Friday, April 19, 2013


Hello Elder Harris!
I was so excited when I read a message from your parents saying you are in Eastwood. My favorite uncle (my moms brother) and his wife/partner live in Eastwood! I would love you to stop by sometime and just say hello. They love my family. I’ve stayed at their home before and they have been to mine!  Just tell them you grew up at Darin and Susan’s house and Kelsey is your bf.
Reggie Nicholson and Kitty
23 Scalby Close
To give you some background, my mom is the only convert in her family and she immigrated when she was about 21 to the US.  Reggie and Kitty have always been very supportive of all our crazy church stuff, but not interested. Of course I’m sure at some point you can find a way to leave a nice gospel message with them! (eternal families is a bit too complicated for their situation so maybe something else Smile). My other Uncles and Aunts live in Sheffield.
Please take a picture with them. We (and my mom) would love it!
Take care Sammy!

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