Thursday, November 13, 2014

Love before take off xxooxx 13 Nov 2014

As I packed Sam's Christmas present I just danced!!! Last one to pack and then he is HOME!!! Sammer--open the box when you get it...a few things are for ahead of time:) I have been dreading leaving again until this morning...I LOVE my ENGLAND peeps!  I love the way they love the oils. I LOVE when I am that CLOSE to Sam...thought maybe I should deliver his package personally to the mission home :) I am rushing around to get out of here. But I tried to goose all of you up early this week with everything I could gather going on. SO MUCH LOVE AND HAPPINESS ALWAYS GOING ON!!!! I love OUR PART in it all :) xxooxx

The weather has done its winter thing. I am longing for a hot tub or fireplace. My showers are LONG:)

Did you make your 11 11 wishes?

Had birthday dinner here for Tammy P last night with all my girlies...they send their love. It is an awesome feeling to know how wrapped up in love and tending we are by so many.

The Oprah and Deepak Meditation I sent you the link to is SOOOO worth a listen. I intend to convert all of you to daily meditation.

Just a JOYFUL shout out of deep deep gratitude...8 days now of  running and NO FOOT PAIN!!! I am BACK!!! My arm has graduated to the last torture turn and now I get to get it started on the next level of happy body here. Happy HEART...HAPPY MIND!

I love you all SOOOO Big! Miss me...not sure if I will be able to post till Thanksgiving...
I AM SOOOO GRATEFUL for each of you!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


For you Sam...Elaine Parker has been putting these together for us moms...what a great woman...thought you'd like to see this!!!!It's going to be  a  happy happy PARTY!!!

Trevor Matheson- Release date is December 30th from the Virginia Chesapeake Mission.

Ben Swenson- Release date is Jan.1st from the Hungery Budapest Mission.  Homecoming talk Jan, 11, 2015 at 9 am at the  
Heatheridge Building
620 Heather Road
Orem, UT 84097

Cameron McGinn-Release date is January 16th from the Germany Frankfurt Mission.

Nate Barthomew- Release date is January 16th from the Alpine German Speaking Mission.

Connor Harris- Release date is January 28th from the Brazil Porto Alegre Mission.

Braken Mudrow- Release date is February 4th from the Taiwan Taichung Mission.

Sam Harris- Release date is March 11th from the England Birmingham Mission.

Devin Miller- April or May from the Brazil Campinas Mission.

Cade Parker- April from the Mexico Xalapa Mission.

STUFF going on while you're gone November 2014

 Mr. Braden Nickel engaged to Miss Taylor Kasko xxooxx
 The cousins enjoying Boise Fall :)

 Paxton is getting too big too FAST!
 Mr. on more adventures...below is his trip yesterday to Whidby Island.
 Meanwhile...Megs and Dan hiked Angel's landing in Zions.
 And the Bro's reunited...not sure if I'd sent a picture of Austin since he has gotten home. Did you know Shane and Amy moved into Ben Platt's basement?

Monday, November 10, 2014

Dead Poets Society

Watched this is weekend and  hoped you would try to see it soon?

This is Daniel Suelo...he quit money 12 years MONEY.
Think you guys will enjoy this....lots of stuff to THINK about.

Morning lovies xxooxx

Sunday, November 9, 2014


It's Sunday mid morning. I keep thinking on Sam's realizations from his love letter to us yesterday. I get teary as I think on SAM being the one to welcome new missionaries...that SAM would be the one assigned to inspire them to the courage and comfort they need as they start such a humongous life transition. I WOULD CHOOSE SAM to be my greeter and hand holder. And then again, to have SAM be the one to tend to my take care of the details and the memory holding. This is an example to me of how EACH of us are at and IN the PERFECT places for our lives right now. Even and especially when I would opt to have ALL of you right here in MY arms. I LOVE the lives you are creating.

I got to have short life evaluation with Spencer this week. As he wrestles with life choices, my heart explodes with happiness and relief, that he HAS so many choices....and then in the peace of WHO he IS that whatever he decides will provide experiences to bless him forward on his path. I love that he HAS LOVES that he knows he wants to be a major part of his loving...he knows some things that GIVE HIM LIFE. I love that all of us get to continue gathering those things...and that they can change as we feel called to new things and called to leave other things.

I want to preach what I heard Barbara Brown Taylor (on Oprah SSS this morning) saying ---that we want life to be a train....we want to get on and then go straight to our chosen destination...but really there are no trains...just sail boats...and we drift and get off that can often be way more beautiful, challenging, and enlightening than if we had gone the sought after direct course.

Continuing my Barbara Taylor preaching: Please make a list this week of the THINGS YOU KNOW GIVE YOU LIFE....and then a second list of --REASONS I DON'T DO THEM. She asks us to ask ourselves: What if I could trust my feelings? When did I lose my freedom to stop doing the things that bring me life? What is saving my life?

Ready for some yummy Sunday dinner and talk over this :)!

I love you. SO BIG. SO HARD.