Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Sometimes a girl just needs to put the real world aside and take a break for a better one.

Monday, January 28, 2013

fron Spencer 26 Jan 2013

hey familia
another good week,
we were able to find a new investigator through some of our members here and she is golden, here name is jectzabel, please pray for her, she came to six hours of church on sunday and our first lesson the day before was so powerful, we had us, two returned missionaries and two members there to help us teach and it was great. were hoping she will be ready for her baptism before elder gustafson gets transfered on the 9th.
really its only been like two days i feel since i emailed not much has happened to talk about except meeting with the big lift team, and working here in our area of west columbia spanish. thnx dad for your last letter it was awesome, tell meg she better have something of equal harry potter awesomness for me when i return home thats cool, im jealous of her new job, by the way have you heard or seen any job opportunities for me ? be looking , but honestly im not too worried.
mom im glad your so happy, and your right mother teresa is a bamf. i think im the only missionary who atill says bamf, but thats ok ,haha. elder cardon is doing good, i have not heard a thing about elder rockhill in over 2 months i hope hes doing good, has elder bently returned? if so make sure hes loved, i cant wait to see the changes the mission could hjave made to him.
everything is going good here, my comp is great and the work is fun, we had a great first lesson with a less active family last night, the mother was a mess and the spirit was so strong, im excited for the cruise family, i know there going to make it back.
i studied in hebrews 11 this morning ( 11, mom ) youshould check it out i love it, it reminds me so much of what you have taght me through out my life and how our true honest belief will always come to pass, so change our belief, and we change our results to become anyone we want to become, isnt the gospel great?
anyways ive got to bounce our pday ends at 2 today cuz we have to head out to myrtle beach for the big lift exchanges, i love yall, your inmy prayers. my back is getting itchy haha

Zach's baby COOPER xxooxx

Sunday, January 27, 2013

25 January 2013

Well...the pictures all melded together? I can't say enough how much I have loved learning more about Mother Theresa. You will love the same leatning Spencer. HER WHOLE LIFE WAS HER MISSION!
The FAMILY DINNER pic was one I used to invite my new Impact training friends for dinner Today started nasty snowing  so only about 16 came...but add those with us and it was the rest of the family can meet the amazing people I have been going through my trainings with. And then THEY got to see pics of YOU and be with the rest of the family to see how AMAZING they are! You can NEVER have enough amazing people in your life!
And then I just LOVE this pic of Uncle Preston....what a happy GOOD Boy! I LOVE MY BROTHERS!!!. Just look at the JOY in his face!Drew's birthday was Friday and she turned 11 They are just growing up so fast.
There is a pic to come of Sam pheasant hunting  with Halford...according to Halford he never missed a 3. I told him to leave them with Halford...I have no desire to pluck, clean or cook those.
Megan wanted you to see her SNITCH necklace she got on ETSY for like $5:)And also the pic of her at her new office cubicle at Money fun that they gave her her own nerf gun the first day there? SHE IS CRAZY EXCITED about the company and all they are doing for her...the culture there is super cool. The first papers she signed was a waiver in case she got hurt on the motorized mini bikes they take out on the Provo trail for "meetings". Yep, her life is SWEET! She deserves every bit of it.
ALmost ready for a renter for our Logan condo!Maybe, depending on the weather, heading up there tomorrow...will take pics when I do so you can see:)
Still busy with work. Half of my Primary Princess' were home sick today:( Patrick Clarke had his farewell. Pretty quick all these boys will be out of here. Ryan Innes came over Saturday night and I got to be serenaded while I cooked for today. Then as Sam came home and a bunch of his friends (8---all with mission calls and the 9th with one coming)--we ended up all crammed in the living room listening to Ryan sing and play. YOU would have loved it. My life felt PERFECT in those moments.
YOU ARE PERFECT! I feel so happy when I think of you and Terrence together! I love you so much.Write me ALOT k?
The Momma who loves you!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

