Monday, October 29, 2012

letter from Spencer 29 OCT 2012

hey fam
this week was pretty dang awesome, we had a good outing at church again , uriel and liz got the first half of there marriage papers done and we ashould be able to finish them this week so were hoping for the baptism on friday!!! it would be so siiick to baptize the night before elder bednar comes and speaks to our mission , which he will on saturday, not sure if i had told you that before, ya im totally lost on the whole race between romney, and obama, the only people here voting for him are black, no suprise, the south really truly proves that they don thave much sense, its not even racism , its just pure solid truth, i love my negro friends here but wow, lets just say im blown away cada dia at some of the sensless things they do here haha, a kid in my district has a tally in his white handbook of how many times he sees and african american girl randomly dancing on the side of the street, lets just say its over 100 now, life is awesome in the south.
what happened in libya?
anyways so week runthrough, backwards, sunday we ate delicious bambasos, sandwhiches o tortas covered in a thin dry layer of salsa at the part member familys house named the ramirez-martinez, there awesome , the parents should be getting baptized before the end of the year, we also taugh them, and then headed over to aanother partmember familys house, viki, the member and her friend luis, who was a jehovas witness, and her husband, paco, who is a jdub todavia, luis is on date for the 24th and really sincere and interested ever since conference, paco thinks everything we teach out of the book of mormon is false untill we bare our testimony, then he just silently listens to the rest of the lesson, then when we leave he tries to ant viki, his wife and luis haha but lets just say it doesnt effect them, they both came to church, saturday was good, we took one of our older senoritas to our lesson with carmen and her non member husband narciso, who just doesnt understand commitment, please pray for him, he needs to join carmen , and get baptized. friday nothing that cool, besides alot of getting and contacting referals, thursday, nada, wednesday, we went on splits with our ward missionaries, fun, tuesday we ran around with our heads cut off from apointment to apointment, and monday was our pday, which was great as always.
dang sam puts his in on tuesday? crazy crazy crazy, film him opening his call please, ive already missed to many moments of the person i love most, i cant miss that one too.
film and take pics of all the stuff you guys do with the fam before he leaves, it would mean alot to me.
i finally understand moms crazy pic taking desires. sorry mom for all the guff i gave you, but i still dont like pictures of me much, something i need to get over i think, anyways were gonna go have fun now, and then go baptize some families tonight haha, being a missionary is the best
love elder harris

Sunday, October 28, 2012

October 22-28 2012

Lovey Lovey Lovey....
We went to Tanner Marsh's farewell today....the reality of Sam leaving bit me in the heart again. Sam came home for it. Half the high school kids he graduated with and then lots still going were there. I was so happy for Tanner that he could SEE how loved he is. I love that boy.

Bryson's papers go in tonight. Sam's go in on Tuesday. Patrick Clarke's have been in 3 weeks and he is hoping to hear by this Wednesday.  Going going going going....argh. Remember my ROCK in the back hill....STAY...well, yeah, I MEAN IT.

I got asked to be a coach for that Power 90 Class I took...I am THRILLED! So I get to go through it all again. Want to finish my weight goal AND my pay off the house goal.

Megan had her annual Masquerade Ball Friday night...I'll post pics at the end. She looked GORGEOUS!! And so did Laura. We popped in on them to take pics. I LOVE TO DANCE!!! They made $2400 for United Way! You have SUCH A GOOD SISTER:) XXOOXX. Megs heads to Orlando this weekend for work. Wish I could pop in her bag...I'd drive up to St. Augustine. Not sure how the Hurricane is affecting weather there...but I am SO WATCHING it for you. Hope you bought lots of snacks and a flash light.

What will you be doing for Halloween?

My Halloween? Dad is heading to Guatemala, and no little guys to do costumes parties to go to since I'm working on my own, not a day off claimed for my no sugar bet...a little funky. Will be a first in like 30 years....going to make a plan for myself later tonight...and its going to be a GOOD one! I still haven't bought the candy yet! Galan's were suppose to come so I would have done Pumpkin guts dinner as usual, but now they aren't coming until Thanksgiving because Soledad's mom died. She was a classic lady...she will be dearly missed. I'll quit complaining now. I have my primary kids I can do something for.

