Sunday, January 31, 2010

Letter to Josh 31 January 2010

I am still loving all the pictures you sent us!!! I have sent your camera card back in the Valentine's package taped to a card, so look carefully for it.
It was more than cool to be able to get your message last week while we were in Chile. The internet is a miracle to me.
Going to Chile reminded me how small I am in this universe. How small my contributions are, how small my knowledge is, how small my dreams have been. Traveling is good for the soul. For the first time I really liked it. Not the plane parts of course...but even then...when I forgot that I was up so high in the air and just plugged into my movie or book, even then I was glad for the time to be doing those things.
YOU are making a real contribution. I am so proud of you. I am almost ready for Africa. I need a few months on the ground ...which fortunately I have.
I will keep updating on the Chile trip throughout the week. EVERYONE there says hello. I was warmed by the number of family members that not only remembered you but wanted to know what you were doing and then sent their love and best wishes. It made me think hard about who we rub shoulders with and who we share this earth life with and WHY? Just makes you want to be a better person and do whatever your part is...
I love you. I love more than that feeling of the plane just having landed safely and you KNOW you are going to make it home now. I love you more than life changing conversations with good friends. I love you more than sleeping in my own bed. I love you more and more an MORE!!!

Day 1/Day2

We arrived, had lots of hugs and lunch. I did my normal-- and didn't sleep on the flights so I was TIRED. I napped for 4 1/2 hours. It was WARM, I opened the window as I laid down. The warmish breeze sank deep in my soul and I felt this strange satisfaction. I realized I was happy to be there... To be in HER home, to be fed so well, for even my feet to be warm, to have no schedule, to be 10 days away from a work worry or home chore. It felt like everything in my real world was frozen. I liked it. For the first time in forever, I just went to sleep. No rehashing, re-doing, re-wording conversations now gone, no list making. I just went to sleep. When I woke, I wanted to run. But it was too hot. And I was glad in a weird way. I didn't even feel bugged that I had missed the day before because the flight was so early. WHO is this woman? I LIKE her!!!Relaxed would be the theme of this whole trip. TOTALLY RELAXED.
Carlos and Soledad took us to their Golf Club while the girls went swimming in their pool. We followed as the guys golfed. I quickly remembered how primitive my Spanish skills are. I love how comfortable Soledad helps me feel so that I can practice. Her English is a gazillion times better since the last time we were together, so more often she just practiced her English.
We came home to a BBQ with Soledad's brother Pedro and his wife and family...And Carlos' brother Pancho's family. The smell demanded that all my eating parts just forget the whole diet thing. Demanded it I tell you. I ate. And before the first night was over I could pretty much say it was a fabulous trip.
When you see the art in the home in later posts, Pedro's wife did most of it, and then Carlos' brother's wife did the rest...talent and ability seem to be this family's forte. Yes, it was intimidating, but then they are SO NICE that you keep forgetting to be intimidated.
The next morning we headed north to a beach condo to spend a few days as couples. I felt guilty taking Solita's parents away so quickly, but she really was pretty distracted with the dog, so I think she didn't mind. I hope not. I still felt a little mean.
On the way I saw avocado and kiwi orchards for the first time. Chile is a gorgeous country. Green green green green green green green. I MISS green. I had forgotten GREEN. The Florida child in me NEEDS GREEN...and warm...OK, it needs the beach too--and a POOL:) The condo was picture book perfect as you can see from the pictures.
For dinner we went to the BEST seafood restaurant... yea, pretty much eating what I want at this point. Joy! Really, for me, that IS JOY! We had baked razor back clams AND a seafood sampler as an appetizer. My grilled fish was manna, and EVERYDAY I had the typical Chilean salad of chunked fresh tomatoes with lots of thinly sliced onions and avocado doused with a healthy glob of Olive oil and lots of salt. We went to bed early and slept in late--EVERY DAY!!!! I haven't slept this much in I don't KNOW how long. I had no idea that my body would even LET me...usually 4-5 hours and I am UP and awake. Thank you body. I think it was ocean air...and the FETE chocolate:)
We closed that first night with a long walk on the beach...we left our shoes in a pile in the sand. Soledad and I had 2 buck flip flops but Don and Carlos had 100 buck Timberlines...yep, you guessed it...THEY came back to NO SHOES. I like to think it was some woman in need who had been praying to have new shoes for her husband and when she saw them there she knew that I would have given them to her...and so would have Soledad. So now, somewhere in Chile is a husband who feels tended to and blessed by his wife. Of course...that is NOT how Don and Carlos are thinking about it. It makes for a great story though and we laughed wherever we went LOOKING at all the men' s shoes to see if they were theirs.
Just in case you are heading to Chile, the link to this resort is:
It should have been www.heaven.

