Monday, April 30, 2012

My new BABIES!!!!

 OK Girlies!!! TODAY I got pics of the KITTIES!!!! They were born a week ago we can bring them home June 4th!!! But they are only the next street over so we can go visit them before then. I LOVE the TABBY...but so do they. We won't care will we? And BOTH the other ones have a bit of a mixed color. The Momma looks like a Siamese!!! I couldn't tell if they were boys or girls....maybe when they are bigger...but WE DON"T CARE DO WE????? Think this means you MUST come to Aunt Natalie's SOON:) Their little tummies were SO FAT...they have a good Momma that just lets them nurse till they sleep. LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY US!!!!!!

Letter from Spencer 30 April 2012

hey family this week was good,
 i dont have much time i spent most of it getting my eamil to work,
but i got my new trainee this week, he almost gave up and went home but me and presidant talked him out of it, hes having a very hard time, and is very insecure, but he will get better it will just take time, lets just say i worked his butt off the first two days and he got a little scared on if he could do it for two years haha but i didnt notice, i was having fun!
we founf another new couple who came to church this week, named rudy and flor , they are not married but are talking about it, please pray for them!
we had a good week and im happy as ever, i only have sixty seconds left but know i love you! sorry the computers here stink

elder harris

i love love love you mom

Sunday, April 29, 2012

This week was FULL!!!
Monday night Marta and Randy had us for dinner and she made THAI food that was Yummy...and I'm not normally a THAI eatin' girl. She had the Rapiers over as well. It was such a nice night. Sam was off at team dinner so it was perfect.
Tuesday after work I took my Activity Day girls to see Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat at the Covey Center. Still not so big on a play unless I'm in NY. But the girlies LOVED it. Wednesday I was the Realtor for Career Day at Oak Canyon. I got to bear my testimony about how much I love real estate and fell in love with what I do all over again. If for the only reason that I don't have to be in an office all day, and that I get to set my hours, and that I make more than the average bear....and I could still go on :):):) I hope all you kids will get your license as well. I was having the kids pick a property off the MLS and then teaching them how to figure out how much money they could make if they sold that property...the teacher in the room I was using (Mr. Fotu) starts laughing and said he'd never seen kids so quick to catch on to math...and when I left he had all the real estate schools pulled up on his computer and wanted to know which one I thought was best :)  Friday was Dad and I's 29th wedding anniversary. We went to hear JaLee Clark speak at Women's Conference at BYU (as her co -speaker put it---she hit it out of the park). Brought up memories of my doing that 8 years ago. That is STRESSFUL!!! Then we had dinner at Red Lobster. Yesterday was Prom which you'll see as you scroll down. Today was church and I still get to help in the nursery so it was a happy day.
Michael and Sam are downstairs watching GLADIATOR with a BIG BOWL each of popcorn and THINKING OF YOU and your popcorn LOVE...they wondered if they should just take down the whole half gallon of ice cream in honor of you!! Michael heads out for Alaska Thursday and Josh will follow on Sunday as soon as his finals are over. It's gonna be a LONG summer without you three!!!
Meg and KC came by for just a second tonight. Not even for dinner. Hopefully the temperature will raise and that will bring LOTS of people here:) I keep watch on you and see that you are already in the 90's! So GLAD you have air conditioning.
This is the big year mark week. I will put some money in your account to celebrate tomorrow. I did it. I made it a year. I never doubted you of course...but just you remember that  I have NOT come to see you one time, and I expect some admiration and appreciation for that. It's beyond comprehension to me. I LOVE YOU!!!!!
Can't wait for morning! The BEST part of Sunday is knowing tomorrow is MONDAY and you will write!
Sparkle baby, SPARKLE!!!!
XXOOXXOOXXOOXXOOXXOOXXOOXX   your MOMMA   xxxxxxxxooooooooooxxxxxxxxx

LAST PROM for the Momma:( AND for the Sammer!!!!

