Monday, July 30, 2012

Letter from SPENCER!! 30 July 2012

hey guys whats up

this week was good we had a few investigators at church and taught some awesomke lessons, were teaching a 9 year old whos dad cant join the church because his esposa is married to a man who wont divorce her in mexico but she wants to get baptized, she 9 and hilarious literally will not speak a word to us cuz shes so shy so she whispers in her dads ear and the puts on a huge grin as he tells us what she wants to, its made me get really good at yes or no questions which are her favorite cuz then all she has to do is shake her head haha had to have been my favorite lessons this week shes already read 13 chapters in the book of mormon and her parents and other children who are members have come to church the last two week her dad plays the bass and so when we went over for dinner on monday iu brought my guitar and we jammed out, and i ended up just leaving it at there house so we can play a little before our lessons francisco is such a cool guy and wants to be baptized so bad , so sad he cant, hes already read through the bom twice.

my companion elde r merrill leaves for argentina sunday and so me and elder billings will be conmpanions again?!!!!!! so awesome were so excited i loved being with him , so the two seperate area here in greenville will merge to one, which means alot of work, which excites me.

today were going to play basketball and get hair cuts and get some lunch some im a happy camper.

found 26 new investigators this week, that was not my record, but still fun hopefully we can keep up with them all.

thanks for the pics of radmall, thats so awesome i miss him, he was such a good trainer and missionary, we had so much fun even through our struggles of success, definatly going to be friends for life. so funny to see him and sam right next to eachother, both my heros, i cant wait to see where sam will serve! cool to see russels picture too im glad hes doing good and loving his mission.

anyways sorry for the crappy letter but i got to go and get pics for you guys.

love elder harris

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Commercial break- UNSTOPPABLES

If you know me you know I LOVE me some GOOD SMELLING STUFF...people, clothes, yards....PEOPLE...make SURE YOU TRY just sprinkle a capful in your laundry and then you call me and tell me what you think. is a little pricey for just a smell...but I suggest you start with your SHEETS and see if YOU ever go back!!!!!

July 23-29

So...Russell turns 20 in Argentina!! His blog ( is GREAT! That family has me laughing EVERYTIME I'm with them....and Russell got the amazing FUNNY gene.

