Monday, April 29, 2013

FINAL EMAIL FROM SPENCER!!!!!!!! 3 days peoplexxooxx

hey family
i love you guys this week has been so great but sad and sweet and everything at the same time, yesterday the hispanics in our group threw a big party and we ate tons of food and at the end each member individually got up and said how greatful they were for me and starting the spanish work here, not needed to mentioni was really emotional and so were the members, they then sang para siempre dios este con vos, and it was awesome allthough hispanics are aweful at singing it was the sweetest moment of my mission, i dont know what life is going to be like but i vow to be the best i can be when i return home.
im not sure about pg parks and rec, what do we do? what are the hours? but the answer is probably yes i would love to work with zach, i cant wait to see you guys and the boys, and dont freak me out about school or work the first week im home please i have no clue but i will figure it out its not a decision i want to make without knowing anything.
i love you fam see you ina few days.
mom dont complain about the short message you know i love you.

Email from BAM 29 April 2013

 MY BOY!!!
 Sam says this reminded him of Harry Potter and the magical phone booth:)

 holy cow another week has gone by! these weeks go by so fast! it seems like honestly yesterday I was writing you guys an email! this week was fantastic.  Tuesday we met susan's uncle Reg, and his girlfriend/partner I don't know what to call her, but her name is kitty haha! they are so nice and so funny! they immediately got us some chocolate and drinks and insisted that we stay and chat for a while so we did! They then on saturday took us to get fish and chips which we're absolutely amazing! it was this way cool shop with a beautiful view outside! I'll send some pics.  we then went back to their home and shared a spiritual thought, and it was really good! they are probably my favorite people i've met here so far.  later on tuesday we went on like an hour bike ride to this town at the edge of our area, and it was an amazing bike ride! I took some sweet videos, but unfortunately I can't send any videos home with the email, so you'll just have to wait for my SD card to run out of memory and then i'll just send the whole thing home! i've taken like 30 videos haha i'm sad you can't see them yet! Wednesday I went on exchange with the district leader in a city called Derby! it's a way sweet city, with a ton of really old, huge churches!
Anyways so I was using his normal companions bike on the way to a Dinner Appointment, and all of the sudden, the left pedal just fell completely off of the bike! so I had to put my foot on the right pedal, and then scooter the bike for like 3 miles! there was definitely a lot of people laughing at me! it was humiliating haha just scootering a bike around a big city,right through their shopping complex (it was a place a lot like the riverwoods) but all in all it was actually hilarious. it was funny cause these 8 year olds passed me on an actual scooter laughing. oh well! 
 Friday was awesome, we taught a lesson to mr. williams, (77 parkinsons) and when he said the prayer, after he finished he said he felt really good and felt something really strong while he prayed! woo! We also taught Edward about temples, and how he has the opportunity to be married to his wife for eternity if he keeps it up! he is so stoked about that and really wants to get baptized! but guess what.. he has a real phobia of water! we had to promise him like ten times that he would only be underwater all the way for maybe a second. we'll see how that works out!
We did a ton of service on saturday, and got fed for all 3 meals! Sundays are always way rad here, because the members always cook feasts on sundays! There was this girl on the street yesterday who heard my american accent, and then her and all her friends kept on asking me to say things in my accent and then giggling, and then my companion in his german accent.  it was so funny! then they asked if me and my companion wanted to spend the night at their place, we then explained why we didn't do this and gave them books of mormon:) haha i've never had so much fun in my life!
We're going to Derby today to go shopping in that sweet mall place, and hopefully buy something cool!
Have so much fun with spencer! you know how much I would love to be there! but just know that I am praying for you guys and my spirit is there? (I don't think that's actually possible) but what i'm gettin at is, i freaking love my brother and you guys are lucky as heck to see him!
Mom- I don't need ramen or orville redenbaker, but they really don't have it in any stores i've seen! just send me a package with some snack food maybe? i don't know you'll do good either way!
Love you so much family! talk to you next week
Elder Sammy

Sunday, April 28, 2013

GO HERE :) Watch and then send me some LOVE xxooxx

Yep...ripple it on.....ripple it on...

It's 1:10 an hour I am only 4 DAYS AWAY from SPENCER!!!

 Timpanogas Baseball team Seniors holding their mission calls
 Carson:) Prom was last night.

 Scott just posted this from THIS MORNING!!!...he is in Chile and saw London walking to church...maybe we SHOULD go to Chile Spencer! His companion is not far behind London just didn't get in the pic.
Miss Ashley Nelson graduated from BYU!!!!
Da Boy after his talk with Kimmie the BEAUTIFUL!!! We are SOOOOO going to miss this man.

Hmmmmm....I just love you BOTH SO MUCH!!!! I read another book this week that will be put on the MAMA SAYS I GOTS TO READ THIS list. It's called the HAPPINESS ADVANTAGE. The author does a short TED TALK on it...but the book is filled with all sorts of studies that cement his thesis....and well...we ALREADY know that Happiness is the key to life...but he gives some interesting takes on how to choose it ...just choose it for yourself even when it seems unlikely or hard to do. I see Dad bought several copies as well on the kitchen we will NOT have a short supply.

The Day is GORGEOUS outside...I will head to the trail with my bike in a bit. I wish you were here to go with me and tell me about your weeks. Spencer I have especially felt your sweetness as you struggle to leave so many you love. But I can't help it. I AM a selfish mother...I am way more excited for ME!!!! We just left Mike Cooper's Farewell talk. Kimmie recorded it for you...he was AWESOME SAUCE...spoke from his heart. All da Brethren will be here for the BBQ and Pool party Thursday at 6:30. We pick you up at 2 and you get released at 5:30 and we will come home to a rockin house:) EVERYONE IS EXCITED and has taken off work and rearranged schedules to be here. Later this afternoon I will head down to reclaim the MAN CAVE from Michael and have it ready for you. He moves out a few days after you get home.

