Saturday, March 31, 2012

Michael's Mom

  Words can't express how HAPPY I am that this is over for ALL of them!!! I can only imagine the sweet release Valorie felt to be relieved from that body ---even though she could barely stand to leave those kids. And now the peace for the kids of her not being in that kind of pain. SOOO YOUNG to lose their Mom. Soon they will KNOW like the rest of us that she's just not that far away. I can only smile thinking of how many of us will gladly MOTHER those kids...and what a wonder place the world is in that respect.
Valorie F. King
(January 27, 1957 - March 29, 2012)

Valorie F. King
Our angel wife and mother, Valorie Faye Allen King, 55, of Lindon, passed away on March 29, 2012 following a courageous, hard fought battle with cancer. She was born January 27, 1957 to Frihoff and Cora Owens Allen. She met and married her sweetheart, G. Todd King on August 10, 1978 in the Mesa, Arizona Temple. Valorie raised 8 children, and was a faithful member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Everyone who knew her loved her smile and warm disposition. She was a very loving and kind person, and will be dearly missed by all who had the opportunity to know her. She is survived by her husband Todd, and all 8 children: Brittani (Ryan) Oliver, Brooke (Mikel) Dover, Gregory, Christian, Sterling (Serving an LDS mission in Vancouver, British Columbia CA), Michael, Matthew, and Christee. She cherished her children, and her grandchildren: Aspen, Rex, Lindsay, and Jaxon Oliver, and Adam Dover. She is survived by all of her siblings, and was preceded in death by her parents. We rejoice in the blessing of being associated with such a divine and beautiful daughter of God. The family would like to express their deep appreciation for the love and care that Valorie received from her sisters, Doctors and Nurses, Intermountain Hospice, and her ward family, as well as many neighbors and friends who have offered so much service to her and each of her family members. Funeral services will be held at 11:00 a.m., Monday, April 2, 2012 at the Lindon West Stake Center 1030 West 1600 North, Orem 84057. Friends may call on Sunday April 1st at the same location, from 6pm until 8 p.m., or Monday one hour prior to services. Interment Lindon City Cemetery. We love you our precious Valorie

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Latest me if you want to talk about any of them!!

 Incredibly sweet family...personally got a little hung up on the "wing" sizes & the distress over death if Jesus wasn't in their heart. But I LOVED that the Grandpa who wasn't so organized religion kind of spiritual was the one to "take care of him" while he was on the other side.
 THIS IS A MUST READ!!!! I want to quote the WHOLE BOOK.....this man preaches MY heart. Really, you just GOTTA read his take on the scriptures...nothing but LOVE LOVE LOVE and more LOVE...okay...throw a bit of FREEDOM in there and its a wrap.
 A new favorite author. She is raw and a character GENIUS!!!!!  YOU MISS being apart of their life when the book is done!!!!Make sure to try her others as well...HENRY'S SISTERS is another new favorite. I LOVE when authors make me laugh and cry!
 You feel slightly beat up , as if you've gone through 10 people's hard lifetimes...but in the end are so grateful for the renewed dedication to love, kindness and consideration. And the author has that gift of "suck you in-- you aren't going anywhere till this is all resolved"! Thanks Catherine
 I have some THEMES going here. Me and God...that's for sure. I LOVED THIS!!! He says he is a "gastronomical" jew...I am a "cafeteria" and "recovering" Mormon :)
 Stuff to think about...I really like how it intertwines with the thoughts I've had lately on my role as Co-CREATOR of my life. "I AM " has often given me pause. Sweet to dwell in the places I want to become with the mental and visual imaging of it.
 It's WAYNE DYER!!! Really, what more can you say? I would so love a day with him...ALONE...just him and HIS HEAVEN....with nothing but time and talk....when I win the lottery...I'm gonna MAKE it happen.
 Rock my world. Another could quote the whole book. If you read this, REALLY, PLEASE, lets talk. I can NEVER get enough of the shear HOPE and JOY I feel while and after reading NDE's!!!!!
 More on personal creation and I AM :)
 Julian is a ANCHORESS/ more than a NUN...from the 15th Century who had "SHOWINGS" from the Savior and her writings about it survived. There are several different renditions of her writings...but I like this one best. Every page just penetrates LOVE LOVE LOVE and ACCEPTANCE and YOU'VE GOT THIS ALREADY!!! I am only 1/3 of the way through this one. The pages send out peace.
"Let nothing disturb you. Let nothing frighten you. Everything passes away except God"....and then YOU get to define what God means to YOU :)
A Scottish Romance that just made me happy to be on the planet and to share in the stories and leave my life for a minute. It's LONG and YUMMY!

