Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!

Hello LOVIES!!!!


I am in the MOST romantical little town named ALACHUA. Yes I know romantical isn't a word. Until now, when it IS.

The small 2 blockish downtown is decorated outside by the storefronts. I hope to get pics that I can get downloaded for next weeks post. I get to go give candy with Paul and Diane and Rudy and Ashley...Rudy and Ashley are my top Florida Do Terra builders. Ashley is in school for Chinese medicine...a perfect match for the oils. Diane literally has buckets of candy to give out tonight. I am enchanted with their lives. Rudy lives directly across the street from his mom and dad. They eat dinner together most nights (Does this sound like  the plan of somebody you know?) They all work from home. People pop in and out all day. My bringing the ZYTO scanner has been the hit for the last 2 days. Children come after school to get "oiled up" from Rudy,. People from all walks of life come for the extra fish they have from their catch, for the fruit from their trees, for the LOVE and friendship that oozes out the front door and into the town itself. I could write paragraphs on their generosity, on their kindness, on their magnetic community building skills. I wanna be like them.

The trees are incredulous. HUGE Oaks with moss hanging down. I want to hug them all. I want to take pictures of them I had a working magic wand I would beg them to tell me the stories of the people and their lives that they have witnessed over the hundreds of years they have been there.

This morning we took a walk. Diane carries cat food for the stray that got left behind when someone up the street moved out. The dogs are treated like people. Paul stops and talks to at least 3 people in cars, on the sidewalks. Paul calls over Eric, a black man who rides his bike from High Springs to Gainesville every day asking him if he could take some fish off their hands.....The morning started with everyone gathering on their front porch for tea and coffee, the paper, and political talk about the upcoming elections...legalizing marijuana is on the docket. two different women show up and share a cup. There is no hurry. Only NOW ...this moment. I have much to learn from them as my mind and heart begged for MORE. They created this. I am overwhelmed with the freedom each of us has to create the lives of our dreams. What do you dream?

I pulled a card question this week that asked  "What would be perfect?"   There are SO MANY OPTIONS....and coming here and being with these people creates even more in my mind. WHAT  would be perfect for YOU???? FUN STUFF TO CHEW ON!!!!

Today I am working on my NOT WORRYING Mother skills as Michael drives the rest of the way to Seattle. I LOVE that he and Michael are together there...but you know me and whole motorcycle yes...glad its Halloween with a LOT of distractions.

I am wondering if anyone is wearing the costumes from last Christmas??

Sam ...I hope YOUR costume gets you LOTS of treats today!!! Becky says Halloween isn't so big over there. Surely someone will have a donut and some cider.,..or maybe you can sweet talk your mission mom into some pumpkin guts :)

I got an email from someone this week that said that they had been tumbled and humbled and wanted to live life DEEPER instead of FASTER. I liked that.

Hopefully Megs will post pics of her and Dan soon...and I have some to share with Michael and Hiedi but they are on my phone and I don't know how to convert them from my laptop. I read Dad's letter to you so I saw that he caught you up on the world series and other stuff Sam xxooxx

I'v got to head to a class....but I am SOOO Happy to be your Mom....SOOO Happy to be on the planet....BE SAFE...BE LOVE...SHINE THAT LIGHT...

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Making my Momma PROUD

I Love Nutritional Science: Dr. Joel Fuhrman at TEDxCharlottesville 2013

TEDx Talks 1,683,600 
I almost cannot believe that I AM THE ONE POSTING THIS!!! But I am...and please watch? And lets get some green plant based foods into your body as well as using the plant based oils for healing?
One green smoothie a day will make a HUGE difference....ASK JOSHY! The stories  he shares are so compelling!!!!
Pretty sure these life changes in me means I will be here till LATE in my 90' the pressure on getting me grandkids is officially reduced xxooxx

FACT: I green smoothie has over 700 times the nutrition the average American gets in a WEEK!!!!

This Momma LOVES you!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Dad and Spencer in Boise with the FAM for the big game

BYU Cougars
Yesterday, 7:00 PM
Bronco Stadium, Boise, Idaho
30 - 55
Boise State
Boise State10317755

Love from Sam 25th of OCT 2014


I will say sorry before hand, we have basically no time today but I will try to fit in as much as I can for this week. 

