Monday, September 26, 2011

Sam making me cry... day a few weeks ago I was missing you BIG and when I came into my computer Sam had put THIS picture on as my screen saver...yep...a little waterworks....
 and then when I got home from Canada he had changed it to this one....
 and when I went to find these to show you...I found these two ...and know...I LOVE YOU!!!THANK YOU for coming to me and letting me be the LUCKIEST MOM on the planet!
And Sammer's...perfect call for a sad and missing my boy Mom.  XXOOXXOOXX

hey fam whats up, im getting transfered slash not haha, there combining north charleston and south charleston so that we will have enough hispanics which makes me sad and happy cuz i love it here but i still need to improve my spanish cuz i have not been able to practice much when most of our investigators are english speaking. elder parsons will be my new companion, hes a little wierd but i think we will have fun and have success. not much has happened this week but its been dramatic with the transfers, president is switching things up quite a bit, and even though im getting transferred i dont get to go to the transfer meeting which makes me sad cuz i wont get to see terrance!! what a crazy bad luck week but its all good im still happy as ever. i have also been sick the whole week, i think i have strep but i dont care i dont have time to do anything about it once i wake up and get out i forget about it cuz i get focussed on the investigators and the work. im just sad today though being sick on pday sucks. but also mom i bought medicine with my mission funds and then i wa out. and i then tried to buy food with the personal funds and it got rejected but i have not spent 120 dollars since you told me thats what i had so please check it ank make sure someone didnt steal the money, but it might have also just been the store, so idk. i got the package! that was awesome, once im over the sickness i will start p90x and i love those protein bars and the little punch balloons, i love you mom, and theres not really anything special i want but you could send a memory card for my camera if you guys want my memory card. anyways i miss you guys everyday but theres not much else to say, but i love you, i dont think ill ever stop being home sick but thats just cuz of how awesome our fam is, and it doesn't matter anymore cuz this work is too important. anyways love you guys
elder harris
Hey Love Bug!! Sam is sitting here at my desktop typing away on his paper due this morning. Dad is in the kitchen writing you on his lap top...and I am in my work room writing you just a bit more before my run.

Megan is still interviewing like crazy (which is GOOD to even have interviews). Michael came home for Sunday dinner on a MOTORCYCLE...yes, he is still living. I on the other hand am sick at the lack of control I have in his life. I KNOW that everyone who rides does not get killed or maimed, but somewhere in my insides it FEELS like that is true. I just have to put it out of my head somehow. The bike belongs to his roommate. Josh stayed in Logan ....but tried to pick up a girl in the library last week by saying " Seriously, I CAN NOT STUDY here if you are going to study here, because you are TOO BIG of a distraction..." He says it wasn't a line, it was the truth, and unfortunately for him she already had a boyfriend :) Sam plays Soldier Hollow tomorrow and then STATE is the next week. Time is flying....Dad loved his trip to Brazil as always. I am having a heck of a time getting back on Utah time after Canada.  But the sweet thing is...Canada time is YOUR time so I kinda of LIKE it.

I know the package got to SC on Monday...just hope you don't have to wait too long for it to get to YOU.Putting your Halloween package together now:) Anything special you want? 

This weekend will be the last for the pool... :(  :(  :(  

I love you Buddy. Like CRAZY MAD MOTHER LOVE YOU!!!!!! Hoping all is GREAT. Wishing I could hear you speak Spanish!!! Will be fun to know we are listening to Conference at the same time. Praying for you. Let that LIGHT and GOODNESS shine!

Your Momma

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Okay...2 more recipes you just GOTTA have!!!! The top one is a south west dip that Julie Sanders gave me...yep..the same one who gave me the miniature meatloaf and jam bar recipes!!! So now you KNOW you want it. SO YUM with corn chips!

1 cup sweet corn
1 can small chopped olives
1 can black beans or black eyed peas drained
1 bunch green onions, chopped
8 roma tomatoes, diced
1 avocado diced
1/2 bunch cilantro, diced
She uses 1 Pkg Good seasons Italian dressing prepared the night before with a little sprinkle of creole or taco seasoning...I just use a few teaspoons of taco seasoning...mix...DEVOUR. Think of me. Invite me over.

This next one...DO NOT JUDGE BY THE are just gonna die and refuse to go to heaven unless they have these there....are you ready????

For the crust:
1 pound butter (now DON'T go hatin' on it cuz of this...just FOLLOW ALONG!!!!)
1 cup sugar
1 1/2 cups powdered sugar 2 TBLSPS Vanilla
4 cups flour
Combine in large bowl until soft dough forms. Spray 9 X 13 pan with non stick cooking spray. Press one third of the dough evenly into the pan to form a bottom crust. Bake at 325 degrees until firm and the edges are a pale golden brown (abt 20 mins)Transfer pan to a wire rack and cool for about 15 minutes.

