Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

 My/OUR FAVORITE PRESENT!!!!!! SEEING and TALKING to Spencer the BEAUTIFUL!!!!You can see in the next picture how we hooked the computer up to the TV so we could see you really big!!!
 The Rubberband guns I bought from the Mexican man and his little family were and still are a BIG success!
 Josh not co-operating for the family pic...I have about 12 photos with him with stuff over his face..nothing has changed :)

 Family the one below Josh is representing with his finger puppet behind the couch.

 Stocking treats...

 Da Bam is a HAPPY Baseball Boy.

They all wore their UGLY Christmas Sweaters when we went to Mission Impossible and Sherlock Holmes. We did Christmas Eve Dinner at PF Chang's since Michael had to work there...he got to sit with us for a minute or so at a time, but not much more. He was home by 10:30 and we opened presents then. Lovey...SO SO SO SO SO SO SO GOOD to see you. I am so GLAD that you are happy. We love you. We're proud of you. We miss you. Now the count down for Mother's Day!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Countin' Down!

5 DAYS and we SKYPE with SPENCER!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

A life moment in the middle of my day.

Today I had one of those experiences that just makes you stop and think about WHO you really are and HOW I want to be spoken of by others. The kind of speaking that can't be have to earn that genuine kind of admiration.
I am working on a tricky large home transaction...and am looking for a wealthy CASH investor who has the stomach to take on such a large proposition with all it's details in THIS market. I was given the name of Ty Mattingly by an attorney. Each time this man's name was mentioned to different parties I would get these raving, glowing reviews of what an amazing person he is... this man has built a fortress of goodness around himself just by being his true self.
I am pleased to report that after speaking with him that he is REAL. He is soft and direct and calm and thoughtful and honest. He will probably not be the investor we are looking for...and the lovely part is, he didn't even try to pretend that he would be, or get upset for my disrupting his day. My 48 year oldness is making me aware of MY humanity.  Just thinking I hope the day comes when I grow up to be like him....and to think I'd never known of him before today. Ty Mattingly, thanks for the example of HOW to be that was shared with me by total strangers in your behalf. Well done.

Letter from Spencer 19 Dec 2011

 Here they are eating cheeseburgers with Krispy Kreme donuts as the buns...they call it a Celestial Burger :)
 On his Pday at the beach... then with his companion and ? still wondering about the tie????
hey fam,
sorry my email is late mom but we helped someone move in just barely so were running a little late on the pday, i dont know what time on sunday to be honest i dont even know where i will be , or who my companion will be either, elder parsons just went home, and wow that was hard  phew i love him. I am wondering whats going to happen this transfer...... not excited pres just said he has plans for me, but oh well i will do whatever he asks me to and love doing it. im going to have a white christmas? magui is getting baptized this week on saturday and a comformation sunday morning! how bamf is that ! my best christmas ever i think, sorry it has to be away from home, but hey i never helped someone get baptized back home haha
mom i love you more then you know your blog is always awesome, and seriously you are the best , thanks for the packages i love the packers blanket and everything you sent me, and i opened them early cuz i wont have time on christmas with church and the comfirmation and all the dinners i will probably have, and my favorite part that will make me busy is that i get to talk/see you guys!!!
giselas husband is still holding her and the rest of the family back from being baptized, [lease pray that his heart can be opened he wouldnt even let them come to church this week! hes getting more and more scared.
but ya im doing great starting to get fat but i will lose it after the holidays, nothing i can do about it now, and oh yeah its 65 degrees today:) haha but you guys just just laugh at me when its the summer time and miserabley sticky.
sorrry not much to report besides that i love you more then you can imagine and cant wait to talk too you soon!!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Commercial Break

Have I given this commercial before? I FREAKIN' LOVE  AUDIBLE.COM!!!!! Don was patient, and even LIKED listening to Dave Ramsey with me. I am his disciple. And we actually only listened to part of Change your BRAIN, CHANGE YOUR BODY....I'll do the LIFE one next...but both were GREAT for the long drive. we made it to Boise in 6 hours and home in just under 6. If you're looking for an inspiring read, either one of these will do! But no matter WHAT You like to read...I suggest

Megan and Ryan--Mr. and Mrs. Gingerbread Man

I stole this right off of Meg's blog so you wouldn't miss it:) She had a blind date with this other guy Friday night and so far not so could he compete with a man in costume?