LATE LETTER from Spencer 24 Jan 2013

hey fam, first off dad i have no clue how to get you those emails, so probably not gonna happen, this week has been fun it was awesome to get to go to greenville again , i ate chile relleno 3 times in 24 hours because the recent converts i had there new i was coming and made my favorite meal haha 3 times it was hilarious awesome, and fattening but oh so good to visit again, your going to love to visit greenville with me. charleston was also great but i didnt get to see any of the people i taught there caus ei went into an area with english areas for the big lift and elde gustafson went into my old area with the spanish elders, we also went to spartenburg and i went on a split with an elder who was really struggling staying out here, hes very akward and very homesick but we had a good time and i showed him how much fun missionary work can be, his name is elder schwartz, i think hes going to make it, we really did have a great split. sorry me email is so late we couldnt do it monday cuz of martin luther king day and then ive been out of my area doing the lift till today, time has flown by so fast its rediculous, but i love it, so much fun. me and elder cardon always sit with eachother in the car rides , hes a great missionary, so much greater then i , your going to meet a completly different terrance when he gets home, hes so confident in himself, and so humble at the same time. its so great to work with him. mom thnx for all the pics on the blog! the pic of scott is hilarious and its always great to see my buds still hangin with eachother. i cant believe sam is playin the guitar haha so funny i thought hed never play an instrument, now he wont be able to keep the ladies off him, no matter how hard he back hands them haha i miss you guys , sorry to go so soon but i have no time in my life right now, but its pure bliss. love elder harris

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Week of Jan14 to 20th :)

Megan and Kylee took Laura to Vegas for her 30th birthday....they get home tomorrow....these girls know how to celebrate and PLAY! We will go when you get home...there are some great shows there right now.
Thought you'd like seeing Mike ....he's at a BYU football game with temps at like 5 has been SO STINKING COLD HERE!!! We haven't had a winter like this for a long time! Glad you are missing it! I thought the shot of Scott with the cow in India was funny! Then your homies hiking in Zions :)
Alot of basketball and football on the tube this week. Michael still going strong in school...and Josh too:) Sam is LOVING playing ward basketball with the Elders. He made 17 points this last game...he said Steve Clegg never misses! The Roberts Brothers in our ward are all 6'3" plus and are great at ball too so Sam really gets to have a good time. Sam still LOVES his job at Vivent. He starts taking calls this week. I love that our family knows how to LOVE where they are and what they are doing.
I had an AMAZING Friday night and Saturday at Impact training. This weekend was on the keys to success in life....Abundance, Communication, Forgiveness, and Relationships. These people have SO FIGURED out how to get yourself to your heart and then to PROVE to yourself that you can DO and BE the Love and Miracles you hoped for in your life. I can not say enough about the training. Their processes are brilliant. I have so many stories and experiences I want to share...but then I would tell WHAT had happened and HOW it happened and I hope for all you kids to experience it and don't wnat to ruin it. There is magic in not knowing what is ahead and just stepping cold....from right where you really are in your brain and beliefs, with NO head time  into  the process. I am overwhelmed at the love of the Universe in its constantcy in providing me with all my heart desires, And have no doubt that as I move in the direction of my dreams all will unfold in the highest good for my learning and loving.
LIFE IS MAGNIFICENT! And so are YOU Lovey! I am counting down...but having the date has helped me to not be so obsessed and to just settle into these last few months. I especially loved your note to me to remember how happy you are and that you wouldn't want to be any other place. THAT was a great message for me. I am learning to be in the NOW. Get your LOVE all over everybody there and I will get mine all over everyone HERE! We love you and miss you and thrill that you are so freaking AMAZING!!!
Your Momma XOXOXOOXOOXOOOOOOXXXXXXOOOO and a back sctatch:)

Friday, January 18, 2013


Look who finally got the bug! It's crazy how FAST he picks up WHATEVER it is he wants to do....He is taking EXTRA SPECIAL care of your "baby".

