Monday, October 28, 2013

Sam transferred to Coventry

Hey family!

Tonight I received this message from Ruby Ann Bowring tonight via Facebook: “Hi were sad yet happy because Elder Harris has such an important job ahead of him. He is leaving Eastwood and going to Coventry he will really be missed but we know its the right time for him to go. He sends you all his love.”

·        Is located right in the middle of the country – East to West
·        is located about 20 miles North of Stratford-upon-avon (Shakespeare). 
·        is located only 30 minutes East of Birmingham
·        has old, historic, medieval buildings

With a population of over 300,000 people, Coventry is the 11th largest city in the UK and famous for its three spires, ribbon industry, watchmaking, motor manufacturing, innovative technologies, world stage events and excellent transport links.
Surrounded by breathtaking Warwickshire countryside, Coventry's city centre provides a perfect contrast to the rural suburbs of leafy Kenilworth, Warwick, Rugby and Stratford-upon-Avon. With free attractions such as the famous Coventry Transport Museum, Herbert Art Gallery and Museum and Priory Undercrofts, the city has much to offer. A visit wouldn't be complete without entering the Medieaval ruins of Coventry Cathedral, discovering a wealth of exciting history for all ages.

Just a blurb from Elder Pogue

Just wanted to include below what  Sam's companion, Elder Pogue, wrote home  about Sam this week...stole it from his blog. For me... THESE life relationships are the reason we come. Sam has brought me another son:)

After that Ruby asked Elder Harris to say what he'd miss the most about everyone.  He was hestitant but he did.  He said, I'm not going to talk about Elder Pogue or else I'd just lose it immediately.  He talked about everyone and we were all crying by the end of it. 
Right now I want to tell you all about how awesome Elder Harris has been.  I know when I first came out on my mission I was talking to President in our first interview together.  This was when he was assigning companionships.  I told President I wanted the best he had and someone who loved the work and would work hard.  President gave me that and so much more.  I know this is way cheesy to write about him like this but he really has been a huge blessing to me.  Elder Harris and I have grown so close and we just laugh and have fun all the time.  We work really well together and we probably get along better than any set of missionaries ever in history of missionary work.  In our whole time together we have not gotten in a single argument or even had cross feelings towards each other.  I know he'll be a really great friend for the rest of my life.  There's a quote from the best two years and it's Elder Rogers looking at pictures of his companions and Elder Calhoun asks him about one of the pictures.  Elder Rogers says that that was his 'first companion and [his] favorite too.'  I would not be surprised at all if at the end of my mission I'll be saying that about Elder Harris.  I'm going to miss him like crazy.
Now watch the call tonight we will find out that he's actually staying... I wouldn't be complaining.

28 Oct 2013 The Bam Chow


So.. this will be the first november since freshmen year in high school that I haven't participated in no-shave november! so please pray for me as I have to make that sacrafice. Just kidding haha I'm so used to shaving every day and It's weird to me that I used to have a beard!
This week was alright! kind of slow unfortunately.  On Tuesday we had a feeling that we should postpone Louise's baptism a week, and so we prayed about it Tuesday night and the feelings was confirmed that we needed to wait another week.  It's ok though, because she honestly has no concerns. We're not sure why we needed to postpone it, but we'll find out someday! On Tuesday we also got to teach Amy, and had another solid lesson with her! she is really progressing! she called us this week and was like "Guys, I need your help.. It's totally fine if this is too much work for you, but can you guys assign me something to read in the Book of Mormon every day so I can learn something new every day??" Obviously we have made time for her to read something new every day, and she is loving the book of mormon! see the picture attatched as to where we taught the lesson on Thursday with her! in her back garden is a breathtaking view of a typical English country-side.  She is really progressing and I'm so stoked to hear about how everything  goes with her.
There is a sister in our ward named Sister Rigby, and she conducts this class at the Eastwood Chapel called, motiv8u, it's a self-improvement course for us to bring our investigators/anyone who wants to come to better our lives! The things I have learned have been really great and I'm stoked to see my improvement as a missionary because of it. It's amazing how many of the things we learned that we can relate to the gospel, and how all of it has to do with the atonement, the source of our strength!
Sunday was extremely emotional for me! as you know, i'm a bit of cry baby when it comes to goodbye's! it was so hard for me to leave the chapel on Sunday, saying goodbye to the people that have served me so much over the past 7 months, they are all amazing people and I can't wait to be come back and visit them! After Church, we had a feast at the Marinas home, and had a really spiritual testimony meeting. After, Ruby asked me to go s ay s omething that I've learned from everyone in the room, which resulted in a bunch of more tears, and I couldn't even start talking about Elder Pogue because I would have just lost it and wouldn't have been able to talk! To say the least, I have loved my 7 months in Eastwood, and it's looking promising that I will be headed somewhere else on wednesday! Somewhere new to learn and grow as a missionary and a representative of the savior Jesus Christ. 
Spiritual thought: Genesis 18:14. Is there anything too hard for the lord??...... no!   Short and sweet but so true!
So sweet to see Spencer bossin' it up with his girlfriend! that's ma boi! good for the cougars, getting the big win against BSU, a team that we have struggled against so much in the past few years. so-for some other news, I've decided that I'm going to go back to USU. for sure. I love it too much and I feel the spirit telling me that's where I need to go! I needed to make a decision because I think it was getting in the way of the missionary work. I love you guys, and in a week I will be emailing you from somewhere else in the U.K! be good.
I got the package! the best part about it?? the goldfish! I've been munching on that stuff all the time! thank you for everything and it really is a great package!
Love you guys!
Elder Sam Harris.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