First off, I loved seeing pics of everyone, especially in Boise! I'm so looking forward to visiting the family soon after I finish my mission.  Seeing Spence and Mike golfing made me a little excited for the future.. WAY EXCITED. 

This week was a humbling week in a lot of ways, but we still saw some miracles. Sonia is definitely going to be baptised a week from today, which is absolutely nuts! She is great. One of the most lovely people I've met in my whole life, and she's just really sweet.  It rained this week.. A LOT. well, it rains every week, but this week it rained HARD. it rained so hard yesterday that on some of the streets, the roads were flooded so the water was halfway up the car when driving! it was like driving with faith haha because we couldn't see the lines, we just had to trust that we were in our lanes. it was good fun though and we got some good videos.  I'm so tired of the rain, but I can imagine that upon my return home each time it rains I will happily go and embrace it. 

We spent LOADS of time finding this week. We got loads and loads of return appointments, close to 30, but only a few of them stuck, which was really frustrating, but we are pushing through it. Besides Sonia and Matte, are teaching pool is struggling quite a bit.  One pretty fantastic thing that happened this week was the finding of 3 new investigators, PHillipus, Yanis, and danight. They are from Eritrea (add that to the list of people I've met on my mission from different countries) They are humble and love Jesus, so there is definitely some cool potential there.  

Today we're going golfing... AGAIN :) I love that my companion is a golfer. It's amazing to be able to relax for a couple of hours despite how frustrating it is that I can't chip or putt haha. 

Life is good, time is going by a little too fast for my liking, but it's all good. 

Enjoy having Marsh home on the 3rd of November! that should be fun. he's a good kid and I miss him like heck. 

Love you all, thanks for being awesome! 


Elder Sam Harris. ;

Friday, October 24, 2014

Oct 24, 2014

Whoa! We are a traveling family! Josh is back in Seattle...Michael is here till his motorcycle gets fixed. His friend Hiedi arrived today--the one he will go to Costa Rica with for the surf/Spanish school. Megan just got home from Detroit. Spencer and Dad left to go back to Boise for the BYU BOISE STATE game and the Phillip Phillips concert. I leave Monday for Florida then Georgia...but always take the prize for farthest away. We miss you.

Lots of pics this week...keep scrolling down loves for all of them.

The weather is just too beautiful for words. All my windows and doors are open, The ducks and geese are having a party on the pond. The kids have come out to catch tadpoles and blow bubbles. The golfers are coming through consistently with their laughter and yee haw!Been a tad hard to sit in here all day even though my view is awesome....I am off to teach another class. TOMORROW I'm going to play! Best part is I get to wake to Sam's email.

My favoriest news of the week...I had my first run in a long time---Sarah came over. I only went 2 miles "ish" but my foot feels GREAT!!! We ran the golf course. Not so sure that is allowed..but it was GORGEOUS!!!!!!! And Sarah ALWAYS makes me laughs.

The ZYTO scanner has been a big hit at my Do TERRA measures your energy in a way that can assess which bio markers are off and tell you which oil you need to balance yourself....then I have whoever has been scanned read the emotional aspect of the oil...been a few tears. We live in such a remarkable world that such machines exist. I would like all you kids to come have a the Momma can get you the oil you need.

I was in Logan Wednesday night and got to see the brothers....they send their love Sammers. You are so going to be amazed at how big the kids are!

I have 2 books to add to the list:

And a few favorite quotes of the week:

Throw MORE love at the problem, not less.
All Doubt, Despair and Fear become insignificant once the intention of life becomes LOVE.
Find a place where there is JOY and the JOY will burn out the pain.
When things are chaotic and painful, embrace it, KNOWING that  in direct proportion there is opposition in ALL THINGS---in another place, and maybe on the other side of that amount of JOY!

I love you all more than an incredible Fall day with the slight breeze blowing. I love you more than Footgames with marching bands and laughing, excited fans. I love you more than pumpkin pie. I love you more than a completely clean and organized house.


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Dad and Boys waiting for SAM

 Loved this pic of Michael with Paxton and Charolette :)
Didn't want you to miss out on these pics!!

