Monday, February 22, 2010

Chile--All GOOD things must come to an end...

We headed back to Santiago for the last 2 days...FINALLY we got to eat at Solita's favorite restaurant called TIPPY TOP, where the family's favorite dish is this RAW HAMBURGER and they "kill" the bacteria by dousing it with lemon juice (I'm not convinced). I did try it..a bite..but no thanks. Honestly it didn't taste bad, but I couldn't get past my brain and the idea of it. This first picture is Michaela...beautiful huh? Poor girl..she's had to live her whole life that beautiful. WHAT would THAT be like?
Carlos' sister and husband joined us for dinner one of the last nights. I had long heard of her sweetness ---she was a secretary for them when they were at Word Perfect.
Our last day, Carlos made Don's dream come true and took us to the SHeraton (I know, right?) Don wanted me to see it really bad since that is where he always stayed ALL of those times when I wouldn't go with him (usually because I had a nursing baby or was pregnant!!). And then ironically, I found a bracelet I loved (I'm not a jewelry girl) in the gift shop there with Lapiz on one side and several other native Chilean stones on the other...Don was a happy camper to get me that remembrance:) But we flat wore Carlos out...when we were done seeing the Sheraton he had fallen asleep in the lobby chair. He is a true friend!
The pictures of Carlos with his "babies" will melt your heart...he has his own fan club!!
Preston...the storage containers were for you...always thinking of you! I also wanted to remember the fruit stands that seemed to be everywhere and teeming with fruit and vegies--we went at the perfect time!

Letter fome Josh 22 Feb 2010

Hey Fam!!

this week we met a cool guy named davis. i was kinda worried when we met him because he said he had just finished theology school and was just waiting for his results. in general people that have been to theology school of any kind are not even interested in having us in because they "already know." and the ones that do let us in just want to argue. we taught about the restoration and he said "its interesting. it makes a lot of sense, but i just spent four years in theology school. why didnt i hear anything like this before?" we went back on friday and he "tried to pray" he said. which meant he hadnt prayed of course but he said he didnt want to pray without doing his research first. it makes sense but you can do both at the same time. anyways, he had a lot of questions about joseph smith and the angel moroni appearing to him. we read from john 10:16 (other sheep i have which are not of this fold) and then the explanation of it in 3 nephi 15 along with the first half of 3 nephi 11. i am still amazed at how receptive he is to all of it. at how he isnt just blowing it off and saying "this isnt what they taught me so it must be false." he came to church on sunday too and liked it. we will see him again tomorow and that should be good. i am excited to see what questions he has for us now.
other than that the week was ok. lots of tracting and finding. we seriously need referals here, pray that the members start helping us. we have mission tour on wednesday. it should be fun. tuesday night through thursday morning we will have an additional 6 missionarys with us in the flat. that should be interesting. the place is way too small and we have four extra mattresses, but not six and i am pretty sure somebody is going to have to put a matress in the bathroom and somebody in the kitchen just to make us all fit. but it will all work out somehow and be fun.
thanks for the package!!! the mini hoop definitely brought back some good memories. and i beat my comp in a game of horse the other night on it. spencer, your card was hilarious. i checked yes by the way.
i hope you all have a great day and that you enjoy whatever you are doing. i love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh, and happy birthday to meg and mom, and to spencer soon too. looks like your party was pretty sweet. i love you guys a ton!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Hey Lovey,
It's been a week. A busy week. I have to laugh because every time I say the word "busy" now, I can't quit thinking about what they told the Young Women the acronym BUSY stands for-- "Being Under Satan's Yoke". I get it, I do, the lesson being taught was that if we are too busy we won't be balanced and able to focus on the most important things. BUT I would like to testify that you CAN be BUSY with GOOD/GODLY--the BEST things--- and not under Satan's yoke when doing it. I think its true especially of you missionaries. I wonder when I will relax and quit being sensitive when I think others are trying to put one more thing out there to judge others by? I KNOW they are just doing their best and have the best intentions...but those things run around in my brain and I judge myself against them and I just want my brain to STOP IT!