27 OCT 2013

Well LOVIES...there are MORE of Spencer and Casey as Hawaiian Barbie and Ken at their ward Halloween Party...but they haven't sent them to me yet! Dad's family came for the Bronco vs BYU Game Friday night and are just leaving this morning. They also went to Gardner's Village and Brick Oven and IKEA and and....Its been a nice weekend---the weather could NOT be more gorgeous!

I am off this morning to Florida. I would LOVE your prayers. I NEED to fill 250 seats at the Symposium in Gainesville I will be having there on the 16th. They will be flying in doctors to present and educate...this is such an AMAZING event to get the ball rolling. Specifically pray that I can find 30 people willing to help distribute 10 tickets each with samples. So...there you have it...that is MOSTLY what I will be doing there this week in addition to 4 MCM's and a getting started and lots of visiting businesses looking for the RIGHT matches for the company. I'll pray for your pray for mine...and Michael, I consider ALL your clients contacts :) Josh..your contacts are EVERYONE you come across.

Herman has finally grown his face hair back and looks much more respectable.
Josh was an angel and installed a washer and dryer for me at the Logan condo...he came home for the game this weekend! Megan is just surrounded by friends most minutes and super excited for her Masquerade on Wed. Spencer is pretty distracted with Casey. Dad is just home Friday and I think looking forward to being home for a minute. He will get to pass out the Halloween Candy!!!

Me Meg and Laura are taking that E class from Brene Brown. We had a blast starting our journals together using art...watercolors, markers, touches that first grade place when you were THRILLED you got to finger paint!

Kim Bartlett brought over her annual Halloween Sugar cookies...that woman can melt anyones heart. she would send them to you if they wouldn't be yucky by the time you got them. DID YOU GET YOUR PACKAGE Sam?

I think of you  every day. I watch your weather forecasts. I pray for you. I call the angels to wrap you in light. This week will be no different...except that I will be dreaming that you are with me and that we are at the beach!!! No beach this trip...but I'll be close enough to smell it!

da Momma

Monday, October 21, 2013

From the Sammer

 You are looking at Sam's bike...Elder Pogue's got stolen! This is the crime scene..they cut that wire lock on the ground...poor Sam...guess they didn't want his:)
                                                                 Sammer and Pogue