 I was SO GLAD to get this HAPPY picture of Debbie...cuz she's been PRETTY TEARY with Zach on his way out....she belongs to MY CLUB when it comes to the whole mission thing! They set up tents and umbrellas all over the front yard and it was FULL of people. Zach is a LOVED BOY!
 This is for you Josh...the love birds are still love birding.....and send their love to ALL of you!!
 The WHOLE family was there....
 Zach with the neighborhood kids...
 Elder Radmall IN OUR HOUSE!!!! I was on my way to bike up the canyon-- thus the work out clothes...but that's probably how you guys will remember me best anyway...He was darling Spencer...and I am still so jealous that he got to spend all that time with you. I just keep telling myself...36 more weeks! 36 more weeks!!
 PROOF he's at OUR house!
He is a BIG BOY!!!!
Pioneer Day was a blast....just SO Relaxing!!! WE MISSED YOU ALL LIKE CRAZY!!! Peterson's, Sander's, Fryers, Marta and gang, Perkins family (Hull's) and Williamson's (although they didn't come back for the BBQ....we all just HUNG OUT with no activities...just pool and lounging and talking and laughing. We BBQ's Burgers and Dogs and had pot luck for the sides...everyone left at dark and went to see fireworks...we stayed here and watched the AMAZING show put on by the Roberts - the family who moved in who do the KIDHISTORY YOUTUBE blips?  There's was as good if not better than any CITY show. I found out later that with the FIRE bans in Wyoming they put all their fireworks on sale for 50% off ---even the we had a professional show. They shot them off from the Park by the church.
The rest of the week has been crazy with work. I've been biking and running the canyon...I LOVE LIVING HERE!!!  I can not seem to take enough of that in. JOY is coasting down from the top of VIVIAN PARK with either my book on tape on  or some heart and body moving  tunes while the wind sweeps  over my face and the water rushes next to me and the smell of summer green is everywhere. And then there is all the people you pass playing in the parks, or camping in the camp ground or working out themselves...this silent but knowing community of people who all share in the JOY I feel. I love me some planet earth. I'm even starting to be more tolerant of having to walk the bike at the falls. Now dogs off leashes...still not so tolerant...but hey...that isn't THAT often. Saturday morning I missed the girls for our run up---I woke up at 2:15 in the morning and couldn't go back to sleep...I had a lot of work paperwork to do and think that that wouldn't let me relax. I went to back to bed at 5:30 and didn't make the canyon till 8:30. Even though it was hotter than I like and TONS more people on the was heaven. I LIVE HERE!! In HEAVEN!!! I'll stop now. Come home and lets go do the canyon.
We went to see 7 Brides for 7 Brother's at Sundance with the Nickle Family...they truly are kindred. I LOVE that we don't have to be "careful" and that we can just be ourselves and they STILL want to be our friends. Josh...even YOU would have had a great time...they can mock every bit as good as you. The play was acutally good---Jenny Latimer has the lead as Millie and she was darling. The mountain evening cold came through about 9... the outdoor theatre is so romantic...under the stars, on the mountain, with the smell of the popcorn consessions mingling with the crips cold...TOTAL YUMMINESS!!
Tanner Marsh opened his call while we were up there...he had about 100 kids at his house his mom said. He put Sam and Bryson on speaker phone while he read it (they left the play for a bit). He's heading to Spokane, WA on Nov 7th. Now the craziness of SAM's Friend's leaving has begun.
THE BEST THING THAT HAPPENED THIS WEEK....Michael AND Megan decided to move home with me/us for FALL!!! So NONE of that empty nester crap for me yet!!! Yes I am co dependent and YES I love you for enabling me. Why NOT put off till later what you DON'T have to do today??
The Olympics started and I am a HAPPY GIRL! I love the Olympics!!! Pretty much LIFE is what I love. So MUCH to take in.  I can't imagine the price so many of those athlete's have made to be where they are. Never think that kind of sacrifice was in MY mold. I laugh when I think of how hard it is for me to quit eating comfort foods....or what a baby I am about these darn nueromas!!
Listen are BEAUTIFUL and WONDERFUL and absolutely my most favoritest things on the earth...yep...even more than the pool, or the canyon or the Olympics...but how great that we can have it ALL!!! Make sure you get in a hot tub this week and think of me...and I'll be here in ours thinking of you!!--every day!!!  Eat up every second of where you are and who you are with...and take great notes and pictures so you can share with me when you are back!! Until then...LOVE BIG and HARD, BE GOOD and KIND....just the way you came to me...

Monday, July 23, 2012

Letter from Spencer 23 July 2012

sorry the long answers today
so im in greenville, theres a ton of hispanics here, i love it and lets just say theres alot alot of "potential" but really i have no clue what the missionaries that were here before were doing , but thats ok im working hard making things happen and having alot of fun doing it. crazy to see that ray is home, 2 years fly i remember exactly where i was and what i was doing during his farewell, im sad i missed it but also that trip to st george with stephen terrance and tyler has memories that will last a life time. ray is the coolest kid ever i would have killed to serve with him, i bet he was a boss.
so i got my battery fixed it cost 50 dollars, what the ? it was the cheapest option i checked, but i can get pictures to you some time this week hopefully i can send them off today.
my knew companion elder merrill is a visa waiter and he cant wait to leave to argentina, e fell asleep during too lessons hes a good kid but im trying to help focus on the work here not just get through till he leaves to argentina vaya blanca mission.
my district has 4 super young missionaries and its fun to be around them and help them grow and to watch there confidence grow, remember elder billings? hes here in the spanish area right below me and we live togethor, its so great to be back with him you will get to know him for sure, he will be staying with us time to time, one of my best friends ever.
today i sat our district down and we had a talk for a while about the work and the changes we needed to make to hit our goals and reach our potential, its fun to be in a district where you can work so closely togethor because they speak spanish as well, i feel like were the sons of mosiah, mightly praying, preaching, and studying so we can see miracles by bringing our brothers into the fold through baptism, im super excited to ge to work here so many dang hispanics i could hardly believe it theres a trailer park called batson that i call little mexico because it has atleast 2-3000 hispanics in it.
so my investigators from augusta are getting baptized this up coming week and i might get to go see it depending on what pres says so if i can ill send yall the pics.
so ya thats the wrap im lovin life, getting fat, (cuz im getting fed), workin hard and praying for the holy ghost to scratch my back cuz mom aint here, but he doenst seem to care so i just go to sleep and dream about crazy awesome lessons i have with fake investigators ive never met, then i wake up excited to do it all again.
miss you guys, ya my presidants son, is less active and my presidant does not talk about it so we dont bring it up, its funny though to see sister holm through all this, i know she watches every week haha, but i dont blame her its her son, and anyways she just one more soul we can save, you cant say no to presidant holm , he just loves you too much.
anyways gota run
elder harris

Your Mission President's Son???

