Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Even I don't get my weirdness in my attachment to this vehicle. She is a 2003 and I've had her since 2005. That's a LOT of getting places LOVE.    I    L  O  V  E  this car. Poor Michael...he was driving us to REI...we are in the parking lot going to park and this pretty, young, I think texting (she was looking down as she plowed into us) girl made this boo boo. It so ruined her day...and it didn't make mine great, but I really loved being 53 and KNOWINGS. I wanted to give her my peaceful heart and reassure her that this is just an inconvenience. Maybe we were suppose to meet?
I have been thinking for so long now over whether I should move on and get a new car since she has 248k on her??? Man, I just depend on her consistency and dependability. I love no car payment. I am praying for my car. Yes I am. Calling all angel mechanics to heal her quick and keep her with me.

The Love is getting Bigger and BIGGER

My heart is filled up and flowing out all over the place....We are SOOOOOOO excited to have CASEY and MARJORIE coming into our family. With Holly that makes THREE more Harris women to Love into us, around us, ON us, WITH US!!!
     Don and Marjorie to marry 11 June 2016
 Spencer and Casey to marry 1 July 2016

                                                 How ridiculously ADORABLE?
                                                 She choose MY grandmother's engagement ring...sniff sniff
                         That's MY BOY xxooxxooxxooxxooxx
                             Sam and Holly marry 19 Aug 2016 These are only a few of their adorable engagements....Spencer and Casey will have theirs posted soon,