Elder Joe Sykes

Leaving March 6 for Reno, Nevada!! Knew you'd want to know Spencer.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

3 degrees

Warmed up enough to brave it outside!!! See how SMOKING HOT we are? Our body temps in the cold at the end must be doing that! And check out Kim's crunchy hair...have one with Marcii...will post it when I can figure out how! I am so LUCKY to have Besties who will run with me at 5:15 in 3 degrees! HELLO FLORIDA!!!!!!!! Here we come!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Such a SWEET BOY!!!! 14 Jan 2013

I LOVE THAT HE ENDS WITH : "Love the MOMENT Mom, Love how happy I am here!!!!"
que onda familia
this week was great so far we have oly been traveling around columbia and west columbia , but this wee we are going to go to charlesto!!! im so excited to go back, i wont be splitting in my former area but it will still be cool to see the things i used to see everyday!!!!
im so happy sam went through the temple, so siiick.
today im heading off to newberry to do a split with my former comp elder thompson so im pretty happy and excited. elder fischer was a great missionary and trained one of my favorite missionaries elder akuhi.
yes im coming home on the second and we can return later i want to have the trip pretty well planned so it just wouldnt work right if you came immediatly.
we are teaching a crazy family with five kids, all the kids have extremely foul mouths in english, and there parents have no clue cuz they only speak spanish haha the reyes family, they came to church and were excited , the church is going to change there lives and bring them so many blessings, four of the children are of baptismal age and we just need to help the parents get married, which is going to be a challeng ebecause the are struggling as a relationship, pray for the reyes family!!!!!
i want to share a quote from my studies this morning on agency and its role in the atonemant, a talk called moral agency given by d todd christofferson at byu it quotes
" while satan cannot actually destroy law and truth, he accomplishes the same result in the lives of those who HEED him by convincing them, that whatever they think is right is right, and that there is no ultimate truth, every man is his own god and there is no sin"
this has been such a huge struggle on my mission with investigators, it seems like noone understands that truth is how thing were, are and, are to be, i loved how it was stated, ive always felt that way but never knew how to put it into words, thankd d. todd, your an apostle for a reason haha he also states
" to those who blame god for human suffering, latterday saints can respond that suffering is less important then the gift of agency, upon which everything else depends, and that none of us had paid a greater price for this gift then christ. "
i dont know why i worte these down before i came to email today to share with you guys but i really felt promted by the holyghost to do so, i love these quotes.
all men must suffer, it simple that how god proves us, establishes us, and ultimatly loves us. we must suffer in order to recieve the gift of eternal life and return to live with our father in heaven again through the atonemant of jesus christ, after all if we are to recieve the same blessings that christ has how can we even utter the phrase, why me? christ has paid and suffered more then us all, we have to experiance atleast a portion of that in our own lives, or are we better then he?
something hard to explain to all of the people here who talk of the recent shooting in that elementry school.
anyways enough doctrine and gospel, haha i love ou guys so much , i miss you tons and pray for you all everyday, i know the church is true, and im going to go chill wih elder cardon now haha
mom quit counting down the days and just love the moment, love how happy i am here. i trluy am
love elder harris

Today's Facebook post! 14 Jan 2013

MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!!!! HUGE PARTY at my house MAY 2nd!!! The Momma gets the boy to herself for a few hours and THEN I WILL SHARE HIM and FOOD and LOVE and DANCING and REJOICING!!!!! Will post a start time once we get his flight info!!!
SPENCER COMING HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

