Monday, July 28, 2014

Dear Sons...THIS is the right answer....

I didn't know I loved Jim Carey SOOOO Much....

You are so gonna LOVE this....


It's been when these pics of Andy popped up on Facebook I thought you'd like to see! Also...remember LAD? He's got a wifey and baby now in NYC!

Sam update 28 July 2104

This week we saw some incredible ups and downs. 

We'll start with the bad news. This week we made it a goal to literally talk to every person we saw, and this resulted in us getting kicked out of the university. We had been street contacting the professors on campus, and one of them complained, and on thursday as we were teaching one of our investigators, the security came to us and told us that we can't come on campus anymore. the only way we'll be able to come onto campus is if 1. we take our badges off 2. we don't street contact anyone. 3. if we do teach someone, inside their home, because we can't on the street or in the public buildings, then we can't invite them to join the church. We've found some cool loop holes that I'll explain later on in the email.  Basically we spend 90% of our time at the Uni, so us not being able to go there to find new people to teach leaves us with almost nothing to do. we have no idea how we're going to continue, but we know that heavenly father is preparing his children everywhere. 

despite that disappointing event, we were able to add 10 new investigators to our teaching pool, and we are really exited about most of the people that we have been able to find, and things are looking great for the month of August! this transfer has really flown by.. kind of unreal that this transfer is coming to an end as well. 

So, we were speaking with Barry and David, who spend every day with us, and they were saying that we can't invite people to join the church, but they, as students, can. they've been coming to every teaching appointment we have on campus, and they've been extending the invitation to be baptized! yesterday Elder Costigan and I were able to teach 2 chinese students who have only been in the country for 3 weeks, and have poor english. after we finished teaching the plan of salvation, one of the investigators, Yang, asked Barry and David a question. They continued to speak in chinese for probably around 15 minutes straight. As Barry and David were testifying to these new investigators, the spirit filled the room like crazy. Even though they were speaking in a language that makes absolutely no sense to me, there were times while they were talking that I just felt the spirit so strongly. After we were finished with the lesson, Barry and David started talking again in chinese together as we were walking home. They turned to us and said, "We know why you elders and sisters decide to serve missions, for the first time, we have felt as ammon did when he was teaching King Lamoni, Yang asked us questions that we didn't know we knew the answer to, but as we started to speak we remembered things from the Book of Mormon that we had read, and other videos you have showed us that we remember, and we were able to speak about these things to help him understand better. We can much better understand what it is like to feel the spirit, and what it is like to teach with the spirit." these are our recent converts of under 2 months. the gospel is true! The gift of the holy ghost IS the sweetest and most powerful gift god has given us. I actually cannot explain the joy I've felt seeing our recent converts love the gospel so much. I almost feel like a father watching his son, that might sound weird and prideful, but I am so proud of them! 

We were able to have 7 investigators attend church which was a miracle. They all loved it and they all said they will come next week as well. 

After church yesterday Brother and Sister Kear, who came to our home, had our recent converts over for a meal and it was wonderful. After, Brother Kear shared a great spiritual thought on the Book of Mormon and it was wonderful for them to feel the spirit in the comfort of a members home. 

I love you all so much! please continue to keep me and all of the missionaries around the world in your prayers. There is no better work! obedience = prospering.  AFTER you have reached the promised land ye shall know that I the lord god do visit my people in their time of affliction. or something like that :) take care! 

Elder Sam Harris. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

July 21 -27th, 2014

FIRST OFF...THANK YOU for all the pics you sent me this week Michael and Josh!!! THANK YOU!
Seeing your smiles is just as needed a comfort as hearing them on the phone. I wait for every little life detail. It's a mom thing, pretty sure.

Remember my friend Catherine from High School? Her oldest son left last week for college. She is only week one into experiencing the big black hole. I am thinking someone needs to create some effective therapy for this time in a Mother's life. At least group therapy. Ummm...maybe that will be ME! Sadly, 5 times done and I've got NUTHIN' to comfort. Just...they DO come home...sometimes....

I am so grateful for ALL the days I get to be here in your love. For the eternities I get to be in your love. Whether you are in this home or not. Your physical presence left a black hole, but your spirits dance around me as I open the pantry door and see your growth marks, as I see you on the picture board, as I  pretend you are just out on the tramp.

