Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Princesses are ON THEIR WAY....

Spencer... just got our costumes...so excited....I will be SO CLOSE to you........we will be thinking of you ALOT! Cinderella and Ariel are ready to RUN!!!! Meg will have her birthday while we are there on Friday and I'll have mine Wednesday flying home :)

Monday, February 18, 2013

email from SPENCER

que onda guerros?

this week has been weird, we had great results but my new comp is just super strange, haha, hes very insecure, and tries to be funny all the time but hes just not, but its ok i know he just wants to feel loved and is freaking out because hes just starting his mission, his name is elder ---------  he is from arizona and was home schooled, (part of the problem) haha but im still having fun and loving life, the reyes family came to church again yesterday ,and the kids were going crazy during every hour, i was stressed out of my mind, but the ward took it better then i thought,its the first time they have acted up since i have been here, 2 of them are like david rapier whenhe was younger, but oh how i love them still , they are like my little brothers and sisters in my heart and i cant wait to see there baptism, and the changes that will occur inthere lifes because of the gospel. we are still working on forming a group here in west kolob and im pretty pumped for it.
so i know this is early but for my birthday i would like two things, mom if you could compile a video of the family talking to me individually, and whoever else wants to out of my friends, and send it to me on a sd card or a dvd that would be way cool, especially since im getting robbed of my fourth call home. and also , some protein powder, chocolate, let michael choose it , he will know whats best and what will taste good, i dont want isopure, i repeat, i dont want isopure , it tastes bad.
anyways i am doing good, loving everyone here, i feel so connected to some of the people here already and i know the ord has sent me here for them, i love that the lord loves me, and trusts me with these precious souls and their testimonies. i just love teaching the gospel, and helping people find more lova and happiness in their lives.
anyways i got to go. what ever happened in the super bowl by the way? i never got any pics or updates, i demand a repost haha
elder harris

tell mike i love his guts and let him make a video to send to me as well.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

TO MY VALENTINE!!! 17 February 2013

Spencer....thought you'd get a kick out of Tanner's pic to me :)
Megs and I are getting ready to head to Orlando to run the Tinkerbell half marathon next weekend...so if you don't get a post next Sunday I will make it up mid week the next week. Crazy that Dad will be heading there as well....for Uncle Kelly's wedding. He will stay with his Mom and his family in a condo and me and megs and girlies will be in a different resort at our own place....I had this planned before the wedding. So we will meet up at the wedding and then head back to the girl party. It is cold and I am older and TIRED of it so I am about to BURST that I get to go to warm and home. We are working on our costumes. Meg is so creative! She will be Cinderella...I am shooting for Ariel....only the WATER Princess would be right for me :) NOT going to wear just a purple running bra with a green tutu ---so will be creative sometime tomorrow or before I go...I will for SURE send you pics! Kim is Minnine Mouse and the others are all being Disney Princesses. It's going to be so much fun!
Michael has decided NOT to go to Alaska...and you KNOW I'm HAPPY!!! Just want everyone around this summer. He has become the cross fit King. Should be pretty ripped by the time you are home.
Josh is just Mr. Diligent. Working to get him to play more as always. He's super man at school with his grades. Only wish he were close enough to come home more often...but it might be that HE appreciates that:)
So...unbelieveable but TRUE...CJ Shroppell and Max Hill are BOTH going to serve in the same mission in Texas together with Devin Durrant as their mission President. Dallin Hatch was called to Rome, Italy so he will be there with Bryson....Kristy Kolhert's farewell was today...Paris France. They are flying out of here in droves with the new age change.
Real Estate is still AMAZING. I am starting a new business in DoTerra Oils. Been a little brain splitting to do both. Hoping to hit a few big home runs in RE so I can slow there a bit and just go for it in the oils. I figure if I hit it hard for 3 years, MAYBE by then someone will be closer to having a grandbaby for me and I'll be able to use the residual income to slow way down and just play GRANDMOM? And if that plan doesn't work...I'll JUST PLAY!!!! And that will be just a bit after Sam gets home and we will ALL be ready to just PLAY! So far my team is incredible. I LOVE working with lots of people.
Megan and Laura just finished the first session of the IMPACT Training I've been doing and they loved it as much as I did. I'm excited to have them assisting me stay to the principles and tools they teach there. The love they open yourself up to is incredible. The training identifies walls people build and then shines the light of reality on them so they can be knocked down and free up those spaces for connecting and trusting and loving.
I'm excited that YOU are excited about all that is happening there. You are such a great man. I was about to put BOY. You'll always be my BOY...but I can FEEL the difference now. You are making a difference in the world. Mike Cooper shared his news with me....YOU were a part of that!
For all you bring to the world....I LOVE YOU!!! I can't count down for you now...it's too painful because it means Sam is going....so AFTER he is gone I will be able to. Life is tricky for a mom who wants to be in CHARGE of all the doings of her chillins. Even when I have seen enough to know to trust them and delight in their independence. Love you BIG! Enjoy these last weeks.
The Momma who knows the Sun was made to shine ON YOU!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

If you are reading this blog then I must love you! SOooooooo.... KNOW it today of all days.
And Spencie.....TREAT YOURSELF and companion to a YUMMIFUL Valentines celebration somewhere somehow. What an amazing world and life that we CAME HERE to get this LOVE THING down :)  Crazy how tricky it can be huh????