Home at last

Truly, it STILL amazes me that an eleven year old could go THREE MONTHS without her family and without her language. YOU DID IT SOLITA!!!!! We are SOOOOOOO proud of you!!! And her reward...RAN to greet her. "Gaspar" will never lack for love or attention. But little sister Cande I think might be the happiest to have her home at last! All of her family is here in the picture except for Lucas her older brother who came that night.
This was the yummy WELCOME HOME lunch. The dish on the right was chicken and the one on the left was first time eating it...and I LIKED it...but I usually DO like things covered in creamy sauces:)

Eleven and 1/2 hours from LA to Chile

I swear, they should choose ME to do an I LOVE MY IPOD commercial. I love it like a 3 year old who won't give up his binky. Thank heavens there is no reason for me to have to give it up. I listened to Byron Katie help reorganize my messed up thinking. I listened to Wayne Dyer help me pin point my misalignment's. Gratefully.
Then the Lan Chile flight had those seats with individual screens and tons of options for movies. I saw a boat load. But the only one to really stick with me was the Al Pacino SCENT OF A was all about moral judgement. Man, I am still chewing on it. A bit confused by the Pacino character, but so in love with the paradoxes it hit head on.
Finally, I started a new favorite book that I am SURE will get its own review when I am done and have processed it....THE DANCE OF THE DISSIDENT DAUGHTER. I could cry just writing the title. Finally. I am NOT alone. And how bizarre, yet miraculous that it would find its way to ME.


Now I realize I have probably used up all my "YOU GOTTA READ THIS" 's...but really, you want to. A full quarter of the book is underlined by me. My favoritest part is that it is TRUE. They live on my planet. Right now they do. They breathe the air that I breathe. I LOVE real life stories where the redemption is literally a better understanding of God, and of HIS will for us. Seems I struggle with clarity on this subject most days.

A quote or two to help you go get it ---(I love the straight Denver Moore quotes. You WILL fall in love with this man).
"I met Miss Bettie before I met miss Debbie. She ain't no nun or nothin like that. We call her "sister" cause she's a real spiritual woman.
I don't know how old Sister Bettie was when I met her, but right his minute she got a crown a 'hair just as white as a cloud on a summer day, and twinklin eyes as blue as the sky them clouds go sailin in. When she's talkin to you, she'll lay a hand on your arm like she's knowed you all your life, maybe like you was her own child...." [I wanna be a Miss Bettie when I grow up]

"Even though I'd had a word or two from HIM about His purposes, and even though I'd delivered them to Mr. Ron like He asked me to, that didn't mean I had to like it. And I told Him I didn't like it. That's the good thing 'bout God. Since He can see right through your heart anyway, you can go on and tell Him what you really think".......[Now, THAT is the God I know]

Solita's last day

Solita's last day was just a normal day at school. At the end of the day she passed out treats and said her goodbyes. Lauren (to Sole's left in the picture) was in tears as she walked away. Sole was brave and not a tear until driving home... we were almost home when I looked over thinking she was unusually quiet -- her throat was working and eyes were watering. I WAS crying...but what's new? Me and goodbye's just don't do well. I was sad to have her leave but happy to know she loved, and was loved, while she was here.
And to Mrs. Jensen her teacher...a thousand thank you's. She is a master at her art and we will always remember her goodness and kindness and all the extra effort she put forth.