Kim texted me and told me to watch the Bachelorette last night cause this kid is your mission President's son??  Anyway...boy got the girl...only saw a few minutes...but the girl is ADORABLE!!! Wondering how the family is dealing with her non Mormon status? Surely they will slurp her up like the rest of America for her ADORABLENESS!!!

The Good Samaritan

 My Primary lesson yesterday was on being KIND. I can teach Primary because it is so basic and real. Yes, PLEASE, lets ALL  BE KIND.  The Bible story was THE GOOD SAMARITAN. They did not believe me for one second that a man who worked in the Temple would have just walked by a robbed, beaten silly man. I assured them that indeed that man did. Roman (age 5), looking at me like I was crazy said  "You're WRONG...he just didn't SEE HIM and I know it cause I was watching". To which Jaxson Brown asks " So are YOU the GOOD Samara  Guy that helped him?" Roman looks at him hard and just says "Be quiet or we are ALL in trouble". Yes. We are. We are ALL in trouble.  I just breathed in his anxiousness that a person existed that could do that...and then his inability to allow that it was on purpose. Five is a blessed age. My favorite own genius idea was to bring in boxes of Band Aides and let them put on as MANY as they wanted...we had Batman and spider man and Cars and Disney Princesses and  Hello Kitty...and LOTS of BandAids on as they remembrance of those who are hurt and NEED our kindness...and they can't take them off till they do something kind. I don't know who was happier as they walked out all gooped out in bandaids...but I think it was me:)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

22 July 2012

 Ray Boy is HOME...he spoke at his Homecoming this morning and there wasn't a dry eye in the place. That boy loved Sweeden and the people of Sweeden and being a missionary. Think it's gonna be a while before he LIKES being home very much.Yep...he seems even more huge than before! He got to go visit James at the MTC this week after coming home since they JUST missed each other.
 Matt Palmer got hitched.
 Sam and Bryson dressed up to go hike TIMP....they LOVED IT!!! They left at midnight, summited at first light and watched the sunrise---one friend brought music and speakers and they danced with everyone else up there at the shack :) wish I'd been there!....and both just fell down asleep once they hit the door. Meanwhile....early morning, Dad is watering in the back yard and accidentally runs into the basketball standard post .....I am meditating in the hot tub and interupted to his calling my name...I open my eyes to head streaming with blood Dad....slightly jolting. I told him he KNEW I couldn't look at it, but that I was running to get clothes on to take him to the Emergency Room. By the time I get dressed, he has washed it off and it just keeps gushing....I can't look at it to count the stitches, and its on the top of his head so he can't really see them...but there are a BUNCH of stitches up there. He was cut in 2 places, but on ly the one needed the stitches. Now he can't be in the sun for 6 months and can't get in the pool for a week.
I spent Saturday showing houses and had to take a picture of this camel in a horse trailer on the freeway as I passed...I mean, its not every day you see a camel in a trailer...esp in Utah, right??
I had a record week in work this week...5 homes under contract. I am tired and ready to breathe...but the work of them has just begun. So grateful for the amazing pick up in the market!!!

The shootings in Colorado were heart stopping. There is a feeling I seek each night as I go to sleep as I think on each of you kids and pray for your happiness and safety. It was near to impossible to find that feeling that night. As I layed there, I was so grateful to know that MINE were safe, but anguished for the moms and families of those who weren't. SO GRATEFUL to believe in an afterlife...I choose you now and I choose you THERE!!!