Michael is pretty much living the life...I am SO HAPPY for him...and so jealous in a way. SO wish I was with him. I'll post his pics below. He is in Ireland now. LOVE THE BOY and THE PLACE!! Josh is.....drum roll....STUDYING!!! I am going to have to pay some beautiful girl to go drag him OUT of that Library! Sam had the HOWL last night. 9 of them went as Newsies. The report is raving as always...there are days I wish I was a freshman at Utah State. He saw Joseph Butler--his girlfriend is up there so he went up for the Howl as well. Joseph has to have 2 rods put in his back from his scholeosis at Christmas...ugh. Sam's intramural team got 3rd out of 54...of course he was bummed that it wasn't FIRST, but I am amazed that a freshman team would do so well! He didn't get home until 4:30 and then went to Kimona's Farewell and 9 and now is sleeping till 630 when he'll head back up. We missed Cole's Homecoming today to be at Tanner's. Tough choice.

I voted last Friday. I want the pain of it to end. I don't want either one. I voted Romney because I need his business sense to turn this economy around. And after Obama not protecting those boys in Libya...I can't hardly stand to see him on TV. WHAT were they thinking? Whether it was incompetence or a cover up...I can't stand either option. I don't know how Romney couldn't win now. Surely those in the military will landslide it home for him. I bet you don't get any of the news...I'll fill you in later. Wish Ron Paul had written his name in.... his international views scared me, but in another way I feel like, really...LET THEM WORK OUT THERE OWN STUFF.

My foot is letting me take longer and more frequent runs so I am for sure cancelling the surgery. I love my body. I realize it is not perfect by the world standards, but all those imperfections just tell a story of some gift it has given me. I am so grateful to be so healty and strong. I love ALL my senses. I wish I could make you pumpkin bars so that you could GET them without them being stale. Take care of yourself. Spend the money on the vitamins and airborne and all that stuff to keep you healthy xxoo

Sis. ROckhill came by to bring some stuff for sam to take up to sheridan...and wanted to know what you are planning to do for school because when she asked Stephen what she should start doing to get ready he said he was going to go wherever YOU thoughts? I have fallen in love with Utah State and I love that Josh is there and my Brothers and the maybe you could think on that? Sam is having the time of his life! YOU DESERVE to have the time of let me know.

I love you big as always and forever!!!
MOM XXOOXXOOXXOOXX and a back scratch!

 Mauri and Heather went...while Dad and I went to see PERKS OF A WALLFLOWER with Randy and Marta...another must see movie when you get home.

 This is Wicklow, Ireland, outside of where they filmed PS I LOVE YOU.
 Here Michael is in Loch Tay. AMAZING right? I could never get over how it really WAS just as beautiful as all the pictures! I want him to tell me who is taking the pictures of him!
Saw that Shayla went to the Masquerade and thought you might know some of these other girls as well.

Sam at How as a NEWSIE:)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Letter from Spencer 22 OCT 2012

hey padres
this week was good, and the training went fine in columbia i was nervous but the spirit took over and it all worked out, my trainees name is jeremy call, hes from ecuador and his moms name is, yessi is his mom, and his dads name is thor , yeah, probably the two coolest names ever, yessi and thor , they live in orem.
uriel and lizbeth got interviewed for baptism and so now were just waiting on a day off for them to go and get there marriage papers, he just started a new job and so he cant get off unless they give it to him , so please pray that he will get one off soon, weve also seen many other miracles this week, and ive honestly never been happier in my life, its awesome to see cole and michael, i truly do miss them so much, they are my brothers, i miss coles personality, hes such a boss, i cant believe its been two years already , time flies when your having fun. we set a new record for church attendance this week in the branch i dont remember what it was but our branch presidant and the branch council were as pumped as we were. so all in all great week, we should have some wonderful baptisms this next week , and if not then the next month we will just have to baptize more haha, good to see michael looking so happy in europe.
mom sorry but i did not see the gator game at all, and really i dont care much but i do have a present for you that i think you will like, slash laugh at, the more im in the south , the more i realize that your a southern woman at heart, one day, you might even get out of the cold, that is if i become a pro golfer , make millions and buy us all houses in florida just because i can. myrtle beach or charleston wouldnt be bad either.
but anyways mom i still have 7 months so dont get too excited, i still might extend if possible as well, and hey what if sam gets called to serve here? crazier things have happened, tdog is here,
anyways i love you fam , i am gonna go eat good food, and play some frisbee golf and just have a good day, hope you all read your scrips and said your prays, we cant let dad take all the blessings god has to offer.
love elder harris