I am so grateful for all the opportunities I create and those that are provided for me. I am most especially grateful for every person on my path. YOU my chickadees...YOU!!!! I am spell bound by the concept that everyone is a mirror of myself. As I have held this idea close to my heart and at the front of my mind this week, I have been tutored. I hope its a true principle, because I am surrounded by love, and everyone seeking to better love...and THAT is WHO I want to be. Try it. Take ONE day and look at whoever you come in contact with and say to yourself...this person is a mirror of do I show up like this? And then...there is this companion thought: each person is your Savior or Crucifier depending on what you are to them. Magnified selves ahead!!!!

Spent my last few days with Paulo Coehlo. Again. Read The Pilgrimage sometime. Like I needed to write that last sentence:)

WHO IS THIS  brilliant Creator/God that arranged it so I can learn at the feet of the masters even though physically I will never stand in their knowing? I sooooo came to earth to be here in this age of IPOD. One of my personal favorite LOVE NATALIE SO MUCH MIRACLES. And yes, I believe it was invented JUST FOR ME...maybe I WAS screaming those last two caps :) I learned this week that there is this common "knowing" in texting that all caps is yelling. So...I wasn't informed. ALL CAPS means great emphasis in my writing here, in texts, anywhere...I didn't know people thought I was screaming. So NOT a screamer. I will from here on out try to remember and incorporate the unwritten rules.

I also learned this week that certain people have been "put off" by my voice mail asking them NOT to leave a voice mail because I'm terrible at listening to them. I am pretty new at this boundary thing. I'm not going to justify my overwhelmed feelings when I have 20 plus voice mails to listen to at the end of the day. I am also learning that justifying to others is completely powerless. I'm just going to stay with my truth...see if I can figure out how to listen to the message I left, and then see if I can figure out how to re-record in my nicest, most authenticself, a message that will still keep my boundary while presenting it in a non off putting way. I don't want to be off putting.

I didn't set my phone alarm (a tech skill I DO possess) for my arm exercises 5 times a day this week.  I let it slip quite a bit this week and I can feel the difference. Another life reminder to do what you need to do in assisting yourself in getting the important things in. Still freaking in love with my left arm. And my right. And ALL the body parts.

I leave for Italy Thursday. Then to Switzerland...then to England. My appts in Milan fell through once they realized Do Terra was MLM. I can't wipe the smile off my face!!! I will be in Milan with NO AGENDA. NONE. Just me. ALONE. With thousands of years of history, and the people who are the product of that history. It feels like I'm going on a personal honeymoon! I feel like I am about to take a trip that has been planned for me my whole life and I am finally on my way. I have no idea what lies ahead...but its something important. My eyes and arms and heart are open wide. While in Italy I get to see the painting  of the Savior, The Last Supper. I will ride the red tour bus. I will ask a local what she likes to do there and do it. I will eat...I will eat MANY lovely lovely things. I actually think I can leave with happy abandon my insecurities and frustration over my weight...I'm going to leave that right here on the front steps.How awesome would it be if I could leave it there forever, not just for the trip?

In Switzerland I will be HERE xxooxx

Paracelsus Clinica al Ronc 

 Strada Cantonale 158, 6540 Castaneda 

Thank you to Robyn Peay who gave me the opportunity at a price NO ONE could turn down, and who will meet me there...I will participate in a 10 day liver cleanse...I will also be cut off from the world...for 10 days...Just me and the Gods and the Dr.s. I have my journal, my Saucony's, my IPOD, my ready to be cleansed liver, my excited heart. I'll be taking you with me too. Tucked deep inside. to England where I will NOT see Sam...but I will so be holding him inside. I think Becky will hit GOLD this month making her a FOUNDER in England. I work with incredible people. My life is one non stop miracle.