It's Pioneer Day Tuesday. I will welcome the day to rest. We'll swim with friends and BBQ. Today was Sara Fryer's birthday...I have THE BEST Friends!!! A bunch of us are going to go to Florida for my 50th and run the Princess 1/2 Marathon at Disney that weekend. Megs is going to come too since it's her birthday weekend as well. Getting excited making plans!!! The BLING is a tiarra :) Now if I can get these FEET better! May have to hurry and have the surgery so I can be healed and trained by then...keep trying to pretend them away...sometimes it kind of works:) sorry I can't get pics of your friends, but they aren't around! I will keep scoping Face book...doing the best I can!
I LOVE ALL OF YOU!!! ENJOY EVERY MOMENT of the JOURNEY!!! LOVE LOTS and share who you are and let others share who they are with you. Drink it all in. Every day is a gift...I like my gifts best when YOU are here around me....but I'm allowed cause I'm the MOMMA!!! XXXOOOXXX

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Letter from Spencer 16 July 2012

so yes im being transfered, its so sad i hate leaving people i love , but i know i ill meet more people to love wherever i go next, which i have no clue all presidant told me was that i would be continue to be a district leader wherever im going so we will just have to see where im going, i hope i can go to greenville, but we will see, wwherever the lord wants ill go happily ready to work and baptize, we have 2 people getting baptized here next week, so its sad to leave right before there baptism, but its ok as long as they get baptized it doesnt matter to me if im there.

this week has been hectick and weird , we taught 15 member present lessons, and 11 lessons on our own, we never had time to blink, we were either teaching or eating at we studied and planned lessons, i love serving with a companion whos willing to work hard and sacrifice so we can get a more done, elder melonakos will do great and continue to help our investigators along so im not too worried about them.

on sunday i gave a baptismal interview to a 21 year old palastinian, who was muslim, and has now converted to christianity, and he passed with flying colors on all the questions except for "one true church restored through joseph smith" he doesnt agree that were the one true church, so he s not getting baptized, yet, but he will soon, but it was great to hear of his trials and sacrifices he has made to become christian , the spirit was so strong and as we spoke of the book of mormon he knew it was inspired of god, so im not worried about him, he works three jobs attends school full time and is already half way through the book of mormon, his dad wont let him read at home so he reads online at work during his spare time and all his money he makes goes to his family because his dads been out of work for three years, im very excited for him, his names riad.

soive got lots of appointments lined up to say goodbye and im gonna go have my lsat hurra of a pday frisbee golfing  and im going to try to go get a new battery for my camera so i can get yall pics, im glad yall had a great reunion, wish i was there it would have been great. i love you mom!! i miss you lots, i need my back scratch and long talk with you and sam.

hope you know im safe and loving life, and yess mom i ment of the brotheren ans bam and his buds but its ok im fine.

gotta run

ill let you know where im going as soon as i know

love elder harris

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Update for Spencer

 Spencer...thought you might like a gander at King...he's still in Denver...I stole this off his FB page.

 Yep! Ben is married! TOO CRAZY right??? Knew you'd want to see....
Meg skipped out on the reunion to have a girls weekend in Vegas. They went to some concert and here they are at some summer basket ball play offs?
Still haven't talked to you Michael since your birthday!!! And Josh...we are so playing TAG!!! Spencer...I hope this is enough pics...not sure what you meant last week by my not sending any? Do you mean of the BRETHREN? Since Mike hooked back up with Suzie I'm not getting anything off of facebook to share...and no new news from the other missionary moms...

Scooter Nelson had his farewell today and he is headed for Jamaca. Marsh has his papers in and we are waiting for the call...Tyler Hamilton's just went in today. No pretending from this Momma...I HATE it. But I think your Dad's LOVE for it all makes his balance heavier.

I am excited for this next week to just be NORMAL and try to get the regular stuff done. I about died when I heard a new song from RASCAL FLATTS on the radio Saturday that I LOVED and ran in to the computer to find that their albumn with that song on it was released in MAY and somehow I MISSED IT!!! Now thats a busy mom :)
The fires have made it a hazy darker day summer. I am so grateful for the rainfall this week that has helped temper them...although the lightening has started more.
Remember how Dad was sick LAST weekend in Boise? When he went to the Dr. on Monday he had pneumonia.
I LOVE YOU BOYS!!!! I MISS YOU!!! I think about you ALOT! I am so grateful that you are WHO you are...JUST THE WAY YOU ARE....I LIKE YOU and LOVE YOU JUST LIKE THAT!!!!
Miss me back and let me hear from you soon! Back scratches all around :)