Zach can get you on at PG Parks and Rec if you are interested? I will need to fill out the application tomorrow? Not sure how that would work with you traveling with Dad? Anyways...lots to PLAN:)
Saw a Chevelle yesterday and laughed out loud that I would see it so SOON to your coming home...don't know that I've EVER seen one live:)

Sam Lovey....YOU FREAKING TAKE THE CAKE for sending the best letters home...and the pictures...LOVE the pics...try to send me some of your apartment? Did you get  to have dinner with Kelsey's aunt and uncle? I am thinking you MUST have Orville Redenbocker popcorn AND Ramein there? If not I will happily send...but seems crazy that they wouldn't have it? Thursday is going to be such a bitter sweet day. YOU will SO BE WITH US....

The Logan condo was rented to a darling couple this week.
Josh is one week closer to finals...he will be done when he gets here to go with us to get Spencer.
Michael is DONE with finals!!! Megan went to Vegas to meet Ryan and have a lovely get away weekend. Laura and Kai went and Andy too. Ryan won his sing off this week:)
I completed my last weekend of LIFT OFF training with was all about LOVE and the ripple effect we have on the Universe. They sent us out on a 2 hour LOVE creating group chose a nursing home...we bought ballons and flowers and cupcakes. We took something to each residence and then divided up and hunkered in for a visit. It was SUCH a sweet hour...I visited with a man who just had his second knee replaced...his wife died just 4 months ago when his first knee was replaced--the very next day after his surgery. They would have been married 57 years in a week. He cried at how much he missed her. I could FEEL her there with us....almost unnerving, but at the same time, so surreal and COMFORTING. I couldn't tell his age...but he must be somewhere in his 70's....He will be there for 2 more weeks. It made so GRATEFUL that GrandDad never had to do that. It would have been hell for him...and me.  I love that it turned my head to how MANY nursing homes there are filled with people eager for a visit. They spend their days made me feel ashamed  as I have thought a few times the last 2 weeks about how much I just want to take a day and do NOTHING...just STOP. And they would give their fortunes I imagine to relive one of my FULL days. It made me think of my Great Nana's great aunt....her name was Lillian Brown just like Nana's. She loved to tell me how this woman marries into the family and is IMMEDIATELY loved and the favorite of much so that when the Uncle died EVERYONE fought over who got to take her in.xxooxx. Lillian loved cards and children and cooking and people and was most often found just LOVING on someone.I want to be her...I want ALL you children to fight over who gets to tend to me. Made me think about the trades I make for work and money. It was a sweet experience. Again, I realized how much I LOVE DANCING...I was born to DANCE. I LOVE dancing at Impact...all ages, all degrees of friendship, and the freedom to just let loose for JOY!!!
Challenge for the week...DANCE IN THE SHOWER!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE on all who come to your space. And then love them some more.
Always know that I am HERE....deeply in love with YOU...WHO you are, HOW you are...just not WHERE you are:) YOU make the world a SWEET place to be! Humongous HUGS and LOVES coming your way.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Vancouver Canada Mission!!!!

Now both have their calls! Again, will let you know when I know when they leave:)

Pics from Sam

The Happy Boy is HAPPY STILL! I love that he sends pics with his emails. This last countryside shot reminds me so much of the sights I saw in England when on the train out to Cambridge. I had to laugh that he wants RAMEIN and ORVILLE REDDENBAUCKER's Popcorn:) I called Susan to have her call her aunt to see if they had that there...didn't find that out...but found out he had been to their home THAT DAY...and that Saturday they are taking them to a Fish and Chips dinner. So GRATEFUL for kind and loving people!!!!!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

email from Spencer 22 April 2013

sup fam
this week was good we had tons of Hispanics at church, last night we ate chile relleno in the chavez home, and then the chavez came with us to see a few less actives and some investigators it was a party, I love the culture of family that Hispanics have , every Hispanic mom is like our mom, they throw a fit and are a wreck when ever anyone leaves the house, and everyone in the family is usually close, something that was the norm in our homes but not in the homes of most my friends, its decided theres no love like harris love, we just know how, were just good at it and we love to love, its just so much more fun and happy when you choose to love everyone and everything. and mom your right we are creators and we can create what we want, in fact we always have what we ask for , the problem is most of us don't ask for the right things.
anuwaus this week was good, we taught tons of lessons found a few new families and put them on date, there on date for after im home, its just weird i think, but im still just loving and savoring every moment I still get to be a missionary, every moment I still get to share and teach and preach this gospel, and the happiness which flows from it, it is the greatest of all privelages. I am so blessed to be where I am , and mom im sorry but I might struggle at home, I might pace the house and go nuts, so just be patient with me im weird now, sorry to keep the letter so short but honestly your gonna see me soon enough, just know that I am loved, I love it here, I love everything about here, especially the people I teach and serve, I love being a missionary, I know that the gospel is true, I know that christs atonement is perfect and all shame and guilt can be wiped away through the healing nature of gods word. I know the book of Mormon is true, I know the gospel has been restored in its fullness, I know god loves imperfect people, and that his arms are opened wide to any that will turn to him. I love the ability he has given us to create and to be happy just by choosing too.
I love the gospel
I love my family
elder harris

