Sunday, January 27, 2013

25 January 2013

Well...the pictures all melded together? I can't say enough how much I have loved learning more about Mother Theresa. You will love the same leatning Spencer. HER WHOLE LIFE WAS HER MISSION!
The FAMILY DINNER pic was one I used to invite my new Impact training friends for dinner Today started nasty snowing  so only about 16 came...but add those with us and it was the rest of the family can meet the amazing people I have been going through my trainings with. And then THEY got to see pics of YOU and be with the rest of the family to see how AMAZING they are! You can NEVER have enough amazing people in your life!
And then I just LOVE this pic of Uncle Preston....what a happy GOOD Boy! I LOVE MY BROTHERS!!!. Just look at the JOY in his face!Drew's birthday was Friday and she turned 11 They are just growing up so fast.
There is a pic to come of Sam pheasant hunting  with Halford...according to Halford he never missed a 3. I told him to leave them with Halford...I have no desire to pluck, clean or cook those.
Megan wanted you to see her SNITCH necklace she got on ETSY for like $5:)And also the pic of her at her new office cubicle at Money fun that they gave her her own nerf gun the first day there? SHE IS CRAZY EXCITED about the company and all they are doing for her...the culture there is super cool. The first papers she signed was a waiver in case she got hurt on the motorized mini bikes they take out on the Provo trail for "meetings". Yep, her life is SWEET! She deserves every bit of it.
ALmost ready for a renter for our Logan condo!Maybe, depending on the weather, heading up there tomorrow...will take pics when I do so you can see:)
Still busy with work. Half of my Primary Princess' were home sick today:( Patrick Clarke had his farewell. Pretty quick all these boys will be out of here. Ryan Innes came over Saturday night and I got to be serenaded while I cooked for today. Then as Sam came home and a bunch of his friends (8---all with mission calls and the 9th with one coming)--we ended up all crammed in the living room listening to Ryan sing and play. YOU would have loved it. My life felt PERFECT in those moments.
YOU ARE PERFECT! I feel so happy when I think of you and Terrence together! I love you so much.Write me ALOT k?
The Momma who loves you!!!

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