Monday, November 30, 2009

No message from Josh today..... heart is pounding a little.


Natalie, here is what was published today in the church’s security bulletin. I guess it is possible that the mission president asked the missionaries not to be out due to this issue, or not to proselyte now due to this issue. Or who knows, maybe this is not the reason he hasn’t written? Do you know if other Kenyan missionaries have written home today?

KENYA, page 1 - Summary

The publication of a draft constitution for Kenya, recognizing the presence of Muslim civil courts known as the Kadhi Courts, has widened the Christian-Muslim split. Some Kenyan Christian leaders have dismissed the creation of the Kadhi Courts, as currently proposed in the draft constitution, as a ploy to ‘elevate one religion over the other,’ while the Islamic clerics have warned that they would mobilize the Muslim community to reject a new draft that omits the Kadhi Courts. The Anglican Church has asked those drafting the constitution to define, clearly, the right of persons to propagate religion and the right of a person to convert to another religion.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Joshua Giraffe...Joshua, Joshua,...NOT 2 years and a half!!!!

Elder Joshua D. Harris
Kenya Nairobi Mission
Upper Hill Road, next to CitiGroup
PO Box 46162-00100
Nairobi, Kenya

Hey Love,
that Raffi song has been going through my head ALL DAY....
People have been asking for your address so I decided to post it here.
Did you get your birthday package yet?
How is the crammed apartment?

We missed you Thanksgiving. But it was super relaxed and not alot of activity other than what you see here. We never made it to the movie and didn't even get a TV series to start...just ate and ate and ate and visited.

Preston still looking to stow away in Montello....go to his blog and you can see his shipping container he is now making into a "house". He is trying to get it finished before too much snow falls so the Semi that will Deliver it can make the drive in on the NO ROAD safely :) Jeremi just smiles and humors him but has no plans to go very often.

Jeremy and Kori are loving Logan and his practice is already busy. They are trying to find a home for the new puppy that the girls think is trying to attack them...of course Spencer wants it but I am SO NOT going to do that...he'll be out of here in no time and I will be left with a dog that lives 12-15 years and this one is not a running partner kind of dog.

My Dad is just the same. Kris didn't come. He's still on his special diets and exercising. Kori's mom was in great spirits for all that she's been through this year. It was good to have Brennan here...her just feels like family. Jake came and gave us the low down on large flat screen TV's. He is our IT/ Tech guy. Sam played in Patrick Clarke's ward Turkey Bowl and swears it was one of the funnest things he's done in his life. He's getting ready to start the early morning Baseball routine. He has LOVED going to Timpanogas High. It's great how he and Paul Hatch still hang out and Kelsey he's kept his PG High friends...reminds me of you. Spencer is trying not to mope with no golf...and job hunting now that the course is closed. Adulthood seems to be getting real to him and he's not so excited. He hasn't applied to any college's yet and NEEDS to. Braden has been home for the break and Megan has spent some time there. Michael is just so his own Man. I just keep trying to remind myself that this is a GOOD want your kids to grow up to be independent, but at the same time I want him to be around MORE. I've loved that he's been here a few times this week. Sleep deprived, but here. That boy plays as hard as he works.
I had a close last week, and the one with the Lis Pendens will close this week with the Lis Pendens finally being lifted. Sole has worked into her own groove. She seems to love school. She never asks for playmates, and when I ask her if she wants me to call them she says "FILA" which I think is Slang for "I don't care". It's so interesting to watch her interact with the girls...she inevitably ends up trying to teach THEM Spanish instead of trying to speak English. We are trying to be more diligent about having her speak it here at home. She doesn't like to read it, our task chart has gone the way of so many others I started with you guys...she shakes her head NO and then says in PERFECT ENGLISH "not now"...and I laugh. She is a meat lover. Reminds me of Spencer. She made her Christmas letter/list to Santa tonight and only wrote down 3 things and they all have to do with PETS...Little Pet shoppe stuff and Puppy in my Pocket, and Tomagatchi music star....She is SO EASY.