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Here HE IS!!! Mr. Cole Wharton XXOOXX

                            BROTHAS :)
                              Thought you'd like this of them hanging in the MAN CAVE.....
                           Won't be long....

Sunday 21 October 2012

 Happy BROTHER BEAR is in Berlin.....and like I said, and no need to state again but I will....HE IS SO HAPPY!!!!
 I'm loving on that bridge!
 I've already loved on the Doner's before...but looks like I'd like to go again :)
This is his friend he stayed the first few days with in Berlin....they look pretty happy to me!!!!

COLE IS HOME!!!! I was so excited to see him come through the doors a few nights ago...Don took him to the freezer and said help yourself and he was SAD that I didn't have any HOT POCKETS out there. Dad explained that with all of you guys gone I haven't been stocking up like notmal....but I got him some the very next morning and they have all been over to hot tub and hot pocket a few times now! Sam just texted him for me to invite him to dinner tonight and I'll get a pic for you then. His Homecoming is the same day as Tanner Marsh's farwell so we will miss it :(.

I went to meet Olive at the Hotel and the manager met me and asked how well I took hard news...I said not well, but what is up? He told me they had a cab waiting there to take them to the hospital because her traveling partner, Mary Thompson was having chest pain and breathing problems. I was only 15 minutes behind them. I beelined to the University of Utah Med. Center and there the two of them were....Mary already in a bed and had blood drawn and Olive being the perfect Mother Hen.
After chest xrays the Doctot came it tell us it was at LEAST a very large pneumonia (he showed us the xrays---there was very little black and a huge mass of white. He told me she would be there at least a week if not more and that he suspected cancer. Poor Mary...only 3 days in on her trip. Because Olive wasn't sick herself, she couldn't stay back with Mary without losing all her money....SO...Olive is off and I have a new best friend. Truly. Mary is an angel. Her birthday is the day they admitted her (18th). Canadaa keeps saying they want to fly her home and do the rest of the testing crazy? The Doctors can't get her stabilized enough to fly (Canada brings in a leer jet and she stays in the hospital bed the whole time. They have drained several quarts of fluid off of her lung and now she has drain port just left in to keep up with the build up. This morning she told me she thinks its cancer.
Her family is on hold as to whether to fly here or not with the canadian government saying each day that the next will be when they are going to fly her home. Health is such a precious commodity.
Mary is 78 and Olive is 86 and I swear you'd think Olive was the younger! That woman has some get up and go spice! I was so comforted by how well the tour director and the rest of the people on the tour tended to them. Like family. I love Canadians. I love Olive. Mary says next year I am coming on HER birthday and not Olive's since she had to be omitted on this birthday and we have to make up for it with a big party. :) I hope to take bus tours with my friends when I retire....

Josh and Sam come home this weekend for their fall break. I am a HAPPY and GRATEFUL Momma. SO nice to be able to cook for enough poeple. I am not loving this only cooking for 2 people thing. Actually I'm just not doing it much. Cereal and other fast breakfast foods are becoming the norm. Protein shakes and green shakes are pretty ok too:)

Meg had a blast in NY. Glad to have her home.
Funny thing happened this week. I was heading  through Spanish Fork with Creig Fyer and Sara on the way to drive a ranch (WHICH WAS GORGEOUS!!!) and I see this HUGE Raccoon jump out of a driving truck onto the road and off in to the parking lot of the Food 4 Less store. Crazy. Just not something you see everyday. Keep hoping it was a boy and NOT a girl with babies back wherever it got on the truck!

