Wednesday, April 3, 2013

First email from BAM :)

K. first off I just want to say that I might have written something wrong. This IS going to be the most fun two years of my life easily!! it's so weird how no one calls me sam anymore. the other day london called me sam and i was like wait... I have a first name huh! haha the MTC is a blast. I honestly feel like this place was made for me, it's so fun and spiritual and social! One way weird thing is that there are goregeous sisters everywhere.. and i'm not aloud to flirt with them which is actually kinda hard! there's a term around the MTC that cute sisters are called "F.D.A.'s" because they are fiery darts of the advesary haha. So far while i"ve been here I've seen London, Bryson, Ryan Mulford, conner Harris, Joel Gassman, Jaxon, Jumbo, Parker, Jenna Smoot, Tyson Monney, and today at the temple I saw Jon Wagstaff! Me and London sat by each other at a devotional and it was way fun, but kind of unpreductive cause we were just catching up the whole time. it was so legit and he is doing so good! he's a district leader! would you ever think that London would be a district leader? he's so awesome. I love my district so much. My comp and I get along so well which is such a relief because that was my biggest fear, and the others in my room are way fun as well.  Some people say that falling asleep is hard in the MTC, but I fall asleep within 5 minutes of trying every night because I'm so exhausted and i can't really take naps.. every once in a while I'll take a 15 minute nap but you guys know that for me that's nothing. How's march madness?? and the heats winning streak?? and Tiger? and the Lakers? it's killing me not to be knowing exactly what's going on with sports. oh by the way MEGAN! that package was absolutely amazing and everyone in my zone was so jealous because of how awesome all the pics were and the package. Mom thank you so much for the dear elders and the packages, it's so great to hear from you and I miss you so much! however, don't send me candy, because I eat so much every single day here because well, it's a buffet haha. How are Mike and Brytni? are they actually official yet? This mission thing is kind of hard! but I think that's part of the reason why I love it so much! sometimes when I think it's really hard, i think to myself "If Marsh can do it, I can do it." and it gives me that extra push. It's amazing how much more I appreciate the Book Of Mormon. Personal revelation is real! everyone in our family needs to read the book of mormon again because it's awesome. Mom, just read it instead of your other books.. the whole thing, you could knock it out in like 3 days knowing you! Easter Sunday was awesome. Some lady named Sherri dew who's not married and you can tell she's upset about it, she spoke. and she gave a really good talk. One of my companion and I's favorite things to do in big groups of people is yell pretty loud "Hey Elder!" because everyone turns around expecting that it it's them because we all have the same name.. One of my favorite quotes from this week is "We shouldn't tell our god how big our problems are, but tell our problems how big our god is." I need to have my patriartical blessing here! I can't believe I forgot to bring it, so if you could send it that would be awesome! How's Laura doing? I miss her! she's so sweet, and would have been an amazing missionary! Mcelle and kelsey are the only people to have written me so far, but both of the letters were great! another great thing about my mission, is i haven't been feeling sorry about myself for not winning state last year! I think I went 3 whole days without thinking about it! can you believe that? Anyways I'm having the time of my life, am safe, and am getting much closer to the lord already. Don't worry about me, I pray for each member of our family and Laura everynight so remember I'm there for you guys! love you so much.

P.S. have megan put my facebook status as my email, because I can email friends now! so that would be great, also, can you get me Jonny Dupre's email address? cause I want to write him! I'm sure I'm forgetting a bunch of stuff but I will make sure to write it down for next week, and the next time you hear from me, i'll be in the motherland :

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