Sunday, July 22, 2012

22 July 2012

 Ray Boy is HOME...he spoke at his Homecoming this morning and there wasn't a dry eye in the place. That boy loved Sweeden and the people of Sweeden and being a missionary. Think it's gonna be a while before he LIKES being home very much.Yep...he seems even more huge than before! He got to go visit James at the MTC this week after coming home since they JUST missed each other.
 Matt Palmer got hitched.
 Sam and Bryson dressed up to go hike TIMP....they LOVED IT!!! They left at midnight, summited at first light and watched the sunrise---one friend brought music and speakers and they danced with everyone else up there at the shack :) wish I'd been there!....and both just fell down asleep once they hit the door. Meanwhile....early morning, Dad is watering in the back yard and accidentally runs into the basketball standard post .....I am meditating in the hot tub and interupted to his calling my name...I open my eyes to head streaming with blood Dad....slightly jolting. I told him he KNEW I couldn't look at it, but that I was running to get clothes on to take him to the Emergency Room. By the time I get dressed, he has washed it off and it just keeps gushing....I can't look at it to count the stitches, and its on the top of his head so he can't really see them...but there are a BUNCH of stitches up there. He was cut in 2 places, but on ly the one needed the stitches. Now he can't be in the sun for 6 months and can't get in the pool for a week.
I spent Saturday showing houses and had to take a picture of this camel in a horse trailer on the freeway as I passed...I mean, its not every day you see a camel in a trailer...esp in Utah, right??
I had a record week in work this week...5 homes under contract. I am tired and ready to breathe...but the work of them has just begun. So grateful for the amazing pick up in the market!!!

The shootings in Colorado were heart stopping. There is a feeling I seek each night as I go to sleep as I think on each of you kids and pray for your happiness and safety. It was near to impossible to find that feeling that night. As I layed there, I was so grateful to know that MINE were safe, but anguished for the moms and families of those who weren't. SO GRATEFUL to believe in an afterlife...I choose you now and I choose you THERE!!!

It's Pioneer Day Tuesday. I will welcome the day to rest. We'll swim with friends and BBQ. Today was Sara Fryer's birthday...I have THE BEST Friends!!! A bunch of us are going to go to Florida for my 50th and run the Princess 1/2 Marathon at Disney that weekend. Megs is going to come too since it's her birthday weekend as well. Getting excited making plans!!! The BLING is a tiarra :) Now if I can get these FEET better! May have to hurry and have the surgery so I can be healed and trained by then...keep trying to pretend them away...sometimes it kind of works:) sorry I can't get pics of your friends, but they aren't around! I will keep scoping Face book...doing the best I can!
I LOVE ALL OF YOU!!! ENJOY EVERY MOMENT of the JOURNEY!!! LOVE LOTS and share who you are and let others share who they are with you. Drink it all in. Every day is a gift...I like my gifts best when YOU are here around me....but I'm allowed cause I'm the MOMMA!!! XXXOOOXXX

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