Monday, November 26, 2012

Email from Spencer 26 Nov 2012

hey fam,
so i probably had the funnest week ive ever had on my mission
wednesday i went on an exchange with an elder in my district that has been struggling, and we had the best day ever, we put two families on date and taught 6 lessons, and he even spoke up and helped me teach in all the lessons, ( he is super shy ) , so that was way fun and exciting then, the next day was thaksgiving, and we spent it over at home of uriel and liz, our recent converts, and the rest of there family, which are recently returning members , and about 5 of them are still non members who we just began teaching, i LOVE this family , they are the best, i think were going to spend christmas there as well, so you can meet them when we skype i hope, ill send pics of them soon.
we ate tons of food, and i was able to see tangled and hunger games! it was lets say, a very very very tender mercy from the lord, they basically have the same family tradition as we do, on thanks giving, eat all day , talk with fam and watch movies, i was a little disapointed it was not harry potter but hey beggers cant be choosers, and hunger games was definatly my second choice, all though it was in spanish, so ill have to see it again in english when im home. its not as cool when the words dont go along with the actors lips., anyways the next day we went over to there house again to eat left overs for lunch , and there friends from spain were there, and we were able to teach them a little and set a return apt.
and things this week were just good, i have expecially enjoyed my personal studies, the book of mormon is so awesome, i recently read in 2 nefi 2 which blows me away ever time, i love the saviors infinite , perfect , and redeeming, atonemant. i love how it allows us to choose, to be who we want, to choose eternal life or eternal misery and darkness, in the end, gods plan of happiness allows all to recieve the most joy possible. which of course will be with my family, its amazing to me that we are the only christian sect that preaches of family relationships perpetuating beyond this life, and into the eternities, especially when you think of all the emphasis most religi0ns, even non christian religions put on respecting and honoring there ancestors.
anyways today were going to play basket ball, and eat out somewhere, it should be fun, i hope yall missed me over thanksgiving, you were in my thoughts mucho, i love you guys so much, and mom, you know what im talking about, ill think hard on it the day i sind out the possibilities and options, so if you could find that out for me it would be awesome, i love you mom.
love elder harris the 4th

Sunday, November 25, 2012


Hey Lovey...
I am surprised and then NOT surprised that I didn't get any pics of Thanksgiving. Dad flew in his mom, GrandDad B came,  the Galan's came, and then both the brothas and the kiddos. Having Josh and Sam home was the best!!!! I cooked a feast, we ate the feast and are still eating that feast. I am back to no sugar and yes, it is PAINFUL. Thinking I might not go off again at is TOUGH!
My Blog is saying I am out of SPACE for pics...I will need to get help before I can get you Michael's pics for this week--you'd be proud, he's keeping company with some cute girls :)  ....I also have a darling photo of Zach's little Cooper!
My week really has been only work and then the whole event of Thanksgiving and all the company. I can never get enough of all of you kids friends COMING BACK because YOU are home. Jacob, Dave and Mike were here with Josh this weekend. I love to see Josh relax. I woke up to go run Saturday morning at 4:30 and Josh was STILL UP STUDYING In my office...hadn't been to bed. That boy!
Spent the day today saying goodbye to everyone and then getting the Christmas stuff out. Dad and Grandmom did the tree all by themselves. Grandmom doesn't fly back till tomorrow. Haven and Elle made me adorable homemade decorations---snowflakes, etc... they 'complete" the look :) Tyler Hamilton's Farewell was this morning. Another one bites the dust. Josh and Sam are both headed back to Logan. Meg and Laura and Andy are off to a  Misletoe Party. I think I am going to go snug in my bed with my latest near death book that is a delight.
I always wonder WHAT you are doing right now....pretty sure you are getting ready for bed. Please give me good details on what you did for Thanksgiving. We thought of  you!!!!!! SO MANY people have commented on how hard they know it must be for you and Sam to just miss each other...and they always add something like "There aren't many brothers that are that close". I hope you think hard on maybe coming home that earlier rotation so you could see each other for a day or so:) But if not, I will be OK. I put the money in your account. Will mail your Christmas package Tuesday morning. Be NICE to yourself and your companion:)
I love you.