HOW ARE YOU BABY BOY THAT IS NOW A MAN ??? I thought of you often this week getting to eat your candy and treats from home. We LOVE YOU!!!

The kids made a HI JOSH video clip for you at Spencer's B-day party-- and for the life of me I can't get it to if it just shows up next week randomly you will know why! Spencer has a few female friends you have never met who will be SO HAPPY to meet you upon your return. I LOVE to hear them talk about "what a cutie" you are:) You are.

The Olympics are on and I have missed alot of them. I LOVE the Olympics! Tons are T-voed, but now there are so many T-voed I wonder WHEN I'll ever get that kind of time to watch them...and I don't want to get sick to be able to do it. Shawn White still reigns supreme. The figure skating is still my favorite. Hockey is full bore today.

I am feeling bad that I have so many entries this week and with everyone's letters you will have a lot to read today. I'm excited to hear what's new. When you read this it will be Megan's 25th birthday! And my celebration of being a MOTHER for 25 years!!! We are going to go to dinner to celebrate both of our birthdays tomorrow night. With Spencer's early b-day celebration, 8 ward couples coming over after night cross country skiing at Sundance on Friday, and Noelle's shower, and now our birthdays, I can honestly say that for the first time I might be COSTCO "caked out"! And you know for ME, that is saying big things. I haven't minded it one bit:) Megan came and took the last of the two cakes from the shower home tonight to share with all the men friends who drop in on Sunday night.

Poor Sam has that nasty throw up flu I had last week. I am clorox cleaning everything to keep the rest of us out of harms way. But in pure Sam style...he HAD to eat the Sunday Roast Dinner.
I am starting to get nutsy about Spencer graduating and leaving. I keep telling myself that its ok to be nutsy as long as I am AWARE that its not the best for anybody but at least I can try to deal with it on a more rational level. This whole loving your babies with all your heart and soul only to have them up and leave you is a sick plan. OK OK OK...I KNOW that I am the sick one!!!! Anyway...he still hasn't firmed up his plans for fall. Michael is gone working and dating most of the time. Megan is loving her new job and still a friend and party giving magnet. Real Estate is still slow, but I am darn grateful for the clients I continue to get. I really do love working with people...and houses.

I'v got the POOL bug deep in my heart still. This year? It could happen! Everyday there are agents out there STILL closing the big deals...

I love you LOVE BUG!!! I miss you. I opened some of your boxes in the basement the other day and your smell is gone. Made me mad. :) Let me know if you need anything. I e-mailed Mike Hardman's e-mail to you so check there for it. Sister Hardman sends her love! I send mine. BIG BUNCHES...enough to wrap you tight for weeks and weeks.

Tanner to Primary

I LOVE our Primary Presidency!!! Its a little intimidating that all the women are so beautiful...there are ALOT of beautiful women in Utah I've decided. Take Carolyn for instance...not only is she beautiful...but she's BEAUTIFUL...she can do anything...piano, harp, violin, speak spanish, sing like an angel, run her husband's business, cook like you always hoped a mom would, be an incredible friend and confidant,AND be brilliant with children. Today she introduced the Primary to Amber's (our secretary) new boy, Tanner...his first time joining us...I will try not to be too OCD about him in there with all those germs our sweet children bring each week. Love me a baby. We love Amber for sharing with us and letting us pass him around amongst us:)

Yesterday, Karie introduced me to the magic of "green tea" me some...gonna see how magic it is for me. I was pleased I like the taste! I was also surprised that you don't drink it hot! So much to know and learn in this world:)

Noelle's Shower

Noelle the beautiful had about 35 neighbors come to "shower" her with our love, gifts and well wishes in embarking on the most wonderful, horrible experience of her life...MARRIAGE:) She got alot of great stuff...every time I give a shower I think anyone married 25 plus years should get to have one...if I were brave I would start implementing that policy...last night Aggie had the record---marred 47 me, she deserves a deluxe beach side condo with maids. Geez what a great world it would be if I were in charge! I think we should throw in daily massages as well:) We love you Noelle...and Jason is ONE LUCKY MAN!!!!