Why I LOVE Sam

SO...I am in my office packing for Chile when Sam and London pull up front in London's deliciousssssss new car. They've been snow boarding all day at Sundance so they are tired. VERY TIRED. As Sam gets out his snowpants drop to his ankles. Rather than PULL THEM UP...he just grabs his board and HOPS up the front walk!!! I got these just in time.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

With LOVE from Chile

Josh... I actually did it! I am here in Chile with Dad and Carlos and Soledad. It has been AMAZING. Yes. I am writing the truth. This is one of those times when all the resistance was just stupid. And yes, I should have come before. It is beautiful in a way that I haven't known before, yet it seems so familiar---almost like the way it is when you meet a person for the first time but you KNOW you knew them in another life. Carlos and Soledad have just showered us with luxury and affection. My favorite part of it all is that we have NO is MY kind of a trip. We have been on the coast at a beach resort for 3 days with no sun ---Dad says we HAVE had sun....I missed has actually been COLD. The sun came out today a little after noon and I just layed on the lounger drinking in EVERY DROP of it as it loved on my skin....a little too much so....I am now BEET RED and only on the front. But I am still dang happy to have it. I was only out about 45 minutes when I went in and was shocked. I will send tons of pictures next week.
We have eaten seafood everyday...and MANY other things. I could do a blog post just on the LOVELY new things I have put in my mouth..yum. Not thinking I'm going to get skinny on this trip. I love to see the way your Dad and Carlos love each other--true brothers. Soledad is always happy and SO EASY to travel with. Sole was left home with her grandmother and all the rest of the kids and was happy to have it so since she now finally has her "PERRO".
We will go to Molina the end of the week. I love knowing that you have already been here with them and already seen these you can visualize where I will be.
I love you. I love you. I love you. I am so far from home, yet still not much closer to YOU!!! THe stars are different here...the Southern Cross, etc. BUT THE MOON is the SAME. I can't help but think of you and everyone I love who is not close when I see the stars and am missing you. Wonder what heavenly view the angels choose?
Happy Happy week and next week plan on a longer time at the internet cafe so you can see all the pictures!!!! I love you more than the carmel nut pie thingee I had today, love you more than sleeping in for more than 9 hours, love you more than the tingle on my skin when the sun is coming in, you more and more and MORE!!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


My heart is in my stomach. Sole had a good last day with her class at school..I'll post pictures later. I chopped my hair 3 -4 inches and I love it--took 1/2 the time to blow dry. We are out the door...will post as I can.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Letter from Josh 18 January 2010

hey family!!!

this week was. . . i dont know. i feel wierd today because i got transfered, and i am already in nairobi now. i got called on saturday and they told me that i needed to go and buy a bus ticket for myself for monday. we dont normally get transfer news until monday night. so i would just be finding ot today, but they wanted me to travel down with elder patty, who finished his mission and was traveling down for his plane ride. i am in nairobi in an area called upperhill. my area includes the mission office and the main city center/buisness part of nairobi. it should be interesting, mombasa was a city, but we didnt ever work in the main city, just on the outskirts. but here i will be forced too, it should be a fun new adventure.
last week was good though, its just wierd to think of it in the sense that i will never see most of those people ever again. but goergina impressed me even more this week. they gave here a gospel principals book last week and she already read the firts 100 pages, plus her reading in the book of mormon. she is nuts, in the best way possibe. i am just sad i wont be able to see the end of the story. we met with a bunch of other really good people as well but she definitly stood out.
my new comp is elder Sithole (see-tole-eh). i am excited for him. we were in the mtc together and got along really well there so i am stoked.
mom on your blog you said you heard a qoute that says "love turns off fear." cool qoute. look up fear in the bible dictionary and then look at d+c 6:36. that should keep the thought process working for a bit.
anyways, i have to go, its late because i spent most of the day on the bus. i love you guys!!! hope all is well!