 Liza is SO ADORABLE you just want to slurp her up!!! Her dress was truly the prettiest I've ever seen. Sam got her an orchid wrist corsage that matched PERFECTLY. He shaved for the big occasion and looks like such a BABY to me now :) A darn HANDSOME BABY...but much younger still. As Parent's of the boys we were told to meet at the Nelson's for pics at 6 and then at the Halford's at 6:15. Never seen so much picture taking in my life short of a wedding!
 Check out the back of her dress!!! I wanna go to Prom...I wanna wear THAT dress. I wanna be 18 and beautiful and get to have SAM HARRIS as my date:) Lucky girl!!!!!
 They went to Teppanyaki for dinner...Sam had never been.....he LOVED the show the chef did and can't wait to go back! Crazy to think we've never taken him there.
 Tyler is our hero --neither of the twins got asked so he asked BOTH of them with his girlfriends permission of course (Girlfriend is already graduated and playing soccer in for a college in the south). Sam took Taylor (short hair red head) on the day date to Boondocks since Liza had a dance competition she couldn't miss.
 Tyler, Bryson, H and Sam WAITING for Tanner, Tanner, Brady and Johnny to arrive with their dates for pics...Spencer...I think if you double click on the pic it will get bigger so you can see everyone better.
 As you can see...Bryson took Sam's BESTIE...Kelsey looked gorgeous as always. Truly had to believe what BEAUTIFUL girls/women there are that hang with these boys.

 I loved this one because everyone had had enough of the parents picture taking and just wanted to GO!!!
 Da BRETHREN....all lovin' on YOU Spencer. Your name was thrown around a few times:)
 Da Brethren and their women:)
 Kelsey and Bryson.
 Trying to get everyone to LEAVE:)
 SOME of the parental, grandma's , sisters, moms...all getting PICS
 Up close of Tanner and Ashley for you Spencer...still together since 7th grade:) Both are heading to UVU.
 Sam with his BESTIE xxooxx
 They drove together......
 Sam with the Bestie some more.....
After Prom they all came to our house for Krispy Kreme's and to watch HOW TO TRAIN A DRAGON in the man cave. It was TOOOOOO COLD To swim. Everyone cleared out about 2:30am. Sam didn't get to bed till 4:30...but Dad had him up and blessing the sacrament at 9. And he DID NOT COMPLAIN a bit.

Sam, Taylor, Tyler and Taryn at Boondocks for the day date.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Letter from Spencer

hey fam
this week was good, we found alot of people to teach yesterday! and im really excited for a new humble honduranian family that we found , the spirit was so strong and by the end he was helping me get his wife excited the named dennis y lorellana, please pray for them.
i also got a call on saturday from my mission presidant and im training , so i will be in columbia for the next few days with my trainee "hijo" im excited but also nervous, but i know there are so many blessings that can come from training so im mostly excited. it was awesome to see all the pics on the blog this week, so glad the fam has been having an awesome time, and sorry mom i doubt michael will take josefa home, shes not a red head haha i cant believe josh is dating stefanie but hes a smart one so im not worried, hilarious and awesome to see sam asked to morp by three girls, what a stud, girls never fought over me thats forsure.
it was way cool to see zach get his call, has jeff gotten his call? if so where?
also you need to have my freinds over to swim, ok? and get some pics, i miss those guys. tell mike cooper to email me to, its been along time now.
well really it was an uneventful week besides how hectick it is to be in a zebra and be over two different wards and also the only spanish speaker, its alot of stress, im way excited to get my hijo and go back to just spanish work. terrence is doing awesome, but i have not seen him for a while now. also mom it would be great if i could get some more money, i have not really had any since my birthday haha and i had to help my companion out this transfer cuz he lost his card and has to wait for a new one, and who knows when he can pay me back now that were getting new comps.
also this week in my studies in the new testament which i love, i read when jesus rebukes his desciples, and they all leave except the twelve, and then he asks them, will you all leave as well? and peter responds, where else do we have to go , you have the words of eternal life. which is so true. the only way we can go or move forward or progress is with  and through our savior. any other way the world or pride could take us leads to damnation and sadness. peter is a bamf.
well i love you guys, especially you mom, make sure you forward this to dad, i wont put him on my adress cuz i guess it doesnt go to you when i do that. thanks for being the best mom ever.
love elder harris

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Poor Sam

 SOOOooooo...MORP is after Prom right? Well...tonight AFTER I'd written you, poor Sam gets asked THREE TIMES to MORP!!!! One of the girls doesn't even go to TIMPANOGOS!!! She's a PG'er!!! Adorable Sara Collins asked as well and then the beautiful and long loved NIKI asks!!!!!! Since Sara asked first she will be the lucky girl...but he's going to FINALLY ask Niki out to say thanks for asking:) Rough life for this boy. Rough life. But really, if you could see him sitting in the kitchen trying to figure out how to not hurt ANYONE's feelings, it really is a bit rough.

Missing our POOL BOY:)

 My jar of ANGEL the Angels leave me to find on my runs:)
 Classy Closets came and shelved out my office closet and I am SUCH a HAPPY GIRL!!!
 Heaven revisited on Friday when everyone showed up for the weekend to OPEN THE POOL!!!! Friday night Sam had Pool Party and Haven kept track...she says about 60 kids came. Good thing Dad was still in Chile:) There was ALOT of laughing and screaming and dunking going on. Our neighbors didn't call once. I was grateful. Not too long from one will be here to have screaming parties.
 New HIT pool toy !!!