I have the tree up but its not decorated. I LIKE it plain with just the lights. No one really wants to help decorate it, and I may just leave it....I can't find my manger that Preston made for me out of the pallet planks...OR my baby Jesus. I loaned it to the ward for a party and think I didn't get it back...Dad thinks its in the basement...but I've looked and I am QUEEN LOOKER in this family. May have to go pallet hunting tomorrow. AND to Toys R Us...I still love that place!!! Again, no idea what to get Dad. Waiting for a brain storm. Megan wants a camera. I want to be lean and fit, and lots of real estate sales in the next year. 26 DAYS and we get to call you!!!!!!

I love you. I love you more than a new post from Sara on her blog. I love you more than losing weight. I love you more than finding a double yoker egg in the morning. I love you more than falling stars on my run. I love you more and more and MORE...can't wait till morning when I get to hear from you.

I REALLY AM My mother....

I am on day is 7:04pm and I think I'm going to make it to day 4....I really want my old self back...the one that was a food snob and would (mostly) only put nutritious body building items in my mouth. Now to be fair...THAT ME wasn't really ME for that long compared to my whole life, but REALLY...I want her/ME back. This cleanse promises no more food cravings after 5 days. It promises a colon so happy, so clean, that it will burn more calories. It promises enlightenment. I want to be enlightened. I want to be in control of ME instead of sweet smells and advertisements everywhere in my world. But the other me is still really really is making lists of the foods I WILL get to eat when I am done...going to make up for that missed Brick Oven...made French Dip sandwiches for the fam for lunch...going to have me some of those...going to make more Spinach Dip.....HURRY HERE FOOD SNOB...I AM WAITING for the take over!!!!!!!!!!!!! And then to super hurt my feelings...I've gained 2 pounds so far........
Now my mother never really had to worry about her weight like me...but she was always doing these "freaky" cleanses when observed from afar....made me smile when I thought of it. Wonder how my kids are going to process me :)


This is Sam's talk from Sacrament Meeting today...he was GREAT...I was heartend and impressed even if he does belong to me!!!!

Well, last week brother Oats assigned me to speak on D & C 82:14, this says “For Zion must increase in beauty, and in holiness; her borders must be enlarged; her stakes must be strengthened; yea, verily I say unto you, Zion must arise and put on her beautiful garments.” So, implying, how can WE build up Zion? There are many ways we can do this.

We build up Zion as we prepare for and serve full-time missions. Some of the things that help me desire to serve a mission are, being active and participating in priesthood quorum, attending seminary, prayer, church attendance and scripture study. Sometimes I think to myself, 2 years is a really long time to be without mom and dad, sports, and friends. When I read the scriptures it really gets me excited and desire to serve a mission…because how great would it be if MY efforts were to help someone else find greater happiness in this life through learning about and then trying to live the Gospel as Jesus Christ will teach it to them after I have introduced it to them…..

In elder uchtdorf’s last talk in general conference he says the following: “Divine love is the motive that transports simple words into sacred scripture. Divine love is the factor that transforms reluctant compliance with God’s commandments into blessed dedication and consecration. Love is the guiding light that illuminates the disciple’s path and fills our daily walk with life, meaning, and wonder.” Love does all these wonderful things for us, so why wouldn’t we want to love everybody and have them love us back? To me, that is Zion.

Lastly, we can build up Zion by turning out hearts to Jesus Christ. REALLY, think about it, how GREAT would it be if EVERYONE was at least TRYING to love each other the way the Savior teaches us? When someone does something stupid, instead of “stoning” them with our disappointment and words of criticism, we remember that we too have done stupid things and IF we have to say something, it is words of love and encouragement….like “hey, that wasn’t like YOU…you’ll do better next time!” or, “I’ve done some pretty stupid stuff myself”. How GREAT would it be if we all loved perfectly? But we don’t love perfectly. And from what I’ve been taught, the reason I’ve come to earth is to continue the process of LEARNING H O W to love more perfectly. That is why I am thankful for a Savior who made it possible for me to move past my mistakes. That is why I am thankful to be apart of a ward and community that is striving for the same thing. I’m excited for Zion. I hope that MOST of the time I will be found doing my part.


Bless this SMART child's heart. Slowly but surely he keeps quietly moving items of furniture from the house into his he has TWO couches and the broken plasma HUGE SCREEN (that WILL work for his GAMES), the small refrigerator from Don's last office....needless to say, he attracts the crowds...and we love them. Just wanted to get a picture before he graduates and they all start disappearing off to missions and school and life. You may notice that ONE obvious element is missing...yes the GIRLS...well, they tell me it is SO LAME that they are ALL out of town for Thanksgiving. (But weren't there some here just last night?) They really like their GUY thing sometimes....and I like it that they still like it. It almost seemed wrong that I would take this picture without Michael Cooper, Reuben Garcais, Stephen Rockhill, and Shane Durfy in it...where were you guys anyway????