"So the other night I went to the Lower Lights concert. I got talked into being a gingerbread man the entire concert. Yep.. sat in a seat and everything. For someone else's thoughts about it and to see the blog where I stole the pic click here It was a hilarious night that ended up being way too much fun."

Just for Spencer....

 Right now..11:17 pm Sunday Dec 18, 2011...all for the love of Spencer :)

 Cooper just walked in...Scott got called to the New Dehli India Mission and will leave Feb. 22nd.

We got to watch Jason on TV playing in Boise at some bowl game--  while we were IN Boise...funny that he was there playing and we went all the way there to watch him on TV. Sadly they played Ohio and lost by ONE . Hard loss. He and Perk in the man cave --not in the Poker game yet...

Harris Party in Boise

 Look how dang ADORABLE Addison is!!! I gooshed on her on night:) I wasn't a very good sharer and I don't feel a BIT bad:)
 GrandDad and Kath...he will be going to a care center the week after Christmas. His Alzheimer's  has progressed significantly and it is just too much for Ellen to care for and tend to working. Ellen has really been remarkable in all she has done to care for him. It is sad. He is pretty happy all the time...just unsure about WHO people are and what he is suppose to be doing. During the party when it was more than he could handle he kept gong round and round locking all the doors.  He has an eating hang up and always thinks he hasn't eaten. He had 8 bananas before we got there early afternoon...and then told us that he hadn't eaten in 24 hours....a cruel disease.
The white elephant Christmas exchange....
Addison being too cute for words....LOVING crinkling the wrapping paper.
Nettie...who made us personalized cookies and got me a cookbook...Ronnie sporting a new tatoo under those black zip pants, Ellen taking pics (I will post hers when I get a copy...she takes GREAT ones...GDAD in his chair...
Aunt Pam the Beautiful got the Tiarra in the naughty present exchange...
GrandDad and Randy...still trying to get Randy to go on Survivor...still has his nipple rings:) He's getting a new dog for hurding his goats.
Look at those legs....look at those scrumptious to squeeze as they look.
Molly and Sam made this "fort" for their Penguins with the bar stools and boards...pretty impressive!!! Johnson's are doing great. Annie and Katie pretty much WOMEN. Snuck away for dinner with Ali and Paul Friday night. The trip actually seemed too fast for me this grateful the roads were perfectly clear!!
Came home to JOSH home!!!! :) That makes fcr a happy ME! Megan  has been sick and just now perking up. Go to her blog and check out her and Ryan dressed up as Gingerbread people at a concert in Salt Lake this week...they were the hit of the night! Tonight Michael came and watched the Survivor finale with us...oh are SO going to love this season. I was SAD about who won...I SO WANTED OZZY...but as always an interesting season. We missed you.Michael just got back from St. George where he went to Scott's wedding...all his friend's are dropping off like flies. Sam is in heaven...he is in the basement right now with Este, Jason, Brandon, Michael King, Mike Cooper (he came in in his suit, just left Godfrey's office:)) Perk, Brady, Marsh, Colton Jackson,....they are having a poker all nighter. I'm glad I'm a sound sleeper cuz I've got a big work day ahead tomorrow. I LOVE to hear them laugh!!!
I have LOVED that I can count down to next SUNDAY when we talk to you!!! This time next week I will snuggle in my bed and recount again and again ALL that you tell me! I am SO EXCITED that we get to SKYPE!! PLEASE let me know what time so I can have your friends here (AFTER ME/us.. of course:).
I love you Spencer. You are the light of  my life. You are amazing. I am still in awe at your strength and dedication. What kind of a kid makes such sweet lasting friendships that his friends STILL come to hang out even though YOU aren't here, just to BE in this loving place YOU CREATED? I can only imagine how much your companions love you.
I'll be having happy dreams waiting for morning!!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Letter from Spencer 12 Dec 2011