Da Bammer xxooxxooxx 22 April 2013

hey family!! mom the blog post this week was amazing! I haven't been homesick on my mission yet, but some of those pictures made me tear up! Mike and Brytni on the Bike made me miss home, and then seeing perk, kelsey, and john with megs made me start tearing up! they are so awesome and I miss all of you so much! Mom congrats on doing well in DoTerra! who knows that the heck silver means but that's rad!! That's so crazy that Susan's uncle and Aunt are basically 5 minutes away walking! haha we will definitely go and visit them this week! Guess what happened in my dream last night?? Spencer and I were golfing! and then after we were done golfing he gave me a hug and said, see you in two buddy! as we both started crying! but it was such a good dream. God's finding ways to have us still hang out with each other!  So I always tell my companion stories about Mike, just because he's awesome. and my companion basically thinks mike is the coolest person ever. whenever I give him a hard time he always says 'I wish your brother was my companion.' because elder pauly german, wants a motorcycle, and thinks brytni is cute, and the stories I tell about mike are obviously hilarious! oh and guess what? I ate a doner kebab! they have them all over the shops, but according to my companion, they are 10x better in germany. whatever I thought it was delicious!
This week was really solid! We committed Edward to baptism! crazy huh? he just needs to stop smoking, which will be hard because he smokes at least a pack every day. but we have faith! please pray! Other than that we have been doing a lot of finding! I love tracting. who knew that I would enjoy that, that's what I was most afraid of! I'm already really comfortable talking to people on the street. Unfortunately the people on the street don't really want to talk to us!
crazy story of the week. So we have an investigator who is 77, his name is mr. Williams... also he has parkinson's disease.  he shakes like crazy all the time.  he has a guy who takes care of him everyday and cooks him meals and what not. On Tuesday Mr. Williams and guy who takes care of him took us to lunch at a pub to have steak, it was really nice! but after that we had a dinner appointment in Jacksdale which is 15 minutes away, and we were just going to cycle their after we were done having lunch. The guy taking care of mr. williams had to go home after lunch, and mr. williams insisted that he drives us to jacksdale in a car.  A 77 YEAR OLD MAN WITH PARKINSONS drove us for a 15 minute drive. it was easily the scariest 15 minutes of my life. I'm not kidding when I say that I prayed the entire time! he kept stepping on the gas on accident because of his shaking and stuff, but he INSISTED that he takes us there instead of us cycling, and we didn't want to offend him. we made it there in one piece and then prayed for thanks that we were still alive. at the time it was terrifying, but I will never forget about that car ride and I'm actually kind of happy it happened, cause looking back, me and my companion just laugh our heads off!
We have played football 6 times since I've been here! it's so fun, and i'm getting better, although the people who live here still work me. we usually play with the youth, and they bring friends who aren't members, which is a really really good way for their friends to see how normal mormons are.  it's a blast!
One of the sisters gave me a bike, because she bought a new one, so that was nice not to pay for a bike! that's too bad that varsity isn't doing so well. I remember a varsity team that didn't do too well in the regular season either.. and they ended up alright! so i'm not worried! they will pull it together I hope!
Dad that's awesome that some big deals in honduras and guatemala are coming together good luck with that!
Josh good luck in finals! I'm praying for you like crazy because with all the money you will make someday, you will have to share some with me :)
the Ryan fan club looks so rad! I would be all over that if I was home. Tell perk and john to email me. even if it is 2 sentences I want to hear how they are doing!
I hope you guys have a wonderful week! keep praying for me, as I will for you! Love you all soooo much! (including Laura and Brytni)
Elder Harris
p.s. Mom if you want to send me a package with ramen noodles and snack food that would be legit. orville redenbaker movie theater butter popcorn? I don't know what else. whatever looks good! oh and I will be sending more pics so look out for those as well!

Sunday, April 21, 2013


                                                          I AM

11 days...11 days...11 days.........

 I know I've posted this before...but she's just SO BEAUTIFUL....and she's been with me all week, Monday was the anniversary of her mortal death. I love that she is STILL loving me while off on another life adventure loving others.
 This reminded me of EVERYONE of you boys....EVERYONE!!!!!! And you too Megsalina...wish I could quickly find a pic of you in your NADIA leotard! YOU ARE ALL MY AWESOMENESS!!
11 days....11days...11 days....11 days and my SPENCER AWESOMENESS will be back in MY ARMS, and IN OUR HOUSE, and in my EVERYTHING!!!!!
So is another pic of Brittany:) Yep...she be BEAUTIFUL...but even MORE beautiful on the inside xxooxxooxxooxxooxxooxx!!!
So...I am so excited for this count down that I can barely concentrate. I know its hard for you Spencer...just COME HOME, let your Momma sit in your AWESOMENESS and then you can go back for visits:)

It's been another FULL week. I hit SILVER rank in Do Terra. I know that means nothing to you...but what it means is that I have a PHENOMENAL team to work with and together we are creating this business and it IS WORKING!!!! Let me just say that ANGELITA from last week makes me smile EVERYDAY! Steve Nickle is in China this week working magic for us there!!! This Wednesday I get to go to Boise to share it with the whole fam. Finger, eyes and toe crossies that my efforts in Gainesville get me there the second week of June! This next week I also get to get back to some heavy real estate:) Who am I that I get to have 2 things that thrill me to support our family loves and loving? I LOVE my life. I am grateful to the core.

Now, let's just say that I've missed Sam more than a tad and even now the tears are my quiet moments I can feel his happiness --that helps...but again...that damn empty is at the top of my list to create it into something else this week...but somehow, that just pulls a deeper pain making this transition so FINAL. Let is be said--there is NO REPLACEMENT for that boy and his space. Be patient with me as I renegotiate how to BE with him (YOU) when I am not.