Good morning!
So this week was another pretty solid! Monday for P-day we mainly just kicked it and did a lot of nothing which was pretty nice to just relax!
Tuesday we taught Amy and it was brilliant! (the sister of Rachel) She is going to be baptized on the 23rd of November, and she is progressing like crazy! she reads the book of mormon every day, and the other day she read like 30 pages! she's elect! The healing power of the atonement is real people!
Wednesday we had zone meeting, and tracted in the rain a bunch. We found a new investigator named Jason tracting, and he's really cool! It's cool to see how the work of salvation really is hastening! my first couple transfers on the mission we were struggling to teach people, and now we find at least 1 new investigator every week. Still not good enough, but it's progress and I'm stoked about it!
Thursday we went on exchange, and I went with my District Leader Elder Patten in Derby. I love Derby! I want to serve there! Actually, I want to serve anywhere that has a university! It was so fun for me to street contact University students, because I was able to use so many of the skills I developed before my mission, talking to people who are the same age as me, and relating to them! we attempted to talk to 12 people, and we got return appointments with 7 of them! woo! all uni-students and I'm just addicted to talking to them about the gospel, because they are at a stage in their life where they are way curious and have the desire to have as much knowledge as they can about everything! and they recognize us as servants of the lord! it's so cool!
Friday, half of the mission went to the oldest existing chapel of the church! Gadfield Elm chapel in Gloucestershire, England! It's where Wilford Woodruff and many other highly influential pioneers of the church were taught the gospel of Jesus Christ. Some pretty cool stories about that place, and the spirit was very strong! It was great to catch up with so many of the friends I've made while serving my mission. On the bus ride home (3 hours) I was talking to this Sister Missionary who is one of my heroes. In the past 3 weeks, 3 of her best friends have died from freak accidents back home, and she is still going strong, working hard, and baptising like crazy! Her faith is soooo amazing! and the fact that she is still loving her mission is inspirational to me, and sometimes I take for granted how blessed I am to have the circumstances I have at home, and on my mission!
Saturday was the hardest rain storm of my mission! It was raining unbelievably hard on Elder Pogue and I when we were pretty far away from our flat, so we had to trek back and that was brutal!! but it was an experience I'll never forget. Plus we got a kebab after so it was ok!
Yesterday at church was alright, we didn't have any investigators at church which was a huge bummer! but 2 of them are on holiday, and 3 of them are the children of Shaun, and Shaun has some virus, and they didn't want to come to church without having their dad their. So it wasn't the lack of desire that caused them not to come to church, so good things are still happening! this saturday is Louise's baptism! I am very exited, and It will probably be my last saturday in Eastwood, so there's no better way to go out than with a baptism right? On Sunday an 85 year old woman named Vera Plumb absolutely melted my heart.  Every single week she see's me at church she tells me how grateful she is that I STILL haven't been transferred. yesterday she says to me , " I was going to have to hurt that mission president If I wasn't able to see my elder this morning!" I love her so much! ahh this whole ward is brilliant and I'm going to miss them like crazy in a couple weeks.
Today it's raining super hard so we're probably not going to go to Nottingham or Derby, and just stay in the flat, maybe watch the testaments or prophet of the restoration or some other crazy church film :)
This is a talk from President Uchdorf that I think everyone should read for my spiritual thought! Remember Mosiah 2:41!
Have an amazing week my incredible family and friends.
Elder Samuel Harris

Sunday, October 20, 2013

20 OCT 2013

 Joshy and Megsalina....Josh came home for his FALL Break....but Meg, Laura and Kylee left for Vegas...(He decided he didn't want to go with just them--pretty wise decision :)  )
 Josh in his birthday robe!
Joshy eating the FANTASTIC glutten free pizza that Costco sells now.


This week was super fast. I started at 8 and went till 1030pm every night till Friday. Taught 3 Medicene Cabinet Makeovers, had 2 trainings and showed a BUNCH of homes...none under contract. Then Josh and I went to dinner and watched the Tvoed TV we missed this week:) LOVE ME MY SURVIVOR! Dad got home Sat afternoon and we all went to Brick Oven for dinner....Spencer brought Casey...but I thought I shouldn't be taking pics of them right off like need to scare her yet. She is quiet and pretty. She is one of 10. Her folks adopted 5 children in addition to the 5 they already had. They have 5...yes, FIVE...on missions right now, and she plans to go on  one after graduation. 

Michael says Seattle is GREAT. He's working a lot. I am SO GOOD about NOT CALLING ALOT :)
Megs will be back later tonight from Vegas...obviously she is STILL LIVING THE we all can. Dad leaves again Monday...gets home Saturday...then I fly to Florida on SUNDAY till the next Saturday. My Florida team is coming together and on the 16th of November Patrick and Allyse are flying Doctors out for an all day Symposium for us...WE ARE THRILLED!!!!

Herman finally has his face hair back. Pretty sure he misses you BOTH since you BOTH loved on him so much.

Sammers....I have been thinking that maybe you should try a Glutten free and maybe even a vegetarian diet? How has your tummy been? Your tiredness? Your head? Your heart?  I keep dreaming that I am feeding you fresh fruits and vegetables (Like Daniel in the scriptures) and that they make you HAPPY and STRONG and that they give you a boost of HIGH LIFE FORCE ENERGY which elevates your spiritual frequency :) I KNOW...I KNOW... It sounds more like Star Trek but that is pretty much word for word what comes to me. And then I think...I CAN'T even be that disciplined...maybe this dream is FOR ME...but it ends with  Angels telling me (when I am so concerned about asking you to do it and how hard it would be)-- that THEY  can control appetites and cravings so that the dietary change is natural and pleasant. SO...maybe pray and see if this is for you or just for me or maybe a Momma having weird dreams cuz her boy is SO FAR AWAY!!!!

