Sunday, October 5, 2014

Octoburrrrrrr! (from Sam)

it's getting cold :( but on a postive note, just about everything else went perfectly this week! 

All day Monday, we were in the office working on the stake presidency report for the 8 stakes that our mission covers in the E.B.M, gathering and organizing convert baptism records throughout the year of 2014. It was interesting and I'm learning a lot about using excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint, so hey,  maybe I won't need to take another computer tech class when I get back. 

Tuesday we did some more office work, and finally got out to proselyte at around 4 P.M to do some finding. Wylde Green is definitely a different proselyting area when it comes to finding and teaching. The people are mostly willing to have good conversations about the gospel, but hardly anyone is willing to have a return appointment, however, we met and taught the sweetest lady from Jamaica, named Sonya. She's been in the U.K. for 30 years, we met her at around 5, and she said to come back at 8 to teach her. we found a member and then shared with her the restoration. She is amazing! so sweet, and so nice! she's given us food, which is a good sign haha and we've taught her 3 times now. she's committed to come to general conference and to be baptised on the 1st of November! we'll keep you posted. Another one of those ladies who makes you feel like you're at home away from home.  

Wednesday we saw some more sweet miracles! I told you briefly about steven last week, who's going to rehab, well we contacted his wife, Susan this week. We got to the door and immediately said she wasn't interested, so we just asked her how steve was doing in rehab, and talked to her about her life, getting to know her. one thing lead to another and she eventually said, "All I really want in this life is to know that I'll be able to be with my family again," We taught her very briefly the plan of salvation, and she asked us for a Book of Mormon. We are so looking forward to teaching her in the future, on wednesday we also received a new investigator, Francis. A couple of weeks ago in Wylde Green, apparently there was a Hungarian Aunt and Nephew that came to church because they looked up online and were curious. they left before the missionaries had a chance to ask for their details, so at that point it was a pretty big missed opportunity. However, we were street contacting on wednesday, and Elder HIgham without saying anything just bolted off on his bike with a big smile on his face, and then stopped this hungarian person who he knew, I was so confused at the time, but to make another long story short, he's now one of our solid investigators as well, and we've taught him a few times. 

Sue, our most progressing investigator is doing excellent. She started a study journal for when she reads the Book of Mormon, she's doing family history once a week, she's attending church every week, and she's really looking forward to her baptism that will be a week from today. We're excited for her! she is going to love being a member of the church. 

I felt so lucky this week to be able to go on ANOTHER exchange with Elder Debeikes, who's one of my best friends. He's serving as a zone leader in Nottingham, so we got to spend the day together on friday. It was good to catch up and have fun together again.

We will be going to general conference in 2 hours, and I'm so excited! this is the super bowl for missionaries, minus the 5 layer-bean dip, chicken wings, and other endless food, funny commercials, couches, and all that jazz, you wouldn't believe it but I actually prefer general conference now! in a room that's probably too hot and crowded, and uncomfortable, there is nothing better than hearing from the general authorities of our church! 

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