Sam, having Kelsey's aunt and uncle there was one of the God's "hey Natalie MOM...WE LOVE YOU, WE GOT THIS BOY COVERED" love taps. I am envisioning that you get to meet them today:) And that VERY SOON they feed you LOVELY fare! I get to go to the Varisty game Wednesday afternoon...they are playing Orem...word is Varsity is struggling. I'll give you an update next week. I'll miss you Bud. I will try to take some video clips for you on my super de duper new Samsung NOTE2 phone...I can read my texts and emails without my glasses...LOVE IT!

Josh surprised us and came home for the weekend...he goes into finals the week we get Spencer so its gonna be tricky. That was another of the Gods "Hey, Natalie Mom...bringing one of the other pieces of your heart home so that the hole ain't quite SO big till you get a hold of this new space of loving."
Michael has finals this week....HE MADE IT!!  HE HAS ROCKED IT!!! I am so proud of him...I  think Brittany is better than any ADHD meds we've experienced .xxooxxoo. I feel a visit to PF CHANGS in our next 12 -13 days...but Michael will be WITH us not SERVING US...get ready SPENCER!!!

Megs is heading up the Ryan Innes Fan club STILL...she did the pics  she so kindly posted below for a photo shoot to show the club members the shirt options. The whole having Ryan on the VOICE has been a BIG party at our house every Monday and Tuesday:) She is LOVING her job and even helping me a bit with Do TERRA. Seems she is destined to be my side it that whoever was in charge of sending us together as a family KNEW what a perfect match each of us would be for each other. Almost unbelievable how perfectly we all sync. Of course I like to take absolute credit for the Children choosing:)

You know your cat is TRULY OUTSTANDING when Ryan "borrows" him to mate with HIS cat, and now JAKE is trying to STEAL him since I won't GIVE him. :) Herman is excited to meet you Spencer. Our HOUSE, our CAT,our YARD, the POOL, our CARS, our EVERYTHING is vibrating with anticipation!!!! And then there are da are SO LOVED. We can't wait to bathe ourselves in that LOVE!!! The pool is cleaned and ready...will turn the heater on on the 25th so it is PERFECT no matter the weather! Slurp up every last minute....comfort yourself that the sadness of leaving is because you loved them good and hard, and know, that LOVE never ends...and they will be apart of you forever...AND some smart humans created AIRPLANES and WE KNOW HOW TO USE THEM!! (Hello England:)  )

I love you so much. BOTH OF YOU. ALL OF YOU. Pretty much anyone reading this. Where ever you are...THANK YOU for getting your LOVE all over me.
Excited to hear what YOU created for yourselves this last week...and what you will create this week!?
A sermon this Sunday morning from the church of Natalie, the MOMMA--...WE ARE CREATORS made by THE CREATORS. How do we step into our creatorship? KNOW WHAT YOU WANT. What do you want Love Bugs??? It is out there for the creating.

What do I want? I want children who LOVE themselves, and slurp up all the happiness around them and create it for themselves and others. I want skills. LOVING SKILLs. Communicating SKILLS. Creation SKILLS. Being authentic to myself SKILLS. It sends a thrill through me to know that it is all ours for the creating. In the name of Natalie, the MOMMA. Amen.

As always...can't wait to wake up tomorrow morning and find you here.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Pics for my brothers

Love Laura!
 Look SAM!!! I needed cute boys and these guys came to the rescue

Spency this is Britani (Mike's new girlfriend) and we all like her! (sooooo...Megan hacked my blog to put these on for you and I love her for only EDIT is: WE ALL LOVE BRITANYxxooxx)

Friday, April 19, 2013


Hello Elder Harris!
I was so excited when I read a message from your parents saying you are in Eastwood. My favorite uncle (my moms brother) and his wife/partner live in Eastwood! I would love you to stop by sometime and just say hello. They love my family. I’ve stayed at their home before and they have been to mine!  Just tell them you grew up at Darin and Susan’s house and Kelsey is your bf.
Reggie Nicholson and Kitty
23 Scalby Close
To give you some background, my mom is the only convert in her family and she immigrated when she was about 21 to the US.  Reggie and Kitty have always been very supportive of all our crazy church stuff, but not interested. Of course I’m sure at some point you can find a way to leave a nice gospel message with them! (eternal families is a bit too complicated for their situation so maybe something else Smile). My other Uncles and Aunts live in Sheffield.
Please take a picture with them. We (and my mom) would love it!
Take care Sammy!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Letter from Spencer XXOOXXOOXX