I want BOTH of you ---and all my kids-- to know that YOU are POWERFUL!  I LOVE that we are made in the image of our Heavenly Parents--CREATORS-- who hold this same quality. In growing my Do TERRA team I see some struggle (okay..ME TOO) with issues of Power and control. It made me really think through all the areas of my life that I WANT control and power.  I AM POWERFUL and I have felt it over the years. It can be scary HOW powerful we are! I have seen the misuse of power in so many ways. Its a tricky life skill. I can see how it is ALWAYS safe to use our power in LOVING WAYS... when we do the people who really love us will respect and applaud our sincerity. In my trainings I remind my leaders that Power is NOT aggression or manipulating or trying to force people into things. I am discovering that real power lies in BEING completely AUTHENTIC with ourselves and others. When we are, then others  are able to connect in a real way with us, and then make decisions and interactions with us based on what is best for them.  When I struggle in building my team I remind myself that no one is controlling me, or can control me without my permission, nor I them....and that what I want really isn't power or control over them...just WITH THEM xxooxx. I love that I always have options and choices and if I ask for guidance there is no better source than HEAVEN to guide me and assist me in honing my spiritual gifts. Just my two cents worth of deep thinking this week in prepping for my trainings...I love how it all intertwines with my whole life.

I hope you are taking time to SIT in the beauty of the world around you. What animals do you see a lot? Squirrels and birds? Michael gets all the creatures of the sea. I'm thrilled to come whale watch.
Sam...I dream I am with you. So... I am eager to visit and see what matches up. The full moon this weekend has had me wondering if maybe we are watching it at the same time....remember FIVEL?
Somewhere out there?
I AM HERE..LOVING YOU...MISSING YOU!!! Excited for the catching up tomorrow. Sweet dreams every night. May the joy around you come to you like a lightening bolt!
The Momma who loves you!


                                                           Welcome ! WELCOME !
                                                                   Sabbath Morning
                                                           Here I rest from every care
                                                   Wrapped in Mother Nature's GLORY!
                                                        Feel the JOY that I am HERE!!!!
Just so you boys don't miss FALL of Provo canyon...ALWAYS thinking bout YOU when I'm here!

Taking an ECLASS...still livin' the dream :)

SOOOOO Excited to start this class today....WHO IS WITH ME???? Go to and we can do it together!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sammmmmm 14 OCT 2013