Heavenly Parents

So, I asked them (Heavenly Parent's) yesterday first thing in the morning to please reveal the depths of their love for me... and then....I was running my route alone and ran into BECKY who asked if she could run the rest of the way with me and we had a sweet reunion where I was reminded of how much love she brings to my life. Barb sent me an email--the woman who LOVES me (and everyone), pretty perfectly and is constantly inspiring me to be a better me. I went shopping and found everything I needed in under and hour (I am so NOT a shopper) and I LIKED my purchases and felt like they had been placed there just with me in mind. Had lunch with Karie for NO REASON, just met her at California Pizza Kitchen and she just showered her love and wisdom all over me. Don did alot of the boy stuff I usually do and I was grateful. Molly, my 4 year old BFF called me for just a second to tell me she missed me and loves me. As the bridal shower started for Noelle, and so many of the women in our neighborhood started to show up, I was overwhelmed at how much I LOVED them---and my mind was filled with acts of service and love they have given me.
Could it be that to FEEL that kind of love EVERYDAY, all I have to do is ask and then take note? How could I not ask EVERYDAY now? It was such a GOOD reminder to me of how WE are the vehicle to their love, I want to do better at my part in that.
I will ask EVERY DAY. I feel FILLED. Thank you.


I welcomed the snowy morning in the hot I gazed out across the yard as the light started to hit the garden, all my flower beds, trees and bushes , I couldn't help but think how NICE it is to have winter---very much like when all my family is sleeping but I am awake. I love them with all my heart, but I am thankful for the rest from the work they are when they are awake. I am anxious for Spring, but oh, so content in Winter for all those growing things to just be still and need no tending.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Local OP Office number: 519-668-7191
Wingham Hospital: 519-357-3210
Emergency Address since he has a PO Box: 42409 on C line Turnberry Township
Just wanted the rest of you to know and have this in case YOU are the one for some reason trying to get him help.

I called GrandDad this morning to have the phone pick up, but no response other than the cat howling in the background and the clock ticking. I didn't hear the sound of anything falling, but it was so weird, I wondered if he had fallen when he answered, or was so sick he couldn't talk. The cat howling reminded me of when Mom died and her cats howled-- and I panicked. I kept yelling GrandDad but he didn't answer. My heart was in my stomach and I could barely breathe. It took almost 15 minutes to get the right OP Place to try and get help. During the panicked efforts for help I just stayed on the land line listening and talking to him like he was there in case he was but couldn't talk. I made my 911 calls from my cell phone. Olive didn't answer, Rae didn't answer, and I couldn't find Miriam's telephone number. Finally after 4 transfers I got the right OP office. All of the sudden the land line cut off. Natural instinct I just hurried and called back and this time when it picked up the cat wasn't howling but I could hear the clock ticking. I was really perplexed then...if he was hurt...shouldn't it have rung up BUSY..., and how did he physically pick up the phone..its high on his wall?? I started talking to the cat and it started howling again so I knew the line was live. Then I remembered that he has that service where he can push the button on his wrist and get I am talking to him as if he is there telling him to hold on, that I will get him some help, and if he can, try to push the button. The Officer is sent out. I call Dr. Donald's office, they haven't heard from GrandDad today or recently...Dr. Donald is on vacation.
FINALLY while waiting to hear what the officer finds,Olive answers her phone and says SHE is just back from HER Doctor. Grand Dad called in the middle of the night to say he had to press his button for the ambulance because of his nose bleeds again, but he was suppose to come home and sleep and she was going to spend the afternoon with him. So then I called Wingham Hospital and sure enough, he was there in Intensive Care...but they assured me it is NOT like OUR intensive care...but it is a few steps up in seriousness from a single patient room. They can't get the bleeding to stop so they have given him medicine to hopefully help it clot and have a tube up the other nostril for??? I can't remember. She says they will keep him at least one more day, probably 2...but it should be cleared up by then. She said he is skinny and needs to eat more so they will try to fatten him up as well. Her name is Marilyn and I love her. I asked her if I should get a plane ticket and come now...I told her when I was coming and she said no, to wait. She thinks a few days of tending will have him in perfect shape for his Surprise Party. I had to smile when she said "it's interesting what a little bit of attention and someone else preparing their food can do to heal a body...and a soul." Amen. I am feeling pretty proud of myself that this time I don't think it has to be ME going to try to make it all better. Really. I mean, I WISH it could be me helping him. But HE CHOOSES...and if he is in can't be me. I must have that same angel I had yesterday...I REALLY LIKE YOU ANGEL BEING, please stay near by!...and how do you manage a miracle of no guilt for me?? Stay close will you? It is so hard to be old. You can't help but want to kiss and love Marilyn forever for choosing to be a nurse...a SWEET be there when there isn't somebody else TO BE THERE. And Olive. Angel Olive. She is on her way to "visit", will spend the night with him the day he comes home. She'll go feed the howling cat on her way home...the cat even SHE doesn't like. I am a blessed woman...and HE is a blessed man...even if we can't always see it.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