que pasa calabasas
thia week was stellar, and wow, ryan performance was amazing, it was electric, he inspires me to magnify the many talents ive been given, and i agree with you mom, angelita is an angelita, and her faith is unshaken, i love how much our world can change when our vision of ourselves, and our devine potential changes, your happiness increases and change and uncertanty become your best friends, isnt it just so exciting everything we can do and become, the sucess and the failures that lie ahead, even the failures are so amazing , i love the transiton especially from failure to success and finding more truth as you struggle and work to accomplish your goals. i am forever greatful for the things i have learned on my mission, thank you dad for teaching me obediance, thankyou mom for teaching me to love and to expect goodness, and thanks to dad mom and presidant holm for changing and molding the way i view myself and my potential for greatness and success in this life , i especially love how my mission has taught me to get over my fears of failure, i love how when ever i fail now i just say to myself " great.... next" on to the next experience , on to the next chance to use my agency and grow, and help others along to way. thanks for the long message mom it was worth it.
so on saturday sherri mcknight cafaro was baptized, and yesterday she was confirmed , and then last night the other missionaries had a baptism and waterside confirmations for two young kids, 13, and 14 ashlyn and dustin who i have gotten to teach a few time, and i was also able to interview them for baptism, they asked me to speak at it , it was two days packed full of the spirit, sherri still struggles with the guilt and stress of her wayward children, and i pray that one day she will be able to forgive herself as her heavenly father has forgiven her and move on to trusting in the mercies of our father in heaven and open up a whole new pathway of self love, worth and appreciation, sherri truly is amazing, and fun and herself, in her fiftys but still packs a punch and mouth to back it up, i love this woman, we were meant to meet and help eachother improve our lives. i cant wait for you all to meet her. she fits right in with the harris clan.
sorry to keep it short but i would like to close with my testimony.
i know that the restoration of the gospel is true in all of its truggles, fagelties and faults , the power of the preisthood truly has been restored and families really can be eternal, i know the obediance and repentance frees us, i know that christs gospel is a gospel of love and hope and vision, if only we could see our devine potential that christ sees in us, i hope and pray that i can accomplish all the things possible through him, he is my best friend, my rock and stay, he has broken the chains of death and his omnipotent powers is open for the taking through his sacred atonemant, and the restored presthood powers. i know that joseph smith was a profet, i know that thomas s monson and the quorumn of the twelve are truly devinly inspired and apointed servants of our loving heavenly father. and i tesftify of these things in the name of jeses christ amen.
elder harris
i love the joy of uncertainty, and choosing to believe that good is coming


MMOOOMMMMMYYY!! (and family)
Hey! how ya been doin? I'm doing awesome myself! Tuesday/wednesday might have been the longest days of my life! We woke up at 4 a.m. on tuesday, then traveled all the way until 9 am wednesday when we arrived in Birmingham. Most people slept a lot on the flights but for some reason I always have the hardest time sleeping! so I only slept for like 2 hours out of the 18 we traveled. Then after we arrived in Birmingham, they took us straight to the mission home where we met our companions and then went to our area! My companions name is Elder Pauly. he is from Dusseldorf, Germany and he is proud that he is german, and he is way cool! He's really smart, so he's teaching me a lot, and he's not a nazi when it comes to keeping the rules (nazi haha german kid. get it?) but we work hard! The very first thing he said to me was 'we are going to see miracles man!' That got me way pumped and I believe it! We are in an area called Eastwood, it is really close to Nottingham.  anyways so it's safe to say that I slept pretty good my first night in the mission field because I was so exhausted from traveling and the jet lag.  It was really sad saying goodbye to my old district! we were together all day everyday for 2 weeks! but bigger and better things I guess right? Thursday we went to a place called Derby for a district meeting and it is so cool! I take pictures of basically every building and all the other missionaries laugh at me because to them it's just normal now, but holy cow this place is cool! and so pretty! The mcdonalds here sucks though. just if you wanted to know.  We ate dinner with the bishop on thursday night, and then he took us to go play football! (soccer) It was my second day in England and I already was playing football! It was so fun even though i'm terrible compared to the people we were playing with.  #
This is easily the coolest thing that has happened so far on my mission.
Me and elder pauly went to go visit a former investigator, but she wasn't in.  at this point we hadn't done any tracting while I had been with him, only street contacting. we decided we were going to tract and he says to me, 'you pick where we start' at the same time we both decided the same house that was a couple hundred yards away (probably 20 houses in between) and we knocked on the door, and the man let us in! His name is Edward and he is very interested in the gospel. he had so many good questions for us! his wife has passed away and was so thrilled to hear how we believe in eternal families and marriages. we have taught him 3 times, and are going back on wednesday, and asking him to be baptized then! please pray for this to happen!
Besides that success, tracting and street contacting is pretty hard. most of the people aren't very friendly, however, the ones that will listen to us are awesome! I love the nice people here! their sense of humor is 100 % sarcastic and it's great.  I actually can't understand some of the people that we talk to, I swear it's a different language for some people. 
The bishop and ward are great! me and Elder Pauly had 2 Dinner appointments last night, and they were both absolute feasts, so we were so full when we went to bed! so obviously mom, today is my pday monday! but you will most likely be receiving the emails when you wake up every time because of the time difference!
Ryan was so great on the voice! I seriously got the chills as I watched it on youtube! so fetching rad it's ridiculous. 
What else... How is everyone in the fam?? I miss you all like crazy! mom the doterra oils are helping me a ton when I eat a lot I just put the digestive stuff on my tummy and feel better pretty quick! I hope all is well. I don't really know what else you want to hear! but everything is great and I'm loving it! keep letting me know about mission calls! that is so great that tay is going to seattle! I'm so stoked for her! one of the districts in my zone in the mtc were going to seattle and they were great!
Love you soooo much! all of you!
Elder Harris.
p.s. the members are so dope here! They feed us like crazy and this morning we got a knock on our door to:
24 eggs, cereal, mozerella sticks, peanut butter, bread, fruit, ice cream, scottish bread (my new favorite thing) potato chips, pasta, squash, and milk! it is good! 
p.p.s. mom my flat is not very nice at all! but you know me! I don't really care at all as long as I have a bed. It basically has everything we need anyways it's a fine place to live!  I hope you get my pictures!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ryan's Audition - Love Meg

I think you need to see this BEFORE you're home so here ya go boys. Love you! - Meg


I am waiting....and so are THEY!!!! ONE DAY I will have this number to count down:)

Amazing what happens in ONE WEEK in our world...

