Thursday, January 24, 2013

LATE LETTER from Spencer 24 Jan 2013

hey fam, first off dad i have no clue how to get you those emails, so probably not gonna happen, this week has been fun it was awesome to get to go to greenville again , i ate chile relleno 3 times in 24 hours because the recent converts i had there new i was coming and made my favorite meal haha 3 times it was hilarious awesome, and fattening but oh so good to visit again, your going to love to visit greenville with me. charleston was also great but i didnt get to see any of the people i taught there caus ei went into an area with english areas for the big lift and elde gustafson went into my old area with the spanish elders, we also went to spartenburg and i went on a split with an elder who was really struggling staying out here, hes very akward and very homesick but we had a good time and i showed him how much fun missionary work can be, his name is elder schwartz, i think hes going to make it, we really did have a great split. sorry me email is so late we couldnt do it monday cuz of martin luther king day and then ive been out of my area doing the lift till today, time has flown by so fast its rediculous, but i love it, so much fun. me and elder cardon always sit with eachother in the car rides , hes a great missionary, so much greater then i , your going to meet a completly different terrance when he gets home, hes so confident in himself, and so humble at the same time. its so great to work with him. mom thnx for all the pics on the blog! the pic of scott is hilarious and its always great to see my buds still hangin with eachother. i cant believe sam is playin the guitar haha so funny i thought hed never play an instrument, now he wont be able to keep the ladies off him, no matter how hard he back hands them haha i miss you guys , sorry to go so soon but i have no time in my life right now, but its pure bliss. love elder harris

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