Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Making my Momma PROUD

I Love Nutritional Science: Dr. Joel Fuhrman at TEDxCharlottesville 2013

TEDx Talks 1,683,600 
I almost cannot believe that I AM THE ONE POSTING THIS!!! But I am...and please watch? And lets get some green plant based foods into your body as well as using the plant based oils for healing?
One green smoothie a day will make a HUGE difference....ASK JOSHY! The stories  he shares are so compelling!!!!
Pretty sure these life changes in me means I will be here till LATE in my 90' the pressure on getting me grandkids is officially reduced xxooxx

FACT: I green smoothie has over 700 times the nutrition the average American gets in a WEEK!!!!

This Momma LOVES you!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Dad and Spencer in Boise with the FAM for the big game

BYU Cougars
Yesterday, 7:00 PM
Bronco Stadium, Boise, Idaho
30 - 55
Boise State
Boise State10317755

Love from Sam 25th of OCT 2014


I will say sorry before hand, we have basically no time today but I will try to fit in as much as I can for this week. 

First off, I loved seeing pics of everyone, especially in Boise! I'm so looking forward to visiting the family soon after I finish my mission.  Seeing Spence and Mike golfing made me a little excited for the future.. WAY EXCITED. 

This week was a humbling week in a lot of ways, but we still saw some miracles. Sonia is definitely going to be baptised a week from today, which is absolutely nuts! She is great. One of the most lovely people I've met in my whole life, and she's just really sweet.  It rained this week.. A LOT. well, it rains every week, but this week it rained HARD. it rained so hard yesterday that on some of the streets, the roads were flooded so the water was halfway up the car when driving! it was like driving with faith haha because we couldn't see the lines, we just had to trust that we were in our lanes. it was good fun though and we got some good videos.  I'm so tired of the rain, but I can imagine that upon my return home each time it rains I will happily go and embrace it. 

We spent LOADS of time finding this week. We got loads and loads of return appointments, close to 30, but only a few of them stuck, which was really frustrating, but we are pushing through it. Besides Sonia and Matte, are teaching pool is struggling quite a bit.  One pretty fantastic thing that happened this week was the finding of 3 new investigators, PHillipus, Yanis, and danight. They are from Eritrea (add that to the list of people I've met on my mission from different countries) They are humble and love Jesus, so there is definitely some cool potential there.  

Today we're going golfing... AGAIN :) I love that my companion is a golfer. It's amazing to be able to relax for a couple of hours despite how frustrating it is that I can't chip or putt haha. 

Life is good, time is going by a little too fast for my liking, but it's all good. 

Enjoy having Marsh home on the 3rd of November! that should be fun. he's a good kid and I miss him like heck. 

Love you all, thanks for being awesome! 


Elder Sam Harris. ;

Friday, October 24, 2014

Oct 24, 2014

Whoa! We are a traveling family! Josh is back in Seattle...Michael is here till his motorcycle gets fixed. His friend Hiedi arrived today--the one he will go to Costa Rica with for the surf/Spanish school. Megan just got home from Detroit. Spencer and Dad left to go back to Boise for the BYU BOISE STATE game and the Phillip Phillips concert. I leave Monday for Florida then Georgia...but always take the prize for farthest away. We miss you.

Lots of pics this week...keep scrolling down loves for all of them.

The weather is just too beautiful for words. All my windows and doors are open, The ducks and geese are having a party on the pond. The kids have come out to catch tadpoles and blow bubbles. The golfers are coming through consistently with their laughter and yee haw!Been a tad hard to sit in here all day even though my view is awesome....I am off to teach another class. TOMORROW I'm going to play! Best part is I get to wake to Sam's email.

My favoriest news of the week...I had my first run in a long time---Sarah came over. I only went 2 miles "ish" but my foot feels GREAT!!! We ran the golf course. Not so sure that is allowed..but it was GORGEOUS!!!!!!! And Sarah ALWAYS makes me laughs.