 Still no news if they are engaged:)
 Chelsey and Lee's BABY BORN THIS MORNING!!! I think he looks just like Chelsey!!!! and TRUEVILLE...see below...the GORGEOUS Annie Jane Johnson is OLD ENOUGH to go to PROM!

 Jackie posted these....made me so TRUNKY!!! Decided to clear my schedule to make sure I see a game this week.
 CJ won the most spirit for this at Spirit Bowl! Spirit Bowl so totally rocked! lots of video posts of the dances,etc.
 The cousins making smores and being cousinly!!!
This brought me to glad you'll have a few days together before he heads out Spencer!

 cousins head to ST. AUGUSTINE...we are SO going to ALL go there when all are home!!!!
 At the Fort
 Audry is playing LaCrosse...know that will make Sam Smile.

It's still too dang cold for April, but Every now and again we get some SUN so we feel the hope of it!
The bikes are out and we've had a few rides on the canal. The tulips and crocus and daffodils are in full bloom. Geoff came and got the pool ready...just waiting for warm enough weather to make sense to turn it on....looks like it might have to wait till for 2 more weeks or so...but don't you worry Spencer..its gonna be PERFECT for the second you hit HOME!

Dad went to Guatemala and is back. Meg bought an IPHONE...she's pretty stoked. Ryan performed on THE VOICE ---ALL chairs turned and they fought over was sweet. It will be on the DVR for both of you when you get home. Oh...what a sweet thought ...when BOTH OF YOU GET HOME:)  He sang GRAVITY...pure liquid GOLD. It's so FUN to be his friend. Megan has been sending fan club shirts out all over the US! The weird room is filled with them. Michael is moving out on the first but has been working so much or gone with Brittany that I haven't seen him in 3 days:) Mr. Josh is still Mr. Diligent...missed him not coming home this weekend. He is gearing up for finals and has made arrangements to take some early so he can be here IN 18 DAYS when we pick you up at the airport SPENCER HARRIS!!!! 18 days!!!! THIS MOMMA IS SO HAPPY!!!!!! Sam as you can see from the earlier post is safely to England. I am dying to know when his PDAY is and all that has been happening with him and WHERE he is and WHO he is with and WHAT he is eating and what his apartment is like and IF he forgot something or NEEDS something.....Can't wait Bam. CAN NOT WAIT!!!

DoTerra is becoming such a sweet part of my life. I LOVE IT as much as Real Estate!!! I first thought I was just going to gut through it to have the residual income to replace my real estate in 3years. But it hasn't been that AT ALL!! I even wonder if I should be brave and just go for it full time. I can barely keep up with all that I have going on with it now.  I am still amazed at how much I like it!! At first I thought I liked it just because it was a new PROJECT---and we all know how much I LOVE a new PROJECT and challenge!! :)  I am working with some of the MOST AMAZING people EVER...I am learning new skills--people AND business skills...I am making a difference in families ( physically and financially and emotionally and socially). THE BEST PART IS HOW FREAKING AMAZING THE OILS WORK! and how fast! THEY SELL THEMSELVES!!! Spencer...I was so surprised and thrilled to have you tell me you already love them and use them! I will tell you just ONE story from this week.

 It was about 8:30 Thursday night. That morning I had committed myself to finding another builder. I had been focusing all day on trying to open a leg in Canada as well as helping my builders here AND tending to real estate. I'd spent the entire day on the phone with I swear, maybe a 5 or 8 minute breaks at the most. I had just declared it time to eat something and was heading to the kitchen when Megan says "there is an Asian lady at the door"..I laughed and said, you mean Kim? and she said " Asian lady"...I open the door and sure enough...a sweet woman begins by saying..."I am not from your neighborhood, but I am selling gluten free vegan egg rolls that I have made in my home, a dozen for $10 dollars."....before she got any further the spirit sent that tingle through me to BUY from this woman and I said "yes, of course I will buy a bag". I got the $10 dollars, paid her, was thinking on the significance of having felt the spirit so strong to assist her and closed the door. When MEGAN says"SERIOUSLY MOM? you just spent all day looking for the perfect doTERRA builder and that woman is going DOOR TO DOOR?????" I flew the door open and she was still on our front walk and I said "have you ever heard of Do TERRA oils?" She paused a few seconds and said "yes, but I cannot afford to invest to start that business, I am a single mother and have to make $100 a day to pay our bills". My whole body surged first with humility and gratitude for the life I have  that I have NEVER known hers...then awe for the gumption and WORK of this woman---I was truly overcome, and then with KNOWING and I smiled and said...will you come in for a minute?