I can't hardly stand another day of election propaganda. I am anxious for it to be over. Dad lives with it on all the time...he screams at the media the way he does a football game. I want to get him on video.

Galan's may not be coming now. Soledad's Mom had a bad stroke yesterday, so we will know more on Tuesday. Herman is getting FAT and his winter fur. He has been an expert at tearing in the door the second anyone opens it.  Laura is still a delight and we LOVE having her here. Not sorry the Gators beat SC yesterday :) CHOMP CHOMP!! Learned 2 new card games to teach you!

I love you big. Wish I was there....just for a day even.  Let me know if you need or want anything.
YOU my son are amazing and gorgeous and smart and FUN and talented and athletic and the perfect match for US!!!!! We feel the hole when you are gone....but NOT FOR MUCH LONGER!!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Email from Spencer 15 Oct 2012

que pasa calabasas,
so week one with my trainee, was boss, his name is elder call from orem ut, he went to mtn view high, and loves rancheritos just as much as i do , so safe to say we get along great, he has a testimony and a big desire to baptize so im very content and happy, we had a great day at church muchos investigadores and a bunch of less actives came as well, la familia tranquilino is boss and we are now teaching every other non member of there family that lives here in greenville, they all came to church, 4 less actives and 3 investigators from just the familia tranquilino, i love them , they are so awesome, uriel and liz are still doing awesome, uriel is ramira tranquilinos brother ( she s the mom of jovani who just got baptized ), they came to church and there still coordinating and planning there marriage with our branch presidant and were stopping by to teach them tonight again, were excited for there baptism, we also got a bunch of great referals and some miracles in the obra this week, so im pumped and happy, hopefully we can continue to have this much sucess, so elder call can have this much faith through out the rest of his mission, went to columbia this wednesday to pick him up and it was way fun to be with all the other trainers and trainees and presidant, we have a specialized training meeting tomorrow for all the spanish missionaries and im training on member work, im a little nervous to train everyone, and in front of presidant, so pray for me, hopefully i can help lift there faith to work through missionaries and baptize, i got to go my companion is having computer troubles and im about to loose my patience with these guys here at the libray, i will try to log bacvk in but know i love you and im happy and doing good,

love elder harris

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Josh's birthday week :)

 Found these on Jake's site....Josh went up to Rexburg to hang with Jake and mike and Dave and at Mike's folks house rode around on 4 wheeler's with machete's hacking down what was left of the garden and then went shooting shot guns....manly men :) Hard to believe it was 23 years ago when I brought this boy home and it snowed on the 17th of October and the big earth quake hit San Fransico and the TV footage has forever freaked me out about driving on overpasses in earthquake county. That baby is just as beautiful now as he was then.

October 8-14 2012

 Dad and I were in Boise at the funeral until Wed....we got back just in time for Michael to head up to Logan to be with the Brothas since he leaves for Europe tomorrow for 6 weeks...He is going to have SO MUCH FUN!!! I love how he LOVES life...and makes opportunities for himself.
 AND just in time for Megan to head to NYC with Kylee and she stayed at Lauren's place and Lad (who lives there now too) came over for one of his "toasts"--I LOVE that kid...ever since the chicken dance on the cruise :)  They've done all the touristy things...check out Meg's blog and facebook page, I am sure she'll post more pics soon.
 Not sure HOW this got added in the middle of all the pics...but here we YOUR golf course:)
 Dad and Grandmom at the dinner after the Don Tonkin's Boise State Tree? I told him it was really a GATOR tree :)
 It was Josh's birthday Tuesday while we were in Boise....we took him to Changs Sat night and are STILL searching for the perfect present other than money...cuz you KNOW he won't spend it!!!
 Found this pic of Scott Cooper and knew you'd want to see.  He's doing GREAT!
 I wanted you to see your new sister...Laura...she lives in Josh's room now and I love it cuz when everyone else is gone traveling I'm not alone in the house. She is an angel girl.Wish I could make her a permaneant member of the family.
Michael at Karioke...again, the brother LOVING his LIFE!!
 Megan just sent this across Instagram...YES....she is at Yankee Stadium for the play offs!!!!