For Sam

She's kind of grown up a little bit since you've been gone longer the Lil' Sister!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What a week!!!!

 Sam feeling the HAPPY of his work!!!!!

 Morning walk with the Sis in Law's on the gorgeous BOISE RIVER TRAIL xxooxx
 THE WEDDING! Tyler and Stacy officially Mr and Mrs EVANS!!!!!
 Pictures tell all...PERFECT DAY!!!!!!

 Does Mike look like his Daddy or what?????
 This is Willis' pic of them announcing that they are expecting BABY #2!!!
 AND THIS....THIS MAKES ME SOOOOOOO HAPPY! The Bammer getting to hit some balls!
I spent the week in Seattle with Josh doing Do Terra and Michael joining us for awesome food, We all know I love to eat...but eating in Seattle/Bellevue is decadent....I highly suggest the shrimp and grits at the OLD TAVERN...yum....

We all few into Boise together while Dad Meg and Spencer drove from Utah and met us there. It was one of the most fun family visits with family that we've ever had. Just so relaxed and lots of football, visiting and getting ready together for Stacy's big day.  I got to hold Charolette and Paxton for the first time. xxooxx The family wrapped us up in their love and sent us off HAPPY HARRIS'.

The wedding was simply perfect. Stacy had everything planned and prepared to the "T".

Josh came back with me to train. Michael came back to fetch his motorcycle. Megan had to leave early to fly to Dallas for meetings this week.

The weather has been unseasonably WARM and so sunny and nice! It just screams for all of us to STOP working and go play in her mountains and roll in the leaves!!!! And eat pumpkin bread and drink fresh apple cider :)

We missed you SAM! As always, we missed you. This counter offer in my head ticks another day off each morning as I wake...140 days...what will each of us DO with our 140?? Spread love. Create love. Preach love. May our lives leave no questions to others looking in as to what we are about.

I LOVED what a friend of mine shared with me this week. This friend is from Georgia and organized and then participated in a church sponsored weekend they called EMMAUS.

" I am surprised at how much worth the right set of people can generate when they combine their of the main take aways...  I CAN LEAD...and LEAD WELL...When I put appropriate time and energy into something. God works through PEOPLE...and this time, he works thru me. The realization: I CAN BE SO MUCH MORE THAN I AM."

It stuck a chord in me. It continues to give me great pause as to WHO and WHAT I combine my energies. This week I am choosing what things I am putting down in order to be able to give the "appropriate" time and energy to the people I WANT to combine energies with so that the heavens can work through ME.    I CAN BE SO MUCH MORE THAN I AM.  I am surprised at how hard it is to take STUFF off my plate even when I WANT to....

Who have YOU been reading, loving, experiencing your lives with my Chickadees? Tell me about YOUR energy combining...and your HAPPINESS.


Monday, October 13, 2014

Scooter Nelson and Annaka Gallagher engaged

Do you know her Sam? Was he dating her before his mission?

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pics I thought you wouldn't want to miss

 Miss Drewser....still reigning queen in the soccer world.
 Can you believe how adorable and how BIG Addison and Paxton are ?

 Especially for Sammers...a few women you have loved in this pic....think the cats are hysperical!
ELDER Cooper represents.....

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Love from SAM October 2014

Good morning family!

This week was brilliant!

On Monday, we once again, spent all day in the office preparing for mission leadership council, and printing out the key indicators for the mission, as well as finalizaing the monthly report for convert baptisms that gets sent to the church headquarters. 

On Tuesday, Mission Leadership Council was great. I always enjoy seeing my good friends from the mission, each of my companions still on the mission were at the meeting. It was great to see Elder's Debeikes, Costigan, Pogue, and Unice.  After MLC I got to go back to COVENTRY! It was probably in my top 3 favorite exchanges of my mission so far.  First, we went and visited Sam and Sarah Bowles, and then, we got to go and visit Gifty! she is soooo sweet. I walked into the door, and she was expecting the missionaries that are currently there. When she realized it was me her face just lit up it was a priceless moment.  "HHHAAARRRRIIISSS!!!!!!" Sam and Sarah also made us breakfast, and then we went street contacting at the university there for a few hours, in the pouring rain. after an hour and half of being completely soaked, I was basically numb in most of my body so the pain was gone and we had more energy to keep going until we had to exchange back :) as much as it is cold and wet, while talking to these random strangers, every so often I realize how much I love being a missionary, and how much I will miss this when it's over. 

