Monday, July 14, 2014

Love from Sam 14 July 2014

Hey family!

So... it's gotten to that point of my mission to where I can't be bothered to email anymore, but because I love you so much, I will still write you every week! 

This week was as they all are, Brilliant! On Monday we got to play football with loads of Non-members and got a few return appointments from becoming mates with the people we were playing with. My favorite way to do missionary work is in non-conventional ways! 

On tuesday we spent all day preparing zone meeting for wednesday, the zone meeting was great! the spirit was really strong. We trained on the role of the holy ghost in conversion, and the divinity of our calling as missionaries. There are some powerful talks that talk about our potential as members in the church! An outstanding talk from President Eyring called, "Rise to your call," was the foundation and we talked about the things that are possible because of our setting apart. 

This week was a little bit of a humbling week. Our investigator Michael who was scheduled to be baptized this saturday didn't come to church, so he won't be able to make it for this week. Elder Costigan and I made a goal to have a baptism at every service, (they only do services every 2 weeks in Loughborough) so we were a bit disappointed, but we know that there is still so much to look up for! 

I got to go on exchange with Elder Jacob Packer from Lindon, Utah! He is the grandson of the apostle. He is a great missionary and he taught me so much.  

this week I had an incredible/sad experience.  Ivy, our incredible Recent convert who feeds us every day and who we've grown so close to, returned to china after finishing her masters degree. let's just say there could have been buckets of water full with all of our tears. It was just one of those weird moments when everyone was crying. As Elder Costigan and I got back in the car and drove to our next appointment, we realized how amazing it was to have her as a part of her life, and we were reflecting about how grateful we are to be able to be missionaries. Developing lasting relationships with some of the most incredible and special people is undescribable. The most important and special thing I've been able to take part of. One thing that stinks about the mission experience is all of the good bye's. every new area, every companion, every investigator that leaves, every member we have to say good bye to, it's like a part of us is leaving! basically I'm just really grateful to you mom and dad, for giving me the opportunity to be here. I really love it. so much! and I am exited to meet back with these people in the spirit world. What else hit me.. is I only have 8 months to serve left full-time. Some may say that's a long time but holy cow... I can't afford to waste a second and soak in the whole experience! 

I love you so much! have a great week!! enjoy the pool. 

Elder Harris! 

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