 Michael just got back from zooming the gorgeous Alpine Loop on his Triumph :) Yes...I really did put that smiley face there...see...I can change... I mean it too...I LOVE that he LOVES it...and I pray my ever living guts out for him till he hits the driveway home.

So...of course Sam is going to leave as soon as he can. I am breathing. I am officially going to make his room into a closet for myself the day he leaves....maybe sooner....
I am focusing on what's NEXT in my life.
Olive comes Friday and I can hardly wait. It's only for a day. I wish I could talk her into coming for a week or so...or WINTER...she could be in Sam's room. The Galan's come the 29th. Until then I am biking and running the canyon and canal trails and drinking in every last minute of Fall. The hot tub loves me.  I love the Hot Tub. Still. And forever.
Friday night my friend Gretchen and her husband came over to teach us how to play UCHOR? sp a canadian card game that Olive loves to play and another game called are going to love them both! Then we had Kim and Bruce over Saturday and we played again. I love being with friends. I love to win at cards :) I didn't cheat...I swear.
The highlight of my day was when a little 3 year old pulled the Fire Alaram at church while we were in sharing time..I only had the 2 boys today and WE LOVED IT....two wards were in the building and EVERYONE had to come out. The 3 year old belonged to this darling new Brough'll like them...they live in the Ivory Homes...I love them even more now..... :)
So my Roman quote for the Question: What would be some good things to do on Sunday to show Heavenly Father you love him? Roman: Get out that book with NORMAN and LEHI cuz it's good for us to read about dad says he does some crazy stuff but he is always good for God".... Be good for God Spencer :) I will try too :)
I have been in some amazing books since you've been gone that you are going to want to slurp up when you get home. I am going to compile a list of books I hope all my kids will read sometime and put it on here so IT CAN BE WRITTEN :)
Real Estate is still buzzing...the fear of Obama winning has this republican state moving on their house and land deals. I couldn't be happier. The money is appreciated, but just having so many people in my life at once makes me happy. Along with the possibiliies of getting the house paid off. That's going to be a fun Blog to write!
I love you. Be good to yourself. Love hard. You've always been a master at that. Miss me.
XXOOXXOOXXOOXXOOXX and a back scratch!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Spencer's Letter to all of us 8 Oct 2012

well dad i responded to sams message before i even read your but dont worry about it, its was inspired, hahamom put your big girls pants on and let sam leave if he wantswe have eterninty to spend togethor, the mission is the best thing that has ever happened to me and it will be the best thing thats ever happened to sam in my opinio0n he should leave now, dont wait dont give the adversary anymore time to try to convince him other wise, get him in a bishops office and start the process today. go to the temple with him often , sams more then ready and more mature then needed even at 18, seriously, remember what i was like? and they said i was ready ? sams a mountain higher then i was and the people awaiting his testimony and love shouldnt have to wait any longer, pray about it and just decide, the lords time is always the best time, and ill be fine, ill have my friends, meg michael and josh to welcome me home to the world im not even excited to see again.when presidant monson anounced the age change my head dropped towards the floor and my mind began to race, in confused emotions and thoughts, but as i said the first few word in my silent prayer i knew that this was the time, that i could do it and so could sam, and that the lord needs him , the spirit will be there to comfort us both mom i promise, you and the family will never be so blessed as to have two full time missionaries serving the lord. so anyways on to the norm.this week was great we had mucho investigadores at church and a couple we have been teaching met with our branch presidant and they have decided to get married and baptized, in my excitement i was on top of the world and then presidant holm called me and told me not only will i be district leader this next transfer but ill also be training again, which makes me nervous as you know from my last struggle with my trainee, but im also excited because i know of all the miracles i will be able to see and the faith ill be able to show my father in heaven as i give it all i can to teach him how to be a goofd missionary, love the people, and last but not least how to baptize and convert the people here through the holyghosts cmfirmation of the truth of the restoration.i drive up tomorrow to start the training process in columbia and, i know this is definatley inspired as it will be hard for me to not think about sam, my best friend who i looked forward to seeing most when i got home, ill be focused and happy and love my trainee as if it were sam, considering he will be in the same position soon, and know that is what he deserves, que tal si esta llamado para servir conmigo? seria tan chido.  (How would it be if he were called to serve with me?  It would be so great.)   im gonna go play frisbee golf now, the mission is the best, my life is the best, and i hope your all not too jealous. haha i love you mom, just  let come what may and love it. love elder harris