Monday, November 19, 2012

19 Nov 2012 Email from Spencer xxooxx

hey fam, i already called you guys, but i would like to just bare my testimony on how great it is to be a missionary, and that the restored gospel is true, theres nothing greater then being a missionary, you wake up say your prayers, and you know god is with you, as you study the scriptures, god speaks to you and gives you understanding, comforts you when your down, and cuts you down into the depths of humility when your pridefull, which in turn gives you a bigger peace, happiness and joy that could have ever been felt other wise. there is no greater felling then after the holy ghost has worked through you to help another soul feel the love of god in their lifes and come to understand there purpose, there is no greater work or glory then the salvatoin of man, which is oh so very personal, i know with all the surity of my heart , that the gospel in its fullness was retored, that throught the atonemant of jesus christ all mankind can be saved, i know that as we turn our hearts over to our heavenly father, and accept even what i call, the "hard doctrines" or the doctrines that we dont quite understand yet, and act in faith unto obediance, that the lord gives us the understanding and growth we need to ultimatly become like him and have a fullness of joy with our eternal families. i love my family, i love my friends, but more then anything i love the lords work, me my family, and my friends, is his work , and he'll do it if were willing to give our hearts to him, and get out of the way. i love youfam, i love you momma
elder harris

Sunday, November 18, 2012

18 November 2012

 These boys were, and ARE STILL so thrilled! MADE his day with the text and then the call....I CAN NOT WAIT TO TALK TO YOU!!!! some of the pics out of order, but thought you'd want to see the fun Michael is having in Europe....I wish this trip for ALL of you!
 Dad got to be with Jeffers in Argentina last week. Both were giddy happy. He took them to McDonalds because its way too expensive for them to take themselves!

 I thinking he's skinny dipping....wonder WHO his Mother is????

 I LIKE his hair short.  Crazy what a MAN he is. I don't have any more babies!!!

Sooo....I am still breathing after the call. I was so happy it was to such a safe good place. We have ancestry from that area. I will LOVE to go pick him up. I am grateful he won't be able to do the next semester. We are going to PLAY ALOT before he goes...all to get me ready to PLAY SOME MORE when YOU COME HOME!!
Listen...I need SOME kind of an idea about what you want me to do about school for you!? Stephen wants to know as well. It's time to be applying. Jeffers has already filled out his BYU application.
I am not going to write much since I get to talk to you. Kiss that President and tell him his kindness is not lost on me! He must have FELT how much God wanted me to have this favor and comfort.
So excited it will be hard to sleep!
Talk to you in the morning!!!'
LOVE, the Mom who created true perfection....YOU!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Opening the Call 14 November 2012

 Elder are hereby called to serve in the Birmingham, England Mission and to report 27 March...
 Elder Bryson are hereby called to serve in the Rome, Italy Mission and to report 20 March....and later London opened his and he is going to Chile reporting on the 13th of March.
 Bryson's folks...Steve and Melanie Nickle...LOVE THEM xxooxx
 I'm thinking we had about 100 people...mostly his high school friends...his baseball coach came and that rocked his world! We served Papa Murphy's and salad and breadsticks and cheesecake and red velvet cake and pumkin pie and rice krispy treats and ...ALOT of stuff....the boys were happy to take home the leftovers.
 I love how Melissa put this picture with their new flags in the back ground. Don't love me a mission, but I LOVE ME THESE BOYS!!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It's here.

Spencer Lovey......
It's here. The postage is 1.90...I think its foreign. I can't quit crying. Don't be mad at me. I have tried every which way to talk myself into feeling otherwise but I KNOW HOW DAMN LONG 2 years is.......
I will post as quickly as I can in case you can be near a computer tonight to check at some point. They won't make it home till 7 cuz Josh has a class that he has to be in until 5.....