Our little GOAL MAKER!!!

We took Drew up to her soccer game in Ogden and Preston and Jeremi met us there (we had to give them back even though Sole nor I wanted to!!!!) They didn't win, but DREW made the only goal for the team!!! GO BROADHURST!!!!!!! Yeah, we screamed :)I know they belong to me and all, but might I just say what AMAZING parents my brother Preston and his wife Jeremi are...these girlies have nothing but love and devotion 24 THAT should be the blessing for the world.

Don drained and cleaned the entire Hot tub all by his lonesome and I love him for it. He will frequently ask "Does that get me points?" and yes...that got you points. Excited for tonight when it will be heated back up again!!!!

FOOTBALL HEAVEN yesterday with all the big rivalries playing each other. My Gators won and so did BYU...but the BYU game was just a little more tense than one would have liked. Don ordered BRICK OVEN Pizza (for those who don't live here, BRICK OVEN Pizza is da bomb and costs more too, so we don't usually get it...but this WAS the BYU /UTAH game) and the boys had friends over---EVERYONE appreciated the Pizza. Megan showed up too...Michael ended up with 3rd row seats and everyone felt sufficiently envious.

Friday, November 27, 2009

2nd Morning this week....

I wake up to go run and Spencer and his friends are still UP and haven't gone to bed yet...this morning they all "waited up" to go to the early Black Friday Sales. They were making chocolate chip pancakes and finishing up the pies.... there were a few others asleep in the basement:)
I love these kids. I love what good friends they are to each other and the fun they plan.


We watched a little football...then the girlies reigned supreme and FReaky FRiDay took over the upstairs screen. We ate ALOT of appetizer's: deviled eggs, green onion cheese ball,mega fruit with the why do we need fruit? dip, spinach dip, fugde, nuts, chocolate covered strawberries and pretzels....OLIVES....

The dryer stayed running all day with multiple towel use from EVERYONE in and out and in and out of the HOT TUB...BEST INVESTMENT ON THE PLANET!!!! (Sara and I went for an early run and this time she came home with me and we welcomed Thanksgiving in the quiet magnificence of 104 degrees!!!! I cannot say HOW MUCH I love that hot tub...seems like it should be a God given right for EVERY PERSON to have one)!

"GRAMBERT" IS WALKING!!!!! He is as pleased with himself as we are!!! Still so snuggy...and his favortie person and word is MOMMA xxooxx.

The favorite new appetizer were these caramel corn pops...SO EASY to make, the recipe is on the back of the bag...THANK YOU Danielle T for passing it on! Preston brought and cooked the Turkey for us....1/2 way through dinner we all confessed that Turkey isn't ANY of our favorite so we have a new menu for NEXT Thanksgiving...TRI TIP with all the normal Thanksgiving Sides. And maybe even for Christmas!!!!

PURR PUSS (Purpose) LOVED being the recipient of all the cast offs and innards :)

Funny..hadn't realized that my hair was this long until I saw it in this picture...weird how I don't SEE myself sometimes.

Sole loves animals and BABIES...Graham and Elle got lots of loves!! Drew came up and said "Aunt Natalie, remember that movie that...." and went on to describe AUGUST RUSH, but I couldn't remember the title and then Sole says "I KNOW!!!" and runs to the basement and FINDS IT!!!! We all laughed and gave her such a hard time...her understanding of English is MUCH BETTER than she lets on....we are "catching" her understanding more and more but she still doesn't like to speak it...but is trying when we ask!

It was so nice to have my house filled with so much love. We are wrapping it up and sending it straight to Josh in Africa!!!!! Missed you Lovey....

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Had me a day...

My cash close was postponed again when the irate foreclosee demanded 35-40k to be bought off to release his Lis Pendens filed against the Investor who bought it for cash at the auction...we will just wait for the judge to reward him ZERO...and got ANOTHER court date for the 30th of December for the Judge to rule. Somebody must have been praying cuz my little family still living in the same one bedroom apartment with their 11 year old son that they moved into after they were first married SIGNED THE CONTRACT. Then, had a successful close @ 4:30 on the home with all the property line issues.

