Monday, February 11, 2013

letter from Spencer 11 Feb 2013

hey family
this week was good, presidant called me yesterday and let me know that im training a new missionary.......... again, i am not really nervous this time but i still feel like its not wuite necesary to train 3 times on your mission, i pray that i have a relationship with my new trainee like i had with elder call, i love that kid so much. but i will be staying here in west columbia, which i am excited about, i am pushing right now to get the stake presidants approval to start a spanish group here with all the members within our stake that our hispanic, i have a meeting with him next week to discuss the organization and logistics of it, but i have a really good feelig about it , i think its gonna go down, it will be so awesome!!!!
we played basketball this morning, and i realize how much skill ive lost, but then i also realized how much i really dont care????? weird right, i never would have thought the day would come but it has, im ok with not being good at sports. but anyways it was really fun, this wek we have been teaching this crazy family i dont remember if i have mentioned them or not but i think i have, the reyes family, the kids are nuts and sent straight from hell, but teaching them everyday has been the most fun excitning adventure ive had on my mission, the middle child, 11 years old, jose, wa the worst kid when we began to teach them, and this wek theres been a huge change in him, he has not sworn once around us, he listens when we teach and he always begs to say the prayer. the oldest two jessica and marce are angels, but luis and liliana , the youngest two, wow, i dont know what to do but be patient and pray, this last week we made this board for them with there names on it and other stuff so they can see how much there learning as we go along and one of the days when luis was being bad and i wouldnt give him any of the candy he grabbed it and took off the street holding the board above his head, elder gustafson was ticked, and i couldnt help but laugh haha it was great, to say the least not much was taught that day but still, ill never forget the craziness and fun ive had teaching these kids. we only get to teach the parents on sundays when the husband is home, they are super excited about the change they have seen in jose and so are we.
anyways i g2g sorry but im excited for this week, my new companion and the fun that is ahead of me, this is going to be the best transfer ive ever had. les amo mucho
tell sam to write me, im sending a package soon
love elder harris

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