Wednesday we did a lot of finding actually which was a great change of pace from being in the office. 

On thursday we had zone meeting, and then sue's baptism interview. Sue will be baptised in about 5 hours, we're really looking forward to it, and so is she! we'll send pictures next week.  On Thursday we had an opportunity to teach in a members home. As we were waiting for an investigator to come to the appointment, we decided to street contact an old woman. Her name is Trish and she's a miracle. She is SO SWEET. She's extremely roman catholic. As we had the first lesson with her yesterday, she said before we said anything, "I'm not ever going to be a mormon." As we talked about the restoration, and especially the great apostacy, everything made sense to her, and by the end of the lesson she was so excited to read the book of mormon, to find out if god really does call prophets today.  It was a testimony to me that god puts people in our paths that are looking for the truth, even if we only have 3 mintues of finding time. 

Oh yeah, I was sick all week as well, every morning I woke up and felt like I couldn't move, but every day I was able to make it just to the end with strength sufficient to finish out the day before I would fall asleep regardless of what we were doing. I'm feeling much better now and have been using OnGuard on my chest and throat, I think it's helped heaps! 

After were finished emailing, we're going to pipe-hayes golf course to play 9!! woo! I'm stoked, even if I shoot in the 50's, it's going to be a blast to go out there and play. the deal is, 10 pounds for unlimited golf after 2, and because it's pretty cold and windy, I reckon hardly anyone is there! so, we might even get more than 9 holes in :) 

Know that each of you are in my prayers and I'm excited each time I hear from you. I'm glad that you're all happy, and I pray that you will be able to achieve the righteous desires of your hearts! 

Love and miss you!

Elder Samuel Harris. 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Sam Home in 150 days from tomorrow....

But WHO is counting, really? I mean....its not like it has already been a freaking 19 MONTHS!!!!!

 Can you believe how BIG they have gotten???And just TOO adorable!

 Megs busy working at her task masking office!!! I love the action shot below!
 MICHAEL CAME HOME!!! and then he left...he is already back in Seattle and already found an apartment. He will meet us in Boise for cousin Stacey's wedding :) Yeppers...still as beautiful as ever...and MEGS? Well...she be datin' a BOY Sammers...FOR REAL!!! So...write her privately and see what she will tell you!!!!
I talked to Kincade this week...he is ready to have all you brethren home :) He sends his love. I'm excited because Tanner will be home in just a few weeks...FINALLY!!!! Spencer spent the night with me last night and had Cole over so the longed for FRIEND christening has begun! I'm going to Seattle Monday to build Do Terra with JOSH...TRUE STORY!!! Yes, I AM THRILLED! He had a fun birthday the Therese planned for him. He got a blendtec blender to make his smoothies with...atta boy!!!

I've been working like surprise to you. Meeting so many incredible people...working on creating more time for just VISITING and not so much work. Preston and Drew are here for the weekend because Drewser had a soccer game in Sandy tonight and one in Mapleton tomorrow. YOU KNOW THAT MAKES ME HAPPY. Aunt Jer had to stay in Logan for Laikyn's games.

I am in the middle of a fascinating book by Dr. Joe Dispenza entitled BREAKING THE HABIT OF BEING to Lose your MIND and Create a New One....yep...another on Momma's please read list. Our bodies...and especially our brain is beyond fascinating. So so so know that we came here to grow up ourselves in HAPPINESS.

Love that about you are all stellar at choosing happiness. SOOOO..,.lets CHOOSE LOTS of it this week!

Da Momma  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Octoburrrrrrr! (from Sam)

it's getting cold :( but on a postive note, just about everything else went perfectly this week! 

All day Monday, we were in the office working on the stake presidency report for the 8 stakes that our mission covers in the E.B.M, gathering and organizing convert baptism records throughout the year of 2014. It was interesting and I'm learning a lot about using excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint, so hey,  maybe I won't need to take another computer tech class when I get back. 