Monday, February 11, 2013

letter from Spencer 11 Feb 2013

hey family
this week was good, presidant called me yesterday and let me know that im training a new missionary.......... again, i am not really nervous this time but i still feel like its not wuite necesary to train 3 times on your mission, i pray that i have a relationship with my new trainee like i had with elder call, i love that kid so much. but i will be staying here in west columbia, which i am excited about, i am pushing right now to get the stake presidants approval to start a spanish group here with all the members within our stake that our hispanic, i have a meeting with him next week to discuss the organization and logistics of it, but i have a really good feelig about it , i think its gonna go down, it will be so awesome!!!!
we played basketball this morning, and i realize how much skill ive lost, but then i also realized how much i really dont care????? weird right, i never would have thought the day would come but it has, im ok with not being good at sports. but anyways it was really fun, this wek we have been teaching this crazy family i dont remember if i have mentioned them or not but i think i have, the reyes family, the kids are nuts and sent straight from hell, but teaching them everyday has been the most fun excitning adventure ive had on my mission, the middle child, 11 years old, jose, wa the worst kid when we began to teach them, and this wek theres been a huge change in him, he has not sworn once around us, he listens when we teach and he always begs to say the prayer. the oldest two jessica and marce are angels, but luis and liliana , the youngest two, wow, i dont know what to do but be patient and pray, this last week we made this board for them with there names on it and other stuff so they can see how much there learning as we go along and one of the days when luis was being bad and i wouldnt give him any of the candy he grabbed it and took off the street holding the board above his head, elder gustafson was ticked, and i couldnt help but laugh haha it was great, to say the least not much was taught that day but still, ill never forget the craziness and fun ive had teaching these kids. we only get to teach the parents on sundays when the husband is home, they are super excited about the change they have seen in jose and so are we.
anyways i g2g sorry but im excited for this week, my new companion and the fun that is ahead of me, this is going to be the best transfer ive ever had. les amo mucho
tell sam to write me, im sending a package soon
love elder harris

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday 10 Feb 2013

Hey Lovey!
Everyone is busy. Dad with work, me with work, Megan with work....everyone working:) Sam's love affair has warn a little thin and he is ready to be DONE working. Playing is SO MUCH MORE FUN!
Josh came home today....some crazy person charged $619 worth of hunting stuff to his card and then had it sent to Oregon....so he had to come home to fill out a claim form and get a new card. Meg and ladies all went to Ryan Innes concert here Sat night. I had Impact training this weekend. Michael is mister social.
I can't believe I'v got nothing to say. But, um.......Stake Conference was today so I missed my Princesses. I attended a do Terra essential oils conference Monday thru Wed at a fun lodge in Altamont with amazing people who are successful beyond my dream.   Herman tries to get in the house when anyone opens a door. Sam's farewell is March 24 :(. I want to eat sugar ....been 6 months and holding good. The weather has been cold and snowy for so long.....spring flowers will be gorgeous. I am trying not to think of just visiting you when I head to Florida. Going to take you to England to visit Sam :) What are they going to do to me? I think NOTHING. I think let you go on splits or whatever you want while we are there! More houses to sell and deals to deal.
I love you. We are ALLLLLLL SO READY for May 2nd. It is coming. And SO ARE YOU!
Make your week shine with happiness and love.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Spencer's letter 4 Feb 2013

que pasa familia,
this week was greaT, THE BIG LIFT HAS WOUNDED DOWN TO A CLOSE AND IT WAS THe funnenst thing ive ever done, sory for the caps, it was great these last few days me and elder cardon have been going into the same areas, myrtle beach was a fun exchange, i went out with two mexicans, elder herrera and elder aguliar, there so funny, so good at teaching and i learned aLOT FROM THE EXCHANGE THAT I HAD WITH THEM., sorry i keep hitting the caps button on this keyboard,.
i also went out with an elder muhlestein from orem ut, he went to timpanogos , hes such a great kid, he has a really tough companion who doesnt want to work, but hes tackling it in the right way, hes loving him back to life.
yesterday the lift team went to presidants house for our closing lift dinner, it was delicious, prime rib, baked potato and salad, plus a monster cake, and presiant holm, spoke to us about the blessing we are promised from the lord, which was great.
we had 8 investigators at church yesterday which i extremely awesome for only working our are friday night and saturday afternoon. im pumped, hectzabel is great were hoping she can be ready by this saturday but if not for sure on the 23rd
we had a family, the reyes family come to church and it was a miracle, there kids son muy traviesos, there tyrants, they cus there mouths off have no manners and will say anything to anyone with pride, personally i think its hilarious and fun but the ward did not take it hte same way when they came the first time but this week, they were like angels, the gospel is ging to change their lifes forever, anyways i could go on for days but im sendin a packige home soon, and im loving everyminute and moment of my service. i hope your also loving every minute and moment of life at home, we are so blessed i cant even describe the gratitude i have for who we are and who we are here with as a family.
love elder harris

4 Feb 2013

I love you so much! I keep watching the weather and can hardly believe how NICE it is there! I am so GLAD for you. I also am loving how HAPPY I feel for you that you get to be with Terrance and traveling all over the mission!

I just SOMEHOW Deleted 9 paragraphs of writing and I am needing to get the heck out of here cuz my day is crazy...I promise to make it up to you later.I have NO IDEA WHAT OR HOW I DID THAT! I am so sad!

Just short...all are happy and well....will update you on SUPERBOWL, my crazy sauce week, Sam's trip to Logan/Preston....and everyone soon.