 I just got Spencer's camera card in the mail...sure to be my FAVORITE  Christmas GOOD to see if GOOD could even cover the feelings!......

hey fam
this week was good, i went on exchanges and we helped two people move, and all of the driving and credit card stuff was taken care of so ya all in all it was a good week, we had two investigators at church this week, one of which will be gettting baptized very soon, she is a young hispanic named magui who has been searching for the gospel her whole life, and has now found it, she is was awesome haha, i think my comp has a crush on her haha but i guess we will see when he comes back for her or not haha, my companion elder parsons goes home this saturday, so i will be on a temporary exchange untill transfers next wednesday.
good news!!!!!!!!!!!11 we get to skipe!!!!!!! sich huh?!! anyways not sure where i will skype you from or when but i will let you know when i know probably around 11 or twelve my time, tell mike cooper and the boys to come over please so i can say whats up atleast for a few minutes, invite whoever you want, and maybe i should talk to mom first and then to them , then you can kick them out and then i can talk to the rest of you guys , i just cant talk too sam until they leave cuz i will probably cry alot. anyways ya im ecited.
well we have about five investigators who are ready to get baptized but they either need to get married or leave there spouse , and three two of them cant leave so please pray for, gisela , isidro, toni, tamirha, and simeon, they all have firm testimonys of the gospel but have thing holding them back so pleasae pray that god will provide a way for them to be baptized.
i have realized over the past few weeks that setting goals and making plans to acheive them, and then following those plans is the way to success in this life, so start making your goals for new years haha, anyways i love you guys evrything here is going great and im happy, hope you are too
love elder harris

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Letter to Spencer 11 Dec 2011

This was you last Christmas....and here they are THIS Christmas, only Ali has that ring on her finger...these pics will make more sense to you in a few days.