To make you laugh Spencer :)

Just wish I could HEAR you laughing xxooxx

Monday, March 26, 2012

Letter from Spencer 27 March 2012

hey family, well this week was nuts!!!!!!!!111 so it all starts monday when we went golfing, so we were golfing and it was awesome and when we completed nine holes , i was like man, why just do this once, so after debating with my companion for a half hour on if we should play the other nine wholes or come back the next week to play again we decided to come back today to play, which wont happen, none of that is like me at all, as you know usually i would play 18.
right when we get home we get a call from president holm and he tells us that there is an emergency transfer and me and elder billings have to move to north augusta and be there in less then two hours. so we threw all of our junk into our car which barely fit and drove to north augusta, and we are now in a threesome companionship with elder thompson, whose companion had to go home for knee surgery.
and now we have to work the  english ward he was in, and the spanish branch , so basically this week we have been running around with our heads cut off, but its ben awesome, we have had a ton of fun, its weird working both english and spanish again though, it was especially weird for elder billings because since hes green hes never not been in a spanish branch, but we taught alot this week and we have some good thing s going. this week a new investigator we found playing futbol at the church on wednesday nights came to church , and accepted a date to be baptized last night april 14th, it was amazing to see how the lord prepares people, his mom is seventh day advenstist, he was until he turned 19 then decided that there doctrine was wrong as he was studying the bible, and then last night we taught him after church and he taught himself the restauracion , all we had to do was bring up a topic and then he would talk about it to us and lets just say hes been mormon for years without knowing it haha. it was funny because his seventh day adventist church in miami taught them to never open the door to mormons and then he moved in with one and found out that everything his old church told him were lies, and when we taught him last night he was like man they told me not to talk to you guys, i guess they would say "mormons will get you" and he was like , well.... you got me. anyways tony is awesome, pray for him.
and terrance is in senaca sc, not sure if thats how you spell it, well not anything else to write but i love you guys so much and thanks for everything, mom i dont want anything but twix and cadberry eggs, and also a new triple combination in spanish, my gatorade busted in my back back and ruined the one i have now, sad......... so much studying......
but i love you guys, i know the church is true, and i know god has a plan for us all to return and live with him, and if we humble ourselvess and trust him our understanding will grow and the love in our lives will eternally increase.
love elder harris

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday 25 March 2012....Dad's 55th Bday

