Monday, April 1, 2013

Letter from Spencer

tengo cinco gatos en mis zapatos, por eso soy feliz!
hey family this week was really good, I don't know what to talk about though, we visited a ton of less actives and a ton of investigators, we watched 17 miracles yesterday after easter dinner at sherrys house yesterday, she balled her eyes out. im pumped for her baptism! we had a leadership training meeting on Thursday and Friday with all the leaders and new missionaries of our mission, we had 150 people there, and president made me train, again, I hope he doesn't make me train for my last zone conference, I just want to sit back and feel the spirit, but I will do whatever is asked, he asked me to train on teaching towards baptism with power, and I ended up just training on tying every principle we teach to baptism and then to the atonement, it was powerfull and fun to role play with all those missionaries, its crazy how many sister missionaries are in the mission now, a few of them are actually really cute now, which is crazy unheard of , im glad ill be gone before the herd of all cute sisters come in, haha the assistants are going to be dealig with a lot more drama now , sister phew, why are girls so complicated?
anyways im doing great and having fun, its raining today so im not sure what were going to do for pday, but I want to do something awesome, mom and dad, how would you feel about me buying a new suit? or do you want me to wait till im home and we can go get one together?
also mom im supposed to put together some pictures for my goodbye slide show were going to do with president the day before I leave, so please send me a digital copy of all my baptism pictures and any other good pics of me, or just fun pics, I have no copy of the pics ive sent home to you. I know my fault. im just not a picture person.
I will close with my testimony and some thoughts ive dwelled on this week.
the sun rises and falls eachday, yet each day is different then the day before, we don't have to be who we are today tomorrow, we can be forgiven and progress as long as we are willing to be differnent or change each day. we can literally take  in a deep breath and breathout, and be a new person, if that's what we decide. ive also noticed that as humans we seem to feel like  days are a renewable resource, what a lie,  the night of darkness will come when there can be no labor perfomed. we cannot wake up and let a day pass us by , everyday counts in our eternal progression. I wish I had this perspective before my mission, I could have done so much more . but its ok, im going to do and accomplish a lot when I get home, I know my potential now and im not afraid to live up to it anymore. i will do the hard and tough things most people wont do so that tomorrow i can do the things most people cant. if only we didn't need sleep, imagine what we could do?
anyways i know that my savior jesus chrsit suffered for my sins in the garden of getsemani, and on the cross he gave his life to rise again and pave the way for our salvation, he truly did appear to joseph smith and through him he restored his church, and the sacred power of the priesthood, and the keys to ceal on earth and in heaven, i am forever greatful for my savior and the chance he has given me to repent and become better day by day, i am forever greatful for the peace i feel in my life and this chance that i have to serve him and my brothers and sisters, there in no better glory then this, there is nothing that brings such joy. i hope i can endure to the end,  partaking of the bitter cup of life without coming bitter as did our savior, let us follow him and bring to pass his will. i testify of these things in the name of jesus Christ amen.
i love you family
each new day is just that, new

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