Sunday, January 20, 2013

Week of Jan14 to 20th :)

Megan and Kylee took Laura to Vegas for her 30th birthday....they get home tomorrow....these girls know how to celebrate and PLAY! We will go when you get home...there are some great shows there right now.
Thought you'd like seeing Mike ....he's at a BYU football game with temps at like 5 has been SO STINKING COLD HERE!!! We haven't had a winter like this for a long time! Glad you are missing it! I thought the shot of Scott with the cow in India was funny! Then your homies hiking in Zions :)
Alot of basketball and football on the tube this week. Michael still going strong in school...and Josh too:) Sam is LOVING playing ward basketball with the Elders. He made 17 points this last game...he said Steve Clegg never misses! The Roberts Brothers in our ward are all 6'3" plus and are great at ball too so Sam really gets to have a good time. Sam still LOVES his job at Vivent. He starts taking calls this week. I love that our family knows how to LOVE where they are and what they are doing.
I had an AMAZING Friday night and Saturday at Impact training. This weekend was on the keys to success in life....Abundance, Communication, Forgiveness, and Relationships. These people have SO FIGURED out how to get yourself to your heart and then to PROVE to yourself that you can DO and BE the Love and Miracles you hoped for in your life. I can not say enough about the training. Their processes are brilliant. I have so many stories and experiences I want to share...but then I would tell WHAT had happened and HOW it happened and I hope for all you kids to experience it and don't wnat to ruin it. There is magic in not knowing what is ahead and just stepping cold....from right where you really are in your brain and beliefs, with NO head time  into  the process. I am overwhelmed at the love of the Universe in its constantcy in providing me with all my heart desires, And have no doubt that as I move in the direction of my dreams all will unfold in the highest good for my learning and loving.
LIFE IS MAGNIFICENT! And so are YOU Lovey! I am counting down...but having the date has helped me to not be so obsessed and to just settle into these last few months. I especially loved your note to me to remember how happy you are and that you wouldn't want to be any other place. THAT was a great message for me. I am learning to be in the NOW. Get your LOVE all over everybody there and I will get mine all over everyone HERE! We love you and miss you and thrill that you are so freaking AMAZING!!!
Your Momma XOXOXOOXOOXOOOOOOXXXXXXOOOO and a back sctatch:)

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