Mini Reunion

 SOME of them went to Sundance on Saturday and this was the closest we got to a group picture:)
 Pretty sure a great time was had by all...Ronnie shares my same love of the swings:)
 Likea cat, Ian likes the box maybe better than the new pool basketball hoop that came in it!
 YEAH For AMBER!!! She conquered her fear and has been going down the slide ALL week!
We went to see BRAVE and Madagascar 3...and ate at McDONALD'S ALOT!!! She and Ian were great company for each other...I ended up working way more than I had planned.
 Dad with his Momma.
 Travis and Pam came from Grand Junction to see their Sam who came down with Cheryl and Grandmom...the kids are all in Cascade for the summer with Cheryl and Randy.
 Just hanging round the fire pit!
 Me, Pam and Amber STAYING in the POOL...taking a break from eating (and COOKING)! Sam by the new basketball net...hopefull this one will last has a break away back board.
Spence...just making sure you can see that your guitar is happy and well cared for and that we are keeping the fire pit tended and warm until your return :)
Pretty much just hung out together. Nice not to have a big plan. Cherie and Marijana went shopping at City Creek, another bunch went to Lagoon for a day, another bunch went to Sundance and another to the Temple grounds in Salt Lake and the rest of us just hung here. WE MISSED YOU BOYS!!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2012


 LOVE BUG!!!! Alaska looks GOOOOOOOOOD on you!!! So THRILLED to get the pictures:)
Hoping your birthday was AMAZING. I did ALOT of missing you....and remembering. The world is such a blessed place because YOU came!!!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

letter FROM Spencer 8 July 2012

hey fam
bad new, my battery is dead on my camera and so i have to get a new one, im not sure when i will have time so sorry i will send you pics as soon as possible, keep bugging me so i dont forget i know you want them just as bad as i want pics from all of you, hope moms not holding off just cuz i have not sent any, but even if i deserve it, im sorry.
this week was great we have been gettin into the hearts of our members, we found 7 new investigators all through member referals and were stoked we are now teaching and progressing twelve referal investigators, and there all solid, im so excited, i hope i dont get transfered this next week but i might, ive been here 6 months now, crazy right? ew taught one of our recent convert famalies mothers and the spirit was so strong as we testified, and even stronger as her son testified and pleaded for her to come to church with him in mexico when they go on vacation this week. and lets just say shes getting baptized im not sure when but she felt it and it was awesome to see the love of joe guillen as he testified of the truth to his mother, then the guillen family also referes us to there friend carmen, her husband and her two sons, we taught her and her two sons cuz the husband was not home and we asked her to kneel down and pray with us after we recited the first vision, she was overcome by the spirit and is on date for the 4th of august, pray for her, and that her husband will accept the message when we teach him as well.
then milton escalante fro honduras invited us over for dinner, his wife is a non member who i have been trying to teach for 6 months now, and saturday she finally opened up to us and told us her doubts, she came to church sunday, it was awesome, on friday we had a ward mission activity, and one of our investigator families came, jesus alondra and alondra, and ther 5 year old yael, we taught the restauracion and then watched the short video version of it then i bore my testimony and inveited the members to come and do as well which a few did and it was exactly what jesus and his family needed because all three who bore there testimony wereconverts and they shared there conversion story. saturday we also recieved another miracle as an investigator who we have not talked to for ever two months calls us and asks if anyone can pick him up for church, so he came and loved it, presidant holm spoke , we had translation, and he was able to meet all of our investigators it was great, im loving life and i love being a missionary.
hope yall are doing good i g2g no time left, ill be praying for you and your goals mom, i love you, were gonna go frisbee golf now
love elder harris

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Week of July 4th

 Josh...I wanted you to see the HUGE cat I was so freaked out about on the phone...I STILL think it was not just a WILD cat...but whatever it was it was HUGE....I wish I could have gotten the camera to focus in on it better. Haven't seen it since. DON'T GIVE ME ANY CRAP saying you don't think its SO BIG!!! Marta and Randy already had a hay day with me looking up native wild Utah cats and proceeded to read "that have an infinity for chlorinated swimming pools and prefer to eat nude late night swimmers"...I have to remember to ask her HOW SHE KNOWS!