 I knew this would make you laugh and remember younger days :) Tanner got in to the costumes again:) So did everyone else!! This was the only pic taken. Those guys are so fun!
 Jason's Farewell today. All da brothas where there. EVERYONE misses you!!!
 And some of the Sistas :) A little weird to have Amy WITHOUT Ali.
 Michael King is AMAZING!!! I wish he knew how much so. His mom has less than 2 weeks right now. Keep him in your LOVE. I'll let you know when she goes. Este is tan from fishing...the ice has melted off Deer Creek and he is in heaven. Mike and Suzie looked as happy as happy today. I LOVE THAT BOY!! He laughs so easily. He's really put his man on since you've been more High Schooler look for that MAN. Scott leaves not this Wednesday but next...we are all feeling it for them.
To celebrate Dad's Birthday we had couple massages and then went to Hunger Games and then to Texas Road House. He got new running shoes and everyday shoes and his bike fixed up for his presents. I have made him his favorite dinner :ranch chicken, potatoe casserole, green bean casserole, mega salad and rolls with German Chocolate Cake AND Caramel Bars. The Nichols came over to eat with us. Now that Dad drives to work often with Steve they have become great friends.Their family fit into ours so perfectly! Xander lived in the Colony with Michael and Josh all last summer and no one made the connection that they were Sam's brothers! Too funny! Melissa is Megan's age...they only have one girl and all the rest boys as well. They are REAL and so EASY to be with. I think they will become regulars at our table if we can convince them to feel the same.
Megan started moving out tonight. Yeah, I don't want to talk about it. This empty nester thing is getting a little TOO REAL. She'll be living right across the street from Casey.
Michael is going to go with Dad to Chile In mid April! He'll quit PF Chang's to go, then go to Chile, then come home just in time to leave for Alaska, and come home from Alaska and go straight to Kaui!!! The only thing that would make him happier is if  he could ride his motorcycle to Alaska!
Josh only has one more Bus training and he'll be done. He'll be home next weekend and then he'll be staying up at school straight to hit the books hard. He was sad to miss the Festival of Colors in Salem yesterday--it was during his training.
Sam just asked Liza the BEAUTIFUL to Prom. He's HAPPY! He's at  a campfire for Jason right now. He is getting excited for Utah State...the dorms have guys AND girls living in them :) Bryson will be one of his roommates he hopes as well as Devin Miller. The Coach's red headed twins  will be in the same hall. Have you thought any more about WHERE you will do school when you get home?
Cardins said Terrence knew he was going to be transferred, but didn't know you know where he was sent?
So TIGER WON the tournament today. That will make you smile:) HOW WAS GOLFING??? WHERE DID YOU TAKE YOURSELF FOR BIRTHDAY DINNER??? I am sending your Easter package AFTER YOU TELL ME TODAY what you want in it!!! Yes, the Easter Bunny is STILL very much alive my Spencer...and she NEEDS to send you treats!
I've been crazy good busy with work and READING lovely stuff. I just read a near death KNOW how I love those...actually I read two. One was HEAVEN IS REAL about a little boy's experience. The other one ROCKED my world entitled DYING TO BE ME. I'm going to make you read it when you get home. Cuz I LOVE YOU like that! My favorite thing about ALL the NDexperiences is how much HOPE I feel FILLED with when I am done. It's all about LOVE Buddy, It's all about LOVE. And what I LOVE? YOU and that YOU KNOW that and live it! I do my best and you do yours, and we'll compare notes again NEXT week.
You are my shining star, my happy place, my amazing listener, and my bestest friend. Can't wait for morning to hear from you!!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sam in St. George

I think we can all agree Sam had it pretty good down there...ALL THESE GIRLS DROVE THE 4 HOURS to "support" their team :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

NOTE from Spencer 19 March 2012 55 weeks left

hey family
this week was great but noone came to church again, but thats ok patience is key, especially when your dealing with other peoples agency. but were going golfing today, haha i decided i deserve it , i would regret not golfing atleast once in augusta, georgia. and our tee time is in 20 minutes, i love you but, i will email you next week haha sorry mom but thanks for the emails and the pictures of allys wedding, im so sad i missed that, but please post more pics of sam playing ball mom! and also more pics of the weding from meg, love you all so much you have no idea, i know jesus is our savior and his doctrine is love, and that is all he wants us to feel, nothing less, have a great week,
love pence

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday March 18,2012

It has been SUCH a LOVELY DAY!!! I awoke early to rain and looked out and everything was covered in snow. It has been sleeting/snowing ALL DAY. So perfect for snuggling in. You would LOVE what I am is Wayne Dyer's lastest titled WISHED FULFILLED. I want the world to read it with me!

Ali looked BEAUTIFUL at her reception...we saw Shane finally but I didn't have my camera. Meg got some pics of Chuni and others in the gang.

Meg got me going on a new series called FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. And I am so suckered in. The characters are priceless and you want to bring them all home with you. Since Dad has been in El Salvador I've been able to watch a few episodes each night. I am mostly caught up with work until tomorrow so I'm going to end my night with a few more.

Josh has been here all week for his Spring Break and gone heavy on the Bus Driving Training. Its always so great to have Mike Harman and Dave Chester and Chad hanging around too. Thursday night we all went to the movies. I NEVER get tired of going to the movies:) We are still keeping our list for youl

Last night 6 of my friends took me to Magelby's Fresh for a late birthday dinner. Katie Myers brought her new baby Camilla and I was in HEAVEN. She is PERFECT. Those little hands, she slept the whole time. The way she just snuggles into me...I was missing those days. Kim Bartlett gave me TWO massages at Azelea Spa...the second they open in the morning I'm going to be making me an appointment. Kim Peterson gave me this killer cook book with about 20 recipes I want to try TODAY! It was nice to be home and out with the girlies.