 See the tulips in the upper left hand corner? So strange to have them still in bloom and yet warm enough to open the pool!
 Their NEW favorite idea!
 Megs and her friends at the end of the pool...Dad's feet. We tried to get them to have a dance off since they were already dancing, but when Preston yelled "Skin to WIN" Everyone stopped but we kept laughing:)
Saturday about 5:30pm, all of the sudden, Marta's Bees came and started attaching/stinging everyone. We had over 30 stings between was CRAZY...everyone ran in the house.  Marta had been "working" her hives and that made them "HOT"...we have to make sure we aren't swimming the next time she starts working them. Kind of gave me nightmares of when they swarmed about 4 years ago. Too wild. Scared us all pretty good. I guess the other neighbors in the neighborhood had the same problem. ARGH.

Other than the darn Prednisone making my eyes blurry and gain weight and itch...I had a sweet week. I am SO SAD I didn't get ONE picture of Chelsey and the shower I gave her here!!! What a sweet heart! Each night I went to bed early and read until I couldn't keep my eyes open!!!Thursday night Sam and I didn't even START watching our missed SURVIVOR episode until 10!! We went to Los Hermanos one night. Jeremy picked up EL Azteca for us Friday night...and Saturday night I got Tri Tip and Preston did the honors on the BBQ:) Dad came home Saturday. The only sad thing is just now...everyone has gone back home...JOSH included:(. But I'm excited for a new work week and MORE excited that TODAY IS MY LAST DAY OF PREDNISONE and I am READY to be feeling GOOD and get my eyes back and drop this water!!

The kiddies are as adorable as ever. We have so much fun together just being US. Elle says "Spencer 's been sleeping over a REALLY LONG TIME NOW.." AND I AGREE!! I told her it was a whole year on the 4th and she said that was longer than she is :) Everyone sends their love. Michael is still in Chile until Wednesday...keep trying to get him to bring Josefa home with him. Josh brought Stephanie home this weekend, but Tania graduated and between everyone's everythings I never got to see her. Sam will catch you up on ball...LOVE ME SOME BASEBALL!!!! Excited for the week ahead as well. Sam ref'd 3 games in a row in Lehi on Saturday and is thrilled with the $80 he made. I could NEVER be a ref. HE LOVES IT.
Meg still not here much. Maybe she'll drop in more now that the pool is open.

Zach Hulsey got called to Paraguay and Christian Lundberg to Lima Peru.

That's pretty much it Love Bug! I LOVE YOU....HAPPY WEEK! As always...can't WAIT For tomorrow! Be good and happy and kind and generous and SMART.
Your Momma LOVES YOU!!!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

You're gonna smile :)

Letter from Spencer 16 April 2012

hey fam hows it going
this week was awesome, tony got baptized and water side confirmed on wednesday, it was awesome he didnt know how to handle the feeling of the spirit haha it was really funny he couldnt even talk strait for like an hour and a half. after his baptism we got togethor and played soccer in the stake center which was way awesome, im starting to get descent playing with all these hispanics everyweek.
we have a spanish speaking elder training meeting tomorrow and im really pumped for it, i will get to see my trainer right before he goes home and also alot of other friends from the mission. we also have transfers coming up and even though i love elder thompson i hope i get a new companion thats spanish speaking, even if he doesnt speak very well, its hard to do everything yourself, especially on sundays at church, but if it stays the same i wont complain i know the work will go on.
before tonys baptism on wednesday we read with him every night and tuesday he got interviewed, so i had to go on an exchange, it was an awesome balanced day. we taught and found a few new investigators, and then when it came time to go interview tony he called us and said that he was with some of our members playing soccer like 20 miles away, as a missionary with a car we only get limited miles per month and we were already way behind on miles, when he called we were right next to a returning member named bro guillen who has recently quit drinking, and is still in the process on smoking, but we stop by his house and he gave us a ride, elder kramer interviewed tony and then we played soccer for the last half hour until curfew. we played alot of soccer this week, which i love. anyways on the way back we had a long talk with brother guillen and it was great, but you had to be there. i love how the lord puts people in our lifes to help us grow and to just love life in general.
by the way mom cole does not get back in june, its in october or november. and thats sad for foxy i bet hes crushed. anyways i dont have much more time, but thanks for all the pics i loved them , and also i would like you guys to send me the book called the "miracle of forgiveness" . and please please please dont send anything but a ton of pics for my year mark, and some money if your so inclined haha, i love you guys so much i hope you know that.
love elder harris

Sunday, April 15, 2012

To make Spencer laugh


 Found these on Amy's facebook and thought you might like the MEMORY of it all :)

Week of April 9th-15th

 Chelsey's getting married! I am giving her a shower here on Wednesday:) They are SOOOOO Happy! of the was a good week in Baseball...and will be another great week this week! All the "Brothers" miss you!!!