But somewhere in there I went to COSTCO and lost my phone. Pretty traumatic. I have ALOT of numbers in there that I don't have other places. REALLY, TRULY, first thing after my run I am going to imput them ALL in to my computer. I knew by my lovely tape job with the battery on the back that no one was going to pick it up and say...."I WANT THAT!!!!"...but I also thought the tape job might be enough for them to just leave it on the ground...whoever turned it in to the service desk---I PRAYED for you. I LOVE YOU!!!!! THANK YOU!!! I AM going to get an IPHONE when TMobile breaks down and lets it work with their contracts...or my contract runs out with TMobile...but I bet if I had dropped an IPHONE today I might still be freaked out TONIGHT!!!

My running can be an expensive hobby....I pron-ate and put a few miles on my shoes each week so I go through them faster than I'd like. I've been going to get a new pair for a few months now. I swear my Mazuno's are like SLIPPERS! This is my second pair of Brooks and excited to change things up. Sara, I'll show you the NEW SHOE DANCE first thing in the morning. Tonight, the sweet smell of new shoes is filling my office and I can barely wait for my alarm....I'm off to go and wait :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Josh's letter 23 November 2009

Hey guys,

so i hope the atachments work. its the pics of my ankle after the accident this week. and a video too if it works. anyways, i was coming out of a dinner apointment with the branch president and i was coming down the staris and it was dark so i couldnt see anything at the bottom. so i am stepping off of the last stair and the next thing i know i hear a loud pop and i am on the ground and my ankle hurts really bad. well as i was taking that last step whatever i was stepping on moved (not totally sure what it was, i like to think it was a hedgehog) and so then my foot turned on its side but the rest of my leg didnt. so all of my weight (which unfortunately has only gone up since i have been in mombasa, which makes no sense since i sit and sweat all day long even when i am inside under a fan doing nothing, i think i will come home weighing more than when i left. whats up with that? i went to africa, i am suppose to starve the wieght off) was on my ankle. it got super swolen super fast and it was hard to get my shoe off. then the branch president starts poking and canooding my ankle like he knows what he is doing even though he really has no idea. then after a few minutes he puts his finger in the air and gets this look of awe on his face as he exclaims " i am not a doctor, i will take you to the hospital."
Its not broken, but i am suppose to stay off of it for the next five days (five days from friday night) which isnt exactly the easiest thing to do when you are a restless 20 year old that is suppose to be out walking around andso on. and i dont have any crutches or a wheel chair or anything to aid in that. so its proving to be tricky. but i will be better before long.
Happy thanksgiving to everybody! i honestly didnt even know it was thanksgiving until it was mentioned in everybodys e-mail this week. its crazy that its that time of the year already. you can almost start listening to christmas music without anybody saying that it is too early and bla bla bla. it is my last thanksgiving and christmas away from home, im glad its my last and not my first. hopefuly this thanksgiving will be more eventfull than my last one. i believe i had french fries last thanksgiving dinner, and no lunch, and boiled eggs for breakfast, and i dont even like boiled eggs, unless they are deviled eggs, but that different cause you add a whole lot of mayonaise and spices.
The rest of the week went pretty good. a lot of our investigators just finished their semester of school. which is good cause they now have time to meet with us during the day. the bad news of it is that most of them will be leaving for up-country within the next few weeks since they dont have school and wont be back until shool starts again. but at least for this week it should be good. I just hope we can stay busy through december when everybody goes home. but i hear that the up-country problem isnt as bad here as it is in nairobi. thats what the members say, but i wonder if tat just means that not as many people are gone since the muslims dont leave since the coast is their up-country or if it really isnt as bad.
You are all in my prayers. Be happy at all costs, and know that i love you.

Elder Harris

P.S. could you get me the adress for jake and mikes mission office. i have some of their house adress things but i am scared that the mail will be too slow and it wont get to them if i send it their. thanks!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Josh, The Snow is here.

Well Lovey...the snow is here. It didn't come Saturday but it is quietly falling now.

