Monday, January 7, 2013

Email from Spencer 7 January 2013

que onda guerros
this week was weird and cool and fun, elder cardon has been running around with his head cut off haha, hes basically an assistant now, he was named the mission brp leader, hes been running around missionaries in the mission and jank all week, while weve been planning the lift and working in the area presidant gave us to prosylite in when we can, called west columbia, theres not a ton of hispanics but enough for how often were going to be able to work, my new companion is named elder gustafson, hes from gilbert arizona, where i stayed the few days with joe sykes to golf, hes awesome and is such a good elder. were going to have alot of fun spliting with the spanish missionaries. sorry to have such a short message but its going to be one today
mom , im staying here till im done, and maybe even extending haha, jk on the extension part, pres holm says the mission presidancy has to extend you the chance to extend and its usually for very special reasons like if were piloting a program or something. but i can have a thirty minute conversation with sam while hes on his mission, it just wouldnt be worth it.
but besides that everything here is good and awesome, im eating healthier here cuz theres less hispanics haha, i miss spicy food everyday, but im still loving life as i feel the spirit testify to those we teach the truthfulness of the gospel, i love being a missionary, you get to feel the spirit so often and learnso much.
ill try to track down the hogwarts hoodie, this week. i love you all, i miss you mom.
love elder harris

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