 Dad was super diligent, but most of them were pics of his BACK....   :) This was our game against Mountain View.
Spring Break was pretty uneventful...that's how Sam wanted it. Just wanted to play all the ball they could and then HANG OUT. I was sad it wasn't warm enough to open the pool. This Wednesday we are opening it so it will be warm enough for next weekend. Preston and Jeremy and the kids are going to come for the opening SPLASH. Sam is going to have a party here Friday. Good timing with Dad out of town. Josh will come back down too. And Meg will be back home again. She and Kylie have been having a glorious time in Orlando. Although she was disappointed in Harry Potter World. Pretty sure that has more to do with her being 27 than the attraction itself. She did love the Butter Beer though:)

Michael and Dad are off to Chile. So Friday night after Bunco Michelle and I went to see the LATE movie THE VOW. Another one I want you to see. It's about the freedom to choose the life YOU FEEL you were meant to live. Great writing with penetrating dialogue. Just so fun to be FREE to do the late movie with no one to answer to:) I LOVE MICHELLE. Laddie has a cute girlfriend but just got laid off and is looking for a new job. Bronson is doing good in school. Michelle will be the lone ranger at her house this fall as well. I bet Bronson will stay around for awhile though.

After work on Saturday Me and the favorite GIRLIES headed up to Salt Lake to see the new Mall downtown---they call it City Creek. It's HUGE and RITZY (I guess Mormons really know how to build a MALL)...and I like that mall and shopping about as well as all the others. But it was worth every store to just hang out with those happy, life loving, pleasure enjoying, mocking, joke telling, love me just as I am FRIENDS:) I wont tell you who, but ONE of them has a potty mouth I swear JUST to make me laugh. She will let it fly at all the RIGHT and WRONG times and WHY it takes me to the floor laughing I still don't get...but it does. I really love to laugh. Laughing is the language with us when we are together. I feel like they are all the Johnny Carson and I am their Ed McMann. I feel CLEANSED when I get home.

I've had a rough time with my HIP after my neuroma on  my foot. For about 4 nights in a row I couldn't hardly sleep it would ache so deeply. I was getting in and out of the hot tub through the night and put the electric blanket on HIGH and would sleep on my side on top of it.  I'm not sure WHAT has caused this. Well, I guess that,s a lie. The Doctor says with my added weight and still keeping up the miles my hip isn't so happy. SO..I'm suppose to CROSS TRAIN for at least 3 weeks while I take this steriod PREDNISONE. I had just lost 7 pounds...and then its like I got an incurable case of the munchies to where I thought I would die if I didn't have some bread. And you know I'm not so into dying and I LOVE Bread!! So...guess we'll see how it goes this week at weigh in. I was TOTALLY ripped to find out that the steroid side effects are bloating, hunger, and weight gain. But after one day on with NO PAIN...I was pretty relieved. I couldn't STAND it Saturday morning. I woke early to no had rained in the night and smelled so GOOD outside with the temperature at 38 Degrees. I put my workout clothes on fully intending to only walk a LONG way...but I felt so GOOD...I ran 8 miles. Your mother is NOT going to get an award for her smarts. I so paid for it last night. But really, it was like, JOY to be FEELING so GOOD with NO PAIN...I just HAD to do it. Worms were all over the road and they have this shimmer about them in the early morning dark...its the little things about running that makes it so I can NEVER stop. This "break" is just for a little moment. Just for a little moment.

Everyone's allergies are raging and mine AREN'T. The Heavenly Beings must realize I can only take so much physical disturbance in my universe.  HOW ARE YOUR ALLERGIES????

Josh brought Stephanie home this weekend and they pretty cute together. Time will tell :) He leaves 3 weeks from today. You KNOW how much I really HATE that! Michael leaves the week before him!

Zach Hulsey gets his mission call this week. Today was Bo, their cousins farewell. Julianna always asks after you. So far Sam, Jeff and Bo are all going state side. Julianna really wants ONE of them to go to Italy.

It's yard time. You KNOW how HAPPY that makes me...but I sure miss my free SLAVE labor :) Think they should let me fly you home for a "service" week:) I think every female deer had one or two fawn....LOTS of little babies jumping around behind the fence yesterday...the little ones are always SO DARLING....just wish they didn't grow up to be LARGE RODENTS!