 She is from SPRINGVILLE. She makes 14 dozen egg rolls a day from 11:30-1:30 and then heads out to sell them door to door until 9--monday thru saturday. She is Christian so she will not sell on Sunday. The first $14 dollars goes in her right hand pocket for tithing...and then she says...EVERYTIME, EVERYDAY I sell all 14 dozen. G.od always helps me. The she told me how one Saturday she still had 4 dozen to sell but was very tired and went home for a rest and told God...I am sorry I am taking this break, I know you always help me, but I feel I must just sit for a bit...and then the phone rang, and a regular client wanted to know if she had 4 dozen egg rolls she could have for an unexpected dinner that night. As most know, I have been grappling with my own FAITH and what it looks like. Her Faith in her God and my Faith in mine combined to bring us both the most extraordinary gift. The Universe literally walked Angelita up my from walk...yes, no lie, her name IS Angelita!!!! Because I can assist her in the start of this business she will change her life. ALREADY it has changed her life. I SO wanted Allyse (the number 1 distributor in Do Terra that recruited me) to meet her so we took her to dinner Friday night. At first she said she couldn't because that would be egg roll selling time. So I told her I would cover the egg rolls if she would just come and we would work a plan together to help sell the egg rolls more efficiently so she could make the time for do Terra. At dinner she gets teary and thanks us both and says"so far this business has been a vacation!! I have had a whole day off AND I get to have dinner at a restaurant!"I wanted to cry as I think of how often I have dinner out. She is humility and grace. Angelita IS an angel. At dinner she tells us how she has spent the day (her vacation mind you) Watching the webinars and reading all about the company and the oils. She has made a plan for how she will work her time so she can still do egg rolls AND give us 20 hours so we can pay her. Then she tells us how just the Sunday before her Bishop had called her in and told her he wanted her to apply for other jobs..that she was SO valuable to ANY company because of her work ethic and diligence. That it has caused him pain for the years he has known her to see her work so hard. At first she thought maybe he didn't like her egg rolls. That made me like a woman to think "what am I doing wrong?" instead of hearing YOU ARE SO AMAZING! Then he tells her that in a dream he has seen her super successful where she is traveling all over the world and making A LOT of money and helping families. When I told her we would need her to travel, she shook her head, tells me this story and says, "I can not believe this...God told me to listen to you when you asked about Do Terra". And I told her how I too was thinking on how strongly my heart reacted to her at the door...and how MEGAN had to point HER out to me because I was wrapped in the strength of the feelings she had brought.

COULD ANYONE DOUBT that she will be a shining star at this business? Or the JOY and LENGTHS I will go to, to  assist this woman in SUCCEEDING and CHANGING HER LIFE?? NOW let me tell you ALL know how much I want to build in Gainesville so I can go home whenever I DINNER with Allyse, Angelita tells us SHE SERVED A MISSION IN the JACKSONVILLE, FL MISSION and served in Gainesville as well!!! There are NO ACCIDENTS in this life. NO. NONE. My Gods love me JUST AS I AM and testifies it to me by walking an Angel up my front walk. My life is filled with MIRACLES! I LOVE DoTERRA!!!! I LOVE PEOPLE and their life stories and that they share THEIR lives with me. I LOVE that I can make a difference! I love that the Gods blessed me with business gifts, that my life has provided me with skills that permit this opportunity to be easy and effortless for me. I love that the work I do has a purpose that betters our world.
Oh...and I forgot to tell you that she ALREADY had a miracle story about using the oils. Because of all the stress she has in supporting her family, about 2 years ago she broke out in hives...nothing the doctors gave her would help them subside...after a month "someone" left Peppermint oil on her door with a note of how to use it...they were gone the NEXT DAY...since then she has only had a few break outs but been able to get rid of them with the oils! And hasn't had a break out for almost a year! Crazy? No....destiny, synchronocity, deliverance.

Angelita has blessed my life on so many levels. I could not quit thinking WHY wouldn't GOD have blessed her financially so many years before NOW when her FAITH has been so unshakeable? WHY wouldn't the GODS have just GIVEN it to her for her GOODNESS and DILIGENCE?? And then I was taken to what she said about the Bishop---and how he  had to CONVINCE her that she could DO and BE more..and even then she wasn't convinced...but she HOPED....he opened a place in her that allowed her to allow the possibility. Isn't this ALL OF US??? How many of us are STUCK IN FAITH in places that really HOLD US BACK from AMAZING possibilities. It has wrapped me in strength that the journey of FAITH I seek is true for ME. that my path and YOURS is perfect for each of us.That each journey is about OUR CHOICES. We can have WHAT WE CHOOSE! I CHOOSE LOVE AND HAPPINESS!!! And YOU!!! I CHOOSE BEING OPEN TO ALL POSSIBILITES, even and especially when they go against what I have been taught to be "right". So the deepened lesson for me...when something is NOT making me happy, when something is HARD, I can CHOOSE EASY and HAPPY!!!. It took Angelita 14 years to move on from egg rolls. It has take me 50 years to move on from some of my beliefs. So to MY GODS: HERE I AM....opening my heart...asking for you to send me more messengers like until Angelita. I am ready to BE all that I can be. I am committed to BEING MORE. Was this NOT the ultimate lesson in loving--myself and others MORE?

I read the book THE SLIGHT EDGE  I mentioned before. Anyone reading this. READ IT.

Favorite thoughts gathered from this weeks pursuing of the great thoughts of others:
You can only build your dream by building it
Emerson - "DO the thing and YOU shall have the POWER"
YOU can absolutely change the future
The Universe always RUSHES in to support your commitments in life- sally berger

So my most precious, handsome/beautiful, amazing, adorable, fun to be with, heart and soul inspiring children---ALL OF we are each out there in our world about the work we have chosen...lets keep our hearts open and our purpose and intents clear....and start sharing more of the miracles with each other. YOU are my MIRACLES. Really, think about it...YOU KNOW how amazing each of you are...we have spent years together KNOWING it... AND the GODS sent YOU to ME!!!Share your LOVE.
With that know I can't help but count...sometimes a touch of OCD is a GOOD THING!
*18 days till Spencer comes home. I can't help but do a dance everytime it is thought of!
*700 days...Sometime on or before 15 March 2015--exactly 700 days from today I will be a Presidential Diamond with DoTerra.
*712 days till the whole family is in England picking up the Bammer!
*Grateful that there is an ETERNITY with no days to number that we have to LOVE together.

