Monday, April 22, 2013

email from Spencer 22 April 2013

sup fam
this week was good we had tons of Hispanics at church, last night we ate chile relleno in the chavez home, and then the chavez came with us to see a few less actives and some investigators it was a party, I love the culture of family that Hispanics have , every Hispanic mom is like our mom, they throw a fit and are a wreck when ever anyone leaves the house, and everyone in the family is usually close, something that was the norm in our homes but not in the homes of most my friends, its decided theres no love like harris love, we just know how, were just good at it and we love to love, its just so much more fun and happy when you choose to love everyone and everything. and mom your right we are creators and we can create what we want, in fact we always have what we ask for , the problem is most of us don't ask for the right things.
anuwaus this week was good, we taught tons of lessons found a few new families and put them on date, there on date for after im home, its just weird i think, but im still just loving and savoring every moment I still get to be a missionary, every moment I still get to share and teach and preach this gospel, and the happiness which flows from it, it is the greatest of all privelages. I am so blessed to be where I am , and mom im sorry but I might struggle at home, I might pace the house and go nuts, so just be patient with me im weird now, sorry to keep the letter so short but honestly your gonna see me soon enough, just know that I am loved, I love it here, I love everything about here, especially the people I teach and serve, I love being a missionary, I know that the gospel is true, I know that christs atonement is perfect and all shame and guilt can be wiped away through the healing nature of gods word. I know the book of Mormon is true, I know the gospel has been restored in its fullness, I know god loves imperfect people, and that his arms are opened wide to any that will turn to him. I love the ability he has given us to create and to be happy just by choosing too.
I love the gospel
I love my family
elder harris

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