Sunday, July 13, 2014


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL WHO WE LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE!!!!!!!!!!! (Dad gathered these pics and posted them on facebook...he is getting skills children! More than I am copying them here.)

...and just for MICHAEL on his birthday!!!! We love you Buddy...we will have a family birthday dinner to make up for your not being here today when you get back!!! I'm personally pretty glad the world cup is over. Not that much else is ever on the TV besides sports, but that muffled roar sound on when the soccer is being played is obnoxious after a few weeks.

The desert HOT is HERE! It felt too hot to lay by the pool even today. THAT is hot.

This week was chuck full of life. Dad went on trek with the ward youth. Christine (one of my DoTerra Builders and friends) came from Florida for the weekend. I went to Idaho on Tuesday to assist Ginger with her lines. Spencer went to St. George to welcome his mission president home. Megan stayed home in Utah but had 2 hot dates in a row:) I spent Saturday teaching an Aroma Touch Certification Class. My arm is getting better all the time....anxious for a check up tomorrow.

Jeff Otterstrom came home from his mission this week and Zach comes home in 2 weeks. It almost tricked me into thinking SAM will be home in JUST A WEE BIT...8 months xxooxxooxx happy for you in all the fruit of your love labors. WE LOVE GETTING the pictures!!! I will be thinking of you while I visit the 15th thru the 22nd  of August...SO CLOSE TO YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!:) I will be blowing you kisses from Northampton and London.

Joshy reports that there are MANY SUNNY DAYS in Seattle...and he likes it. Uncle Jeremy stopped in for a bit today after being in Park City for a wedding. LOVE MY FAMILY. Grandad had a birthday the 11th.

What love are you gathering and spreading ? What are you reading? What are your new MUST DO list items? WHAT CAN I DO FOR EACH OF YOU???

I love each of you SOOOOOOOO much....MISS ME!!!! Call me.

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