I love you in ways I have no words to give to it.  I want you to know that just because I HATE  this whole mission thing, it doesn't mean that I don't respect your decision. After all, I'm the one who raised you to do and be this. Yes, if I could, I would go back and change some things. But I have absolute trust that your lives will bring you to the beliefs and understandings perfect for your growth here.  I LOVE the foundation of goodness and love the church has given all of us. I LOVE that you KNOW the reality of a God that is intimately involved with the details of our lives.  It's just that somewhere in there my heart and testimony have changed to believe other things than exactly what the church presents....and my selfish mother self   loves the church less perfectly for expecting my sons to be gone for 2 years. SOOOOOooooooo...if you do get this today. LOVE ME HARD from there.
Heading to the hot tub.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Spencer's Letter 12 November 2012

famfam fam,
so this week was great, uriel and lizbeths wedding/ baptism was awesome, honestly it was probably the highlight of my mission so far just to see all the people that there conversion will effect and to see uriels sister , ramira who we recently reactivated there sharing the gospel with the rest of her family was so awesome. they are seriously the collest family ever i love the tranquilinos, it was elder calls first baptism, he baptized uriel and i baptized lizbeth , then for the comfirmations i confirmed uriel and elder grayson, my old comp confirmed lizbeth, we have built such a strong trust with our ward leaders here, i asked presidant payan if he could think of a calling for uriel and liz to recieve and he gave them both a calling about an hour after they were confirmed members, its so exciting, uriels brother antonio, should be next for baptism, we also have some people lined up for the 24th so im excited, were teaching alot of families right now and i just love teaching families alot more then single people, single people are great but families are just how its supposed to be , i wish i could go back in time and watch grandma and grandpa broadhurst get taught the gospel , i bet grandad was a toghy to teach haha, i love grandad, what a trooper.
anyways so i should be getting pictures sent off to you guys soon, mom, for chistmas they are asking that all packages be in before december first so that we can recieve them at our christmas zone conferences!!! and im not kidding mom, when i say i want money for a razor scooter, a griffindor harry potter tie, maroon and gold striped, and if possible a ravenclaw tie, navy blue , and royal blue , striped, and as many gift cards to fast food places or olive garden, as thy hearyt so desires, yes mom, a razor scooter, dont ask questions , just trust me, oh yeah and kinda random, but a cool hispanic/ native american looking satchel or "moral" in spanish would be siick, have sam help pick it out, but no candy mom, no candy im already plump enough.
anyways this week we have the thanksgicing activity and all of our investigator families shoulfd be there , pray for me! i love and miss yo mom, i was formed in your womb, and never forget it!! haha tell everyone i love , tell zach i love him and hes the best , and tell mike cooper to write me for once, and if you see king and cole, austin, shane, este, and the crew , just tell them i love them
anyways..................bye bye
love elder harris
mom get over it, they dont make exception just for me, all though it would be cool to see and i would be so pumped to do it, i doubt ill get permission to watch it on skype. give london, paul, and bryson my love and excitement for there missions.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday 11:11 2012

 Bam on a date?? She posted it on facebook and I stole it :)
 Kelsey the ADORABLE with Paul...his farewell was today:(
 Brother Bear being BATMAN at GOTHAM :)
 Brother Bear at the MAIN OAK in Sherwood Forest.
 Our MOST IRISH LOOKING Brother right where he should be....near the Robin Hood Statue...wishing I could find a pic of him at 3 and 4 with his bow and arrow :)
Sam living the college life!
 Meg and girlies headed to Vegas AGAIN for the weekend!
Hey Love Bug xxooxx
Sam didn't get his call on Wednesday--but it says SENT ---and so does Bryson's, so, we will have a big group here Wednesday night (they are both going to drive home) they are both going to open them here...if your mission president will let you...we'd love to have you on SKYPE at 6:30 our time, 8:30 your time...or even if you could phone in? I KNOW Dad will not be happy I am mentioning the possibility...but WOULD have been here if they hadn't changed the age!!!! AND WE PREACH FAMILY FAMILY FAMILY!!!!  We'll be serving pizza and salad and cookies and pumpkin bars.