I love you. I know you are happy and love it there. Its a good thing I know that too. ARGH! Foxy had to come home for shoulder surgery. Colton Jackson is not going to be able to go out because of his meds. Now Michael K is shooting for next Feb..  Cole will be home in June!!!

I love you.Did I tell you how much I love you? Could use some Spencer Sunshine around here! WRITE ME FIRST THIS TIME...and ALOT!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Sam and Seniors win the SPIRIT award

 Only a few months left....all trying to savor EVERY moment!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Spencer gets to see BUBBA Win!!!

hey fam,
well this week was great we had alot of member work and tony is getting baptized wednesday! he has progressed so fast with so much faith , member work is the best, im happy to hear about andy , that is so amazing. i was also able to see that bubba won in a playoff i was stoked! i love bubba especially ever since the pga at whistleing straits.
the zebra is going good, its weird to knock english doors on purpose though haha but im starting to get used to it and were having alot of real progress its just sad that we will both have to leave the progress were sharing when we get new companions in about two weeks, but thats fine, its not about me anyways its the lords work, we had a good easter too, about every spanish member wanted us over so we ate 3 dinners after church got out and i was able to see the playoff of bubba and oustheuizen when i went to bro torrez house ( the ward missionary leader) hes awesome. we taught tony everynight this week except for monday and friday and we have another esson with him tonight. mom i dont know what you would even want to get me but seriously money or food gift cards or a walmart gift card would be amazing. wednesdaywe played soccer like always and that was way fun the gomez family all came, and lets just say they kick butt at futbol, we had leadership training meeting this week which was also awesome, i learned a ton an got to see all my buds from the mission, including elder cardon! look up an old elder named austin green on facebook and tell him i love him , hes awesome, hes livin in provo right now. its funny josh is dating stephanie, but cool that shes serving a mission. tell michael to email me we need to have a talk, sam too, he has not told me a thing about baseball and thats honestly my fondest memories of home, sams baseball games that was my life with mom up until i left. this week we also did two fun service projects one for a spanish branch member, we tore out his whole bathroom and we will probably go back to help him put the tile and everythin in, and the other one we just did a yard that had been neglected for two or three years, which means it was covered! everything grows twice as fast and big here is georgia.
anyways i got to go, but i love you guys so much and i hope you know as well as i do that the savior lives and stands by us always, we just have to ake the decision to let him help us.
tell aunt cori and jeremy i love them, the girlies to, and grandad.
love elder harris

Sunday, April 8, 2012

 HAPPINESS at church means I get to go to NURSERY for the whole this is what I'M TALKING ABOUT if you want to get real about JOY!!!
 And then there is arms, my soul, my mind, my body, just NEED this kind of holding.....
 This is SO SHORT of how magnificent the full moon was last night, but I wanted to remember....
 Spencer, remember Andy who lived with us when he was released from Heritage Schools when he was 18? Well, now he's married cleaned up his drug addiction, and got baptized Saturday night. He called out of the blue last was good to see him. That is Mandy his wife with him.
BIG SMILE is RIGHT! I LOVE to come home to a book box from AMAZON. With Amazon I can have Christmas ALL year long! I think I could spend a life time reading the thoughts and ideas of others:)
Dad and the boys are in watching the Masters....MISSING YOU! Jer and the girlies got back from Ohio last night and we just got back from "rolling eggs":) I took them up Dry Creek and we climbed the hill and chucked them from there. Having a BBQ for Easter Dinner...I'm the only one left who likes Ham in this group!So teyriaki Chicken on the grill it is. It is SO BEAUTIFUL today!!
I hope you are still enjoying your Easter Candy and Package...the BUNNY LOVES YOU SO MUCH!!!
I want to send you something for your one year mark and Birthday...give me some ideas will you?
This is Sam's Spring Break Week. He has a game tomorrow and Tuesday. They lost both games to Maple Mountain last week...the second game was the ref's fault...but, that's baseball. Michael is moving all his stuff home tonight before heading to Vegas on Wed and then he and Dad head to Chile on Friday...when he gets back he'll have only a few days and then he's off to Alaska.
Josh has been dating Stephanie Hale (Tania's little sister who just got her mission call and leaves the 30th of May. He's ready for the semester to be over and to get on to Alaska.
Meg is doing the same ole same ole---just NOT From our house. We should see her sometime today for Easter dinner I hope.
I love you.BIG. Miss you. Made me cry thinking of you when I saw the missionaries at Andy's baptism last night. Be smart and good and let that LOVE pour out on everything and everyone:)
Your Momma