Elder Harris

Sunday, January 17, 2010

63 Weeks BABY BOY!! 10 Fast Sundays!

Another week done. The earthquake in Haiti has grabbed our hearts. I think we all have taken an accounting of our food storage and emergency preparations...and I of course think maybe there is a baby to be had....:)It really makes you think about living on a fault line. It is hard to see so much TV footage of what is going on without physically being able to help. And then it keeps YOU and Africa fresh in my OCD brain.

Michael is in California at Josh Packer's wedding. He seems to really like the people at Tucanos . Megan is in Idaho at a friend's cabin. Her trainer chose her for the Biggest Loser contest at Gold's Gym...she is thrilled. Spener is still job hunting and having a friend filled Senior year. I thought you three took the cake with friends over...but no, Spencer gets the award hands down. I am still so grateful that they come to OUR house! Sam is in the thick of baseball -his heaven. He's making sure he gets his fair share of snow boarding in as well. He and Patrick Clarke are snowboarding buddies. Patrick is HUGE and still getting huge"er". I think he's at 6'5"ish these days. Sole is sick and SO READY to go home. She will be happy to have the food she is used to. Pretty amazing that she has made it the whole time! Wednesday we head to Chile to take her home. I am working on my flying "nerves". Sure wish you could just beam yourself somewhere like on Star Trek. OK, that is a lie, I can't imagine letting someone dismember all my molecules and let them try to put them back together. Purrpuss has been missing for about 3 weeks. I am hoping that he is on a male cat adventure and working his way home. GrandDad Steadwell is same ole same ole. Dad is so excited for Chile as you can imagine. He loves Carlos. I love them too, I just don't want to fly to get there.

I am sending your Valentine's package on Tuesday....any requests? I am SO wondering if you have been a place with beds and a chair or two!!!

I love you. If for some freak reason we don't write next week it will be because I am having problems locating the net in Chile. But believe me....pretty sure I WILL FIND A WAY....

I heard a phrase this week - "LOVE turns off fear". Just one of those Mama statements I like to chew on...thought you might like to think about it awhile too.

Mollie Johnson calls me on the phone sometimes, we are still BFF's. Nothing like a 4year old BFF! She called me last night and again tonight to "tuck me in"'. Her grandmom heard her pray last night and she asked that YOU (Josh) be blessed. Her Grandmom asked her who Josh was and she answered "he's just like our cousin!". Tonight she called with her made up joke--WHY did the pig cross the pond?"...."so he could eat a bowl full of flies" that just sounded like a Josh Harris joke to me where you are laughing on the floor and we just don't get it--so I had to share!

You are loved by so many people. Especially me. Thanks for letting me be your mom even with all my wierdness and control issues. It has made my life. Can't wait for your words tomorrow. Can't wait to have new ones to read and re-read. Sleep will be sweet knowing I will have your mail when I wake. It's Martin Luther King Day tomorrow so the kids are out of school and I get to run later...and wake later...your message should be there for sure. XXXOOOOXXXXOOOOO

Michael King Fan Club Lives here

Late Friday Night there are 17 of Spencer's friends in the basement who just "arrived spontaneously" after the Basketball game.
I am in my office when I hear this THUMP. Then I hear the multiple rapid footsteps up the stairs and girls saying "YOU HAVE TO SIT DOWN MICHEAL!!" I go to the kitchen just in time to see Michael King bending his head down as he tries to sit in the chair, with LOTS of blood and a nasty gash on his head...really nasty. I did the typical great mom Natalie thing and had to put my head down in between my legs.
Michael had come late to the "party" and was going to make an entrance by jumping from the top of our stairs--planning to land at the bottom in the middle of everyone...I get his thinking. I can see WOULD have been pretty impressive...except. Except he forgot to negotiate the header at the bottom of the landing. I tried to take a picture of his DENT but this was the best I could get. I am thinking about getting a sharpie marker and having him sign it..."Michael loved here":) The boys took him to the ER and they put in 3 staples. As soon as I get a picture I'll post it for you. We love Spencer's friends. But we ESPECIALLY LOVE MIKE KING! Even and especially BEFORE the whole whap your head open event.

Happiness Is.....

