Monday, January 14, 2013

Such a SWEET BOY!!!! 14 Jan 2013

I LOVE THAT HE ENDS WITH : "Love the MOMENT Mom, Love how happy I am here!!!!"
que onda familia
this week was great so far we have oly been traveling around columbia and west columbia , but this wee we are going to go to charlesto!!! im so excited to go back, i wont be splitting in my former area but it will still be cool to see the things i used to see everyday!!!!
im so happy sam went through the temple, so siiick.
today im heading off to newberry to do a split with my former comp elder thompson so im pretty happy and excited. elder fischer was a great missionary and trained one of my favorite missionaries elder akuhi.
yes im coming home on the second and we can return later i want to have the trip pretty well planned so it just wouldnt work right if you came immediatly.
we are teaching a crazy family with five kids, all the kids have extremely foul mouths in english, and there parents have no clue cuz they only speak spanish haha the reyes family, they came to church and were excited , the church is going to change there lives and bring them so many blessings, four of the children are of baptismal age and we just need to help the parents get married, which is going to be a challeng ebecause the are struggling as a relationship, pray for the reyes family!!!!!
i want to share a quote from my studies this morning on agency and its role in the atonemant, a talk called moral agency given by d todd christofferson at byu it quotes
" while satan cannot actually destroy law and truth, he accomplishes the same result in the lives of those who HEED him by convincing them, that whatever they think is right is right, and that there is no ultimate truth, every man is his own god and there is no sin"
this has been such a huge struggle on my mission with investigators, it seems like noone understands that truth is how thing were, are and, are to be, i loved how it was stated, ive always felt that way but never knew how to put it into words, thankd d. todd, your an apostle for a reason haha he also states
" to those who blame god for human suffering, latterday saints can respond that suffering is less important then the gift of agency, upon which everything else depends, and that none of us had paid a greater price for this gift then christ. "
i dont know why i worte these down before i came to email today to share with you guys but i really felt promted by the holyghost to do so, i love these quotes.
all men must suffer, it simple that how god proves us, establishes us, and ultimatly loves us. we must suffer in order to recieve the gift of eternal life and return to live with our father in heaven again through the atonemant of jesus christ, after all if we are to recieve the same blessings that christ has how can we even utter the phrase, why me? christ has paid and suffered more then us all, we have to experiance atleast a portion of that in our own lives, or are we better then he?
something hard to explain to all of the people here who talk of the recent shooting in that elementry school.
anyways enough doctrine and gospel, haha i love ou guys so much , i miss you tons and pray for you all everyday, i know the church is true, and im going to go chill wih elder cardon now haha
mom quit counting down the days and just love the moment, love how happy i am here. i trluy am
love elder harris

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