yo yo what's up yo (What London said every time he would answer the phone)
anyways! it's cold! a cold that I have never experienced before, a very wet, and long lasting cold! it really is bone-chilling, and I don't like it! Thank goodness that I don't have to be focused on the weather while I'm out here! Elder Pogue and I had a pretty good week!
Monday we had district p-day, ate a kebab, played frisbee, and football, and had loads of fun!
Tuesday we spent a bit finding people in a town called Heanor. There was a lady named Debbie who was sitting on a bench, as we walked by she said, "Hey there! I'll listen to you!"  She ended up pouring her heart out to us, telling us that she did not believe in Jesus Christ, but that she wanted to so badly. She wants to believe in god so badly that she started tearing up talking about it.  We ended up sharing a scripture with her and that talk we had with her absolutely made her day! She wouldn't give us her number or her address, but It was still a miracle for me. I love that as a missionary, we get to talk to so many different people everyday, and even if we can make a tiny bit of a difference in their life, that's good enough for me! Us making her day, made my day 10x happier. I love Debbie!
Wednesday we had interviews with the president, and he answered loads of questions that I had about various subjects, and gave me a lot of advice that I have taken!  He is a really strict mission president, which I'm really grateful for, and at the same time, I don't like to be governed under loads of additional rules, even though when we are obedient we actually have more agency! Kind of a weird thing that  I'm working out in my head at the moment, and relying on the savior to decide what kind of missionary I am going to be!
Thursday I went on exchange with an Elder called Elder Shipp, he is a great kid, and I learned a lot from him! One piece of advice I've really tried to apply on my mission is "You can learn something from everyone," It's so true. I think I learned the most in my mission during the time when I was dealing with the people I struggled to get along with the most.  It was hard for me to accept that something I was doing was upsetting someone that I cared so much about, and that it wasn't completely this persons fault that I was bugging them, and that it was important for me to change as well! It was a really humbling-important experience for me to have!
Friday we got flogged 3 times-flogged is when we have a lesson with someone and they bail/don't show up/don't call or text to cancel the appointment. So that was a bummer. One reason I'm blessed to have Elder Pogue as a companion, is him and I are very positive. If something doesn't work out for us, we know we tried our best! Then we are able to move on and accomplish the next thing to the best of our abililty.
Saturday we tracted in the rain for a few hours! I have so much respect for those who serve in russia/finland/cold places! It's tough to stay mentally focused when your body is so out of it's comfort zone! I now know that I always need to carry with me my warmest coat! We met a really great guy tracting named Daren! He was asking the most perfect questions, and I'm so stoked to teach him later this week!
Sunday at church was just kind of bizarre and didn't seem right for some reason. Fast and testimony meeting was awesome! but other than that it was really weird! Shaun came to church!! woo!! shaun's 2 daughters also came to church, Louise and chloe, and Shaun's other daughter Katie started investigating this week as well! Our investigator Rachel bore her testimony in Sacrament meeting! We are so blessed to have investigators at church and loving it!
Amy is doing really well also, she works on sundays, and won't be able to come to church again for 2 weeks, which is a huge bummer, because I will probably be transferred again. I say I'll be transferred, but let's be honest I've said that the last 3 transfers haha.  Our investigator Sarah is loving the gospel! she sent us a text message saying "When do you guys baptize?" it was such a miracle, and later in the week she sent us another text saying that her daughter wants to get baptized as well! They weren't able to come to church because Sarah was in the Emergency room because of IBS! anyways the work is really going amazing, and I love it soooo much!! Leaving Eastwood is going to be one of the hardest goodbye's I've had in my life, and I'm not looking forward to it, however, I have a feeling that I am going to love wherever the lord will have me, and that I will learn so much despite how fast or slow the work is progressing!
Alma 32 is obviously one of the most famous chapters in the book of mormon because it describes the princible of faith so well!! As we plant the seed, and apply what we learn, we will be able to find out if it is good for us or not by what happens! If we live the word of wisdom and see that it's good.. well... then it's good! haha it's just so simple and I'm so grateful that what were doing as missionaries is simply inviting people to come unto christ. We're not tricking anyone to believe what we believe, or teaching them anything that isn't the doctrine of Christ. We just say, "Read the Book of Mormon and pray about it." When they see their lives continually improving, and recognize the light of christ and the divinity of it, they choose to receive more blessings by being baptized! and furthermore receive additional blessings for each sacred covenant they make and keep.  The book of mormon provides us with protection that no other book can provide us with, and reading it will protect us from the tempation of satan!
I love you guys so much! thank you for writing me each week, supporting me, and keeping Elder Pogue, myself, our investigators, Eastwood, and the England Birmingmam Mission in your prayers! don't forget to pray about for all the missionaries serving over the world, what they are doing is so important and they need the prayers of everyone!
Elder Samuel Joseph Harris.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

October 13, 2013

Oh LOVIES LOVIES LOVIES LOVIES LOVIES!!! I had always imagined this trip with all of YOU its been a bit funky NOT to have you here. AND NOT to be stopping to have you all play golf while I drive the cart. Myrtle beach awaits us. Let's start planning this trip now :) We walked to the gate of Augusta National and took pics. NEXT TIME you boys will be GOING IN....

I laugh that I have dreamed of you each night on  this trip. In all seriousness, I cannot help but think that the Gods MUST be instructing and comforting us in many ways while we sleep...especially when we spend HALF of our time on this planet sleeping. I just read an article about people who believe in astral travel while we sleep. I'm IN. I hope you take some time to find an article and read about it and then we can talk some more. Sam...I swear you walked into my office the other morning while I was studying. I just felt you standing there loving me. I said to you "YOU COME HERE...YOU GET IN MY ARMS"...just the way you would have said to me  xxooxx  My dreams of you have been sweet. Even though we are away...each night we have all been at HOME together.

I am so in love with the southern accent. I'm a tad sad that I didn't get to incorporate that part of my is so charming to me. If I was younger I might try to fake it :) The slow way they take to tell things, like they are savoring each word. And I am SO "FIXIN' " to add that FIXIN' word back into my vocabulary. Oh...and HOW I LOVE IT WHEN they call you BABY and SUGAR. I remember using Sugar at BYU and making myself STOP befause of the razzing I would get from the girls thinking I was flirting.

South Carolina is gorgeous. The rolling hills, the green EVERYWHERE. Just need me some more GREEN. Augusta is GORGEOUS.  I got to run on this riverside path that had swamp and river on one side and the Savanah River on the other. EVERY person I passed said HEY :) I passed 4 different nationalities and tons of people alone. I felt so safe and wrapped in southern hospitality. THere were turtles on the river logs and 2 snakes and moss on the tress and sound of the bugs in the heat of the day...oh...I was SO HOME. I wonder how many lives I have lived in the south. I wished I could have ran until I couldn't run anymore. At one point yellow butterflies were littered along the path ahead and in my shadow on the ground they were encircling my head behind me. IS BEAUTIFUL.I am SO GLAD I CAME!!! Can you imagine having missed EACH OF YOU????