 Such a stinkin' cute picture of Meg I thought you brothers would like a gander to remind you HOW FUN she is and you can ALL MISS US NOW!!! I didn't take a single picture of the 4th!!! Neighbors came swimming  until 2 and then Sam and Meg had friends for the rest of the afternoon and a BBQ. Steve and Melanie Nickle came...they are sure fun to be with...they fit our family so well. Meg left and went to Stadium of Fire where RYAN WON $10,000.00 in the sing off contest!! Remember how we did that last year and everyone in the stadium texted in? He really won! Dad has been sick since his flight to Chile, so he went right to bed, and I went to Kim Bartlett's for a dessert party and hung out till all the fireworks died down.
  I think it was the next night that Megan went to Tom Petty on the roof in Provo and made me jealous (he graduated from my High School). Andy sends his love to all as well! You can see she is a happy girl having a mighty fine time.

 We were suppose to leave for Boise on Thursday, but Dad just didn't feel good we left Friday and got there just in time for the twin's 50th birthday dinner which was totally to throw them off from their SUPRISE PARTY the NEXT night:) We ate at THE REEF in Downtown Boise. It was fun to be together. Somebody needs to give Aunt Jeanette an award for all her party planning. Downtown Boise they have what they call FREAK ALLEY where graffitti is legal. Each year they let artists at it and everyone goes and pickes their favorite. It's hard to tell, but the one of Jimmy Hendrix is done in mirrors...too amazing.

 We saw Leonard Saturday morning. He is officially on hospice. The Doctors are afraid he won't make the surgery to amputate his they will just keep him comfortable until the infection spreads and takes him....his poor circulation makes it an unknown for about how long he will have....the very thing that is making healing impossible is what will delay the spread of the infection. GrandMom is doing really well. It touched my heart and renewed my feelings of love of life to watch her with him. It also made me SO SO SO SO SO clear and I want ALL OF YOU to remember this....I DO NOT WANT TO DRAG MY DYING OUT ....I have NO DESIRE for people to have to stop their living to tend to my dying. PLEASE just let me go. I am EXCITED to go....REALLY!!! WHen the time comes anyway...of course I'd like to stay here to greet ALL OF MY GRANDBABIES and GREAT GRANDBABIES (no pressure intended).
 Leonard is living in WW2 time right now. He has a fixation with Bldg number 35 that he is in charge of and keeps wanting information from the Officers (Dr's and Nurses) about how things are with this number 35. It made me wonder where my brain would fixate. I hope surely a place that feels much SAFER than BLDG 35. It made me SO MAD that humanity ALLOWS war and that kind of fear and torture to our young men. Thinking we should do a documentary. Leonard would have been a good commanding is all about keeping his men SAFE.
 Da Siblings....Uncle Kelly--you were missed!!!!!
 My inspiration....43 pounds lighter Miss Stacey and her man....only 9 to go before she hits her goal.
 Ronnie set up the photo booth and everyone had a great time feeling up and checking out the manican's panties. I know that is NOT how you spell Manican but I am too tired to spell check it K?
 Miss Addison TOO CUTE for words....she DANCED the party least until the police showed up and said it was too noisy and we had to stop.
 Even just a BOA is WAY TOO HOT when it's over 100 degrees.
 Happy50th Pam and Trish!!!!
Amber and Ian (Tina's boy) have come home with us for the week until all of THEM come HERE next weekend!!! We will have 24 in our house....and more staying in hotels!! WISH YOU WERE ALL HOME TO JOIN IN....I'll start cooking on Wednesday! I' will take lots of pictures for you. Let me know how EACH of you are doing. WE LOVE YOU BIG!!!!!! Spencer...we will send the shirts this week. I am showing cabins at Sundance tomorrow...wish you could all be with me. I LOVE MY JOB!!!
Pray for Dad to feel better,,,you know I don't do "sick man" very well. Pray for me to pay off the house....I have decided to make this crazy goal and just GO FOR IT...I'll take all the added energy I can get.
Sam has been umping like a mad man...he did 5 games 2 days in a row this week for the RSMB tournament. Tomorrow he Caddy's for a guy at Soldier Hollow and is thrilled...he'll get $60. Still the ladies man, he is currently at some chicks house for a "fire".
The kids got in the pool the second we got home and their excitement is worth having built it AGAIN and AGAIN. Ambet finally went down the slide...she was too afraid last year. All of us are growing up. I like it best when we do our growing in that contractual 30 min radius!!!!!!!
LOVE YOU !!! LOVE YOU!!! LOVE YOU!!! Pouring my Love ALL OVER YOU!!!!