MY RESPONSE: So, I got my big girl panties...they are pink with cream lace and sparkilies and a tiny bow......I am breathing....deep and deliberately......PLEASE just LOVE me even though I don't feel the same as you......XXOOXX.....

Spencer's letter to Sam

sam i love you so much, and for that reason, i know and felt the same way when they anounced they could leave at an early age, i know your ready and i will miss you so much but we will be apart 4 years no matter what we do, to me its going to hurt no matter when you leave, follow the spirit and do what the lord commands, you will be blessed as will i for the service you provide where your called to go , just know i love you, i felt the spirit comfort my heart as i began to freak out at conference, and i know that as we follow the lords will we will se miracles, i will miss you but its your time, its the lords will that matters not mine, convincing me isnt hard, i love the mission and i know you will love yours, just try to get mom to stop crying and go!!!!!!! we will have eternity to spend with eachother, what s 2 more years going to do? honestly i would stay out 2 years longer if the church would let me, you will never be happier then when you get lost in the work. but prepare yourself to serve, read pmg, and the bom, learn the lessons, and the first vision, learn to listen to the promptings of the spirit even in your small day to day decisions, and last but most importantly, get worthy, as worthy as possible , and attend the temple alot more then i did, just get josh and go, twice a week you will not regret it i promise the spirit you will feel there will sustain you and help you learn the misteries of god and understand the gospel to the point that you could explain any doctrine or question simply with the spirit of conviction and testimony, share the gospel now, dont wait you will regret it, talk to all, ask all if there members and get them the gospel that has so deeply blessed our lives personally, and our family too. cnat wait to hear where you get your call, film it please and keep me updated on your progress and preperation to pence

Loving on Leonard :)

Leonard Ground

Leonard Horace Ground 1921 - 2012 Leonard Horace Ground of Boise died October 3, 2012 at the age of 91 from natural causes. Born on September 30, 1921 in Wheatland, Dallas Co., Texas, to Julius Randall Ground and Elizabeth L. Counts, he was one of nine children. Leonard will be remembered as a wonderful husband and as a loving father, grandfather, and friend. Leonard is survived by his wife of 17 years - Mary Ground of Boise, ID; a sister Wanell Ekemo of Seattle, WA; many nieces, nephews, children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Leonard was preceded in death by his son, Allen, his parents, and seven siblings. Leonard served in the US Army as a Ranger Paratrooper Master Sergeant during WWII. He often spoke of his jumps and his times in the Rhine River region of Germany. He enjoyed working with the folks at ACE Hardware in Boise & Emmett Idaho. His hobbies included woodworking and, as a member of the Warhawk Air Museum in Nampa, Idaho, he enjoyed having conversations about his time of service. He was also an active member of the Senior Center in Meridian. A funeral service will be held at 1:00 pm Tuesday, October 9, 2012 at Alden-Waggoner Funeral Chapel in Boise. Burial will follow at 3:00 pm at Idaho State Veterans Cemetery in Boise. Special thanks and appreciation is extended to Capitol Care Center and Complex Care Center of Boise & Meridian. In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations be made to the Alzheimer's Association , P.O. Box 96011, Washington, DC 20090-6011 or online

Read more here:

8 Oct 2012

Hi Lovey...I hope I am not too late....after making the big conference breakfast and then getting ready for coming to Boise I didn't get your post in before we got on the road...I am SO SORRY. I thought my hot spot would work...but it was too weak.