The Momma

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bammer....she's a GOIN'!!!

Seattle, Washington...will let you know when I find out WHEN.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sam is in the Motherland!!!!!

 He's there!!!! Just got this email and pictures....I love Julie Rasmussen already!!!!
Hello there!
We just wanted to let you know that your missionary arrived safely today!  They were quite tired from the long plane ride, but they've been well taken care of.  Here is a picture of them with President Rasmussen and I.  We also have a mission blog that we upload mission pictures to periodically.  Please check it out and you can see what life is like in the EBM. The address is:
We appreciate your missionary's sacrifice and dedication to the Lord.

Sister Rasmussen

And my email back:

You MADE my well as alot of other Mommas! Thank you SO much for the effort and energy of this love gift.
I am so thrilled for you ---you have such an amazing 2 years ahead of you with my Sam. He is love and joy embodied. He is the perfect everything.  Just seeing him will make you smile and your heart leap. He is one of God's greatest. I am continually awed that he was sent to us. The hole he has left here is monstrous and painful. I have sent 3 ahead of him and am grateful to know that sometime, hopefully sooner rather than later, peace will come to cover the pain, not remove it. Wrap him in your combined greatness. I know most members have a hard time with breaking "rules"...but you have MY permission as his mother and eternal steward--which I say outranks priesthood manual etiquette-- to HUG this boy every time you sense his need. He has been a hugger his whole life. No hugging will be one of the harder parts of his service.
Enjoy every minute with him.
Natalie Harris
Elder Samuel Joseph Harris' Mother

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Marker day

Today my baby flies over the ocean for 717 days.....not including these last 12 days gone.
So much living happens in that many days. So much change. And GOODNESS.  Calling on the Gods of LOVE to comfort my broken heart and fill it with the JOY of the true POSSIBILITIES for both of us...for the friends and loves we have yet to strengthen and  MEET--  the places we will come to know and cherish, the truths that will be cemented in our knowing, and all the unknown surprises that will thrill us!

Here we go LOVE BUG!!!!

Our successes are imminent.  I plan to happily work my guts out till your return....and all that falls in between will be the whipped cream.  Every one of these 717 days will be filled with my love for you...I will squish the longing with letters and imaginings of my being there with you and with dreams of days to come when we are no longer separated.

Time. Time. Time. Such an interesting ingredient in my life. 23 days of time till my Spencer is back with me. 23 days. Heaven to me???A dimension where NONE of us are ever separated from our loved ones.  Maybe the whole coming to EARTH thing is especially about learning how to be connected even when we are apart.

Samuel Joseph Harris

mom! they are giving us some extra time to email and do laundry because we leave tomorrow morning! How are you?? I miss you like crazy and pray for you multiple times a day! Mom I hope you know that every day in here gets better and better. I'm actually kind of sad that I'm leaving, but I know that I will enjoy England much more.
I love my district like crazy. It's like we've been friends for years! and me and the sisters in my zone are so tight! It was so hard not to hug them as we said goodbye! it's not like I wanted to hug them because I was going to get pleasure from it haha I just wanted to hug them cause I love them like crazy and won't see them for years!! kind of a dumb rule. but i guess I understand. 
Holy cow! the package I got today was soooooo Rad!! it was so good to hear from everyone through the notes, and to receive that letter from laura:) my favorite hispanic on the planet haha me and my companion and a few other elders were dying laughing when we saw the pokemon and tetris. seriously who else would do that other than my flipping awesome mom.  NO ONE that's who! I will definitely be playing that on the plane if i'm allowed to!  haha everyone is so jealous of my packages!  don't send anymore to the MTC! The only thing I could imagine to make my mission more enjoyable is if I had my family with me. We would kick some serious Royal England Booty baptizing everyone! I think i'm going to be a good missionary. I had a really strong feeling today that I was going to be good! sooooo I guess we'll see!
Did you watch conference?? it was amazing! I guess it helps that I was in the MTC. 
The BYU group "vocal point" performed at one of our firesides and it was actually dang good.
Me and London might as well be in the same zone because I talk to him for probably about a half hour every single day! I love it! he is a dang good missionary and knows spanish the best in his district.
How's my meg's doing? I miss her a lot more than I thought (I knew i was going to miss her like crazy) but holy cow I LOVE HER.
Are Mike and Brytni married yet? totally kidding I just think Brytni is way legit and pretty and she would be cool for our family so..
Mom I really think you love me more than the other boys in my district love their sons. so you honestly get best mom ever award! I'm so grateful for you it's ridiculous. 
I've taken like over 100 pictures but for some reason the computers at the MTC don't really have the capability to email pictures. so we will have to wait til I'm in England! I'm sorry! but there are some great ones of me and all my friends from home that are here, and also the ones that I have made in the MTC.  Have I mentioned I'm gonna marry an RM? let's be real I don't know that, and I probably just think they're cute cause i'm not aloud.  anyways the food here does not ever once go down my digestive track nicely. it is always a bumpy track out the colon. sorry for the TMI. 

I've never been on a flight longer than Hawaii... so I'm in for a treat I guess. tomorrow is going to be a LONG day so pray for me! I will be calling at around 5:30 or 6 so there is a slight chance I will just miss dad.  I love my family more than anything in the world. I'm not just saying that. Each one of you guys is more important to me than anyone else!  If you see Kelsey tell her to check her email! If you see Jonny, Perk, Johnny, Tanner Manscill, Tanner halford, or any other of my good friends make sure to tell them hi and that I miss them like heck!
With tons and tons of love

Sam, Bammer, Pamsickle, Love Bug :)