Spencer is BEAUTIFUL. EACH OF YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.As  I have visited with each of you in  your mission areas, I have been taken to the core of my soul in gratitude for the men you are and how blessed I am that I AM YOUR MOTHER. Megs as well of course as I see her pied piper flowing of friends and associates in and out of our home.  As these people you have loved and served so well come to ME in gratitude,  and come and keep coming to sit in your love,I watch as they want peices of YOU to keep with them forever. Just like me. It's hard for me to share something so exquisite. I can not keep away the tears of AWE and PRIDE at the gifts you have given the world at such a young age. You know I hate it when you go. I can't pretend I don't. But these trips affirm that serving and loving always gird your lives and personalities and gifts in ways I never could give you as your mother. The 2 years create such a foundation of companions for life that will keep you safe and growing and LOVED. And prepare you with skills as you head out to your real life missions.

I wish each of you could be here to see Spencer loved by these people. And that each of you could have been there to see Michael and Josh loved by their people. As Megan has her constant influx of friends and EVENTS (gala this month) I realize what a force of LOVE and GOODNESS she is for each of us in our world. This Momma knows better than to take credit.I am so GRATEFUL that each of you came here so perfect. I look in at other families and their struggles and realize the blessing the EASE of each of you has been. The Gods KNEW I just wanted one earth life FILLED and BRIMMING with LOVE. Sammer...wrap your arms around everyone and every good thing there for you. 18 months...18 MONTHS and I will get to be with YOU and those you are loving serving.

So much lies ahead of us. I feel this sweet and quiet peace for all that is ahead. Lately it seems my/our lives have  attracted the MOST AMAZING PEOPLE. I want to be like so many people. I am sure I have many lives ahead. PLEASE PROMISE TO SPEND ALL OF THEM WITH ME xxooxxooxooox!

Friday night we drove to a single mom's home that Spencer wanted to HUG and thank. This woman had been so dear to him...she was the one who answered my prayer and made him his birthday cake. She is raising 4 kids by herself working at the BBQ Barn. Her trailer is humble. I felt stripped to my core and embaressed at the dreams and expectations I have. Expectations that I have been able to meet. I am filled with WONDER at how many worlds are here on this ONE WORLD. Why some of us are given this canvas with the freedom to create what we are brave enough and diligent enough and given opportunities enough to create....???? WE are SO FORTUNATE. TRULY the world is OURS for the creating with where we have been placed and the opportunities that are OURS!!!

Growing up in the south and in the church with the opression of the African Americans and women I have always had a sense of indignance about righting the inequality issues. I will never forget my AP US History teaching telling me in front of the whole class..."Natalie Broadhurst, I do believe you came here a quiet, fervent feminist. ' I couldn't shake it. I knew deep inside she was right. At the time I was horrified as the church was TOTALLY against women's liberation with all the church women I knew saying trite things like "I don't  WANT the priesthood...why do women think they need to BE LIKE MEN?"...and much more. I wanted to be on God's side...but that NEVER felt like God's side to me. My God loved me. My God didn't have sides. I have realized as the years pass how things bubble and simmer in my soul until they right themselves with clarity and then just OOZE out. Thank you  Mrs. Lu LaFontaine for clueing me into a truth I didn't even know how to swallow at the time.  I have never in my life wanted to be a man. I LOVE being a woman....I knew from the time I could remember that all I wanted was my OWN babies. Isnt that interesting though...that STILL...somewhere deep deep down, I knew I needed to come to this world in a time and place where I could have a voice? I wanted that voice FOR YOU LOVIES...I wanted to be able to shower all the truths of the universe that I am able to glean on you. I am in wonder at WHY YOU CAME AT THIS TIME...and HOW I WAS SO BLESSED to have you come to me?

As I continue to drink in this world and change, I am grateful for your patience with me. I am coming to understand the importance of a ROCK in each of our lives. I hope that MY LOVE--OUR COMBINED LOVE will be your/our ROCK... and that as my world views change that you will be able to breathe them in and out and let YOUR growing and changing views be breathed in and out as you experience truth. This trip has shown me how many sides to truth there are depending on where you are standing. This single mom will long live in my heart. My dreams have been colored a new color with my heart yearning for ALL to have the opportunities to create as I/we do. And in that deep down place, KNOWING that my choices can assist in creating that space. All of our choices can create that space.