Megsalina, the traveling Princess, went to Vegas...every weekend for a month or so she has been off on SOME adventure. This one was for pure fun! They should be back later tonight.

 As you know, Dad's been in Chile and Argentina, so this is the first time in my entire 49 years that I have spent the night ALONE in the house. It will have been almost 2 weeks on Wednesday. I have LOVED being alone in the daytime and early evening, it's just the sleeping thing that I don't love so much---and the coming home to a dark empty house...I've called friends when I haven't been able to get a hold of Josh to be on the phone with me while I walk the whole thing and check all the closets to make sure I'm alone. Then I feel relaxed and can just enjoy it.  I'm in such a NEW place with all of you gone. Almost bizarre at times, but then so exciting I can't breathe it in fast enough at others. I LOVE being able to take care of myself. I love the freedom of eating when and where and what I want without having to give a second thought to anyone else. I have only done ONE LOAD OF LAUNDRY in the last 9 days!!!!!! I love coming home and turning the TV on to the channel I WANT :) I love dancing with TVOED Ellen and no one to see.  I love heading to the rec center even if it is already 8:30 at night to burn off some more calories  :)  I 've been to see every movie I wanted to see (SO FUN!!!) I LIKE going to the movies alone! I love coming out of one and realizing I can stay for a SECOND if I want!!! I'm surprised at how much I've REALLY liked the whole alone thing. I've been reading until 2ish in the morning:) The house has been pristine for a week---only MY dishes, and I didn't even do them till Saturday! When the house is so quiet I can really think and I'm super productive! I love our house. I LOVE being home. I'm feeling more and more AT HOME with this new stage without you all. I wouldn't ever choose to have you all OUT, but since it is inevitable, I am rising to the occasion.

With Sam getting his call on Wednesday, Dad is now coming home early and will be here in time for it.
You can see the fun Michael is having! He starts his tour of Scotland tomottow!
Josh is still in the library.....I did find out that they close it at 7 on Friday's and that MAYBE he was going to take some cute girl sledding :)
Sam just partying like its his only and last semester as a freshman...cuz it is!
Me, I'm working and sorting through empty nesting deciding what I want to create for the next parts of my life XXOOXX

It snowed for 2 days and it was a WINTER WONDERLAND for my runs! Kim Peterson and I went to south fork early to run Saturday, and oddly it was ok for the first 2 miles down, but once we got to Vivian (lower down) the snow was just too thick and deep to keep going so we came home and ran the roads. I love that woman. She sends her love to you. Her Jens just turned 13, can you believe it?

Zach's wife is in the hospital RIGHT NOW pushing!!! I am waiting any minute to see a facebook post. I will make sure to include the pics later so you can see the little guy tomorrow. They are thinking to name him Cooper :)

Saturday I had late lunch with Karie and she sends her love too!

It's time to get your Chirstmas package together! Let me know some things you'd like me to send...and if there is anything you want or need now, let me know that too.

Life is such a interesting experience. I really don't have a hold on EXACTLY what I think about it's purpose...but I do feel deeply that I CHOOSE YOU and you CHOOSE ME...and I am to the core grateful for your love and WHO YOU ARE and HOW you are....and the HAPPINESS you have brought to me!. Shine on grown up man. Your momma loves you and ALWAYS will. Spending time with you is a FAVORITE of mine.

Speaking of favorites of mine...did you see that today is 11:11? Today was MY special Celebration of Blessings Day! It couldn't have been more beautiful while I was in the hot tub. And then the kids did the Sacrament Meeting Program. And then I went to Cloud Atlas and came home to more hot tub, to think on how I feel about reincarnation, Bach for Meditation, writing you, and now to go snug in my bed  and just READ till my eyes won't let me anymore. SO many great books and movies and ideas to share with you in MAY!