I love you. Please tell me your miracles. Sam is having some stellar ones. I know the rest of you are as well. I believe LOVE creates miracles. Splash it all over. Sammers...scroll past your last weeks message...I didn't get it posted till after I had put in 2 other posts...and you are so gonna want to see Madeline's baby :)



I really like this guy. Try all the Ram exercises!!! Today walking slowly for 20 minutes was ....well...INCREDIBLY SELF AWAKENING...I have a 1000 thoughts...about 40 of them were noteworthy to self. I am wondering if I want to walk the road---even though in most ways I already am.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Gorgeous Michael in Gorgeous Alaska

 Gorgeous Alaska....^ Gorgeous Michael!!!! LOVE YOU BUDDY! THANKS FOR THE PICS!!! Everybody did so GOOD at pic taking for the Momma this week xxooxxooxx!

 Ummmm...Michael has a great talent for keeping company with beautiful women.
This was one of 2 lakes in a 10 and 1/2 mile hike he took this week.

Jake's Bachelor Party without JAKE!

It almost seems more fitting for this lot to have the party WITHOUT JAKE!!! They will all head to Texas for the wedding :) Josh LOVED having them come to him in Seattle. As you can see, they did ALL the touristy stuff. I just love that they are forever friends...and that they act no different as men as they did as boys:)
Holy Moly...JOSHY SENT PICS!!! HE WINS MOMMA POINTS this week!!!! Look how handsome all of them are!!!...but of course Joshy..YOU be the cutest!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Love from Sam July 21, 2014

It was another great week!

We've been able to finally increase our teaching pool again this week! we're finally teaching loads of people again and it's a happy time for us. 

My favorite miracle this week was to be with our 2 recent converts, Barry, and David, as David laid his hands on Barry's head to confirm him to the Aaronic Preisthood. One of the proudest moments of my life, and I will remember it FOREVER! We have been so blessed with so many Recent converts who are so converted to the gospel. This week David came Street contacting with Elder Costigan, and Barry came with me, so we were able to do double the finding, and they both loved it! David, while Elder Costigan was talking to someone, on his own stopped a student, got her number, and she came to church yesterday! We have been doing a lot of finding through our recent converts and it's been my favorite part of my mission so far to spend so much time with so many people that I love. 

Playing basketball with the post-graduate students has been another excellent way to find new people to teach. This week as we were playing, these 8 Phillipino kids came to play as well, all high school-aged. They were way cool, and we will be teaching all of them this week! there are only about 100 phillipino's in Loughborough, and they are all best friends, so if we were able to befriend all of them, we would be able to see some amazing miracles. 

I got in my first car-crash ever this week! woo hoo! it was very very small. no one was injured. I was pulling out of a T-junction, and the car coming into the same road took a really tight turn at a blind turn in, and we hit each other. everything is ok I'm just bummed I've ruined the perfect record of not getting in a car accident or getting pulled over. oh well! it's because they drive like maniacs in this country! haha just kidding it's actually really quite safe. 

This week we'll have interviews with president Rasmussen, and so we'll spend the entire day on Wednesday attending each districts district meetings. Pray for me to make it through that day. Other than that, I am very optimistic for the future and for everything that is happening in the work. Leicester zone is really doing amazing.. all of our missionaries are so incredibly diligently and they love the work! couldn't ask for better circumstances! 

Have a great pioneer day! enjoy the pool, (I think you catch the hint, I miss the pool) but not near as much as I miss each and every one of you! have a great day :)

Elder Samuel Harris. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New favorite pool accessory

Soooo this is birthday girl Hannah Lesher! She is 8. She got a mermaid tail for her birthday...the entire party was a bunch of little girls waiting for their turn to use the NEED one of these to complete the pool paraphernalia! It was just TOO cute to watch them!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ohhh Sammers! Look what Madeline MADE!

Introducing Little Miss ELLE SOPHIA VANCE  6 pounds 17 3/4 inches.  The pool is filled to the brim today...9 moms, 2 dads, a gajillion day, ONE day...some of those out there are gonna be OURS!!!!!!! xxooxxooxx

Sunday, July 20, 2014

On the JOURNEY...

I don't think you can GET more adorable than that there^ that I made :)^^^^^^^^

Michael...just TIRED of missing you on your birthday. Well, and just MISSING YOU. For a mom who is telling you to go follow your dreams, I pretty much suck as you know that what I really mean is....CAN'T YOU ALL DO IT FROM HOME ????????????? I'm growing though. I'm growing. I sat next to a guy from Australia on my flight home from LA, here to shoot a  men's suit commercial on the salt flats ... and I really did mean it when I thought...I am SOO hoping Michael gets to go there soon...I am SOOO going to go see him!!!