Sam played PG this week and they lost. I know I am just the mom and have no idea the WISE and BETTER reasoning of the coach....but we were down 5-3  and coach puts in a Jr. Pitcher whose record wasn't so stellar...after he beaned two guys and walked 4 they put Sam in and he pulled them out of the inning. But by then they were way ahead and we lost 10-4. For a being only a game, it can sure get your feelings  in a twit. I LOVE baseball. I LOVE ALL those boys.

Friday night TONS of kids were over. I am so ready for summer. I am still trying not to freak about Fall.

Michael's just been working, same as Megan. Megan has gotten 2 houses under contract this week...that is helping with her happiness for her Florida trip in April. She will be the first of all of us to Harry Potter world!. Kylie and KC and I'm not sure who all else are going with her. Josh had a little fling with a girl named Jenny this week but its over...feel free to razz him:) Sam is trying to decide who to ask to Prom. I hope he asks EARLIER this year. He plays at Viewmont this week. Now I love MONDAY's for messages from you and then whatever day SAM is playing.This Senior year is speeding along...which is so bizarre because it seems like YOU have been gone forever. Time is such an interesting concept.

The hot tub is still wonderful. These wispy snowflakes made it a fairy land this morning...I wish I could have given you an hour or two in there for your birthday. Please make sure to tell me what you did to celebrate and how you spent your day.

My foot has been hurting me for about a month and I have just continued to run on it and walk/limp through it. I broke down and went to the podiatrist who is Mark Rogers the old Stake President in the upper Lindon Stake. He immediately knew what it was....a NUEROMA...a non cancerous tumor that developes from wearing high heels or things like excessive running. The first line of healing is to try and shrink it with a steriod the FOOT!!! It hurt like HELL. I was saying the pledge of allegiance and he was still shooting and I said I WANT TO SWEAR and he laughed and said "GO AHEAD...I would LOVE to hear you do that"...I will have the surgery to remove it before I do that again. My foot is still killing me. I am going to try to run tomorrow though. I have been so BLESSED these years with so few health problems. I am NOT going to start having them now. My new mantra is I am PERFECT HEALTH!!! :) I wish you had been there to hold my hand.

I am eager to hear about your week. I watch the weather, I scan the local Augusta paper to try and keep a feel for what is going on around you. I thought I heard you laughing the other day...I really think there is a chance it was YOU ! I wonder how such things work.  It was a comfort to me either way!! I love it when you laugh:) I love it most when we ALL LAUGH xxooxx  I miss you. WE MISS YOU. You be good and BE HAPPY!!! Choose happiness!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Letter from Spencer on his BIRTHDAY!!!

well i might not have time to golf, and im not sure i want to, it might just make me miss it more but if i do go, ill go next week because we have a packed pday already, pdays are not pdays, there busy days where you squeeze everything in you needed to do during the week but couldnt haha but thanks mom and ill treat myself to something good for me, i promise!
but this last week was crazy! one of our investigators got affended at church ( relief society obviously) , but she is still cool and said shes still planning on coming next week. so thats good.
really not alot happened , alot of missed apointments, which lead to alot of knocking doors, but it was still fun and i learned alot this week. teachiong the gospel and helping others recieve it and apply it in there lives is the biggest blessing i have ever recieved, mom im sad you missed, thats not cool, it would have been lonely without me though. but its pretty freaking crazy thats its my birthday, im 20?! but really i feel like im 16 .
something the lord has helped me realize is what people need to realize to make a change, and have a happier life filled with more love. it comes when people realize that 1) theres a god 2) he is our loving heavenly father and 3) that he has a plan for each one of us individually to be happy. those three things bring more happiness and comfort then anything else i know and have shaped our family and the way we live, and im so grateful for it. anyways i only have 5 minutes left and i need to write presidant, but i love you guys more then you can imagine!
love elder harris

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Scott Cooper Farewell

Scott's farewell was this morning. He speaks from the heart and you know how much I love that. EVERYONE said to tell you HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Karie had cinnamon rolls and breakfast casserole for everyone. Tomorrow he, Mike and Kimberly head to Cabo for a siblings trip just the 3 of them before he leaves the first of April. I think he looks like Clark Kent with those glasses:)