SURPRISE 18th BIRTHDAY SPENCER!!! (A month early)

Dad got a bee in his bonnet to give Spencer this SURPRISE 18th B-day party early since we would be out of town on his birthday. Dad did most everything. All I did was get the cake, balloons, and pick up the Pizza's and wrap the presents. Really. He contacted all the kids, kept it a huge secret, made a DVD of Spencer's life from his baby pictures, bought the presents, made this frame thing that he had all his friends sign... incredulous. So GOOD TO KNOW for future events.... :). Spencer really WAS surprised...even when we started singing happy birthday after he walked in and all of HIS friends where there, it was like..."whose birthday IS IT???" Tons of his friends came...over 30...we had a fun night. Now they are off playing basketball.
I had to get a new camera since I dropped mine in Chile and it was almost as much to fix it as it was to get a new one. The colors are off and it didn't focus quite as well...going to have to read the instruction book I guess (NOT My favorite thing to do).
My work close today got sticky and will now keep me busy a few more days instead of being done. Can't really complain, the clients are favorites and the rest of the transaction has gone smooth as silk.
Had my OBGYN appointment today...listen my women friends...the Doc says that ALOT of women quit coming for check ups after 40...REMEMBER my MOM DIED needlessly because she didn't go get her pap smears...PLEASE don't let me go through that again with any of you...I know its not fun...but just MAKE THAT APPOINTMENT and GO...OK??? Thanks for letting me OCD about it.
Some sweet highlights of today:FINALLY got to run with Sara again. A loan officer sent me flowers---of course he is wanting me to send him some business, and just might have worked. Still have Chile stuff to catch up on, but the longer I draw it out, the longer I get to savor the memories. While Spencer's Party Pizza's at Papa Murphy's were being made, I went to Macey's to get the pop and there was a parking spot right in the front row! And then I went into Walgreen's and they had an IHOME that I have been wanting on SALE for $25 cheaper than I have seen it anywhere else. The Doctor said I was in GREAT shape and loved it when "women who take care of themselves come in"...I decided just to ignore the whole new 10 pounds thing...if he wasn't noticing I wasn't drawing attention to it. I went to Costco without realizing I didn't have cash and was a little panicked thinking I would have to leave my cart, go home and come back again...and low and behold...there was a traveler's check for $100 just sitting in my purse to save the day. Whichever angel was assigned to me today...I LIKE YOU...I hope you get ME tomorrow again!!!