Sunday, July 8, 2012

Week of July 4th

 Josh...I wanted you to see the HUGE cat I was so freaked out about on the phone...I STILL think it was not just a WILD cat...but whatever it was it was HUGE....I wish I could have gotten the camera to focus in on it better. Haven't seen it since. DON'T GIVE ME ANY CRAP saying you don't think its SO BIG!!! Marta and Randy already had a hay day with me looking up native wild Utah cats and proceeded to read "that have an infinity for chlorinated swimming pools and prefer to eat nude late night swimmers"...I have to remember to ask her HOW SHE KNOWS!

 Such a stinkin' cute picture of Meg I thought you brothers would like a gander to remind you HOW FUN she is and you can ALL MISS US NOW!!! I didn't take a single picture of the 4th!!! Neighbors came swimming  until 2 and then Sam and Meg had friends for the rest of the afternoon and a BBQ. Steve and Melanie Nickle came...they are sure fun to be with...they fit our family so well. Meg left and went to Stadium of Fire where RYAN WON $10,000.00 in the sing off contest!! Remember how we did that last year and everyone in the stadium texted in? He really won! Dad has been sick since his flight to Chile, so he went right to bed, and I went to Kim Bartlett's for a dessert party and hung out till all the fireworks died down.
  I think it was the next night that Megan went to Tom Petty on the roof in Provo and made me jealous (he graduated from my High School). Andy sends his love to all as well! You can see she is a happy girl having a mighty fine time.

 We were suppose to leave for Boise on Thursday, but Dad just didn't feel good we left Friday and got there just in time for the twin's 50th birthday dinner which was totally to throw them off from their SUPRISE PARTY the NEXT night:) We ate at THE REEF in Downtown Boise. It was fun to be together. Somebody needs to give Aunt Jeanette an award for all her party planning. Downtown Boise they have what they call FREAK ALLEY where graffitti is legal. Each year they let artists at it and everyone goes and pickes their favorite. It's hard to tell, but the one of Jimmy Hendrix is done in mirrors...too amazing.

 We saw Leonard Saturday morning. He is officially on hospice. The Doctors are afraid he won't make the surgery to amputate his they will just keep him comfortable until the infection spreads and takes him....his poor circulation makes it an unknown for about how long he will have....the very thing that is making healing impossible is what will delay the spread of the infection. GrandMom is doing really well. It touched my heart and renewed my feelings of love of life to watch her with him. It also made me SO SO SO SO SO clear and I want ALL OF YOU to remember this....I DO NOT WANT TO DRAG MY DYING OUT ....I have NO DESIRE for people to have to stop their living to tend to my dying. PLEASE just let me go. I am EXCITED to go....REALLY!!! WHen the time comes anyway...of course I'd like to stay here to greet ALL OF MY GRANDBABIES and GREAT GRANDBABIES (no pressure intended).
 Leonard is living in WW2 time right now. He has a fixation with Bldg number 35 that he is in charge of and keeps wanting information from the Officers (Dr's and Nurses) about how things are with this number 35. It made me wonder where my brain would fixate. I hope surely a place that feels much SAFER than BLDG 35. It made me SO MAD that humanity ALLOWS war and that kind of fear and torture to our young men. Thinking we should do a documentary. Leonard would have been a good commanding is all about keeping his men SAFE.
 Da Siblings....Uncle Kelly--you were missed!!!!!
 My inspiration....43 pounds lighter Miss Stacey and her man....only 9 to go before she hits her goal.
 Ronnie set up the photo booth and everyone had a great time feeling up and checking out the manican's panties. I know that is NOT how you spell Manican but I am too tired to spell check it K?
 Miss Addison TOO CUTE for words....she DANCED the party least until the police showed up and said it was too noisy and we had to stop.
 Even just a BOA is WAY TOO HOT when it's over 100 degrees.
 Happy50th Pam and Trish!!!!
Amber and Ian (Tina's boy) have come home with us for the week until all of THEM come HERE next weekend!!! We will have 24 in our house....and more staying in hotels!! WISH YOU WERE ALL HOME TO JOIN IN....I'll start cooking on Wednesday! I' will take lots of pictures for you. Let me know how EACH of you are doing. WE LOVE YOU BIG!!!!!! Spencer...we will send the shirts this week. I am showing cabins at Sundance tomorrow...wish you could all be with me. I LOVE MY JOB!!!
Pray for Dad to feel better,,,you know I don't do "sick man" very well. Pray for me to pay off the house....I have decided to make this crazy goal and just GO FOR IT...I'll take all the added energy I can get.
Sam has been umping like a mad man...he did 5 games 2 days in a row this week for the RSMB tournament. Tomorrow he Caddy's for a guy at Soldier Hollow and is thrilled...he'll get $60. Still the ladies man, he is currently at some chicks house for a "fire".
The kids got in the pool the second we got home and their excitement is worth having built it AGAIN and AGAIN. Ambet finally went down the slide...she was too afraid last year. All of us are growing up. I like it best when we do our growing in that contractual 30 min radius!!!!!!!
LOVE YOU !!! LOVE YOU!!! LOVE YOU!!! Pouring my Love ALL OVER YOU!!!!

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