Sunday, July 20, 2014

Read this book :) xxooxx Yep...another one:)

I started this over 10 years ago and put it down way too quickly. Sometimes we know we aren't ready to receive truth even when we think we are. Not sure how it would have affected me if I'd finished it then.  It was a stark difference in my reaction to it this time through. That could also be because I have a friend reading it.  You know how I LOVE to heart check and brain change with others.   Stay with it. Probably because its a translation the movement is stodgy, story feels a little trite and slow. BUT THE TRUTH tidbits  are worth the wading.

When was the last time someone told you to follow your heart? I hope it was today. I hope it was ME who said it to you...or texted it to you.

Chickadees....With my whole heart, I believe we came here to FOLLOW THE LONGINGS OF OUR HEART. It's not easy to shut out what the world says, what mom and dad say, what your friends think. As the book teaches...your heart is going to keep revisiting what it is your REALLY want....take the journey.  

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