True confession. I just friended Josh's adorable girlfriend on Facebook. I havent't ever done that before with your life loves....but I WANTED TO GET SOME PICS OF JOSH. Besides, I loved her before she was his girlfriend. I love anyone who is HAPPY right now with who they are. is not a not be afraid.  No pics to be found...pretty sure that means you don't let HER take them either Joshy. ALL of you....Get me pics of your life...pretty please. And have been doing AWESOME at this...thank you loves. LOOK WHAT JUST CAME IN!!! Therese!! LOVE YOU BIG!! We hit pay dirt!!!xxooxx

I really really really want you to watch the I AM documentary I have posted below. A friend wrote to me about working so hard at building my "MLMpire"(thought that was clever. It affected me greatly as I thought how all they knew of me was the money side. YOU know...there IS the money side....but the PEOPLE side...that is the true picture. This documentary got right in my face. I am going to watch it once a week for the rest of this month as I renegotiate some of my life practices.

Could we group text more on "stuff"... I want to feel closer to you. I know it makes you crazy Michael...but maybe if we just keep it to the REAL stuff...well...and then the funny stuff....What I am really saying, is...I have just woken up to the fact that even though all of you are away from me...we can still be in contact more as  group with eye rolling and can SOME.

I was in LA for an aroma touch certification training Thursday thru late last night. I keep meeting these most incredible, fantastic, change your mind, heart, life people. I love that even with my broken arm firmly attached to my side my arms can stretch and embrace more and more love into my soul.

I have GOT to introduce you to PJ Hanks. Just LOOK at her and you can see the LOVE and GOODNESS. This woman in 3 1/2 hours worked a miracle for me. She taught me all about the CHEMISTRY of the essential oils and therefore the WHY they work/which one to use when you don't have them brain NEEDS that information. I am not a chemistry person WHATSOEVER....but by the time I left, I can now tell you what your aliment needs,  why you would use an OXIDE or an ESTER or a HYDROCARBON MONOTERPENE. I feel smart. I feel better equipped to aid in healing. I feel LOVE for the light in this woman. I wanna be her best friend. MOST FANTABULOUS news???? She lives in Seattle!!!! More reasons to just go see my boys!!! HOORAH FOR DOTERRA!!!! HOORAH for HEALING!!!! HOORAH for HUMANKIND loving and tending to each other. HOORAH that it starts with ME!!!!!!

I am near to bursting when I think of all the LOVES that have come into my life through Do Terra. And wonder....who is coming still?????? May my heart continue to open and my soul refine that all will find a safe, happy resting and healing place in my presence. I want to glean gifts that I can share like PJ. And may my highest self continue to grow --that my energy will be drawn to the places where the PJ Hank's are sharing their light.  And the Tom Shadyac's. And YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

I have sent each of you a personal email....xxooxx

Read this book :) xxooxx Yep...another one:)

I started this over 10 years ago and put it down way too quickly. Sometimes we know we aren't ready to receive truth even when we think we are. Not sure how it would have affected me if I'd finished it then.  It was a stark difference in my reaction to it this time through. That could also be because I have a friend reading it.  You know how I LOVE to heart check and brain change with others.   Stay with it. Probably because its a translation the movement is stodgy, story feels a little trite and slow. BUT THE TRUTH tidbits  are worth the wading.

When was the last time someone told you to follow your heart? I hope it was today. I hope it was ME who said it to you...or texted it to you.

Chickadees....With my whole heart, I believe we came here to FOLLOW THE LONGINGS OF OUR HEART. It's not easy to shut out what the world says, what mom and dad say, what your friends think. As the book teaches...your heart is going to keep revisiting what it is your REALLY want....take the journey.  

PLUEEEEEEZE watch this and then call your Momma?

Really, THIS is one of those Momma lessons I must insist upon. Your love is gonna explode over this one. Watch with a friend!!!! Really...CALL ME when you are done watching it. It's only 77 minutes of your life.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Angels SPEAK to ME

Another morning of the Heavens wrapping me up . Maybe you'd like to wrapped too?
Chickadees....I've got it on my IPOD if you want a listen.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Love from Sam 14 July 2014

Hey family!