I love you. You are pretty much always in my thoughts. Really...tell your misson president it would go a LONG WAY with this Momma if he'd let you Skype in for Wednesday at 6:30.....and I am SURE JESUS would want you to!
Create an amazing week!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Spencer's email 5 Nov 2012

sup fam
so this week was good and no the baptism didnt happen, because we were not able to get his marrigae license untill this morning and so on saturday they are going to be married and baptized!!! and ya we have a few fams lined up for the 24th, about 7 people in total so we will see what happens, im just a happy camper, literally have never felt so good or so happy in my life, i hope that you all can say the same, if we want to we can be able to say that everyday, no matter the circumstances, i listened to a talk that richard g scott gave about joseph and hyrum smith , that he gave to the missiona presidants in the mtc, its so awesome, and lets just say im praying sam comes here on his mission, there couldnt be a more powerful companionship on earth.
elder bednar came and it was so rediculously awesome, like wow, i cant put it into words, he focused on helping our investigators learn through faith, by the way we teach and commit them to act, it was so awesome,the question and answer session was so awesome, and i learned more then i thought would! he is called by our savior jesus christ and anyone that speaks will that man will know it, you can just feel the spirit speek to yo uas he speaks, he truly is a conduit of the spirit and a mouth piece for the lord.
i seriously dont know what else to write about, sorry mom you had a stincky holloween, we can huddle up and watch some good movies with some pumpkin guts, and pumpkin bars, and hopefully a back scratch haha i miss smiling and saying awesome things to you too mom, you truly are greater then any person ive met, even elder bednar.
he humbled the most prideful missionary in our mission, it was hilarious and awesome, and the missionary just couldnt say anything haha he needed that reality check, basically he said, in nicer more kind, spirit inspired words " the works not about you, so quit thinking your going to get anyone to do anything, the lord will if you let him" and he just sat down and even presidant home was laughing.
after the conference, our gps lost battery and elder grayson took us on about a 40 mile detour on accident, and it was an adventure, a hit in our mile limit , but it sure was fun , findning our way back to greenville, going from townsito to townsito.
anyways my comp is still awesome, im still cool i guess and were going to go eat lunch and play some frisbee golf now, i love you guys, never forget it.
love elder harris

Sunday, November 4, 2012

November 4 2012

I miss you. I love you. I want you here to make popcorn for and buy ice cream. I could really use a few seconds of your laugh.  Or the way you smile at me when you are about to tell me something great. Memories  are sweet blessings.

Wierdest Halloween EVER! Next year's already planned to PREVENT a repeat. Dad was gone. Megan was gone. YOU were gone. Spencer, Sam and Michael were GONE. I got home from work and no one to make the traditional pumpkin gut dinner for.  I had a protein shake. Filled the bowl with candy and watched survivor while not very many kids showed up. I think our neighborhood is just getting older....and then it was over. Next year I am going to dress up...I want to be a beautiful fairy god dream is to go around granting wishes....but I don't want to be OLD and tubby...I want the wand with the Princess model :)

Patrick Clark got called to Roseville, California and Kristy Kohlert to Paris France. Sam is hoping for his call this Wednesday and I am hoping it never shows up.  I bet it will be the next Wednesday.   Marsh leaves this Wednesday.

As far as I know, Michael is still in Ireland. He hasn't posted for a few days so I think that means he is having SO MUCH FUN!. Josh still at the books. Megan went to Orlando with work and is home again. I am busy with work...the houses are slowing down and the land deals are picking up. Will be interesting to see what happens after Tuesday.

Not much news here. Just day to day stuff. I sat with my primary class while they practiced for their program next week. Poor tortured little ones. 3 hours of sitting straight seems like cruel and unusual punishment to me. One little girl just layed across the sear next the her and fell asleep. Traditions.  I say we don't have them unless they are enjoyable to ALL concerned.

You sound so happy in your letters. I 'm grateful. What did you do for Halloween? What will you do for Thanksgiving?  Did you get your camera situation figured out?
I love you big!  Miss me back. Take care of yourself.