Sunday, July 20, 2014

On the JOURNEY...

I don't think you can GET more adorable than that there^ that I made :)^^^^^^^^

Michael...just TIRED of missing you on your birthday. Well, and just MISSING YOU. For a mom who is telling you to go follow your dreams, I pretty much suck as you know that what I really mean is....CAN'T YOU ALL DO IT FROM HOME ????????????? I'm growing though. I'm growing. I sat next to a guy from Australia on my flight home from LA, here to shoot a  men's suit commercial on the salt flats ... and I really did mean it when I thought...I am SOO hoping Michael gets to go there soon...I am SOOO going to go see him!!!

True confession. I just friended Josh's adorable girlfriend on Facebook. I havent't ever done that before with your life loves....but I WANTED TO GET SOME PICS OF JOSH. Besides, I loved her before she was his girlfriend. I love anyone who is HAPPY right now with who they are. is not a not be afraid.  No pics to be found...pretty sure that means you don't let HER take them either Joshy. ALL of you....Get me pics of your life...pretty please. And have been doing AWESOME at this...thank you loves. LOOK WHAT JUST CAME IN!!! Therese!! LOVE YOU BIG!! We hit pay dirt!!!xxooxx

I really really really want you to watch the I AM documentary I have posted below. A friend wrote to me about working so hard at building my "MLMpire"(thought that was clever. It affected me greatly as I thought how all they knew of me was the money side. YOU know...there IS the money side....but the PEOPLE side...that is the true picture. This documentary got right in my face. I am going to watch it once a week for the rest of this month as I renegotiate some of my life practices.

Could we group text more on "stuff"... I want to feel closer to you. I know it makes you crazy Michael...but maybe if we just keep it to the REAL stuff...well...and then the funny stuff....What I am really saying, is...I have just woken up to the fact that even though all of you are away from me...we can still be in contact more as  group with eye rolling and can SOME.

I was in LA for an aroma touch certification training Thursday thru late last night. I keep meeting these most incredible, fantastic, change your mind, heart, life people. I love that even with my broken arm firmly attached to my side my arms can stretch and embrace more and more love into my soul.

I have GOT to introduce you to PJ Hanks. Just LOOK at her and you can see the LOVE and GOODNESS. This woman in 3 1/2 hours worked a miracle for me. She taught me all about the CHEMISTRY of the essential oils and therefore the WHY they work/which one to use when you don't have them brain NEEDS that information. I am not a chemistry person WHATSOEVER....but by the time I left, I can now tell you what your aliment needs,  why you would use an OXIDE or an ESTER or a HYDROCARBON MONOTERPENE. I feel smart. I feel better equipped to aid in healing. I feel LOVE for the light in this woman. I wanna be her best friend. MOST FANTABULOUS news???? She lives in Seattle!!!! More reasons to just go see my boys!!! HOORAH FOR DOTERRA!!!! HOORAH for HEALING!!!! HOORAH for HUMANKIND loving and tending to each other. HOORAH that it starts with ME!!!!!!

I am near to bursting when I think of all the LOVES that have come into my life through Do Terra. And wonder....who is coming still?????? May my heart continue to open and my soul refine that all will find a safe, happy resting and healing place in my presence. I want to glean gifts that I can share like PJ. And may my highest self continue to grow --that my energy will be drawn to the places where the PJ Hank's are sharing their light.  And the Tom Shadyac's. And YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

I have sent each of you a personal email....xxooxx

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