of entry.
Noah Graham, 19, was ejected from the rear seat of a 2002 Toyota Highlander, which careened off the eastbound lanes of I-70 near mile marker 14, according to the Colorado State Patrol. Graham later died from injuries he suffered in the crash, which was reported about 7 p.m.
The driver, Mason Isert, 19, of Centennial, suffered injuries described by a trooper as serious and was taken to St. Mary’s Hospital. A passenger, Jack Gause, 19, of Castle Rock, was hospitalized with moderate injuries.
According to the State Patrol, preliminary investigation shows the sport-utility vehicle failed to negotiate a left curve and went off I-70 on the right side, rolling approximately 2 1/2 times before coming to a rest on its roof. Graham was thrown from the vehicle as it rolled.
Drugs and alcohol are not suspected factors in the crash, which remains under investigation.

Sunday, July 26, 2015


                                       Saturday  July 25th 2015
I ran the Holiness of the canyon with my Besties KIM and KIM.  The JOY just wants to scream out of my chest. I meditated to Oprah and Deepak about Grace. I juiced alkaline juice in my new juicer. My angel number for the day read "Congratulations for making healthy choices which truly are answers to your prayers". I gave a google hang out class on the what,  how and why of essential oils. I am in constant awe of the lessons in EVERYTHING around me. I was sitting at my desk listening to MATT KAHN on this weeks share " EVERYTHING IS HERE TO HELP YOU",

when I was over come with the urge to lay and be in the sun. Having spent a minute or two indulging in said beloved sun as of late, I thought it wise to  NOT head to the balcony lounge. The feeling wouldn't leave me. I have been reading Michael Singer's THE SURRENDER EXPERIMENT
He talks about the voice in our head that talks incessantly. I have been super aware of the voice in my head. It would not leave. So I got up from my desk wondering if I might move rooms or get socks or what????  and saw this patch of sun on the floor. I wondered at how perfect it was just for my size. I brought my book for notes as I sprawled across it and listened. I knew to take the pic and note of this space. I took the pic amazed at how perfect. As I lay there I looked at my book case and saw my mothers scriptures. I marveled that I had been wise enough to ask her for them. I wondered if I could just open them the way I pull energy cards and have that be a love message from her.  I pulled the scriptures...I stuck my finger in and opened. First I cried just seeing her handwriting. We both litter the books we love with our notes. Then I read the first thing that popped out at me.  Alma 32:36

Matt's sharing was all about FAITH....and the EXPERIMENT I have been playing with is Michael Singers. This particular verse is a verse I know well. To so many others this will look a coincidence. To love from a missed Mother who I often wonder how she feels about the side roads I explore.

I hope you listen to Matt AND read the SURRENDER EXPERIMENT. Matt says once we know that EVERYTHING really does work out, it BUILDS our FAITH...and then we can embrace anything and everything as the PERFECT teacher and send love to it in gratitude for being our teacher.
Michael speaks of a place where we quit forcing our preference on everything and trust the Universe to deliver even MORE abundance and joy than we can imagine ourselves....just a WOWZA book for the soul. A few short sentences cannot relay the beauty of his knowing.  I encouraged you to read his THE UNTETHERED SOUL...I'll do so again. I REALLY love that this man is home grown in my beloved Gainesville. I loved visiting his Temple of the Universe. Ready to head back home.

The weeks stay filled with my transforming. My Mermaid hanging off the rear view broke her tail when they changed the windshield out. A Mermaid's tail breaking symbolizes she has made the transformation into a land creature. Could it be for me?  I was immediately struck. with the thought...and in LIKE with the way clearer view of the new windshield.

And SIMONA is HERE!!!!!

                                           With Aunti Mica.....
almost feel like this is MY grandbaby   xxooxx Josefa....she is GORGEOUS!!!