While bottom crust is baking and the remaining dough is chilling, make the caramel filling. Place the unwrapped caramels in a microwave safe bowl. Add the cream. Microwave on high for 1 minute. stir until smooth. If caramels are not completely melted, microwave on High for 30 second intervals until smooth. Pour the caramel filling over the crust. Sprinkle salt on caramel layer now. (THIS IS ALSO WHERE NEXT TIME I AM GOING TO SPRINKLE A HEAVY LAYER OF CHOPPED PECANS!!!!)

Remove the remaining chilled dough from the frig and crumble evenly over the caramel. Return pan to oven and bake until the filling is bubbly and the crumbled shortbread topping is firm and lightly golden, about 25 minutes-30 minutes. You're suppose to let cool before cutting into you can see heck with that!

Best things in life aren't THINGS....unless they are your Grandmom's dishes!!!

 The new Halloween decoration this year is the MUMMY...and I got it because his sign says "I want my MUMMY"...and I was HOPING that is what YOU are saying Spencer!!!!!
GrandMom's dishes...a perfect match! Sunday dinner on them today--chicken pillows, rice and mega salad!

A Commercial Break

 I FREAKIN' LOVE this razor...thanks to GIllet I now shave my legs EVERYDAY!!!! It has taken all fear of  cutting myself away...I even have smooth KNEES!!!! Thank you VENUS!
And then...there are no words.. My GPS made my Canada trip a DREAM!! I was able to relax and not have to even THINK about WHERE I was or HOW I was going to get makes traveling so much nicer!!! Just love me some Garmin products!!!! If I were Oprah...I'd share these with the world.

Friday, September 23, 2011


 Me, John and Olive xxooxoxoxoooxoxooxooxoxxxxxxxxxx
 I wish my camera skills were better...this street is GORGEOUS with all the pots and hanging baskets!
 ...couldn't believe that there would be TWO in the world...although this is a child's clothing store and NOT a hamburger joint!
 If you look out through the trees you will see the water....
 Entrance to John's home.

 He has 2 power boats as well....AND jet skis....and sincerely invited us to come share.....
 7 frogs in the pond!!!!
 Ohhhhhhh water makes me SOOOOOOOOOOOooooo Happy!!!
 Olive and John rode the golf cart down....Happy 85th birthday Olive!!!!!

 Beauty Beauty EVERYWHERE!!!

Spencer, It's just TIME that I should be able to pick up the phone and hear your voice. It just IS.

Canada was brilliantly beautiful. The leaves changed right before my eyes. The farms are still so enchanting to me. The long drives, the clothes on the lines, the big barns with all their pumpkins lined up out front for sale. The wild geese by the hundreds settled in freshly harvested fields. I'm a girl but I still love to watch all the big machinery of the harvest...and of course the Mennonite and Amish with their boys and threshers.. The smell of Fall has distinctly arrived there. Tim Horton's English Toffee Coffee made me weak at the knees each time we went in...and there, Tim's is a daily stop. Gotta get me one of those down here. The toasted coconut cream donut is worth being 40-50 lbs over weight for...maybe even more.

I stayed in Exeter with Olive...what a quaint and wanna be there kind of place. You will see the potted flowers ALL OVER THE PLACE ON MAIN when I post the pics. The Quilt shop topped ANY I've been in...and THAT says a lot. Got my fingers itchy to get one going. Olive knows EVERYONE and I was so kindly greeted. I have to laugh...the Canadian/American thing is still so strong there. Grateful they consider me MOSTLY one can understand why I wouldn't come back with such a messed up Government.

My prize for going was  GrandMom's dishes. These are the dishes GrandDad bought her when the Baby (Timothy) died. She had always wanted them, but the price was GrandDad brought these home to her to help cheer her up. I ate off of them my whole life when at their house. Now we will use them, and everyday remember how sweet GrandDad was to GrandMom. I LOVE THEM...even without the love story.

Olive's  birthday party/legion dance was packed....head count was 88 for the night. Joann (Wonder woman of Brussels)  made three large sheet cakes for me and it was barely enough...not a piece left over! The band was so so...but these people are so kind and don't really care. They just want to be together. Pretty much like High School. Most are paired off. It's hard on the women (who always out number the men) who are not asked to dance. Some of them dance together---Olive and I had a go for a song or two. I can't lead to save my life...but Olive was good at it. I quickly realized the reason I loved the dances before was because we had GrandDad, and he made sure we all got a turn.  I was touched to tears when they played MY BONNIE LIES OVER THE OCEAN...and there were tears streaming down this one woman's face, and for the first time I realized how REAL that war was for these very people. I wondered if her Bonnie was her boyfriend, husband, brother, ...and am sobered to think it was probably all of those...
So fitting that Olive won the door prize lotto ticket and then won $4!!! I love me a prize! She split it with me and told me to have a coffee with it and think of GrandDad...I think I will :)