NO GARBAGE CANS JUST SITTING OUT IN THE KITCHEN!!!! Look at how NICE that corner looks now! Took 12 years, YES TWELVE years to get this little annoyance figured out. First I thought to have the shelf cut out of the cabinet so I could stick our can in like others do under there kitchen sink (where my pipes got in the way and it wouldn't work)...then Guy Hansen knew about these pull out cans that he could install....HAPPY GIRL here!

Amazing Tilapia Recipe

Made this last night with Broccoli, Carrots and Turnips and Hot Crasher Potatoes (Pioneer Woman) and I think we have a KEEPER!!! It was so YUM, so FAST, so EASY!!!! Thank you Clarke's for the last minute eat over surprise and the delightful hot tub talk.


  • 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese
  • 1/4 cup butter, softened
  • 3 tablespoons mayonnaise
  • 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
  • 1/4 teaspoon dried basil
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper
  • 1/8 teaspoon onion powder
  • 1/8 teaspoon celery salt
  • 2 pounds tilapia fillets


  1. Preheat your oven's broiler. Grease a broiling pan or line pan with aluminum foil.
  2. In a small bowl, mix together the Parmesan cheese, butter, mayonnaise and lemon juice. Season with dried basil, pepper, onion powder and celery salt. Mix well and set aside.
  3. Arrange fillets in a single layer on the prepared pan. Broil a few inches from the heat for 2 to 3 minutes. Flip the fillets over and broil for a couple more minutes. Remove the fillets from the oven and cover them with the Parmesan cheese mixture on the top side. Broil for 2 more minutes or until the topping is browned and fish flakes easily with a fork. Be careful not to over cook the fish.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Baseball Fundraising

Don and I are over the LIVE auction items for the Annual Baseball Dinner...spent just a FEW hours (yes that was facetious) working on getting donations this past week. I just wish everyone could have this opportunity every once in a while. I don't know why I am SO surprised, but it just grabs my heart and reminds me how GOOD the world is when I make these calls and contacts. EVEN WITH the yuck economy, most places are eager and happy to give a helping hand. At PF Chang's today I had only asked for 2 lunches, when I got there he surprised me with TEN...yes, 10!!! I just wanted to hug him.

Recieved from a Friend today....

God wants you to know that your task is not to seek for love, but to seek and melt all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. God loves you with the very air that you breathe, the very light that touches your skin,the very ground that supports you. Love is everywhere, melt the barriers, and you will have love in abundance.

Monday, January 11, 2010

New Baby Arrived!

My new 17"screen HP Pavillion laptop arrived today!!! All I need is a pink blanket to wrap this sweet sweet baby is SOOOOO Fast. Sorry people, happiness sometimes IS THINGS!

Michelle bites the dust. DANG. With a capital "D"!

Yea, everyone knows she was one of the few girls to actually MAKE my "list" for potential Harris boy bride...Lucky Justin. Lucky Justin's mom!!!! I'm gonna need a day or so to deal with this......

Letter FROM Josh 11 January 2010

Dear Family,

this week was really good. zone conference went really well. we do zone conference in two sessions, the first session is trainings from the zone leaders president and his wife and the assistants along with the testimony's of any elder that is new or leaving (we had two leaving and two new this time). the second session is the assistants and sister Taylor discussing the problems in the mission/zone and how we can fix them. the second session was 3 hours too long. we got through all of the problems in a half hour. the next three hours sister Taylor spent talking about personal hygiene and cleanliness. and it was all stupid basic stuff like "when you wash your hands, be sure to use soap." the first part was really good though. i also read about Greg's zone conference and was very impressed by Shauna, its good to know that he is doing well.
Mike, i do know Candice Shaia, not very well, but i know who she is. I'm a bit surprised, mostly because i didn't think i would know the people you date, but i approve.
the rest of the week was good too. most of the people are home from holiday so that helped alot, plus i got my comp to work more and complain less, so that was great. then on Saturday we had exchanges with the assistants and they went really well. we had a strange number of people stop us and ask us questions (generally starting with "what school are you from; they all think we are school boys because everybody here has to wear a uniform, even most colleges do) but there was this one lady named Georgina that stopped us and then she came to church yesterday and LOVED it and realized that one of her neighbors is a member and had already read through the word of wisdom pamphlet we left with her and gave up tea (at least for that morning because that was the first time she was going to have it, but its an awesome start). You dont find people like her often. she is going to be a power house, i am so excited for her.
those were the highlights from the week. it was much better than the last few. transfers are coming up too. this is the last week. plans aren't final yet, but the assistants told me that i will most likely leave and go to Nairobi. it will be good to leave the heat and to get a change, but i will miss the people here too. i am more excited than sad though, at least until i get there.
i hope you all have a great week. best of luck to everybody with school and work and finding jobs and dating and whatever else. do something crazy for me.
Elder Harris

