Sunday, April 14, 2013

Amazing what happens in ONE WEEK in our world...

 Still no news if they are engaged:)
 Chelsey and Lee's BABY BORN THIS MORNING!!! I think he looks just like Chelsey!!!! and TRUEVILLE...see below...the GORGEOUS Annie Jane Johnson is OLD ENOUGH to go to PROM!

 Jackie posted these....made me so TRUNKY!!! Decided to clear my schedule to make sure I see a game this week.
 CJ won the most spirit for this at Spirit Bowl! Spirit Bowl so totally rocked! lots of video posts of the dances,etc.
 The cousins making smores and being cousinly!!!
This brought me to glad you'll have a few days together before he heads out Spencer!

 cousins head to ST. AUGUSTINE...we are SO going to ALL go there when all are home!!!!
 At the Fort
 Audry is playing LaCrosse...know that will make Sam Smile.

It's still too dang cold for April, but Every now and again we get some SUN so we feel the hope of it!
The bikes are out and we've had a few rides on the canal. The tulips and crocus and daffodils are in full bloom. Geoff came and got the pool ready...just waiting for warm enough weather to make sense to turn it on....looks like it might have to wait till for 2 more weeks or so...but don't you worry Spencer..its gonna be PERFECT for the second you hit HOME!

Dad went to Guatemala and is back. Meg bought an IPHONE...she's pretty stoked. Ryan performed on THE VOICE ---ALL chairs turned and they fought over was sweet. It will be on the DVR for both of you when you get home. Oh...what a sweet thought ...when BOTH OF YOU GET HOME:)  He sang GRAVITY...pure liquid GOLD. It's so FUN to be his friend. Megan has been sending fan club shirts out all over the US! The weird room is filled with them. Michael is moving out on the first but has been working so much or gone with Brittany that I haven't seen him in 3 days:) Mr. Josh is still Mr. Diligent...missed him not coming home this weekend. He is gearing up for finals and has made arrangements to take some early so he can be here IN 18 DAYS when we pick you up at the airport SPENCER HARRIS!!!! 18 days!!!! THIS MOMMA IS SO HAPPY!!!!!! Sam as you can see from the earlier post is safely to England. I am dying to know when his PDAY is and all that has been happening with him and WHERE he is and WHO he is with and WHAT he is eating and what his apartment is like and IF he forgot something or NEEDS something.....Can't wait Bam. CAN NOT WAIT!!!

DoTerra is becoming such a sweet part of my life. I LOVE IT as much as Real Estate!!! I first thought I was just going to gut through it to have the residual income to replace my real estate in 3years. But it hasn't been that AT ALL!! I even wonder if I should be brave and just go for it full time. I can barely keep up with all that I have going on with it now.  I am still amazed at how much I like it!! At first I thought I liked it just because it was a new PROJECT---and we all know how much I LOVE a new PROJECT and challenge!! :)  I am working with some of the MOST AMAZING people EVER...I am learning new skills--people AND business skills...I am making a difference in families ( physically and financially and emotionally and socially). THE BEST PART IS HOW FREAKING AMAZING THE OILS WORK! and how fast! THEY SELL THEMSELVES!!! Spencer...I was so surprised and thrilled to have you tell me you already love them and use them! I will tell you just ONE story from this week.

 It was about 8:30 Thursday night. That morning I had committed myself to finding another builder. I had been focusing all day on trying to open a leg in Canada as well as helping my builders here AND tending to real estate. I'd spent the entire day on the phone with I swear, maybe a 5 or 8 minute breaks at the most. I had just declared it time to eat something and was heading to the kitchen when Megan says "there is an Asian lady at the door"..I laughed and said, you mean Kim? and she said " Asian lady"...I open the door and sure enough...a sweet woman begins by saying..."I am not from your neighborhood, but I am selling gluten free vegan egg rolls that I have made in my home, a dozen for $10 dollars."....before she got any further the spirit sent that tingle through me to BUY from this woman and I said "yes, of course I will buy a bag". I got the $10 dollars, paid her, was thinking on the significance of having felt the spirit so strong to assist her and closed the door. When MEGAN says"SERIOUSLY MOM? you just spent all day looking for the perfect doTERRA builder and that woman is going DOOR TO DOOR?????" I flew the door open and she was still on our front walk and I said "have you ever heard of Do TERRA oils?" She paused a few seconds and said "yes, but I cannot afford to invest to start that business, I am a single mother and have to make $100 a day to pay our bills". My whole body surged first with humility and gratitude for the life I have  that I have NEVER known hers...then awe for the gumption and WORK of this woman---I was truly overcome, and then with KNOWING and I smiled and said...will you come in for a minute?