ONLY 14 days till we TALK ON THE PHONE!!!!!!!!!! We are so excited! 
Please let me know if you got your card and the Driver's License papers will you?
Do you have Burger King or Appleby's or Olive Garden in your area?
The weather here is nuts. NO SNOW...just freezing cold, and then today it wasn't even that got into the 40'S!!!! It doesn't look like there will be snow for Christmas either. Park City has enough for skiing, but Sundance barely has any. I would love to have some for Christmas. Are you warm? Do you know your plans for Christmas Day yet? What time are you going to call us? I think you should call us at 11 your time :) (Our sacrament mtg is at 9). You know I just want you to call us he second you can. I will be up and BE HERE whatever time you say :)
Work has been super busy and I am thankful. I wish I could find more Buyer's in the upper price ranges. The market is still flat there. I really wish I could sell Naumann's home. It's a catch 22 thing though...if I sell it then they leave the ward. argh. The Christmas Parties have begun as you have seen. This week Dad will have his work party up at the Nichols cabin, mine will just be at my office, I have the Activity Day girls coming for one on Thursday. JOSH COMES HOME ON THURSDAY!!! Dad and I leave for BOISE for his family party one else is going with us so all will be home.
Dad just keeps doing his work thing and still figuring out what to do with no calling. He needs to get himself a book group or two and a Bunco group so he doesn't think I am gone all the time. So funny how the tables turn. I have to smile when I see him aggravated that I am off with OTHER friends again....and realize that I had to get over that with his church work years ago...I have happily made a lovely world and he will figure it out too. Wish I was rich enough to give him Jazz season tickets.
Megan's been having all kinds of get togethers with her friends...she made this white chocolate peppermint popcorn that will rock your world when you have it when you get home. It's a new must have tradition. She is going with the gang to British Colombia for New Year's.
Michael is at his PF CHANG's party tonight. They have to have it on Sunday since all the employees work the other 6 days of the week. Meg went with him...the rest of us are jealous.They are having outrageous food and prizes and doing a talent show--Michael is playing and singing Silent Night. He took your "baby" to play it on, but don't worry, Megan will make sure it doesn't get messed with.  He had his mission friend Scott's bachelor party here last night. Scott marries next Saturday in St. George. Michael is keeping his hair long and I like it so much. He just looks so relaxed....and happy. He is so dang handsome...when he smiles, and then his sparkling "let's play" eyes... I don't know how girls his age can keep away from him. What beautiful children I made...from scratch:)
Josh could use a few prayers...he is in the throws of finals. He has been in the library EVERY time I have called or texted him the last 2 weeks. He WILL have his 4.0. I love how he loves to study. He hasn't dated anyone since he's been back from Thanksgiving. Bets are good that he'll have a few "visits" when he's home. I wish I COULD CHOOSE for him. What am I saying? I want to choose for ALL OF YOU!!!! :) I'll try to leave enough money in my will for you all to have therapy over my control issues after I'm gone...until then I expect you to humor me:)
Sam took Kelsey to Salt Lake to the Temple Lights with a group of them on a date last night...even though Kelsey has a boyfriend (Jordan King's little brother)...I listened while he asked her ---he explained that it was a date and he knew she still had the boyfriend....there is a pause and then he says, Great...we are going to have such a good time! I just started laughing, and Sam winks at me with his little upward head shake that means "you know it". I am still a little baffled by their relationship. But whatever it is, it is simply pure and sweet.  I watched as she charged over from PG's side of the court to him at the Timp Basketball game Wednesday night. She throws herself at him in a full body hug and then rubs his beard with both her hands while shaking her head "no". Guess who shaved it today? He spoke in Sacrament meeting today so that could have been a reason as well. Sam is a gifted speaker. He just talks his heart to you. I guess I wouldn't really know if he is gifted since I am the Mom and I am convinced you are ALL freaking amazing and gifted and God's gift to all the world, especially MY WORLD. Anyway. I love it when people can speak their heart. He told how much he missed you and how proud he is that you would do something so hard. We all missed you AGAIN for the bazillionth time today.
I love you baby boy. I love WHO you are and HOW you are and all that you are BECOMING. Remember to just pour LOVE on everyone and everything. I love you more every time, everyday when I get in the hot tub and think about you, pray for you and send my happiest energy towards you. Everyday I visualize walking into your apartment, hugging the guts out of you and kissing you all over like crazy and ending with a zerbet on your neck....then I tell you something to make you laugh so I can see your eyes twinkle, I tell you I love you, wrap a protective white blanket around you, call my Mom to take over from there, and then I breath you in deep into my chest and exhale slowly releasing you to the world. Every day. It comforts me. And oddly, sometimes I feel like I am really there. I LOVE ME SOME MONDAY'S!!!!!!!  I'll be waiting!!!!
Your Momma

Book Group & friends...

 Rachel and Rachel with these way cool Malmark chimes Julia brought that we played while we caroled...sounded easy...just ring when the word is circled in the song book...wish they weren't so pricey...could be a FUN family tradition where everyone can participate. We ate our yummy RAW FOOD dinner (my friends are WAY healthier than me), caroled, exchanged presents and talked about the plan for next year. So GOOD to be together. I love these women.
Kim, Julene and Chris above---Holly, Hiedi, Kystelle with book purposefully in front of face, Charlene.
 And while I'm on the subject of women I love...Marcii has become an OIL TYCOON since her Grand Dad kept the mineral rights on his land down south...her first check and of course we guided her in her spending it!
Kim, who will forever look 12 no matter how many times she hits 30:) in the kids Justice store playing around. And then there is Sara, and you KNOW why I posted this picture for you:)