Monday, November 26, 2012

Email from Spencer 26 Nov 2012

hey fam,
so i probably had the funnest week ive ever had on my mission
wednesday i went on an exchange with an elder in my district that has been struggling, and we had the best day ever, we put two families on date and taught 6 lessons, and he even spoke up and helped me teach in all the lessons, ( he is super shy ) , so that was way fun and exciting then, the next day was thaksgiving, and we spent it over at home of uriel and liz, our recent converts, and the rest of there family, which are recently returning members , and about 5 of them are still non members who we just began teaching, i LOVE this family , they are the best, i think were going to spend christmas there as well, so you can meet them when we skype i hope, ill send pics of them soon.
we ate tons of food, and i was able to see tangled and hunger games! it was lets say, a very very very tender mercy from the lord, they basically have the same family tradition as we do, on thanks giving, eat all day , talk with fam and watch movies, i was a little disapointed it was not harry potter but hey beggers cant be choosers, and hunger games was definatly my second choice, all though it was in spanish, so ill have to see it again in english when im home. its not as cool when the words dont go along with the actors lips., anyways the next day we went over to there house again to eat left overs for lunch , and there friends from spain were there, and we were able to teach them a little and set a return apt.
and things this week were just good, i have expecially enjoyed my personal studies, the book of mormon is so awesome, i recently read in 2 nefi 2 which blows me away ever time, i love the saviors infinite , perfect , and redeeming, atonemant. i love how it allows us to choose, to be who we want, to choose eternal life or eternal misery and darkness, in the end, gods plan of happiness allows all to recieve the most joy possible. which of course will be with my family, its amazing to me that we are the only christian sect that preaches of family relationships perpetuating beyond this life, and into the eternities, especially when you think of all the emphasis most religi0ns, even non christian religions put on respecting and honoring there ancestors.
anyways today were going to play basket ball, and eat out somewhere, it should be fun, i hope yall missed me over thanksgiving, you were in my thoughts mucho, i love you guys so much, and mom, you know what im talking about, ill think hard on it the day i sind out the possibilities and options, so if you could find that out for me it would be awesome, i love you mom.
love elder harris the 4th

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