Sunday, October 27, 2013

27 OCT 2013

Well LOVIES...there are MORE of Spencer and Casey as Hawaiian Barbie and Ken at their ward Halloween Party...but they haven't sent them to me yet! Dad's family came for the Bronco vs BYU Game Friday night and are just leaving this morning. They also went to Gardner's Village and Brick Oven and IKEA and and....Its been a nice weekend---the weather could NOT be more gorgeous!

I am off this morning to Florida. I would LOVE your prayers. I NEED to fill 250 seats at the Symposium in Gainesville I will be having there on the 16th. They will be flying in doctors to present and educate...this is such an AMAZING event to get the ball rolling. Specifically pray that I can find 30 people willing to help distribute 10 tickets each with samples. So...there you have it...that is MOSTLY what I will be doing there this week in addition to 4 MCM's and a getting started and lots of visiting businesses looking for the RIGHT matches for the company. I'll pray for your pray for mine...and Michael, I consider ALL your clients contacts :) Josh..your contacts are EVERYONE you come across.

Herman has finally grown his face hair back and looks much more respectable.
Josh was an angel and installed a washer and dryer for me at the Logan condo...he came home for the game this weekend! Megan is just surrounded by friends most minutes and super excited for her Masquerade on Wed. Spencer is pretty distracted with Casey. Dad is just home Friday and I think looking forward to being home for a minute. He will get to pass out the Halloween Candy!!!

Me Meg and Laura are taking that E class from Brene Brown. We had a blast starting our journals together using art...watercolors, markers, touches that first grade place when you were THRILLED you got to finger paint!

Kim Bartlett brought over her annual Halloween Sugar cookies...that woman can melt anyones heart. she would send them to you if they wouldn't be yucky by the time you got them. DID YOU GET YOUR PACKAGE Sam?

I think of you  every day. I watch your weather forecasts. I pray for you. I call the angels to wrap you in light. This week will be no different...except that I will be dreaming that you are with me and that we are at the beach!!! No beach this trip...but I'll be close enough to smell it!

da Momma

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