Sunday, July 29, 2012

July 23-29

So...Russell turns 20 in Argentina!! His blog ( is GREAT! That family has me laughing EVERYTIME I'm with them....and Russell got the amazing FUNNY gene.

 I was SO GLAD to get this HAPPY picture of Debbie...cuz she's been PRETTY TEARY with Zach on his way out....she belongs to MY CLUB when it comes to the whole mission thing! They set up tents and umbrellas all over the front yard and it was FULL of people. Zach is a LOVED BOY!
 This is for you Josh...the love birds are still love birding.....and send their love to ALL of you!!
 The WHOLE family was there....
 Zach with the neighborhood kids...
 Elder Radmall IN OUR HOUSE!!!! I was on my way to bike up the canyon-- thus the work out clothes...but that's probably how you guys will remember me best anyway...He was darling Spencer...and I am still so jealous that he got to spend all that time with you. I just keep telling myself...36 more weeks! 36 more weeks!!
 PROOF he's at OUR house!
He is a BIG BOY!!!!
Pioneer Day was a blast....just SO Relaxing!!! WE MISSED YOU ALL LIKE CRAZY!!! Peterson's, Sander's, Fryers, Marta and gang, Perkins family (Hull's) and Williamson's (although they didn't come back for the BBQ....we all just HUNG OUT with no activities...just pool and lounging and talking and laughing. We BBQ's Burgers and Dogs and had pot luck for the sides...everyone left at dark and went to see fireworks...we stayed here and watched the AMAZING show put on by the Roberts - the family who moved in who do the KIDHISTORY YOUTUBE blips?  There's was as good if not better than any CITY show. I found out later that with the FIRE bans in Wyoming they put all their fireworks on sale for 50% off ---even the we had a professional show. They shot them off from the Park by the church.
The rest of the week has been crazy with work. I've been biking and running the canyon...I LOVE LIVING HERE!!!  I can not seem to take enough of that in. JOY is coasting down from the top of VIVIAN PARK with either my book on tape on  or some heart and body moving  tunes while the wind sweeps  over my face and the water rushes next to me and the smell of summer green is everywhere. And then there is all the people you pass playing in the parks, or camping in the camp ground or working out themselves...this silent but knowing community of people who all share in the JOY I feel. I love me some planet earth. I'm even starting to be more tolerant of having to walk the bike at the falls. Now dogs off leashes...still not so tolerant...but hey...that isn't THAT often. Saturday morning I missed the girls for our run up---I woke up at 2:15 in the morning and couldn't go back to sleep...I had a lot of work paperwork to do and think that that wouldn't let me relax. I went to back to bed at 5:30 and didn't make the canyon till 8:30. Even though it was hotter than I like and TONS more people on the was heaven. I LIVE HERE!! In HEAVEN!!! I'll stop now. Come home and lets go do the canyon.
We went to see 7 Brides for 7 Brother's at Sundance with the Nickle Family...they truly are kindred. I LOVE that we don't have to be "careful" and that we can just be ourselves and they STILL want to be our friends. Josh...even YOU would have had a great time...they can mock every bit as good as you. The play was acutally good---Jenny Latimer has the lead as Millie and she was darling. The mountain evening cold came through about 9... the outdoor theatre is so romantic...under the stars, on the mountain, with the smell of the popcorn consessions mingling with the crips cold...TOTAL YUMMINESS!!
Tanner Marsh opened his call while we were up there...he had about 100 kids at his house his mom said. He put Sam and Bryson on speaker phone while he read it (they left the play for a bit). He's heading to Spokane, WA on Nov 7th. Now the craziness of SAM's Friend's leaving has begun.
THE BEST THING THAT HAPPENED THIS WEEK....Michael AND Megan decided to move home with me/us for FALL!!! So NONE of that empty nester crap for me yet!!! Yes I am co dependent and YES I love you for enabling me. Why NOT put off till later what you DON'T have to do today??
The Olympics started and I am a HAPPY GIRL! I love the Olympics!!! Pretty much LIFE is what I love. So MUCH to take in.  I can't imagine the price so many of those athlete's have made to be where they are. Never think that kind of sacrifice was in MY mold. I laugh when I think of how hard it is for me to quit eating comfort foods....or what a baby I am about these darn nueromas!!
Listen are BEAUTIFUL and WONDERFUL and absolutely my most favoritest things on the earth...yep...even more than the pool, or the canyon or the Olympics...but how great that we can have it ALL!!! Make sure you get in a hot tub this week and think of me...and I'll be here in ours thinking of you!!--every day!!!  Eat up every second of where you are and who you are with...and take great notes and pictures so you can share with me when you are back!! Until then...LOVE BIG and HARD, BE GOOD and KIND....just the way you came to me...

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