The ZYTO scanner has been a big hit at my Do TERRA measures your energy in a way that can assess which bio markers are off and tell you which oil you need to balance yourself....then I have whoever has been scanned read the emotional aspect of the oil...been a few tears. We live in such a remarkable world that such machines exist. I would like all you kids to come have a the Momma can get you the oil you need.

I was in Logan Wednesday night and got to see the brothers....they send their love Sammers. You are so going to be amazed at how big the kids are!

I have 2 books to add to the list:

And a few favorite quotes of the week:

Throw MORE love at the problem, not less.
All Doubt, Despair and Fear become insignificant once the intention of life becomes LOVE.
Find a place where there is JOY and the JOY will burn out the pain.
When things are chaotic and painful, embrace it, KNOWING that  in direct proportion there is opposition in ALL THINGS---in another place, and maybe on the other side of that amount of JOY!

I love you all more than an incredible Fall day with the slight breeze blowing. I love you more than Footgames with marching bands and laughing, excited fans. I love you more than pumpkin pie. I love you more than a completely clean and organized house.


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Dad and Boys waiting for SAM

 Loved this pic of Michael with Paxton and Charolette :)
Didn't want you to miss out on these pics!!

For Sam

She's kind of grown up a little bit since you've been gone longer the Lil' Sister!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What a week!!!!

 Sam feeling the HAPPY of his work!!!!!

 Morning walk with the Sis in Law's on the gorgeous BOISE RIVER TRAIL xxooxx
 THE WEDDING! Tyler and Stacy officially Mr and Mrs EVANS!!!!!
 Pictures tell all...PERFECT DAY!!!!!!

 Does Mike look like his Daddy or what?????
 This is Willis' pic of them announcing that they are expecting BABY #2!!!
 AND THIS....THIS MAKES ME SOOOOOOO HAPPY! The Bammer getting to hit some balls!
I spent the week in Seattle with Josh doing Do Terra and Michael joining us for awesome food, We all know I love to eat...but eating in Seattle/Bellevue is decadent....I highly suggest the shrimp and grits at the OLD TAVERN...yum....

We all few into Boise together while Dad Meg and Spencer drove from Utah and met us there. It was one of the most fun family visits with family that we've ever had. Just so relaxed and lots of football, visiting and getting ready together for Stacy's big day.  I got to hold Charolette and Paxton for the first time. xxooxx The family wrapped us up in their love and sent us off HAPPY HARRIS'.

The wedding was simply perfect. Stacy had everything planned and prepared to the "T".

Josh came back with me to train. Michael came back to fetch his motorcycle. Megan had to leave early to fly to Dallas for meetings this week.

The weather has been unseasonably WARM and so sunny and nice! It just screams for all of us to STOP working and go play in her mountains and roll in the leaves!!!! And eat pumpkin bread and drink fresh apple cider :)

We missed you SAM! As always, we missed you. This counter offer in my head ticks another day off each morning as I wake...140 days...what will each of us DO with our 140?? Spread love. Create love. Preach love. May our lives leave no questions to others looking in as to what we are about.

I LOVED what a friend of mine shared with me this week. This friend is from Georgia and organized and then participated in a church sponsored weekend they called EMMAUS.

" I am surprised at how much worth the right set of people can generate when they combine their of the main take aways...  I CAN LEAD...and LEAD WELL...When I put appropriate time and energy into something. God works through PEOPLE...and this time, he works thru me. The realization: I CAN BE SO MUCH MORE THAN I AM."

It stuck a chord in me. It continues to give me great pause as to WHO and WHAT I combine my energies. This week I am choosing what things I am putting down in order to be able to give the "appropriate" time and energy to the people I WANT to combine energies with so that the heavens can work through ME.    I CAN BE SO MUCH MORE THAN I AM.  I am surprised at how hard it is to take STUFF off my plate even when I WANT to....

Who have YOU been reading, loving, experiencing your lives with my Chickadees? Tell me about YOUR energy combining...and your HAPPINESS.