Monday, February 4, 2013

Spencer's letter 4 Feb 2013

que pasa familia,
this week was greaT, THE BIG LIFT HAS WOUNDED DOWN TO A CLOSE AND IT WAS THe funnenst thing ive ever done, sory for the caps, it was great these last few days me and elder cardon have been going into the same areas, myrtle beach was a fun exchange, i went out with two mexicans, elder herrera and elder aguliar, there so funny, so good at teaching and i learned aLOT FROM THE EXCHANGE THAT I HAD WITH THEM., sorry i keep hitting the caps button on this keyboard,.
i also went out with an elder muhlestein from orem ut, he went to timpanogos , hes such a great kid, he has a really tough companion who doesnt want to work, but hes tackling it in the right way, hes loving him back to life.
yesterday the lift team went to presidants house for our closing lift dinner, it was delicious, prime rib, baked potato and salad, plus a monster cake, and presiant holm, spoke to us about the blessing we are promised from the lord, which was great.
we had 8 investigators at church yesterday which i extremely awesome for only working our are friday night and saturday afternoon. im pumped, hectzabel is great were hoping she can be ready by this saturday but if not for sure on the 23rd
we had a family, the reyes family come to church and it was a miracle, there kids son muy traviesos, there tyrants, they cus there mouths off have no manners and will say anything to anyone with pride, personally i think its hilarious and fun but the ward did not take it hte same way when they came the first time but this week, they were like angels, the gospel is ging to change their lifes forever, anyways i could go on for days but im sendin a packige home soon, and im loving everyminute and moment of my service. i hope your also loving every minute and moment of life at home, we are so blessed i cant even describe the gratitude i have for who we are and who we are here with as a family.
love elder harris

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