We drove to Wiarton to visit Mum's first cousin's husband. He is a dear dear soul. He lives on the water and the view from his window is life sustaining. You want to just sit in the lazy boy and just BE there, looking out. The yard is my dream. The pond has 7 frogs, the beds are filled with all sorts of flower and fauna--Better Homes and Garden's wants a look at this place! Then down by the water they have created an Oasis...a virtual child/adult heaven. The water was super that helped me not covet it so much--you know me and the water temp....
John's daughter Becky and her husband and little 4 year old Brian came by to say Hi. Calvin was away at work. But Calvin's magic is everywhere in the house and yard. John says Clavin is the one who does all the maintenance, etc. He loves his kids like crazy and its great to here him talk about them.John treated US to lunch even though I invited HIM...always makes me feel awkward...but that is the kind of dear he is. I had a Monte Cristo sandwich for the first time and it rocked my world. They take two pieces of hot prepared french toast (with egg already cooked on ) and grill white cheese and ham in the center, then you dip it in maple syrup...YUM da YUM da YUM YUM YUM !!!!! He is fun and easy to talk to and I was sad to was a 3 hour plus trip back to Olive's so we weren't there but a few hours. All the driving was wonderful. I didn't know I liked it so much...just uninterupted hours to talk to Olive, and then the hours alone...just me and the IPOD...  little note to KBULL 96...I MISSED YOU!!!!

Farmer Rae was right where I NEEDED him to be in my brain and my heart...out on the tractor working in the field when I drove up.  As I slowed, he stopped, looked, and the smile of a lifetime came across just for me!!! He quickly brought the tractor around and we had a sweet visit. I wish I could adopt him. He is 69 on Monday the 25th. Such a life of HARD HARD work. And so GOOD to GrandDad and me.

The Mennonite's on GrandDad's farm have made some PERFECT changes. It was almost rightful that they took out the wood stove and moved it to the basement...he spent his life cutting the wood for and feeding that stove. They took the wall out between the kitchen and front room and half the living room wall out so it is all open. In the kitchen they took out the wall going to the Basement/Cellar and built a half wall there. She was in her special dress and had her hair like unto the other Minnonite women, but other than that, there was nothing else to denote their religion. They were using the electricity, had a van, cell phone, computer. His job is to take care of hooves on dairy cattle.They put a wood ceiling and wood floors in...GrandMom and Dad are tickled I am sure. The trees and bushes are so grown up around the yard you have to drive in to even see the place. Both the adjoining fields are plowed with some fall crop in it looks like. Marion and Rae both say they are super nice. They have a 3 year old son, a young daughter and a baby on the way for Spring. Perfect transition for that farm...makes me warm all over.

Olive's new apartment is much brighter and bigger than her last one. She is on the upper floor with 7 steps to navigate up with groceries, etc...but she is a total trooper and WANTS to have keep her young and on her feet right! She makes me laugh and want to be like her! I slept on the pull out couch and it was snug enough. The runs were out in farm  territory again, so bliss....the town is as neat as a pin. EVERY home has its yard taken care of to the do they get all those people to do it???????? I missed running GrandDad's C Line...but it was an hour away, and too far to drive just for a run.

My way home will never be forgotten. I was overcome not knowing when I'd be back that way. I drank in every sound, smell,  farm, every field, every farmer. I never knew I liked being by myself SO MUCH. I was filled to bursting with gratitude for being me and getting to be there. It was pretty much BLISS.  I felt JOY to the core as I came out of this little place called Grand Bend. No words to describe it. Just me, on my way home, having been in this most beautiful place with most beautiful people, all because of GrandDad. Who loves me. I really, really, really, REALLY like being LOVED.

Letter from Spencer 19 Sept 2011

hey fam and friends, this week was cool but i got really bummed yesterday about one of our investigators. but thats ok , it got me thinking alot, hae you ever asked why we were so blessed to be born in the gospel, and be so stinkin rich. people here just really have no hope, they dont know who they are or why there here, i wish everyone would just help eachother. the ghetto is an awesome place. alot of people, good and bad, alot of sadness alot ofsarrow fear and despair, but when you help someone change and you see the hope that has entered into their lives, sometimes for the first time, you begin to understand why the savior suffered for us, and how he is the center and circle of everything good or peaceful. anyways enough of this talk. this week we commited five people in the ghetto to baptism , which is a big step for radmall cuz he does not believe in making an early commitment in the ghetto cuz of his past experiences with people, but hes starting to gain the faith that they can and will change you just have to let them use you energy and not help as much as you would with the hispanics.
im very excited i think we should see some success next month, alot actually.
everything here is cool and my room mates are way fun , sorry not too much to talk about haha . well just know that i love you and im working hard and i hope you guys feel as loved and blessed as i do. never forget how good we really do have it, our lives are easy.
elder harris

Friday, September 16, 2011

80 at Spanish Oaks...