Tuesday we did some more office work, and finally got out to proselyte at around 4 P.M to do some finding. Wylde Green is definitely a different proselyting area when it comes to finding and teaching. The people are mostly willing to have good conversations about the gospel, but hardly anyone is willing to have a return appointment, however, we met and taught the sweetest lady from Jamaica, named Sonya. She's been in the U.K. for 30 years, we met her at around 5, and she said to come back at 8 to teach her. we found a member and then shared with her the restoration. She is amazing! so sweet, and so nice! she's given us food, which is a good sign haha and we've taught her 3 times now. she's committed to come to general conference and to be baptised on the 1st of November! we'll keep you posted. Another one of those ladies who makes you feel like you're at home away from home.  

Wednesday we saw some more sweet miracles! I told you briefly about steven last week, who's going to rehab, well we contacted his wife, Susan this week. We got to the door and immediately said she wasn't interested, so we just asked her how steve was doing in rehab, and talked to her about her life, getting to know her. one thing lead to another and she eventually said, "All I really want in this life is to know that I'll be able to be with my family again," We taught her very briefly the plan of salvation, and she asked us for a Book of Mormon. We are so looking forward to teaching her in the future, on wednesday we also received a new investigator, Francis. A couple of weeks ago in Wylde Green, apparently there was a Hungarian Aunt and Nephew that came to church because they looked up online and were curious. they left before the missionaries had a chance to ask for their details, so at that point it was a pretty big missed opportunity. However, we were street contacting on wednesday, and Elder HIgham without saying anything just bolted off on his bike with a big smile on his face, and then stopped this hungarian person who he knew, I was so confused at the time, but to make another long story short, he's now one of our solid investigators as well, and we've taught him a few times. 

Sue, our most progressing investigator is doing excellent. She started a study journal for when she reads the Book of Mormon, she's doing family history once a week, she's attending church every week, and she's really looking forward to her baptism that will be a week from today. We're excited for her! she is going to love being a member of the church. 

I felt so lucky this week to be able to go on ANOTHER exchange with Elder Debeikes, who's one of my best friends. He's serving as a zone leader in Nottingham, so we got to spend the day together on friday. It was good to catch up and have fun together again.

We will be going to general conference in 2 hours, and I'm so excited! this is the super bowl for missionaries, minus the 5 layer-bean dip, chicken wings, and other endless food, funny commercials, couches, and all that jazz, you wouldn't believe it but I actually prefer general conference now! in a room that's probably too hot and crowded, and uncomfortable, there is nothing better than hearing from the general authorities of our church! 


It's most interesting to me that every time I make a mistake, it leads me to deeper understanding and higher truth and knowing. Grateful.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Loved the analogy

Loved this on Facebook many things to LOVE about it...but one of my favorites is that it only took the Sheperd 28 minutes to shear off the wool. Not a believer in hanging on to old yuck energy....get out them shears...Let whoever your Shepherd is do THE WORK. Awesome transition into...have you ever heard of BYRON KATIE? check our her book LOVING WHAT IS and go to her website THE WORK. xxooxx

This is Shrek the sheep. He became famous several years ago when he was found after hiding out in caves for six years. Of course, during this time his fleece grew without anyone there to shorn (shave) it. When he was finally found and shaved, his fleece weighed an amazing sixty pounds. Most sheep have a fleece weighing just under ten pounds, with the exception usually reaching fifteen pounds, maximum. For six years, Shrek carried six times the regular weight of his fleece. Simply because he was away from his shepherd.
This reminds me of John 10 when Jesus compares Himself to a shepherd, and His followers are His sheep. Maybe it’s a stretch, but I think Shrek is much like a person who knows Jesus Christ but has wandered. If we avoid Christ’s constant refining of our character, we’re going to accumulate extra weight in this world—a weight we don’t have to bear.
When Shrek was found, a professional sheep shearer took care of Shrek’s fleece in twenty-eight minutes. Shrek’s sixty pound fleece was finally removed. All it took was coming home to his shepherd.
I believe Christ can lift the burdens we carry, if only we stop hiding. He can shave off our ‘fleece’—that is, our self-imposed burdens brought about by wandering from our Good Shepherd.
“Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Matthew 11:28-30