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Josh by Gosh XXXOOOXXX

Well lovey...I put the pictures on here of your food feast. Not quite what you get at home for Sunday dinner. Tonight was Chicken and Broccoli Casserole and I thought that even though that isn't so fancy that you might be ready for some right now!!
I know I said this before, but I LOVE THE PICTURES!!!! I love that I can look through them every day!!! You look SO GOOD to me!
Its been a great week. I have been crazy busy with the lots, the Baseball banquet/auction, Baseball and basketball for both the boys, and Stake Camp stuff...and fitting in some friend time. I got to have lunch with Barb and I swear her hair had grown 3 inches so we are NOT waiting so long next time.
Michael got a job at Tucanos and the boys are thrilled at the hopes of the MEAT fests coming their way! Megan is still looking for a job. Sole is getting excited to go home. I am getting nervous to be gone so far away and for so long---I know you wish YOU could go back to Chile!! Dad as always can barely wait.
The deer are everywhere. They don't even run from us in the mornings now. I walked out to the car tonight and 4 were eating on my front bushes.
Michael is dating a darling red head named Candice Shia? She went to PG and was a year younger than Michael...wondered if you knew her?
I have NOT forgotten about the addresses you wanted. FOR SURE NEXT WEEK!
I love you. Need anything? I miss you. Sending you my whole hearts worth of LOVE!!!
Mom xxxoooxxx

Saturday Night Date

Kohlert's built this super cool new theater room under their garage. We love them for it. Saturday night they had us and Sanders over (we went to Bajio's first-YUM!-Green Chicken Chile Salad!) They let me bring one of MY favorite's---WAKING NED DEVINE...and it was FANTASTIC on that huge screen. They built 3 tiers and have mattress and love sacs everywhere. I took my electric blankie and pillow and snuggled on in. It was truly GREAT! Made me miss Ireland! Friday night Dad took me to see LEAP YEAR the new movie out filmed in Ireland and between the 2 movies I feel homesick for County Donegal. Might even have to pull out the Family History this week. If you haven't seen WAKING NED DEVINE, RUN to rent it and then think of something really fun to thank me with:)

Sam's City league

Ben Swenson on Sam's City league found these "SWEET" Jersey's for the whole team at Savers...all the boys think they totally rock ---they especially love it that they hang down almost to their knees! I love em' cuz they've got AFRICA on them...even if it is SOUTH AFRICA:)
And Josh...check out Sam's hair...yep, gotta do that HARRIS FRO a time or two before I can convince you guys that it is NOT your most attractive look. That IS a head band Sam is wearing to pull it back out of his face for the game. He LOVES it ---just like some OTHERS I know in our family!He "pics" it out and just keeps laughing and saying "How COOL is this?" I don't know if any of you let yours get quite as long as Sam's is now. You know I don't really care, but I am praying he has a run in with the electric shears here pretty soon!

Masterpiece Theatre's RETURN to Cranford xxooxx

I am such a masterpiece theater junkie! I LOVE living in a world that has the BBC...such a lovely place to rest your brain. These actresses are phenomenal!!!!! Brings such sunshine to the cold winter Sunday nights!

