Monday, January 28, 2013

fron Spencer 26 Jan 2013

hey familia
another good week,
we were able to find a new investigator through some of our members here and she is golden, here name is jectzabel, please pray for her, she came to six hours of church on sunday and our first lesson the day before was so powerful, we had us, two returned missionaries and two members there to help us teach and it was great. were hoping she will be ready for her baptism before elder gustafson gets transfered on the 9th.
really its only been like two days i feel since i emailed not much has happened to talk about except meeting with the big lift team, and working here in our area of west columbia spanish. thnx dad for your last letter it was awesome, tell meg she better have something of equal harry potter awesomness for me when i return home thats cool, im jealous of her new job, by the way have you heard or seen any job opportunities for me ? be looking , but honestly im not too worried.
mom im glad your so happy, and your right mother teresa is a bamf. i think im the only missionary who atill says bamf, but thats ok ,haha. elder cardon is doing good, i have not heard a thing about elder rockhill in over 2 months i hope hes doing good, has elder bently returned? if so make sure hes loved, i cant wait to see the changes the mission could hjave made to him.
everything is going good here, my comp is great and the work is fun, we had a great first lesson with a less active family last night, the mother was a mess and the spirit was so strong, im excited for the cruise family, i know there going to make it back.
i studied in hebrews 11 this morning ( 11, mom ) youshould check it out i love it, it reminds me so much of what you have taght me through out my life and how our true honest belief will always come to pass, so change our belief, and we change our results to become anyone we want to become, isnt the gospel great?
anyways ive got to bounce our pday ends at 2 today cuz we have to head out to myrtle beach for the big lift exchanges, i love yall, your inmy prayers. my back is getting itchy haha

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