Monday, April 15, 2013


MMOOOMMMMMYYY!! (and family)
Hey! how ya been doin? I'm doing awesome myself! Tuesday/wednesday might have been the longest days of my life! We woke up at 4 a.m. on tuesday, then traveled all the way until 9 am wednesday when we arrived in Birmingham. Most people slept a lot on the flights but for some reason I always have the hardest time sleeping! so I only slept for like 2 hours out of the 18 we traveled. Then after we arrived in Birmingham, they took us straight to the mission home where we met our companions and then went to our area! My companions name is Elder Pauly. he is from Dusseldorf, Germany and he is proud that he is german, and he is way cool! He's really smart, so he's teaching me a lot, and he's not a nazi when it comes to keeping the rules (nazi haha german kid. get it?) but we work hard! The very first thing he said to me was 'we are going to see miracles man!' That got me way pumped and I believe it! We are in an area called Eastwood, it is really close to Nottingham.  anyways so it's safe to say that I slept pretty good my first night in the mission field because I was so exhausted from traveling and the jet lag.  It was really sad saying goodbye to my old district! we were together all day everyday for 2 weeks! but bigger and better things I guess right? Thursday we went to a place called Derby for a district meeting and it is so cool! I take pictures of basically every building and all the other missionaries laugh at me because to them it's just normal now, but holy cow this place is cool! and so pretty! The mcdonalds here sucks though. just if you wanted to know.  We ate dinner with the bishop on thursday night, and then he took us to go play football! (soccer) It was my second day in England and I already was playing football! It was so fun even though i'm terrible compared to the people we were playing with.  #
This is easily the coolest thing that has happened so far on my mission.
Me and elder pauly went to go visit a former investigator, but she wasn't in.  at this point we hadn't done any tracting while I had been with him, only street contacting. we decided we were going to tract and he says to me, 'you pick where we start' at the same time we both decided the same house that was a couple hundred yards away (probably 20 houses in between) and we knocked on the door, and the man let us in! His name is Edward and he is very interested in the gospel. he had so many good questions for us! his wife has passed away and was so thrilled to hear how we believe in eternal families and marriages. we have taught him 3 times, and are going back on wednesday, and asking him to be baptized then! please pray for this to happen!
Besides that success, tracting and street contacting is pretty hard. most of the people aren't very friendly, however, the ones that will listen to us are awesome! I love the nice people here! their sense of humor is 100 % sarcastic and it's great.  I actually can't understand some of the people that we talk to, I swear it's a different language for some people. 
The bishop and ward are great! me and Elder Pauly had 2 Dinner appointments last night, and they were both absolute feasts, so we were so full when we went to bed! so obviously mom, today is my pday monday! but you will most likely be receiving the emails when you wake up every time because of the time difference!
Ryan was so great on the voice! I seriously got the chills as I watched it on youtube! so fetching rad it's ridiculous. 
What else... How is everyone in the fam?? I miss you all like crazy! mom the doterra oils are helping me a ton when I eat a lot I just put the digestive stuff on my tummy and feel better pretty quick! I hope all is well. I don't really know what else you want to hear! but everything is great and I'm loving it! keep letting me know about mission calls! that is so great that tay is going to seattle! I'm so stoked for her! one of the districts in my zone in the mtc were going to seattle and they were great!
Love you soooo much! all of you!
Elder Harris.
p.s. the members are so dope here! They feed us like crazy and this morning we got a knock on our door to:
24 eggs, cereal, mozerella sticks, peanut butter, bread, fruit, ice cream, scottish bread (my new favorite thing) potato chips, pasta, squash, and milk! it is good! 
p.p.s. mom my flat is not very nice at all! but you know me! I don't really care at all as long as I have a bed. It basically has everything we need anyways it's a fine place to live!  I hope you get my pictures!

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