What a sweet week! I got the DATE you COME HOME!!!! May 2nd! My calendar is vibrating with several RED  circles around that day!!! It WILL BE A PARTY!!  Sam went through the Temple...he promises to write you about that! Megan got a new job that she is super excited about with a company called Money Desk. It's an amazing pay raise and a new adventure. She really loved ZYTO so I know she will miss them!
Michael has been to school for 2 whole weeks now! I can't tell you how GREAT it is to have him at HOME!! He is buckets of love and laughing and relaxing. He is a master at living in the moment. So much to learn from him. I am hoping he is still here when you get here! Josh is still at school but joined us on INSTA GRAM and for him that is BIG! He's sent some funny pics! I continued on with the next session of IMPACT Training and can't even SAY how much I LOVE IT!!!! This weekend was a ropes course and it busted through several of my limiting beliefs. I wish it was on tape so you  could see some of the AMAZING experiences I participated in. I want you to take it when it works in your schedule. Megan and Laura are going this weekend or in February.
It has been SO incredibly COLD here! Herman gets to come in to sleep in the bathroom at night and is now KING HERMAN and wants in all the time. You will be shocked at how FAT and FURRY he is!
I want you to SEE my Primary Class. I have EIGHT litte 4 year old girls and they are too adorable for words. Today my lesson was on being a REAL PRINCESS because their Heavenly Parents are a REAL KING AND QUEEN...okay...I added the QUEEN part, but let's be real...SHE IS---and it
is about time in MY WORLD that people I love and hang with acknowledge her :) . SO....when it was time to go get water after treat, Clair says....."I know how a Princess walks...she holds out her dress like this".....then she proceeds to hold out both sides of her dress...ALL the girlies mimic her and all walk to the fountain with their Princess wands with dresses out...then as people pass they wave their wands and say "HERE is some LOVE from a real PRINCESS" I was laughing so hard...I had just told them that their most magic wand was their LOVE and that they didn't even need their wand, that their magic was their love and it worked without the wand!THEY LISTENED!!! Spencer your wand has always been powerful. I am excited to FEEL its added strength when you are home!!!
I have several new families I am working with. I can't imagine why everyone doesn't do real estate. I would do it just to be with all the new people that come to me! So different and so kind and living such creative lives and changing the world in personally unthought of ways.
I'm excited to see what YOU do with your life when you get home!!!
Have the best week ever and enjoy your time with Terrence!!
THE MOMMA who LOVES YOU!!! xxooxxooxxooxx

Monday, January 7, 2013


SO LOVEY....WHAT DAY DO YOU COME HOME???????????????????????????

Email from Spencer 7 January 2013

que onda guerros
this week was weird and cool and fun, elder cardon has been running around with his head cut off haha, hes basically an assistant now, he was named the mission brp leader, hes been running around missionaries in the mission and jank all week, while weve been planning the lift and working in the area presidant gave us to prosylite in when we can, called west columbia, theres not a ton of hispanics but enough for how often were going to be able to work, my new companion is named elder gustafson, hes from gilbert arizona, where i stayed the few days with joe sykes to golf, hes awesome and is such a good elder. were going to have alot of fun spliting with the spanish missionaries. sorry to have such a short message but its going to be one today
mom , im staying here till im done, and maybe even extending haha, jk on the extension part, pres holm says the mission presidancy has to extend you the chance to extend and its usually for very special reasons like if were piloting a program or something. but i can have a thirty minute conversation with sam while hes on his mission, it just wouldnt be worth it.
but besides that everything here is good and awesome, im eating healthier here cuz theres less hispanics haha, i miss spicy food everyday, but im still loving life as i feel the spirit testify to those we teach the truthfulness of the gospel, i love being a missionary, you get to feel the spirit so often and learnso much.
ill try to track down the hogwarts hoodie, this week. i love you all, i miss you mom.
love elder harris

Sam and wisdom teeth :)

Go to Dad's Facebook page to see Sam after wisdom teeth...its just ONE small one...I will work on getting help to post the rest here by next Monday:) LOVE YOU BIG SPENCER!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Back to REAL LIFE:)

Look how ADORABLE Kaylie's new little girl is!!!!
Josh is getting ready to head back to Utah State as soon as we get done with Roast Dinner. I am sad. But REALLY happy that Meg, Laura, Michael and Sam will be here! It is GREAT to set the table for 7 today!
Aunt Jeremi's Dad died this week and the funeral was yesterday. I went up to Logan for it. Drew wrote such a sweet poem and Laikyn read another one....and both helped present the Life Sketch. You are going to be so surprised at how much older they are when you get home. My heart was breaking for Aunt Jeremi. I sat with Preston and Kori. Afterwards I checked on the condo and Paul is whipping looks SO MUCH Better all in cream! I'm excited for the bathroom to be done and to have renters! It's Preston's birthday today so Jeremy and I took him to the Beehive Bar and Grill and had a LOVELY time. I LOVE my family!!! Just hanging with them is so fun.
I showed tons of homes this week. Christmas still isn't down....may be up when you get home:)
Sam got his wisdom teeth out:) are so going to love the video of it afterwards!
Now that you have the MTC info will you let me know what your come home date will be?I got my big girl sparkily panties on.