Soooooo....I called your mission president to see if he would let you go to the Masters on the 2nd...and he said YES!!! (And I LOVED HIM for it!!!) But then as I went to order the tickets the prices had gone up to way past would have been over $600 for only half the day!!! So then I had to call back and leave a message saying I WASN"T sending tickets...I was so jealous because he was SEEING YOU the next day! 
ANYWAY LOVEY...for your present take you and your companion GOLFING and to Baskin Robbins for an ice cream cake and then to one of your FAVORITE GOOD restaurants!!! K? You have plenty of money in your account.  I didn't send a package since this would be faster and what you wanted. Do you need or want anything else? Your mission president loves golf too....that made me HAPPY! He seemed to love YOU as well, which made me smile and happy deep deep down!
There is alot to read here today, so make sure you keep clicking older posts until you've caught up. What a crazy two weeks. Hoping things get back to more normal this week. Our weather has been so GORGEOUS...might open the pool the middle of April if this keeps up!!!! Michael and Josh are heading to Alaska the 1st of May so if they are going to get any swim time we will want to open it before then.
Sam has finally decided on Utah State for Fall. I am breathing hard, but feel like its a great option, and feel even better with Josh being up there. Josh is home this whole week for his Spring Break and I am a HAPPY Momma!!!
YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU!!! PLEASE take yourself golfing and to dinner and for your favorite cake...PLEASE...and take pics if you can so I CAN SEE that you did it! I have clients at 10 and 11 in the morning, but I will be waiting around the computer before that HOPING to maybe gmail back and forth???
SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO THRILLED that YOU PICKED ME to be your MOM!!!! Nothing I adore more than that! Will have you on my mind all day today (as MOST days...)
The MOMMA that LOVES YOU!!!!!! 

Sam's St. George Tournament

 I was SO SAD as I put Sam on the bus for the tourney  early Thursday,KNOWING that I wasn't going to get to go....but Tricia and Lou  Morin were angels and would text me play by plays EACH GAME...they made it all the way to the championship and then lost to Desert Hills in the last inning. Sam will send you his stats...but he is leading the state in doubles (he had 3) right now. I thought it interesting how much difference there is in size and "maniliess" between the Seniors (at the back) and the Sophomores (in the front). Love me some baseball boys!!!!Here we go...playing PG at 3:30 on Wednesday...keep us in mind!!!
Michael, Meg Josh and I rode up to Boise together at noon Thursday and we missed you BIG all over again!!! We had the BEST TIME!!! We went through each others IPODS and Michael had some comedians we laughed our heads off to...I LOVE US!!!!

GrandDad Harris' Funeral

The pictures say alot of  it. Dad conducted the service at the Mortuary and it is on DVD to see when you get home if you want. Ronnie put together the SWEETEST memorial DVD of his life. They had an open mic and people took turns telling their favorite things and stories of Grand Dad---I really liked that. Uncle Randy wrote and spoke one his cowboy poems.The Navy came and gave GrandDad military honors and the dear boy who did the folding of the flag had his hands trembling so much that you loved him to the core. You could tell he  wanted it to be perfect for the family. So much family there. You were missed. Ellen is such a trooper, she was comforting every body else. One thing about Alzheimer's is the relief when they are released.from that trapped body.  The sun was shinning  and it was in the 60's---couldn't have been a more perfect day outside to top off all the brightness of the love flowing so freely. I was taken how I have been a member of this family for almost 30 years now...and how much I love them...AND their life stories. Life is a beautiful thing....and from where I am now, I am convinced death is as well.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ohio FUN!!!!

 Gene made me coconut shrimp and turtle cheesecake my first night there to celebrate my birthday a day late. AMAZING! SO YUM!!This is me and the party crew:) I am wearing my coat because I had just walked in from my faxing docs at a local Kinkos for work....
 Princess Sheri the BEAUTIFUL and her royal court.I got there just in time for dinner and she and Gene left the next morning for Cancun leaving me to the JOY of being QUEEN of the Chillin's. The tornadoes hit while I was there and that was my first time living through that. A little tense. So grateful for TV, weathermen, & current technology that can track them. It made the 38 who died very real in my mind.
 Chad and Becca only live 10 miles away in Mainesville so I made them dinner and they treated me to a first time meeting their Addie ---and as you can see---stinkin' ADORABLE!!! She can do all the animal sounds...she will charm the pants off you. So so so so SWEET to see how HAPPY and LOVE FILLED their life is together.