NEXT week I will send pics.
I LOVE YOU...I LOVE YOU ...I LOVE YOU ....Did I tell you lately HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU???
Josh celebrated his birthday in his new robe...and ate gluten and skipped class.
Michael  is loving Seattle and  his new work mates. Megs is having her masquerade ball. Laura had boyfriend fly here from California.

Monday, October 7, 2013

YES!!! Pictures! 7 October 2013 Sammer

El mejor familia en el mundo :) :)
Conference was sooooooo good!! My favorite talks were definitely President Uchdorf's and President Eyrings! There were so many that were outstanding, and will help me so much as a missionary, as a brother, as a son, and as a child of my Heavenly Father!
Tuesday was a rough day for me! haha but it was also hilarious. We went on this really cool cycling path that goes through the country side and there are loads of cows and horses and sheep and everything. There was a pretty big gap between the path and the bridge that we needed to go on, and I decided that I should be cool and wheely my bike on the gap. I fell right into some mud, and was stuck down to my mid shin! It was awful haha and Elder Pogue video'd the whole thing so that will be a pretty good laugh when you are able to see that. I thought I was never going to get out! so after pulling out with all my might I was finally un stuck. About 20 minutes later at our dinner appointment, we had seafood! I had no idea what this seafood was (it was Shrimp with the shell still on it) So I just t hought I was supposed to pop the whole shrimp into my mouth before peeling the shell, so basically I ate 2 entire shrimps. The eyes, the legs, the brains. the whole shabang haha and then I convinced myself that it was making me sick, although I was fine!
Wednesday we taught Rachael the law of chastity, as she is still living with her boyfriend. She knows that she needs to get baptized and is really exited to! Please pray for her to have the strength to speak with her fiance about moving out until they are married, and for the strength to continue to read the book of mormon! Her sister Amy had a few concerns about the lesson, but they were resolved and she is still on board and loving the gospel!
Louise, Shaun, and Claire are making so much progress! we have been worried about Shaun because of all the stress he has been going through with his kids and everything, but this week has been great for him. He fasted for the first time and received loads of answers to his prayers! such a miracle! we took Shaun out teaching with us on Friday to a lady called Sarah, who is also now investigating! Elder Pogue and I are so blessed at the moment to have so many awesome people to teach! We still need more investigators though, so please pray for  us to have the strength to be patient and dilligent in our finding efforts! Sarah is super cool! she has had 18 miscarriages. you saw that right.. 18! and she is really curious to learn about the plan of salvation because of this. 
For Conference, Elder Pogue and I watched it alone in the chapel, and it was a blast! we got some food and enjoyed it so much! It was like watching one of the big games with one of my best friends, except watching the prophet of the world and his counselors and apostles give us counsel. On Sunday we watched one of the sessions at ruby's and she made us an amazing feast!  Either I'm just a missionary, or that really was the best conference ever!
My spiritual thought comes from where I am at the moment in The Book of Mormon! which is the best- 3 Nephi. In chapter 17- verse 3, the savior says "Therefore, go ye unto your homes, and ponder upon the things which I have said, and ask of the Father, in my name, that ye may understand, and prepare your minds for the morrow, and I come unto you again." I think it's interesting that the savior is asking the nephites to ponder, AFTER they already know that whatever comes out of his mouth is true. The Nephites have been tested, and tried by so many wicked people who were mocking them when day after day, when the savior didn't come down, and when the signs of his coming were not coming to pass, and when they saw the savior coming out of heaven, without a doubt, they know that everything he says is true! However, Jesus still asks them to ponder to know if it's true. Similar for us- We need to ponder upon the things which we read, feel, and see. Even if we know without a doubt that the church is true, we need to continually renew and exercise our testimonies to make them stronger. If we don't do this, satan will very sneakily try to convince us that we never knew it was true, and we see this happen later on in 4th Nephi in the Book of Mormon! Every day we need to ask if this is Christ's doctrine and ponder whether this is the path we need to be taking or not. I do this every day and the answer I get is always ,"Sam, you know it's true!" But I know that If I don't continue to ponder and pray about the truthfulness of his gospel, it is possible that I can lose faith. 
Mom! you rock! continue to kick doTerra in the rear end! I'm so proud of you for the success your having! You are amazing, and inspiring, and you are unreal at everything you do! In Ulysses Soares' talk during the Saturday Morning session, he talked about meekness. He said something that made me think so much of you mom! you are so quick to forgive, and the story comes to mind of when I fell on my bike on my mission, because the punk kid loosened my wheel, and the first thing you said is "You need to pray for that boy and love him so much!" You are an amazing example to me of someone who has Christlike attributes!
How awesome was it to hear from an entergetic ex-BYU quarterback! he was rad!
Tell Spencer to email me! I hope all is well back at home, I miss you guys like heck, more and more every day. However, as we heard in conference countless times, there is no more important work, than the work of salvation in inviting people to come unto Christ!
Are Meg and Laura still living at home? I want to send them letters! so let me know where they are living so I know where to send the post.
I love you guys so much!! I am the luckiest kid in the world to have been born of goodly parents, goodly siblings, and have a heavenly father who loves me!
Elder Harris.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