So... it's gotten to that point of my mission to where I can't be bothered to email anymore, but because I love you so much, I will still write you every week! 

This week was as they all are, Brilliant! On Monday we got to play football with loads of Non-members and got a few return appointments from becoming mates with the people we were playing with. My favorite way to do missionary work is in non-conventional ways! 

On tuesday we spent all day preparing zone meeting for wednesday, the zone meeting was great! the spirit was really strong. We trained on the role of the holy ghost in conversion, and the divinity of our calling as missionaries. There are some powerful talks that talk about our potential as members in the church! An outstanding talk from President Eyring called, "Rise to your call," was the foundation and we talked about the things that are possible because of our setting apart. 

This week was a little bit of a humbling week. Our investigator Michael who was scheduled to be baptized this saturday didn't come to church, so he won't be able to make it for this week. Elder Costigan and I made a goal to have a baptism at every service, (they only do services every 2 weeks in Loughborough) so we were a bit disappointed, but we know that there is still so much to look up for! 

I got to go on exchange with Elder Jacob Packer from Lindon, Utah! He is the grandson of the apostle. He is a great missionary and he taught me so much.  

this week I had an incredible/sad experience.  Ivy, our incredible Recent convert who feeds us every day and who we've grown so close to, returned to china after finishing her masters degree. let's just say there could have been buckets of water full with all of our tears. It was just one of those weird moments when everyone was crying. As Elder Costigan and I got back in the car and drove to our next appointment, we realized how amazing it was to have her as a part of her life, and we were reflecting about how grateful we are to be able to be missionaries. Developing lasting relationships with some of the most incredible and special people is undescribable. The most important and special thing I've been able to take part of. One thing that stinks about the mission experience is all of the good bye's. every new area, every companion, every investigator that leaves, every member we have to say good bye to, it's like a part of us is leaving! basically I'm just really grateful to you mom and dad, for giving me the opportunity to be here. I really love it. so much! and I am exited to meet back with these people in the spirit world. What else hit me.. is I only have 8 months to serve left full-time. Some may say that's a long time but holy cow... I can't afford to waste a second and soak in the whole experience! 

I love you so much! have a great week!! enjoy the pool. 

Elder Harris! 

Sunday, July 13, 2014


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL WHO WE LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE!!!!!!!!!!! (Dad gathered these pics and posted them on facebook...he is getting skills children! More than I am copying them here.)

...and just for MICHAEL on his birthday!!!! We love you Buddy...we will have a family birthday dinner to make up for your not being here today when you get back!!! I'm personally pretty glad the world cup is over. Not that much else is ever on the TV besides sports, but that muffled roar sound on when the soccer is being played is obnoxious after a few weeks.

The desert HOT is HERE! It felt too hot to lay by the pool even today. THAT is hot.

This week was chuck full of life. Dad went on trek with the ward youth. Christine (one of my DoTerra Builders and friends) came from Florida for the weekend. I went to Idaho on Tuesday to assist Ginger with her lines. Spencer went to St. George to welcome his mission president home. Megan stayed home in Utah but had 2 hot dates in a row:) I spent Saturday teaching an Aroma Touch Certification Class. My arm is getting better all the time....anxious for a check up tomorrow.

Jeff Otterstrom came home from his mission this week and Zach comes home in 2 weeks. It almost tricked me into thinking SAM will be home in JUST A WEE BIT...8 months xxooxxooxx happy for you in all the fruit of your love labors. WE LOVE GETTING the pictures!!! I will be thinking of you while I visit the 15th thru the 22nd  of August...SO CLOSE TO YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!:) I will be blowing you kisses from Northampton and London.

Joshy reports that there are MANY SUNNY DAYS in Seattle...and he likes it. Uncle Jeremy stopped in for a bit today after being in Park City for a wedding. LOVE MY FAMILY. Grandad had a birthday the 11th.

What love are you gathering and spreading ? What are you reading? What are your new MUST DO list items? WHAT CAN I DO FOR EACH OF YOU???

I love each of you SOOOOOOOO much....MISS ME!!!! Call me.