 Took the kids to an amusement center called Enter TRAINment. It houses the worlds largest model train exhibit...I could have stayed for hours..the details were mindblowing. We all loved it. They also had a TRAIN play area and a wacky fun house. The fun house had a room in it that was built on a slant...I swear to was SO BIZARRE...but when I even got CLOSE to it...not even LOOKING at it, I was struck with extreme nausea and my head just felt so strange.I could not get away from there fast enough. Never had an experience like that were I was WALKING on flat ground and not even the visual of it, the PRESENCE of it near by made me sick! I'm the car sick and boat sick girl too...I think some parts must be missing in my brain.

 These pics are poor and can't really give you a sense of how incredible it was....but they will help ME remember :)

 We had a day of it...we went to the Train fun place, then to Sonic, then Roller Skating. It is Issac's new love and he has it down! William was just learning and that boy has TRYING skills...he kept at it and kept at it until he could get back and forth across the carpet. Interestingly he could skate backwards more easily than forwards!
 Sorry Isaac! This is the best pic I got of you!
 Austin went around the rink a few times and decided his phone was more fun :) Too bad we didn't have any other 15 year olds to hang with us.
THEN we met up with Chad and Becca again at a place called GRATER's where I swear we had the BEST ICE CREAM I have EVER had...we ended the day with Pizza Hut and lounging around the house until bedtime.
On my run the first day I remembered how on my last visit, as I got off the plane at home that I had the call that GrandDad had had a massive heart attack and was not going to make it....that run was a flood of love memories for GrandDad --and contentment that now he can see all of us and be with us when he wants...and wondering what he thinks about each of our lives. I love running in Sheri's neighborhood. It is so beautiful and rolling and few fences. It's interesting just to be on new streets and see the personalities of the families in the houses from their landscape, cars, dogs, yard art, car bumper stickers....
I had just downloaded the Eagles greatest hits and Whitney Houston's greatest hits and I had me a personal music fest with the wind and sometimes the rain joining me:) I LOVE MY LIFE xxooxx!!!
I want to bear testimony of the absolute COMFORT a GPS is when you are in a city you don't makes it so fear is completely set aside and you can just relax and ENJOY being there!
Being at Sheri's reminds me so much of my mom. SHE is SO MUCH like my Mom. I LOVE THEM BOTH.
The kids of course were a happy break for me. It is interesting to see which ones got what/whose family traits and characteristics....people so can NOT deny the "STUFF" that comes to them through their DNA :)
Most nights the kids were in bed by 8 (which was 6 my time) so I was able to read and watch netflix (BBC, THE GRAND series) and write and think and dream of the future. It was so nice. William quickly realized what a sucker I am for a snuggle and ended up sleeping the last two nights with me...I should say ON me...another smile bringing moment...he must be a heat seeker...I would wake up and he would literally have himself wrapped/ tangled all over me:) I miss those days!!! Pretty sure the next babysitting visit he will be too "OLD" and not want to sleep with me :(  I am so READY to be a GRANDMA!!!!
A quick update to remember WHERE we are were in our lives for this trip...Audry just turned 12 and loves being apart of Young Women's at church. She LOVES to learn and dance the music videos of Taylor Swift with her friend Sophie. Austin is trying out for the Tennis team and goes to early morning Seminary. Isaac is the peacemaker and happy boy who wears headgear each day after school and never complains and is the first to share, or offer to make any situation better. William is Lord of the house and all drop everything to make sure his world is as he wants it. He is obsessed with SKYLANDER's  and can name them all and owns most of them all. He is flat adorable to watch do ANYTHING--hence, his charm is his power to maintain his loyal kingdom:) He's not crazy about Kindergarten and thinks...KNOWS, his teacher is mean. If that poor woman could have heard him describe her to me... Anyway.
One of those snug by myself nights it was so clear to me how many parts of my life are so astonishingly PERFECT. I am grateful to the core. Overwhelmed, yet still dreaming of the parts that I would "tweak"!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Look at SKINNY Sefa!!!

His Mom posted this on facebook today and I KNEW you would want to see him! xxooxx

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Isaac and Owen's Jesus discussion
LOVE WINS book I read on the plane
Kitchen House, Henry's Sisters, Man Seeks God...update on the other books not noted yet.
GrandDad feelings. Running these streets.
Ipad JOY
Work project delights
Birthday lovelies...facebook
Being Me
Isaac's peacemaking
Comfort of chain stores...cell