Dad and boys are at a Stake Priesthood Meeting. Sole is watching Hanna Montana. I am relishing in my mind a sacrament talk given by a brand new woman in the ward...Sis. Bahr. I'm frustrated I can't remember her first name. I would never want her to know that I can't remember because then it would seem that I didn't care to know it when I first heard it. Maybe that is the truth. I didn't care until she started speaking...and she's kindred. REAL. LOVING. HONEST. KIND. I don't mean that I AM all those things...I just WANT to be all those things. I wish I had her whole talk to print here. I just called around to try to get her number so I could see if she would let me. She is so new no one has it. I'm too lazy to get in the car with the snow to go try to fetch it. Tomorrow, I promise. I made cookies tonight and I will take her some. What a lame offering after what and how she shared. Anyway. She read the most beautiful quote about LIVING out of a Stephen King book. Gotta love a woman who has the guts to quote Stephen King in a UTAH Mormon Sacrament was love before the quote though. She was introducing her family and doing so in just the most loving, embracing way-- explained how they were just plain old doing their best which would fall short if judged by others looking in....AMEN. AMEN. AMEN. I have this fantasy, a friend of mine has it too--I about fell out of my chair when we realized we had the same fantasy....but during the Sacrament each Sunday whatever it is that each person is working on is made manifest above their head, no hiding anything...she fantasizes it in word form like LIAR, THEIF, DRUG ADDICT, ADULTERER, my fantasy it is in picture form. ANYWAY...the point being that if everybody could look around and see what everyone else is dealing with it might knock down some of the judgement and allow the love to flow a little more freely. Yes, I want to be loved RIGHT now, JUST THE WAY I AM...and I believe with all my heart if that can happen I will come around right in the areas I am less than love. Okay, I'm done...that is until I print the quote.

Preston, Jeremy and their families, Dad and Megan's friend Jake will be coming for Thanksgiving Dinner. We're going to have a TURKEY BOWL foot ball game with the Berrett Family at 11, eat at 1:30-2, go see BLIND SIDE (movie) at the latest Matinee, eat some more and then play games and watch more movies here. Don't worry. You will be in all our thoughts...and I'll have your name on my shirt so no one forgets!!!

I have been working with another family for more than a year and they are finally going to make an offer tomorrow. PLEASE let it be accepted. For their sake. For their 11 year old boy's sake. Okay...for MY sake.

Did you get your Birthday package yet? We get to talk to you in 4 weeks!!!!! For Family Night tomorrow night we are writing Greg and Jake and Dave and...well your whole crew. The boys actually will send you a LETTER...I food until they do....

Amber Platt (Ben's wife) had her baby and he is BEAUTIFUL!! Ashlyn Matheson married the Belliston boy yesterday. Braiden is in town for Thanksgiving. Dad is going to go to Guatemala in December. Debbie Hulsey looks very pregnant. Diana Otterstrom is losing MAJOR weight...wish I could get motivated. The deer (about 5 or 6) are camping out at the back fence, they barely move if I go out there but they scatter if the boys do. Obamba got passed the money hand out to first home buyers until April...I feel morally conflicted...this is EXACTLY how we got to where we are now in the economy by allowing/giving people fake money to purchase homes they can't afford without the fake money...the only way I can feel good about transacting these homes is A....We need income for all you yahoos we love so dearly and B. ALL of us are going to pay for it in our taxes so whoever CAN might as well take advantage of it since they are going to be paying for it anyway.

This has been the fastest slowest year of my life. Come on 2010. I was thinking on my goals for this next year and ended up just pairing it down to BE HEALTHY BE HAPPY. Wish that was as easy as it sounds. Your goals will be so different Josh. You are about such great things. I'm proud of you. I love you. I know you get to READ that I love you, but I wish I could have you HEAR it every day a few times....cuz I DO...LOVE YOU!!!! I'm excited to catch up with you in the morning. I just run faster on Mondays knowing when I get home there will probably be a letter.

I love you more than watching 2 movies in a row at the theater, I love you more than that tingling at the top of your mouth when you eat a hot krispy creme, I love you more than snuggling in bed when you know you don't have to get up, I love you more than the feel and the smell of a new baby, I love you more and more and more....

Just to make you smile....