October is HERE! 6 Oct 2013

 Yep...the boys remembering what its like to be with girlies...I think they LIKE it....
 Spencer joined a soccer team! Made a goal and had an assist....
 Came home from Convention Wednesday night and megs hadMinestrone soup, corn bread, pumpkin bars and tons of friends for a LANTERN MAKE A WISH party....she is a FUN daughter! We will light some when you come home. They ARE MAGIC...and I am so TOTALLY Counting on my wish to come true:)
 DO TERRA Convention was LONG DAYS but AMAZING education! I thought you'd like to see some of my front line builders. Jeri in the middle cuts my hair, practices body talk (an energy moving/healing modality) and now is a SILVER!!! Next to her is Ginger and she will be a Silver next month...both are fantastic educators and business women:)

 Theresa is on the left and my builder from Arlington Texas who has graduated from the Chicago Institute of Healing Arts with a specialty in ESSENTIAL OILS!! I know, RIGHT? The GOD'S SO LOVE ME!!! Shari is my front line here in West Jordan on the right. She saved my rear by coming up with this adorable booth for the big party called SPELL IT, SMELL IT or SELL IT!!
 And this is Christine Oliver. You just want to stare at her she's so pretty. BUT SHE is AS CRAZY NICE and WONDERFUL as she is PRETTY!!! We are going to put her/our name all over the state of Florida for Do Terra Essential Oils. I know I have been picky about my builders and not just taking anyone...but it has BEEN SO WORTH IT and so WISE :) I like it when I'm smart in business:) I will spend a lot of time in Florida in the next 6 months! Actually, in the next 3  years:)
 Da girlies.....
 Spencer being social...thought you might not have seen Lauren for awhile :)
 London the beautiful....
 Spencer's new wheels. Michael will have one soon as well.
HERMAN MISSES YOU!!!!!!! he has been hell bent to get in the house ever since it turned cold and more days than not I am starting out with hives on my arms. I know I've said it before, but the God's should not have made it possible to be allergic to something you LOVE!!

Okay...SO ...HOW ARE YOU??? Did you bring your camera cord so you can show me pictures of YOU????
The week has been so crazy busy I really don't have much to tell other than the picture diary from above. I didn't send your package...but will tomorrow AM. I thought of you TONS and wondered 100 times how much it would cost me to build in England and how I could possibly get connected with a builder. The new research on the oils is so fascinating and validating. I am sending you a few more things to take...please read the enclosed note. It will be super good for you. I found out I'm not a red carpet girl. It's not that I can't smile and dance down the aisle when my name is called...its that I really deep down just don't like it. I don't want a trophy or a plaque either. Just give me the money. I felt the same way when I was rookie of the year for real estate...I really don't want to go to some dinner and be the center of attention. I never enjoyed the baby showers thrown for me either. I watch at how some just thrive on it...will work their butts of to be recognized....I'm missing a chromosome I think. I am tired and glad to have the week over and ready to start working.

No new books this week...still in love with and only had smatterings of Joseph Campbell. Where are you in your Book of Mormon study?

It was general conference today. So super relaxed. The sun has been out but its CHILLY! 36 degrees for my run this morning at 830! Yesterday it was 57 degrees for you and 52 degrees for we are pretty similar.

We leave Wednesday to take Spencer back to visit his mission. He and Dad are thrilled. I am still hungover from convention and will think about it more Tuesday. You will have great pics next week!
The big excitement for the week has been that all the favorite TV shows have started:) Survivor, Scandal, Grey's....

I LOVE YOU!! I hope your heart is filled with remembrance of all the AMAZING GOOD you ARE! That you are HAPPY and SINGING and enjoying Elder Pogue...and MISSING ME xxooxxooxx
That Ruby is still feeding you ....and other families are lining up to shower you with their tastiest morsels :) I send dreams to you sometimes before I go to sleep. If you dream we are flying together, its because WE ARE!!! I love you LOVEY!!! Till the morning....