Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Samuel Joseph Harris

mom! they are giving us some extra time to email and do laundry because we leave tomorrow morning! How are you?? I miss you like crazy and pray for you multiple times a day! Mom I hope you know that every day in here gets better and better. I'm actually kind of sad that I'm leaving, but I know that I will enjoy England much more.
I love my district like crazy. It's like we've been friends for years! and me and the sisters in my zone are so tight! It was so hard not to hug them as we said goodbye! it's not like I wanted to hug them because I was going to get pleasure from it haha I just wanted to hug them cause I love them like crazy and won't see them for years!! kind of a dumb rule. but i guess I understand. 
Holy cow! the package I got today was soooooo Rad!! it was so good to hear from everyone through the notes, and to receive that letter from laura:) my favorite hispanic on the planet haha me and my companion and a few other elders were dying laughing when we saw the pokemon and tetris. seriously who else would do that other than my flipping awesome mom.  NO ONE that's who! I will definitely be playing that on the plane if i'm allowed to!  haha everyone is so jealous of my packages!  don't send anymore to the MTC! The only thing I could imagine to make my mission more enjoyable is if I had my family with me. We would kick some serious Royal England Booty baptizing everyone! I think i'm going to be a good missionary. I had a really strong feeling today that I was going to be good! sooooo I guess we'll see!
Did you watch conference?? it was amazing! I guess it helps that I was in the MTC. 
The BYU group "vocal point" performed at one of our firesides and it was actually dang good.
Me and London might as well be in the same zone because I talk to him for probably about a half hour every single day! I love it! he is a dang good missionary and knows spanish the best in his district.
How's my meg's doing? I miss her a lot more than I thought (I knew i was going to miss her like crazy) but holy cow I LOVE HER.
Are Mike and Brytni married yet? totally kidding I just think Brytni is way legit and pretty and she would be cool for our family so..
Mom I really think you love me more than the other boys in my district love their sons. so you honestly get best mom ever award! I'm so grateful for you it's ridiculous. 
I've taken like over 100 pictures but for some reason the computers at the MTC don't really have the capability to email pictures. so we will have to wait til I'm in England! I'm sorry! but there are some great ones of me and all my friends from home that are here, and also the ones that I have made in the MTC.  Have I mentioned I'm gonna marry an RM? let's be real I don't know that, and I probably just think they're cute cause i'm not aloud.  anyways the food here does not ever once go down my digestive track nicely. it is always a bumpy track out the colon. sorry for the TMI. 

I've never been on a flight longer than Hawaii... so I'm in for a treat I guess. tomorrow is going to be a LONG day so pray for me! I will be calling at around 5:30 or 6 so there is a slight chance I will just miss dad.  I love my family more than anything in the world. I'm not just saying that. Each one of you guys is more important to me than anyone else!  If you see Kelsey tell her to check her email! If you see Jonny, Perk, Johnny, Tanner Manscill, Tanner halford, or any other of my good friends make sure to tell them hi and that I miss them like heck!
With tons and tons of love

Sam, Bammer, Pamsickle, Love Bug :)

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