 She is from SPRINGVILLE. She makes 14 dozen egg rolls a day from 11:30-1:30 and then heads out to sell them door to door until 9--monday thru saturday. She is Christian so she will not sell on Sunday. The first $14 dollars goes in her right hand pocket for tithing...and then she says...EVERYTIME, EVERYDAY I sell all 14 dozen. G.od always helps me. The she told me how one Saturday she still had 4 dozen to sell but was very tired and went home for a rest and told God...I am sorry I am taking this break, I know you always help me, but I feel I must just sit for a bit...and then the phone rang, and a regular client wanted to know if she had 4 dozen egg rolls she could have for an unexpected dinner that night. As most know, I have been grappling with my own FAITH and what it looks like. Her Faith in her God and my Faith in mine combined to bring us both the most extraordinary gift. The Universe literally walked Angelita up my from walk...yes, no lie, her name IS Angelita!!!! Because I can assist her in the start of this business she will change her life. ALREADY it has changed her life. I SO wanted Allyse (the number 1 distributor in Do Terra that recruited me) to meet her so we took her to dinner Friday night. At first she said she couldn't because that would be egg roll selling time. So I told her I would cover the egg rolls if she would just come and we would work a plan together to help sell the egg rolls more efficiently so she could make the time for do Terra. At dinner she gets teary and thanks us both and says"so far this business has been a vacation!! I have had a whole day off AND I get to have dinner at a restaurant!"I wanted to cry as I think of how often I have dinner out. She is humility and grace. Angelita IS an angel. At dinner she tells us how she has spent the day (her vacation mind you) Watching the webinars and reading all about the company and the oils. She has made a plan for how she will work her time so she can still do egg rolls AND give us 20 hours so we can pay her. Then she tells us how just the Sunday before her Bishop had called her in and told her he wanted her to apply for other jobs..that she was SO valuable to ANY company because of her work ethic and diligence. That it has caused him pain for the years he has known her to see her work so hard. At first she thought maybe he didn't like her egg rolls. That made me like a woman to think "what am I doing wrong?" instead of hearing YOU ARE SO AMAZING! Then he tells her that in a dream he has seen her super successful where she is traveling all over the world and making A LOT of money and helping families. When I told her we would need her to travel, she shook her head, tells me this story and says, "I can not believe this...God told me to listen to you when you asked about Do Terra". And I told her how I too was thinking on how strongly my heart reacted to her at the door...and how MEGAN had to point HER out to me because I was wrapped in the strength of the feelings she had brought.

COULD ANYONE DOUBT that she will be a shining star at this business? Or the JOY and LENGTHS I will go to, to  assist this woman in SUCCEEDING and CHANGING HER LIFE?? NOW let me tell you ALL know how much I want to build in Gainesville so I can go home whenever I DINNER with Allyse, Angelita tells us SHE SERVED A MISSION IN the JACKSONVILLE, FL MISSION and served in Gainesville as well!!! There are NO ACCIDENTS in this life. NO. NONE. My Gods love me JUST AS I AM and testifies it to me by walking an Angel up my front walk. My life is filled with MIRACLES! I LOVE DoTERRA!!!! I LOVE PEOPLE and their life stories and that they share THEIR lives with me. I LOVE that I can make a difference! I love that the Gods blessed me with business gifts, that my life has provided me with skills that permit this opportunity to be easy and effortless for me. I love that the work I do has a purpose that betters our world.
Oh...and I forgot to tell you that she ALREADY had a miracle story about using the oils. Because of all the stress she has in supporting her family, about 2 years ago she broke out in hives...nothing the doctors gave her would help them subside...after a month "someone" left Peppermint oil on her door with a note of how to use it...they were gone the NEXT DAY...since then she has only had a few break outs but been able to get rid of them with the oils! And hasn't had a break out for almost a year! Crazy? No....destiny, synchronocity, deliverance.

Angelita has blessed my life on so many levels. I could not quit thinking WHY wouldn't GOD have blessed her financially so many years before NOW when her FAITH has been so unshakeable? WHY wouldn't the GODS have just GIVEN it to her for her GOODNESS and DILIGENCE?? And then I was taken to what she said about the Bishop---and how he  had to CONVINCE her that she could DO and BE more..and even then she wasn't convinced...but she HOPED....he opened a place in her that allowed her to allow the possibility. Isn't this ALL OF US??? How many of us are STUCK IN FAITH in places that really HOLD US BACK from AMAZING possibilities. It has wrapped me in strength that the journey of FAITH I seek is true for ME. that my path and YOURS is perfect for each of us.That each journey is about OUR CHOICES. We can have WHAT WE CHOOSE! I CHOOSE LOVE AND HAPPINESS!!! And YOU!!! I CHOOSE BEING OPEN TO ALL POSSIBILITES, even and especially when they go against what I have been taught to be "right". So the deepened lesson for me...when something is NOT making me happy, when something is HARD, I can CHOOSE EASY and HAPPY!!!. It took Angelita 14 years to move on from egg rolls. It has take me 50 years to move on from some of my beliefs. So to MY GODS: HERE I AM....opening my heart...asking for you to send me more messengers like until Angelita. I am ready to BE all that I can be. I am committed to BEING MORE. Was this NOT the ultimate lesson in loving--myself and others MORE?

I read the book THE SLIGHT EDGE  I mentioned before. Anyone reading this. READ IT.

Favorite thoughts gathered from this weeks pursuing of the great thoughts of others:
You can only build your dream by building it
Emerson - "DO the thing and YOU shall have the POWER"
YOU can absolutely change the future
The Universe always RUSHES in to support your commitments in life- sally berger

So my most precious, handsome/beautiful, amazing, adorable, fun to be with, heart and soul inspiring children---ALL OF we are each out there in our world about the work we have chosen...lets keep our hearts open and our purpose and intents clear....and start sharing more of the miracles with each other. YOU are my MIRACLES. Really, think about it...YOU KNOW how amazing each of you are...we have spent years together KNOWING it... AND the GODS sent YOU to ME!!!Share your LOVE.
With that know I can't help but count...sometimes a touch of OCD is a GOOD THING!
*18 days till Spencer comes home. I can't help but do a dance everytime it is thought of!
*700 days...Sometime on or before 15 March 2015--exactly 700 days from today I will be a Presidential Diamond with DoTerra.
*712 days till the whole family is in England picking up the Bammer!
*Grateful that there is an ETERNITY with no days to number that we have to LOVE together.

The Momma

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