 Rough score was 77...he is still in top 3...loving us some more golf!!!!

Pictures of HOME you wanted....

 Had a Gathering of the Goddesses where we just hung at the pool while the kids were in school...knowing that our pool days are numbered!!!

 Oink standing guard over the peaches and black eyed susan's....
 Fire pit parties in full include CROQUET :)
 Here it is...the Bball court....You are SO gonna love it....

 Pumpkins will be picked as soon as I get back home.....
 Sunflowers head are completely hung....

Monday, September 12, 2011

Letter from Spencer 12 Sept 2011

hey fam hows it going?
well this week was way busy but still not a ton of progress but thats ok the blessing will come if we stay diligent, we had a mission tour this week elder piper came from the 70 and it has completely changed the way me and elder radmall have taught and worked. i think we are going to see alot of blessing from it , it puts more pressure on the investigatiors but if they dont keep commitments or have a sincere desire then we shouldnt be baptizing them anyways.
we had a fun week though, jameishiea is really progressing and im afraid that the are for spanish work in south chuck is going to get shut down either at the end of this tranfer or the next. its sad with the new laws alot of hispanics are moving and in this area theres just not enough to support the work we know ever hispanic door and everyone knows who we are so its getting hard and our numbers are staring to drop even though were working just as hard, presidant is workin on iot though so everything will be fine. the work needs to close here so there can be progress in the future.
michael!!!!!!!!!!!!! sup brother i want to let you know to never cut your hair mike cooper told me it was sick and i want you keep it long haha, anyways your the man , write me if your cool enough but i guess its carma i should have written you more.
anyways everyhting is good here, i am happy and loveing it, ive never felt so purposefull in my life. dad if you have any spanish tips i would love them, were doing more english work now then spanish and my progress is starting to slow, thanks for all the help fam i love you, oh yeah i got the protein this week at the mision tour! thanks a bunch i would still love p90x though. i love and miss you mom, thanks for the blog, post pics of the boys if you have time( the brothers and my friends and sams friends and joshs friends, and everyone haha)
elder harris

Sunday, September 11, 2011

It was Sam's Homecoming this week. They went swimming, lazer tagging, to Olive Garden for dinner and back here for more swimming after. They lost the football game to Salem Hills. Joseph Butler scored their first touch down and we heard this name every 3 minutes...he rocked the house for Salem. Dad and I went with the Clarke's to the game, and sat near the Palmer's and the Huntsakers.

The week has been filled with 9-11 remembrances. Hard to remember. Two wars started because of it...ugh. The replays of the towers falling still make me sick to my stomach.

Josh came home for the weekend and just chilled with us. Dave Chester came home from his mission in Sweeden, so Jake was here too and it was good to have them all together.  He just left to head back. He is struggling with whether to go next semester or to come home and take classes online so he can go to Alaska like Michael. Hard decisions the older you get. Money is such a real lesson to learn and learn again.

 We had dinner with the Byron's (Travis and Jim are our new Home Teachers). Mandi and Cheicho came with the twins. Perk was here with Sam. Clarke's came for a BBQ last night and to watch the BYU game (so sad ...they lost by ONE to the long horns). Anyway...feels like I've been cooking for days. And Josh REALLY wanted wild rice frig is full and we have ALL eaten more than our fair share.

Megs still looking for a job. Michael got to back waiter at Chang's for a few of Sam's Homecoming groups and they loved him (of course). I closed 2 deals this week, grateful that work is busy. Michael Cooper is off to BYUI for his study abroad. Terrence is in the MTC. College Football rules the TV. Survivor starts this week...word on the street is that there are two people from Utah on it.

I love you. Still wondering through the days what you are up to and who you get to be with. I loved it when I read that you could feel your Spanish exploding. I remember that feeling when I was in Chihuahua.

 I showed a home this week and as I walked in, there was a "SHRINE" to their missionary serving in the COLOMBIA SOUTH CAROLINA Elder Giefferson? or something like that. He must be coming home soon because they had the "MAP" on their fridge with all the areas he had served. The home is in Provo. Wondering if you ever met him. His home had such a GOOD feeling, but my clients didn't like an empty flag lot that was next door. I left a message for his family on their message board, but I haven't heard anything from them.

Getting nippy here....afraid the pool will be closing soon. Dang it.
Missing you as always. Loving you. Make it a great week.
Your Momma....xxooxxooxoxoxoxoxooooooooooooooooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxooxox

Thursday, September 8, 2011

HEARTBREAK at Hobble Creek

 Everything about the day was glorious....well, except for the rain on holes9-16...and that Sam lost his head and hit an 85 dropping him to 3rd in Region...but in the end they will drop the highest, ON TO SPANISH OAKS on Monday!!!