Saturday Night Date

The time to go to the movies is when NEW MOON is released!!! I LOVED Bright Star (period romance about John Keats and his beloved)...but was so surprised to have maybe 5 other couples in there with us...and Soledad and Hannah went to Planet 51 in the theater next door and there were only 5 or 6 other people total...they were the ONLY ones in there for a while and had a great time"owning" the place! We took them to Winger's for dinner and they both had the kid meal chicken strips...and I had to laugh cuz that's what I really had ---just add a little lettuce! Sam went to New Moon with the gang and Spencer went to the BYU Game and then out on a date with Chuni to dinner and a Hockey Game in Salt Lake. Megan went out with Braden who is in town for Thanksgiving and Michael???? No idea other than we are sure it involved some woman:).
BIG THANK YOU for the SUSHI PARTY last night at Kohlert's!!!! Sad I forgot to take pictures! Still not a huge fan of raw fish...but give me those deep fried tempura shrimp anytime!!! I'm happy to know how to make the sticky rice too! SO FUN to be together and Sole had such a blast playing with all the kids and then ending up at night games!! We live in such a great place! I LOVE you guys!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Leaves be gone...

I wanted to invent a leave sucker/vacuum but Spencer assures me one already exists. My free labor is pretty amazing. I wish I had a picture of the WHOLE yard BEFORE we started, but this first one will give you an idea of how covered it was. We started at 4:30 and had the WHOLE yard cleaned of leaves and ready for tomorrow's snow by 5:30! I think Sole even kind of liked it. Sole likes Don, and she likes being where he is...I think its cuz he speaks Spanish???

Took Sam to the Rec Center to sign him and his team --ONE EYED PIRATES--up for Basketball. I get to be the "representative"...they need an adult but they don't dare call me the coach....:)

Mailed your Christmas packages early this morning Josh...
Had a male neighbor tell me after seeing me in my overalls, no make up and just up from a nap that I should HONOR MY BEAUTY....thinking on that one...might be my mocking phrase for awhile. The key word was nap...I went in to make Sam's bed cuz it makes me crazy to keep walking by with it unmade. The sun was coming in the window right on the bed. I crawled in for just a minute to feel the sun on my face (I had been cold since my run this morning, even after getting in the hot tub)and the next thing I knew my phone was ringing and it was Sam wanting his ride home...his bed still isn't made but it doesn't bug me now. I just closed the door.

New Moon Premiere.

I LOVE to hear Sole giggle while she squirts whipped cream. I bought this can especially for her just so I CAN HEAR her giggle. I forget how easy it is to please 11 year olds.....
I AM TICKLED with my Amish friendship bread start from Karen B. I'm on day 10...and its been a sweet welcome to have it greet me each day while I mush it up, as a reminder of who she is and how much I want to be like her. My Sister in law did this for me once as well and it was the same. I like the cake bread plenty well, but best I just like the idea of this work in progress shared by a dear friend.
Went to the Premiere of New Moon. Ironic it premiere's on NO MOON. I will be hanged in this community for saying so...but the acting in those movies have been so horrific. And that is from someone who is quickly and easily swept away with her imagination. So, he's a vampire sure, and she's a dysfunctional girl, but they GOT LOTS OF FEELINGS and SOME of them could come across? And it doesn't help me that I don't find ANY of them attractive. I do LIKE hearing all the WOMEN scream and cat call though, makes me laugh...surprises me that grown women cat call at a 17 year old kid. But, I don't worry about the math between me and Matthew M and I just might of once or twice breathed a little heavy looking at him, so I have NO ROOM to be surprised.
LauraMichele and Aaron went under contract , Andrea and Bryce's offer was rejected, still no word on the Lis Pendes release. Pounds of leaves to get in the garden....

Thursday, November 19, 2009


It all started as I was trying to get AHOLD of my eating self...when I got inspired...I like inspired...last night I LOVED inspired!!!
My facebook call out:

Natalie Broadhurst Harris ANYONE who loves Pioneer Woman the way I do and is wanting to try EVERY recipe in her book...CALLING ALL YA'LL!!!! How about a DINNER at my house and we each make something different so we can try it all and so I can then start my new diet in PEACE!!!!! Don't worry...I plan on it being HEAVY on the desserts!!! Just leave your name here or call me. I am hoping to do it later next week?

Need I say more? Other than THANK YOU SWEET AMAZING FRIENDS for a great night. Thanks Megan for the table flowers. Thank you God for taste and food and smell and fire and fun!!!!!!!!!! And the diet...after Thanksgiving maybe????