Also, after the conference announcement you must know that I am in a deep funk. Sam and Dad are thrilled and starting his papers. I keep crying. I don't want to be that person or that kind of mom. But having you BOTH gone and then you two not seeing each other for almost 4 years....I know I don't have to say much more.  I LOVE that you LOVE me and you get me. I keep reinventing the next few years in my mind trying to come up with that HAPPY place.

Leonard died and that is why we are are here in Boise. Grandmom seems amazing. She is such a trooper. It's alot to lose 2 loves in 6 months. I think we are all pleased that Leonard is DONE with that body and the pain. It is good to be together as family. Megs and Michael and Laura all had to stay home for different work related things. Obviously Sam and Josh had to stay at school. So, its just me and dad. I have such sweet feelings about death. I just finished a book by George Anderson, a medium, who testifies again and again as to what peace and joy there is on the otherside and how it is all about our continued growth and love. I also loved how he says just what I believe from my own dreams, and that is that our loved ones are all around us and trying to help us as we need it. 94 days straight GrandDad has given me a piece of money...usually a  penny when I run, but sometimes a dime or quarter and other times through out the day....CRAZY. And I LOVE it!!!!  George's book was filled with HOPE. I LOVE HOPE. It is hard sometimes to be the one who doesn't see things the way most others around you do.

The BYU vs UTAH game was sad. I really wanted the Aggies to get em'! It was still fun to all be together and cheer for different teams.

I love you bud...going to close in hopes you get this! Make sure to write Josh for his birthday on Tuesday K?
LOVED LOVED LOVED the pics!!!!!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

FINALLY!!!! Some pics of the BOY!!!

 Spencer....THANK YOU so MUCH for getting us the card....I just REALLY NEEDED TO SEE YOU!!!! I LOVE YOU BIG!!!!! And for the rest of you who haven't seen him in a while....

As close as he got.....

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

email from SPENCER xxooxx

hey fam!
this week was great and im over my sickness
dad dont call the mission office again please, as sister holm called me and said you called i couldnt help but think how hypocritical it was, knowing that you, if you were on a mission would have been doing the same thing i had been doing especially if there was a baptism soon.
and yes giovani tranquilino and carmen mora were baptized, also an investigator rolando diego was baptized in augusta that i tought and got interviewed for baptism before i left so it was an awesome week!! 3 baptisms!! yay!! we have alot of momentum and the branch is just eating us up right now from the sucess weve been having giovanis mom ramira who was inactive for 14 years recieved a calling right before giovani got confirmed to help in the primary and so now she will be full fledged active, her daughters are also returning to church and they know muchos que no son miembros. and so we should be able to get some of there friends dunked, also uriel and lizbeth are investigators ive been teaching for the last month who have come to church everyweek and are cousins of giovani and ramira came to the baptism and just need to get married before there own baptism so we should see more of the family joinging the fold this month, we are way excited for conference!! 5 chances to get investigators at cuhrch, we set a branch record at church this last week having 92 people in sacrament meeting and 9 investigators which is the best in the last five years since they raised the illegal immagrant laws. by the way send me a ballet so i can vote. its romney this and romney that here in the south , he should win the vote here even though people hate hes mormon, dad make profile, the church is really pushing it a sick cite, especially the spanish one, dad go to and watch all the great videos, you could share a few with the galans through email or when they come to visit.
ill send you more pics soon , ive decided to be more diligent in taking pictures, ive been doing good in my journal but not many hotos, ive been having tons of problems with the camera, and i think today i might have to buy another battery, and if its too expensive, im thinking about just buying a new one that wont give me so many problems, so let me know what you think about it.
im loving life, i love being a missionary and i miss you mucho, but really im having a great time here haha so be jealous haha tell bam chow i love his face and miss him and tell the bretheren " the homies" they are in my prayers and i love them more then they can imagine, thoughts and experiences of them have filled my mind this week as i have been reading the scriptures, ive been more blessed then any other for the strength and goodness of the family and friends that surround and support me , i love you all so much. let me know if theres anything i can pray for, meg i love you i pray for you every night and peace fill my heart knowing that god has a plan for you, so be bold , loving and act in faith , decide what you want and get it.
you can, suprisingly enough we always get what we want. think about it.
love pooty