Friday, January 8, 2010

A "Favoritest" some of my FAVORITE CLIENTS EVER gave me this Garmin NUVI for Christmas to help me "help others find their dream home". This is a prayer answered to every direction challenged Real Estate Agent. I am in LOVE with this gadget!!! Even when I go the wrong way on purpose it tells me in the sweetest, most patient voice "Recalculating" and then gives the next best way to get there. I really really really really really really REALLY like this tool. What an amazing time we live in. THANK YOU SORENSON'S!!!! I have always loved you, but now I have this sweet token to remember just how much EVERY day. I so could do a commercial for this company!!! First I loved Garmin for my Forerunner running watch, and now for my NUVI...I can't wait to see what they come up with next!!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Blood Sweat and Tears

Mrs. Eisenhart is Sam's Honors History Teacher at Timpanogas High School. She is one of those people that you dream would come into everyone of your childrens lives. WE LOVE HER! WE LOVE WHO SHE IS! Her half year assignment to the class was a 6o page Life HISTORY. She had worked the outline into a BRILLANT participants realization that THEIR HISTORY is IMPORTANT. Her premise from the first day of class has been to teach her students that History is NOW. Today. We are ALL making it...and what are WE doing to contribute??? make a difference... to make the world a BETTER place?!I could write pages on the astonishing things she does in her class periods--astonishing enough that a 15 year old boy talks about them at dinner! Did I say yet how much I LOVE her? The only way you can get extra credit in her class is by SERVICE. She has the kids choose a service project or projects to champion---like collecting old cell phones for recycling, ink cartridges, shoes for Africa, preparing a dinner for the Homeless Shelter. She has come in an instilled an awareness in Sam that I have always hoped to instill in ALL of my children. She has reminded me that I have gotten lazy in my example. She has excited and inspired ME to do better and I have never even met her face to face... but believe me...I will soon.
As you can imagine, this assignment was a time and emotion intensive project---especially for a 15 year old! I am so proud of Sam for the way he organized himself and got it done, didn't take shortcuts, was honest and thoughtful. I am so THANKFUL that he has this book. I have always felt sad that I didn't baby book or scrap book for him like I did the other kids.(How do you repay somebody for wiping that kind of guilt clean?) This is even BETTER...this is HIS life from HIS perspective!!And just to brag on the boy a bit...she gave him 442 points out of 400!!! He got the 2nd highest grade in the class. And to brag on Mrs. Eisenhart again...SHE READ IT! Her notes on the grade sheets could not have been faked--they were SO PERSONAL. She has our hearts in her hands. I wanna be like her. I hope for the world to be like her.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Letter from Josh 4 January 2010


I am glad the package got there so quickly. i just wish the stuff you sent to me would get here that fast. and dad, all the stuff i send home is for you guys, i will be bringing home my own souvenirs in my suitcase. i plan on filling my suitcase with souvenirs and ditching all of the stuff that i have been wearing for two years, it will be pretty worn out by then.
There isnt a whole lot to report since i already told you about chyulu. this week will be zone conference though. should be fun. i still have to organize lunch and a few other things for it, but nothing too hard.
I'm glad you all had a fun new year, everybody everywhere just like normal. i am shocked at how big joseph butler is in that picture though. i mean he was big last time i saw him before i left, but i think he still grew another foot.
Mom, it would be great if you could start the college thing. i think they want admission stuff for the january semester at the same time as the fall semester anyways. it was that way when i left anyways. i left an admission letter and a scholarship letter from utah state in my top left drawer and when i went up there the first time i spoke to some people at the office and got it deferred and what not so i should be on their file but if not than those papers should work/help for a new admittance application. and to correct what you wrote on the blog, i dont have a 4.0, i have a 3.97, which retartedly actually matters and doesnt get me as much. and the more retarted part is that the 3.97 is un-weighted, but pg high refuses to put the weighted gpa on anything "official." anyways, i just want to start school next january so if you could help to get that going i would be very grateful. and Ron is still busy at the shop huh? does that mean that there is a job waiting for me when i get home?
i know this e-mail wasnt exactly captivating, but i promise i will do better next week. then i will have a full week to report on and not just a friday-sunday right after new years while everybody is still up-country. i love you guys! have a great week!
Elder Josh Harris