Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday 21 October 2012

 Happy BROTHER BEAR is in Berlin.....and like I said, and no need to state again but I will....HE IS SO HAPPY!!!!
 I'm loving on that bridge!
 I've already loved on the Doner's before...but looks like I'd like to go again :)
This is his friend he stayed the first few days with in Berlin....they look pretty happy to me!!!!

COLE IS HOME!!!! I was so excited to see him come through the doors a few nights ago...Don took him to the freezer and said help yourself and he was SAD that I didn't have any HOT POCKETS out there. Dad explained that with all of you guys gone I haven't been stocking up like notmal....but I got him some the very next morning and they have all been over to hot tub and hot pocket a few times now! Sam just texted him for me to invite him to dinner tonight and I'll get a pic for you then. His Homecoming is the same day as Tanner Marsh's farwell so we will miss it :(.

I went to meet Olive at the Hotel and the manager met me and asked how well I took hard news...I said not well, but what is up? He told me they had a cab waiting there to take them to the hospital because her traveling partner, Mary Thompson was having chest pain and breathing problems. I was only 15 minutes behind them. I beelined to the University of Utah Med. Center and there the two of them were....Mary already in a bed and had blood drawn and Olive being the perfect Mother Hen.
After chest xrays the Doctot came it tell us it was at LEAST a very large pneumonia (he showed us the xrays---there was very little black and a huge mass of white. He told me she would be there at least a week if not more and that he suspected cancer. Poor Mary...only 3 days in on her trip. Because Olive wasn't sick herself, she couldn't stay back with Mary without losing all her money....SO...Olive is off and I have a new best friend. Truly. Mary is an angel. Her birthday is the day they admitted her (18th). Canadaa keeps saying they want to fly her home and do the rest of the testing crazy? The Doctors can't get her stabilized enough to fly (Canada brings in a leer jet and she stays in the hospital bed the whole time. They have drained several quarts of fluid off of her lung and now she has drain port just left in to keep up with the build up. This morning she told me she thinks its cancer.
Her family is on hold as to whether to fly here or not with the canadian government saying each day that the next will be when they are going to fly her home. Health is such a precious commodity.
Mary is 78 and Olive is 86 and I swear you'd think Olive was the younger! That woman has some get up and go spice! I was so comforted by how well the tour director and the rest of the people on the tour tended to them. Like family. I love Canadians. I love Olive. Mary says next year I am coming on HER birthday and not Olive's since she had to be omitted on this birthday and we have to make up for it with a big party. :) I hope to take bus tours with my friends when I retire....

Josh and Sam come home this weekend for their fall break. I am a HAPPY and GRATEFUL Momma. SO nice to be able to cook for enough poeple. I am not loving this only cooking for 2 people thing. Actually I'm just not doing it much. Cereal and other fast breakfast foods are becoming the norm. Protein shakes and green shakes are pretty ok too:)

Meg had a blast in NY. Glad to have her home.
Funny thing happened this week. I was heading  through Spanish Fork with Creig Fyer and Sara on the way to drive a ranch (WHICH WAS GORGEOUS!!!) and I see this HUGE Raccoon jump out of a driving truck onto the road and off in to the parking lot of the Food 4 Less store. Crazy. Just not something you see everyday. Keep hoping it was a boy and NOT a girl with babies back wherever it got on the truck!

I can't hardly stand another day of election propaganda. I am anxious for it to be over. Dad lives with it on all the time...he screams at the media the way he does a football game. I want to get him on video.

Galan's may not be coming now. Soledad's Mom had a bad stroke yesterday, so we will know more on Tuesday. Herman is getting FAT and his winter fur. He has been an expert at tearing in the door the second anyone opens it.  Laura is still a delight and we LOVE having her here. Not sorry the Gators beat SC yesterday :) CHOMP CHOMP!! Learned 2 new card games to teach you!

I love you big. Wish I was there....just for a day even.  Let me know if you need or want anything.
YOU my son are amazing and gorgeous and smart and FUN and talented and athletic and the perfect match for US!!!!! We feel the hole when you are gone....but NOT FOR MUCH LONGER!!!

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